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With Smart Cleaning

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The Secret to Outstanding Office Cleaning

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Building Maintenance & Preventive Maintenance Over the Summer

Five Star Office Cleaning Services

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Green Cleaning Is the Future & the Future Is Here

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School Cleaning Over the Summer Months

Reduced Budgets & Why Smart Cleaning Helps

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Office Cleaning Best Practices & Why They Matters

Get A Healthy Workplace With Help From Your Office Cleaning Company

Is Your Commercial Office Cleaning Company Using Team Cleaning?

10 Keys to Finding Office Cleaning Services That Dazzle

Why Should You Care About Your Cleaning Company’s Culture?

CIMS Offers A Clear Path to Effective Office Cleaning Services

Commercial Handyman Services to the Rescue

Is Outsourcing Medical Office Cleaning Services In Your Future?

Is Your Commercial Cleaning Company a “Master” or a "Disaster”?

Bad Smells Are A Sign Your Restroom Cleaning Is In the Toilet

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10 Signs Your Office Cleaning Service Is A Swing & A Miss

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Medical Cleaning Services From a Patient’s Perspective

Is Your Office Cleaning Service Checked Out?

Your Facility Can Look Great Around the Clock With Day Porter Services

When Commercial Carpet Cleaning Goes Wrong

What To Do When Your Restroom Sanitation Service Stinks!

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Office Cleaning Prices Leaving You With More Questions Than Answers?

Surviving the Worst Flu Season With Help From Office Cleaning Services

2018 New Year’s Resolution: Get Better Office Restroom Cleaning

Get Lower Prices & Better Service From Your Office Cleaning Services

What You DON’T Know About Janitorial Pricing Could Hurt You

What Is Team Cleaning & Why Does It Work?

Carpet Lasts Longer, Look Better With Commercial Carpet Cleaning

The Secret to Finding the Best Janitorial Services

Tame That To Do List With Commercial Handyman Services

Are Your Industrial Janitorial Services Rotten?

Made In Michigan: Plymouth Janitorial Services

Is CIMS the Cure for Your Medical Office Cleaning?

Have Your Office Restrooms Become a Scary Place?

Comparing In-House Vs. Outsourced Janitorial Services

Is Your Industrial Janitorial Service A Bunch of Clowns?

Celebrate Global Handwashing Day October 15th

Smart Cleaning, the Right Way to Clean Lean

Survive Flu Season With Help From Your Janitorial Services Company

Janitorial Best Practices & Why They Matter

RFPs & Choosing A New Janitorial Services Company

Is Your Office Cleaning Company Making You Sick?

Transform Your Building Services With A Day Porter Program

Subpar Commercial Cleaning & Sick Employees Will Cost You

Getting the Most From Your Office Cleaning Company

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Why Team Cleaning Outperforms Zone Cleaning In Larger Facilities

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Ten Keys to Effective Commercial Cleaning

Getting Too Little & Paying Too Much For Janitorial Services In Michigan?

Worried About the Chemicals Used In Commercial Carpet Cleaning?

Is Your Medical Cleaning DOA?

The Pros And Cons Of Hiring A National Janitorial Company

Are You Paying Too Much For Industrial Janitorial Services?

Does Your Cleaning Company Need of a Restroom Cleaning Checklist?

Bank Robber Behind Bars Thanks In Part to Stathakis Cleaning Staff

Starting the New School Year Right With A+ School Cleaning Services

Tackle Big & Small Jobs With Commercial Handyman Services

Surviving Janitorial Budget Cuts With Smart Cleaning

Day Porters: What They Are & Why You Need One

Have Your Office Restrooms Become A Smelly Situation?

Are Carpet Stains & Spots A Problem In Your Facility?

Choosing the Right Commercial Cleaners In Plymouth Michigan

Leaner Processes Help Steady Janitorial Costs As Minimum Wage Rises

Are Your Commercial Carpet Cleaner’s Bad Habits Costing You?

