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CIMS: Your Shortcut To Effective Industrial Cleaning

Posted by Mitch Hesson on Mon, Apr 22, 2019 @ 05:46 PM

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Wading Through the Industrial Cleaning Marketplace

There is a lot to look at if you are trying to wade through the industrial janitorial services marketplace to find a contractor that takes its role in your facility seriously. Fortunately, CIMS certification offers a great place to start. What exactly is the ISSA’s CIMS and CIMS-GB certification? It is an industry relevant accreditation issued by the ISSA, or the International Sanitary Supply Association, a worldwide professional organization dedicated to building services and the companies that offer them. CIMS stands for the Cleaning Industry Management Standard certification. This certification offers a challenging program that requires building services contractors to implement and demonstrate successful and effective use of the industries best practices in a myriad of areas. Finally, the GB in the certification is an acronym for Green Building. Holders of this specific accreditation are certified to help put you on the path towards a greener building and are trained to help you earn more LEED-EBOM points. This rigorous and stringent accreditation program can help you narrow down your list of potential Michigan industrial cleaning services to those companies best set up for your individual facility.


CIMS-GB Certification Translates Into Quality Service From Your Industrial Cleaning Company 

The ISSA’s CIMS-GB certification focuses on five core aspects of solid, effective, and professional industrial cleaning and maintenance services:

   Service Delivery: Assure that janitorial companies implement systems and processes to assure responsive, consistent, quality service.

   Quality Systems: Confirm the structure needed to ensure effective operations & continuous improvement is in place.

   Management Commitment: Examine the company’s vision for the direction of their business that will lead you towards a stronger and more beneficial partnership.

   Health, Safety, & Environmental Stewardship: Assure the provider mandates regulatory compliance at the federal, state, and local level and ensures safety for the workplace, and for the environment.

   Human Resources: Confirm the company takes the training and welfare of their employees seriously as they are their greatest asset and your frontline resource.


CIMS-GB Isn’t A Guarantee, But It’s As Close As You’ll Get

Being a recipient of the ISSA’s CIMS-GB certification speaks volumes about your prospective Detroit industrial cleaning company. Not only is the accreditation program rigorous and challenging, it is voluntary meaning that your prospective industrial cleaning company went out of their way to demonstrate their competency to the ISSA and prospective customers and elevate the overall quality of their service for current and future customers. Companies that possess this certification are the cream of the crop so to speak. They have clearly put their best efforts into being a customer-driven commercial cleaning service that takes the unique needs of each facility seriously and gives them the attention that they deserve. As with any skill, the more time you take to hone and master your trade, the better quality service you can deliver to your customers.


Do You Really “Get What You Pay For?”

We’ve all heard the phrase “you get what you pay for”, and to some degree this can be true. Still, when it comes to industrial cleaning, and really any janitorial or cleaning service, paying more isn’t always going to get you better results. If only the equation was that easy but unfortunately cost does not always translate into value. Of course, you also can’t just chase every low bid because it looks promising on paper. It all comes down to how experienced and professional your cleaning and maintenance service actually is. Companies with experience know how to take appropriate cost-saving measures and are so experienced they can save you time and money while giving you more for your dollar. A detailed and well executed cleaning specification designed specifically for your facility can assure that you get your needs met without wasting your time or money on things with little impact on the operations of your building. Experience isn’t charging a high price, experience is knowing how to work with a significantly reduced budget while still providing a quality service.


Our Commitment To You

As a premier Detroit industrial cleaning service, we take pride in demonstrating the quality and effectiveness of our work time and time again. At Stathakis, our first priority is making sure our customers receive a quality service at a price they can live with. As a local Michigan commercial cleaning service, we work hard to deliver professional services while holding on to what makes us a truly local cleaning service, a personal connection with our customers. We would love to be given the opportunity to demonstrate our cleaning and maintenance practices and put together a custom plan that fits the needs of your facility, and your budget. We take great care to assure quality services with a reasonable price tag while placing a heavy emphasis on compliance and regulation.

No matter if you are looking to up your LEED-EBOM score, beginning a green cleaning program, or just looking for a more reliable industrial cleaning service, we can lend a hand. Stathakis is CIMS-GB certified and we are one of the most well regarded industrial cleaning companies in the Michigan area. Our LEED and ISSA certifications are a symbol of our commitment to providing an industry leading level of service. Here at Stathakis, we are constantly trying to push progress with the level of service we provide and strive to drive industry innovation and processes that benefit our customers.



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