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Posted by Mitch Hesson on Tue, Jul 24, 2018 @ 11:52 AM

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What Qualities Do You Want in A Commercial Office Cleaning Company?

As you likely know, the world is filled with a host of office cleaning companies all claiming to be the best one out there. So sorting through the crowd to find the one that meets YOUR needs and price range can be difficult to say the least. Many Facility Managers will try to use the information they have at hand to make this choice and a combination of factors such as price, recommendations from other professionals in their industry, or online reviews to help narrow down the list. All good things to consider, but you really need much more information to choose the right office cleaning company. When your office is in desperate need of a deep, professional cleaning, even if you need to make some choices quickly, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind.

The Importance of the People & Teams That Are Your Office Cleaners

The single most important element of any business that delivers services is the people that are customer facing. So, never pick a Detroit office cleaning service provider that has a substandard process in place to find, hire and retain a talented team of office cleaners and custodians ready to keep your offices looking their best. When an office cleaning company invests in their people as much as their equipment and practices, they are setting themselves up for success and your facility! When making your decision, it is never wrong to give more weight to those companies that put time and money into recruiting, training, and retaining skilled staff as well as cutting zero corners on criminal background checks and drug screening.


Practice Makes Perfect, 5-Star Cleaning Teams Are TRAINED

It’s seemingly obvious, but the more experienced a technician is, the better and more efficient results they can deliver, often saving both money AND time. A well trained cleaning team can both follow a cleaning spec and identify high need areas in your office and decide where to focus their extra efforts to get you the best value for your cleaning budget. Further, they are familiar with the products and equipment they use and therefore can make the best judgment calls on what will and won’t help get and keep your office space clean. Finally, as technology has progressed throughout the turn of the century, so has the industry of office cleaning. As such, trained workers are more equipped to handle new equipment and thus deliver the best results for your facility.


5-Star Teams Have the Tools for the Job

On the subject of technological advances, the companies that invest in the future of cleaning, rather than the past, are in the best position to service your facility. Companies that invest in powerful equipment and efficient methods like Boost floor cleaning, HEPA filter, low noise backpack vacuums, green cleaning solutions and more offer better cleaning with less disruption. However, not every company has the resources or the foresight to invest in these technologies. While this may not seem like too large a problem at first, anachronistic methods can not only waste your time but also don’t provide a thorough cleaning despite taking longer.


5 Star Cleaning Companies Keep Janitorial Turnover Low

A successful and professional commercial office cleaning service isn’t a solo effort. Management teams guide their staff to accomplish goals, reward those that go above and beyond, as well as address small problems before they spiral out of control. The result? These companies have turnover rates that are far lower than the average employee turnover rate. As a result, their staff is competent, well-trained, and generally much happier with their jobs. For you, this means engaged and solid, performing employees that strive to learn and improve leading to a better, more effective office cleaning.


5-Star Experience Doesn’t Have to Cost More

It can be easy to assume that a better, more experienced office cleaning company is going to cost a great deal more than their competition but this doesn’t have to be the case. Of course it CAN be, however, experienced commercial office cleaners knows exactly how to price their services accurately so you won’t get any of the crazy highs and lows or hidden charges and fees that you might from less experienced companies. Further, it also means that you know exactly what you’ll be paying for because your prospective company knows exactly what they will be doing. Another important factor is that a professional office cleaning service often works at high volume so they can buy equipment and cleaning solutions cheaper reducing the price to you. Finally, the larger more reputable commercial office cleaning companies clean better in less time. Such efficiencies reduce man hours and hence they can provide a higher quality service for cheaper than less experienced companies.


5 Star Commercial Office Cleaning Companies DON’T Take Shortcuts

If life has taught any of us anything, it’s that shortcuts never really work out in the end right? If your office cleaning company takes shortcuts with illegal subcontracting or undocumented workers, where else are they cutting corners? Such shortcuts put you, your facility, and your employees at risk. The best industrial office cleaning companies and green office cleaning companies know better than to do so. The same can be said for insurance. When it comes to your facility, your building services contractor should always be fully insured to protect you and them from unnecessary risks. If your office cleaning provider is attempting to save money by neglecting important insurance coverage, it puts you and your facility at risk to a host of liability issues.


Five Star Office Cleaning Must Include Green Cleaning

For most of us, the word chemical inspires some degree of fear. We want to know exactly how safe the chemicals used in the office are and what the long term effects can be. More and more office cleaning companies are adopting green cleaning solutions that are safer for you and your facility. You can confirm you prospective companies commitment to green by looking for the Green Seal and other certifications. Not only will your office be cleaner and safer, but green cleaning technology eliminates chemical and power waste reducing costs to you.


5 Star Office Cleaning Companies Have A Recipe for Success

Success rarely happens in the absence of a plan. Does your prospective office cleaning company have one?  The most effective and professional office cleaning companies will always have a number of systems in place to assure quality and consistency in their cleaning practices. By putting a heavy focus on accountability and consistent results, you know that your office cleaning services provider will always deliver the best the industry has to offer. Thus, when you looking for your next commercial office cleaning service provider, be sure to inquire about how they maintain accountability in pricing, training, inspections, cleaning, management, innovation, and communication to name a few. A company with a plan will always give you better service than one without.


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