Getting Superior Commercial Cleaning With the Science of Clean

Get a Healthy Facility & Bottom Line With Medical Cleaning Services

Supercharge Your Commercial Cleaning Services With a Day Porter

10 Tips to Tackle School Cleaning Over Summer Break

Can Commercial Handyman Services Tackle An Out of Control To Do List?

10 Top Tips For Finding a Winning Commercial Carpet Cleaning Company

Is Your Commercial Cleaning Company Committed to Green Cleaning?

Do Your Medical Cleaning Services Need a Checkup?

Getting Effective Janitorial Services With A Reduced Janitorial Budget

Do I Really Need A National Janitorial Company?

Are Your Restroom Cleaners Getting The Job Done?

Does Your Office Cleaning Have You Ready For Business?

Stop Putting Out Fires, Get Ahead With Preventive Building Maintenance

Smart Cleaning: What It Is & Why It Works

Surviving the Home Stretch of Flu Season

Can Commercial Office Cleaning Services Transform Your Facility?

Is Your Commercial Cleaning Company Making A List & Checking It Twice?

What You Don’t Know About Janitorial Pricing Could Cost You

Industrial Cleaning Isn’t A Beginner’s Game

How To Clean Up With The Right Michigan Office Cleaning Company

The Path to Effective Janitorial Services Starts With This Shortcut

Are Your Janitorial Services A Joke?

The ABCs of Green Cleaning In Schools

Is Your Cleaning Company Putting You In Danger With Dirty Rags?

Protect Your Investment With the Right Commercial Carpet Cleaning

2017 New Year Office Restroom Cleaning Resolutions

Hospital Cleaning Services Can Make Or Break Your HCAHPS Scores

Do You Understand Janitorial Pricing?

Put a Fresh Face on Your Facility With Commercial Handyman Services

Commercial Cleaning: Looking Beyond What You Can See

Can Green Office Cleaning Add To Your Bottom Line?

Get A Better View With Commercial Window Cleaning

Getting Daily Dependable Help With A Day Porter Service

Are You Paying Too Much For Your Office Cleaning Services?

Flu Season Survival Kit: Enlisting the Help of Your Cleaning Company

Janitorial Services 101: Zone Cleaning Versus Team Cleaning

10 Reasons To Break Up With Your Commercial Cleaning Services

Reducing Unplanned For Costs in Facility Maintenance

The Dirty Truth About Medical Cleaning

The Mistake You Are Making In The Search For Commercial Cleaning Services

Is Day Cleaning Right For Your Facility?

Is Your Restroom Cleaning Service #1 or #2?

How National Cleaning Companies & Local Cleaning Companies Compare

Shortcuts To Finding A Great Detroit Area Office Cleaning Service

Safety & Compliance Are Paramount With Industrial Cleaning

How Much Should Janitorial Services Really Cost?

Has Subpar School Cleaning Made Your Facility Germ Central?

Do You Know What’s In Your Janitorial Company’s Closet?

Is Your Office Cleaning A Mess?

Does Your Janitorial Services Understand the Science of Clean?

What Has Your Janitorial Services Company Done For You LATELY?

Get A HEALTHY Value From Your Medical Cleaning Budget

Stathakis Meet Our Team: Special Projects Manager Matt Brown

Stay A Step Ahead With Effective School Cleaning

Need Janitorial Services? Make ‘Made in Michigan’ Work For You

Make A Positive First Impression With Carpet Cleaning Services

With Office Cleaning Services You Need Higher Standards, Lower Prices

Janitorial Pricing Is About More Than Just Money

Getting the Most From Your Building Maintenance This Summer

Is Your Commercial Restroom Cleaning In the Dumps?

