About Stathakis

"To partner closely with clients, employees and vendors to deliver great service."

Stathakis Mission Statement resized 600Our Core Values

Customer focus — Our customers are the motivation behind many of our innovations including the 10-Minute Response Guarantee, Open Book Pricing and Open Book Inspections.

Learn everyday — Stathakis is a learning organization. We take every opportunity to improve, from formal training sessions (which all employees attend regularly), to industry seminars, to lessons learned through our mistakes (after all, we aren't perfect).

Enthusiasm in all we do — Work should be fun a place where people want to come to interact.

Appreciation of individuals — We don't just tell our staff that they are appreciated, we show them! Programs like Open Book Management and Brag Bell Awards help us retain a professional, happy crew.

Notice to details — There is no task that is too small or too unimportant for Stathakis to tackle. In fact, we often take care of the small details before clients notice the problem.