Top 10 Reasons to Enlist the Help of Commercial Carpet Cleaners

The People Filling Your Janitorial Company's Janitorial Jobs Matter

Perception Is Reality With Regard To The Cleanliness of Your Facility

Getting the Best From Your Office Cleaning Company Over the Summer

Zika: The Risks & Role Commercial Cleaning Play In Infection Control

Getting Effective Janitorial Services In Michigan

Would Your Medical Cleaning Get a Clean Bill of Health?

There Are No One Size Fits All Solutions With Industrial Cleaning

The Complete Guide to Evaluating Your Commercial Restroom Cleaning Services

Why Your Office Cleaning Has to Change

School Cleaning: Evaluating Your Needs As Summer Approaches

The Single Smartest Strategy For Finding Effective Janitorial Services

President Proclaims May National Building Safety Month

The Fairly Foolproof Formula For Fantastic Office Cleaning

Stathakis Announces the Addition of Mitch Hesson to the Sales Team

The Ugly Truth About Green Cleaning

Infographic: The Real Cost of Janitorial Turnover

The Dangers of An Inexperienced Industrial Cleaning Company

Is It Time to Rethink Your Current School Cleaning Plan?

Confused By Office Cleaning Prices?

Balancing Professionalism, Price & Value In Your Medical Cleaning

Janitorial Service Problems Infographic

Is It Time to Toss Your Janitorial Company Out With the Trash?

Stathakis Director Of Business Development Brian Mamo Earns CBSE

Cutting Through Confusing Commercial Cleaning Pricing

These 5 Issues Cause 95% of the Problems With Your Janitorial Services

Stacking the Deck in Your Medical Cleaning & Facility Maintenance

Smart Cleaning: A Good Idea, More Effective & Better Value

Myths & Facts On Restroom Cleaning

Top 10 Reasons Outsourcing Janitorial Services Is a Win-Win

Has Your Medical Cleaning Flat Lined?

Is There REAL Value in Your Janitorial Services?

Are Your Office Cleaners a Bunch of Clowns?

What No One Tells You About Janitorial Turnover

Don’t Get Handcuffed to A Poor Office Cleaning Company

What You Need to Know: The Flu, Cross Contamination & Janitorial Services

Why That Low Price Commercial Cleaning Service Might Cost You Big Time

The FREE Tool For Foolproof Janitorial Service You AREN’T Using

Day Porters: The Behind the Scenes Heroes In Building Maintenance

Need a National Janitorial Company For Your Healthcare Cleaning?

Janitorial Services & the People Who Serve Your Facility

Mind Your Own Business With Preventive Building Maintenance

The Ultimate Restroom Cleaning Services Checklist

The Single Greatest Factor In Effective Service From Your Cleaning Company

Is It Back to the Drawing Board with Your Janitorial Services?

Can You Cut Commercial Cleaning Prices While Preserving Good Service?

Hitting The Jackpot With Your Janitorial Services Contractor

10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Commercial Cleaning Company

Is Overpriced Office Cleaning Crushing Your Budget?

5 Foolproof Tips For Building Managers Looking For Janitorial Services

The Real Dirt On Restroom Cleaning

The Dangerous Realities Of Janitorial Turnover

Constant Complaints About Office Cleaning Driving You Crazy?

Is It Time To Fire Your Janitorial Services Company?

In The Era Of Superbugs Medical Cleaning Is More Important Than Ever

Is It Possible to Cut Your Office Cleaning Services Budget?

Help Your Office Cleaning Company Help You Over the Holidays

Outsourcing Medical Cleaning & Hospital Environmental Services EVS

10 Quick & Easy Tips To Get More From Commercial Janitorial Services

The Big 10: What You Must Check Before You Sign A Janitorial Contract

The 5 Must-Have Pieces In the Puzzle of Effective Industrial Cleaning

The World Series of Janitorial Services & Facility Maintenance

Are Your Janitorial Services Green, Sustainable, Both or Neither?

Shopping Janitorial Services: Why Buying Local Matters

Could A Day Porter Transform Your Office Cleaning Services?

Stathakis In Attendance at ISSA/INTERCLEAN 2015 Las Vegas Trade Show

2015 Flu Season Can Be Scary Without An Effective Janitorial Service

Getting Premier Building Maintenance From Medical Cleaning Services

The Horrors of the Office Fridge and Other Scary Office Cleaning Tales

Janitorial & Commercial Cleaning Best Practices

Has Your Office Cleaning Company Thrown In the Towel?

Commercial Handyman Service Vs. In-House Maintenance, What’s Cheapest?

Meet Our Stathakis Team: Director of Business Development Brian Mamo

The BSCAI’s October Convention & 50th Anniversary Just Around the Corner

The Future of Healthcare Cleaning

Stathakis Attends Spartan Training Event in Toledo Ohio

Do Office Cleaning Companies Ever Deliver On Their Promises?

Is It Ever Ok For Janitorial Companies To Cut Corners?

Do Your Janitorial Services Need to Clean Up Their Act?

Is High Janitorial Turnover Impacting Your Services & Safety

Getting The Most From Medical Cleaning Services With CIMS Certification 

Are You Ready For Flu Season? 

Getting Premier Building Maintenance From a Commercial Handyman Service 

Upgrade Your Facility Maintenance With a Day Porter

BSCAI Discusses the Future & Challenges Building Services Contractors Face

What Your Patients Wish You Knew About Medical Office Cleaning Services  

Finding the Right Janitorial Services in Michigan Shouldn’t Be a Nightmare 

Stathakis Announces New Janitorial Tech Acquisition With QualityChex

Stathakis Implements Color-Coded Microfiber Cloth Technology 

Made In Michigan Industrial Cleaning Services

Is Your Office Cleaning Company Phoning It In?

Using CIMS As A Shortcut to Great Industrial Cleaning Services

Are You Getting What You Pay For With Your Office Cleaning?

Industrial Cleaning Accounts Need More From Their Cleaning Companies

Using CIMS Certification To Choose A Commercial Cleaning Company

School Cleaning Services Pop Quiz!

Manage Your Growing To Do List With Commercial Handyman Services

What You Need To Know About Janitorial Pricing To Get The Best Deal

10 Signs It’s Time To Dump Your Restroom Cleaning Service

Commercial Cleaning Must Combat Restroom Cross-Contamination

How Your Janitorial Company’s Employee Turnover Costs You Money

Restrooms: Solving The Number One Issue In Commercial Cleaning

Michigan Medical Office Cleaning: Why You Need A Specialist

Could Day Porter Services Transform Your Facility?

School Cleaning Over The Summer Break

Looking Under the Lid of Restroom Cleaning

What Are Day Porter Services & Do You Need Them

Help Your Office Cleaning Company Do Their Best Over the Summer Months

The Two Top Reasons Your Day Porter Program Will Fail

Top 5 Reasons to Outsource to a Commercial Cleaning Company

The Real Cost of a Dirty Workplace

Get Ready For Summer with Your Building Maintenance Company

Supercharging Your Preventive Building Maintenance

Can A Green Cleaning Company Safeguard Health

The Best And Worst Of School Cleaning Companies

Commercial Office Cleaning Requires More Than a Rag & A Bucket

Commercial Cleaning Employee Turnover a Symptom of A Bigger Problem

4 Reasons You’ll Wish You Had A Commercial Cleaning Company Sooner

What You Need To Know About Comparing Commercial Cleaning Prices

Is Your School Custodial Cleaning Making The Grade?

The 10 Critical Components of Commercial Cleaning Success

Outsourcing Michigan School Cleaning: An Infographic

Making Janitorial Pricing Work For You

Is Cross Contamination From Your Cleaning Company Making You Sick?

Can a Commercial Cleaning Company Help You Manage Costs?

The Hidden Cost of In-House Commercial Cleaning

Do School Cleaning Budget Cuts Spell Disaster For Your Facility?

The Medical Cleaning Benefits Your Facility Is Missing Out On

The Future Of Green Cleaning

Is It Time For Commercial Building Maintenance & Handyman Services?

Why Your School Cleaning Isn’t Making The Grade

Are Green Janitorial Services The New Norm?

Improve Patient Satisfaction With The Right Medical Cleaning Company

Can A Michigan Medical Cleaning Company Care For Your Facility?

Modernize Your Facility With 21st Century Office Cleaning Services

Can Industrial Janitorial Services Simplify The Upkeep Of Your Facility?

Need Commercial Cleaning Prices That Can’t Be Beat?

Serving Our Customers With Great People Like Gerald "Jerry" Garnett

Is It Time To Dump Your Restroom Cleaning Service?

Great People Make Great Organizations: Chris Branoff

Medical Cleaning Bulletin: The CRE Superbug & Healthcare Cleaning

Can a Facility Maintenance Service Provider Save You Money?

Can You Get Great Service From National Janitorial Companies?

Can Medical Office Cleaning Cure What Ails You?

5 Reasons Why Outsourcing Facilities Services Is Exactly What You Need

Does Your Maintenance Company Score High On Floor Maintenance?

Control Costs Without Sacrificing Quality in Your Health Care Cleaning

Can a Restroom Cleaning Service Reduce Employee Turnover?

How to Get Premier Building Maintenance For Your Facilities

HIPPA, OSHA, Blood-Borne Pathogens: Is Your Medical Cleaning Service Compliant?

Why Cleaning In Schools Might Just Make Your Kids Smarter

Getting Great Service From A Cleaning company With Janitorial Inspections

Is Your Restroom Cleaning In the Toilet?

Top 10 Things You Need From Your Educational Cleaning

Do Your Restroom Sanitation Services Stink?

Starting Off the New Year Right With Your Commercial Cleaning Service

New Year's Resolutions Regarding Your Commercial Cleaning Company

Restroom Cleanliness & the Flu: The 5 Things You Need to Know

What the Best School Cleaning Companies Do Differently

Commercial Restroom Cleaning 101: Is Your Cleaning Company Doing Enough?

Why Day Cleaning Might Be the Solution to Your Facility's Problems

Can a Restroom Cleaning Service Make Employees Happier?

Do I Need a National Janitorial Company?

Finding the Right Michigan School Cleaning Company For Your Facilities

Do Your Facilities Need Commercial Handyman Services?

Poor Restroom Cleaning Stinks!

Our Team: Mike Pinson, Maintenance Mangager

A New Season of Flu Season: Limiting the Spread at Your Facility

Are Your School Cleaning Services Kid-Safe?

Is Your Medical Cleaning Company Making You Sick?

Why Commercial Cleaning Prices Can Be So Hard to Compare

Stathakis Announces Bob Abraham as Farmington Hills Branch Manager

Finding an Effective Prescription For Your Facility's Medical Cleaning

Do You Trust Your School Cleaning Company?

Are Your Office Bathrooms Terrifying?

Industry Leader Bill Fellows Discusses MSDS Guideline Changes

Trick or Treat: Tips for Finding the Best Michigan Cleaning Services

Michigan Cleaning Companies: Is a Local Janitorial Service Better?

Enterovirus D68: What You As a Facilities Manager Need to Know Now

Ebola: What You Need to Know to Be Prepared

Is Shoddy Restroom Cleaning Making You Sick?

Medical Cleaning Compliance: What You Need to Know

Is Cross Contamination and Janitorial Service Making Employees Sick?

Don’t Let Subpar Medical Cleaning Soil Your Clinic’s Reputation

Is a Lack of Consistency from Your Janitorial Service an Issue?

Is Your Janitorial Service Cleaning For Health?

What Does Great Janitorial Service Look Like?

Is Your Janitorial Service Company Putting in Enough Hours?

The Real Cost of Janitorial Service Employee Turnover

Hand Washing Reduces the Spread of Disease On the Job

Can Medical Cleaning Be Hazardous to Your Health?

Finding the Best Michigan Commercial Cleaning Service & Why Local Matters

Safety First: Do You REALLY Know Who Cleans Your Building?

Is Your Cleaning Service a Constant Stream of New Faces?

Is Your Commercial Cleaning Company Using Dangerous Chemicals?

Why Cleaning For Health Matters & Getting Your Cleaning Company to Do It

Using Color Coded Rags to Provide a Healthy Work Environment

Commercial Cleaning Services: Low Price Vs Lowest Responsible Price

Title: Five Commercial Cleaning Service Myths Busted

Is It Time to Enlist the Help of a Commercial Cleaning Service?

Commercial Cleaning Company Stathakis Announces Expansion & Farmington Hills Offices

Is Your Commercial Cleaning Company Making the Grade?

Planning Ahead: Summer School Cleaning & Maintenance Checklist

5 Reasons Why A National Janitorial Company Is Not For You

Janitorial Services: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Rethinking Who Is Handling Your School Cleaning & Janitorial Service

7 Things About Commercial Office Cleaning Your Boss Needs To Know

Does Your Janitorial Company Communicate With You?

Some BAD Advice About Commercial Office Cleaning

Is Poor Commercial Office Cleaning Killing Your Business?

Commercial Office Cleaning is Your First Line of Defense to Sickness

A Foolproof Formula For Managing your Office Cleaning Service

Is Finding the Best Commercial Cleaning Service Just a Fairytale?

Great Commercial Office Cleaning Can Raise Productivity & Profits

A Special Ubuntu Holiday Greeting from Stathakis

Stathakis Shares Holiday Cheer With Employees

Improve Office Morale With Effective Commercial Office Cleaning

Can Commercial Cleaning Improve Your Bottom Line?

Are You Paying Too Much For Your Commercial Cleaning Services

Giving Thanks

Getting Ready for the New Year With Your Commercial Cleaning Service

Is It Time To Give Your Commercial Cleaning Service a Pink Slip?

Does your Commercial Cleaning Service have a Communication Plan?

Finding Affordable Michigan Janitorial Services

Your Commercial Cleaning Service Can Reduce Exposure To Flu Season

Is Your Janitorial Company Hitting the Mark?

Chris Stathakis Attends BSCAI Meeting in New York

Bigger Isn’t Always Better: Local vs. National Janitorial Companies

The Top 3 Reasons To Use Industrial Janitorial Services

How To Choose and Hire Commercial Cleaning Services

10 Questions To Find the Best Commercial Cleaning Services

New OSHA Hazard Communication Rules Impact Facility Managers 12/01/13

Do Cheap Commercial Cleaning Prices Mean Poor Quality?

Four Strategies to Finding the Best Janitorial Services For Your Large Facility

Do You Trust Your Commercial Cleaning Services In Your Building At Night?

Is Your Janitorial Contractor Proactive or Reactive & Why It Matters?

Are you being Nickel and Dimed by your Cleaning Services in Michigan?

Be Proactive In Upgrading Cleaning Services Michigan After Remodeling

How to End Bad Cleaning Services in Michigan

3 Warning Signs that your Michigan Cleaning Company is NOT Training Their Staff

Obamacare Delays Might Spell Cost Savings For Facilities Managers

Celebrating July 4th With Reverence For Our Past

Smart Cleaning: The Solution to Cuts in your Detroit Janitorial Budget

The 3 Keys To Getting Consistency From Your Michigan Cleaning Company

Is Staff Turnover Killing Your Janitorial Service

What Everyone Should Know About School Janitorial Services

Stathakis Says Farewell to Jerry Ledbetter

Putting Customer Service Back Into Cleaning Services in Michigan

Getting Consistency From Cleaning Services In Michigan

Are Cuts In Your Facility Budget Killing Your Office Cleaning?

Cleaning Services Michigan Company - Stathakis "Cares About Kids"

5 Reasons To Fire Your Janitorial Service

Has Your Janitorial Service Budget Been Cut Beyond Thin?

The ABC's of School Cleaning

Michigan Housekeeping Services - Are They Really Local?

Finding Consistency in Office Cleaning Service

The Key Element In Michigan Housekeeping Services

Is Employee Turnover Killing Your Office Cleaning

The New Order In Medical Cleaning

Taking Another Look at Ubuntu

Why Most Commercial Office Cleaning Companies Can't Get It Right

How Obamacare Will Impact Your Building Services Budget

How to End Bad Restroom Cleanliness

Are you buying cheap or value in commercial office cleaning?

Chris Stathakis is Elected to BSCAI Board of Directors

Insure Clean Restrooms & Be Your Company’s Hero

Give Me Michigan Cleaning Services and I'll Give You A Clean Building

How Medical Office Cleaning Impacts Obamacare

Stathakis Welcomes AJ Quay to Our Growing Team

Tired of High Turnover from your Janitorial Contractor?

The 15 Warning Signs That You Have Less Than Clean Restrooms

Ignore Bad Advice When Looking For Cleaning Companies In Michigan

Title: 5 Myths About Cleaning Companies In Michigan

The 3 Secrets That Get You Exceptional Commercial Office Cleaning

Stathakis Kicks Butt as it Grows in Plymouth Janitorial!

Advantages to Qualified & Screened Facility Maintenance Services

Getting Beyond Average Janitorial Services in Michigan

Stathakis Continues to Grow in Troy Janitorial

There Is No Place Like Home When Hiring Michigan Cleaning Services

Stop the Spread of Flu with School Cleaning Services

Finding Cleaning Companies in Michigan

Finding a Cleaning Company that is Deeply Committed to Green Cleaning

The Typical Restroom Cleaning Complaints Facility Managers Hear

10 Tips for Avoiding the Flu at work for a Healthy Work Environment

What If You Could Get What You Wanted from Michigan Cleaning Services

A Messy Desk and Making Way For Michigan Cleaning Services

The Real Dirt on Medical Office Cleaning

Resource Conservation and your Michigan Cleaning Services

Are there any Professional Office Cleaning Services?

Don't Get Screwed by Commercial Cleaning Prices

Finding What You Want With Cleaning Companies in Michigan

The Great Cleaning Services in Michigan Hoax

How To End Restroom Cleaning Problems

What Most Commercial Floor Cleaning services Don't Want You To Know

Five Harsh Realities of Medical Cleaning

How to Use Michigan Cleaning Services to Make Your Building Shine

Why Your Green Cleaning is Missing the Mark (And How You Can Fix It)

Restroom Cleaning: Wash Hands & Save Lives

Michigan School Cleaning For Children's Health

A Winning Strategy To Find Cleaning Companies In Michigan

Commercial Floor Cleaning - More Than Just A Shine!

Finding The Holy Grail of Janitorial Services in Michigan

WARNING: Is Restroom Cleaning Killing Your Co-workers?

8 Simple Rules To Get The Most From Your Day Porter Services

Michigan Janitorial - Clean Practices in a Dirty Business!

Going Green Cleaning Doesn't Have To Be Tough

Is Restroom Cleaning Service Right For Your Company?

Finding Good Cleaning Services in Michigan

Which Cleaning Services in Michigan Are Best For Your Company?

My Company Made Me Hire One of Those National Janitorial Services - Now What?

5 Reasons Outsourcing Cleaning Services is Better Than In-House

The Best Kind Of Restroom Sanitation Service

Does Duct Cleaning Fit Into A Green Cleaning Program?

I Want Good Restroom Hygiene, Now What?

Commercial Floor Care Can Help Your Company Shine

The Facility Manager's Guide To Janitorial Services Pricing

Do National Cleaning Companies Really Stink?

A Few Quick Tips to Help You Find the Best Medical Cleaning Services

Warning: Restroom Sanitation Required

When Is It Time To Bring In Building Maintenance Services

Top Ten Unanticipated Costs of In-House Cleaning Services

Stop The Spread of Infection with Medical Cleaning Services

Why Commercial Building Cleaning Is Important To Your Health

Janitorial Pricing - How Do You Know If Your Getting A Good Deal?

Making A Good Facility Impression with Restroom Cleaning Service

A Recipe for Green Cleaning Success

Commercial Office Cleaning Sets The Tone For Your Staff

Make Outsourcing Janitorial Services Work For You

When Hiring Commercial Cleaning Services - Size Matters

There Is More To Commercial Cleaning Prices Than Money

Are Commercial Handyman Services For You?

The 3 Most Important Steps to Improving Medical Cleaning

Green Cleaning Services Confessions

The 5 Harsh Realities of Medical Office Cleaning Services

Restroom Cleaning in the 21st Century

The Worlds Worst Green Cleaning Benefits Advice

When are Commercial Cleaning Prices Too Low?

How Commercial Handyman Services Can Be Handy

Providing Green Cleaning Services NOT Lies!

The Secret To Hiring Good Building Maintenance Services

Fools Gold: Finding A Good Cleaning Company Amongst The Fray

Summertime Advantages to Hiring the Best Cleaning Company

Educational Cleaning: Finding the Right Solution for Your Facilities

The myth of Commercial Cleaning Prices Unraveled

Back to Basics in Restroom Cleaning Services

The 3 Benefits to Medical Office Cleaning Services

Get Rid of Cleaning Company Problems Once and For All

How Medical Cleaning Services May Be Killing Your Practice

Going For Gold With Restroom Hygiene

A Successful Green Cleaning Program starts with ISSA CIMS GB

Back to Basics in Restroom Cleaning Service

Does your Facility Maintenance Services Help to Conserve Energy?

Should Profit be a Dirty Word When In Janitorial Pricing

Want Green Cleaning In Your Facility? - Put CIMS GB To Work For You!

National Janitorial Services - What You Didn't Know

Restroom Sanitation Service – It's More Than Just Looking Sexy!

Is Commercial Floor Care Really Just A Bunch of Bunk?

Selecting a Trustworthy Construction Cleaning Service

Medical Office Cleaning Services and the Future of Healthcare

The Deadly Art of Improper Restroom Cleaning

Winning With Commercial Handyman Services

Happy Fourth of July From A Janitorial Services Company

How to Measure Clean [Janitorial Inspection] with an ATP Meter

Emergency Cleaning Services in Detroit

Is ISSA CIMS Certification Worthless?

Healthcare Reform & Medical Cleaning

How Medical Cleaning Services Push Medical Practice Profitability

Professional Office Cleaning Services - What Can You Get From Them?

Restroom Cleaning Service Is a Dirty Job But Someone's Got to Do It!

The Business Of Cleaning In Schools

Janitorial Services - Great PEOPLE Make a Difference!

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Working with the Right Cleaning Service

Painting Services for Maintenance Free Material

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Cleaning for Health to Expose Where Germs and Bacteria Hide

Green is a Choice Even if Your Not a Cleaning Service

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Chemical Free Floor Care for a Healthy Work Environment

Vacuuming Your Way to a Healthy Work Environment

It's Halftime in America and We're Still Business Cleaning in Detroit

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Stathakis Wins BSCAI Safety Award

TWB Chooses Stathakis for 300,000 Sq. Ft. Paint Project

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The New Wins Major Industry Award

Clean Hands and Healthly Living for the Holidays

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Open Book Management

Local vs. National Janitorial Service Companies

How to Keep Your Exterior Paint Fresher, Longer

A Bright Start for Beacon School

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