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The Secret to Outstanding Office Cleaning

Posted by Chris Stathakis on Mon, Aug 13, 2018 @ 02:50 PM


How Do You Find a Reliable, Professional Office Cleaning Company?

Want to know a secret? You CAN find an effective, affordable office cleaning service that you don’t have to micromanage AND it doesn’t have to involve hours and hours of time searching that you just don’t have. Finding a solid office cleaning services provider that provides both effective service and a real value is an important component of your responsibilities as Facility Manager. After all, not only would the overall quality of cleaning in your building improve with the right office cleaning company, but you wouldn’t have to continuously stay on top of them to make it happen.  That these companies exist isn’t the real secret, the real secret is how to sort through the giant pile of low performing office cleaning companies to find the small handful of commercial cleaning companies that will follow through on their claims. What is more, a trial and error approach to finding this effective and professional office cleaner is often time consuming and imprecise at best. So, how do you sort through the crowded office leaning marketplace filled with snoozers and losers to find a real diamond?  Fortunately, there are a couple of tricks that can make finding the right partner for your facility a clearer and more straightforward process.


CIMS Certification Saves Time & Money Identifying High Performers

Fortunately, the secret to finding the right commercial office cleaner does not involve an oracle, a map, or an Indian Jones style quest for the holy grail of office cleaning services. The time saving, sanity saving secret for finding the right Detroit office cleaning service provider is simply checking to see if your prospective cleaner is CIMS certified. But what exactly is the CIMS-GB certification? Simply put, it stands for: CIMS, or the Certified Industry Management Standard as determined by the ISSA’s demanding accreditation program for office cleaning companies that choose to stand above the rest by implementing the industries best practices in every aspect of their operations. Confirming that your next office cleaning company is CIMS certified will assure you that you are partnering with a commercial cleaning company whose business model is to offer the most efficient, consistent and effective services.


How CIMS Certified Office Cleaning Companies Stand Above the Rest 

I’m sure we have all seen industry accreditations that are given out by the handfuls like free candy at a parade. However, acquiring  CIMS certification is no such easy feat. While the program for certification is voluntary, it requires that the company in question complete a comprehensive analysis of their business practices and meet stringent benchmarks laid out by the ISSA. As such, the CIMS certification can be a powerful tool in finding a good partner. First, any company that seeks out the CIMS certification is evidently dedicated to improving their business and responsiveness to their clients. Second, the companies that receive this accreditation clearly have systems in place that provide consistent and effective service. Finally, while CIMS can not guarantee that a prospective company is a good fit for your facility, it does significantly shorten your list to only the industries top performers as shown through a multifaceted analysis conducted by a third party assessment program. Use the CIMS certification to help shorten your list of prospective commercial cleaning companies and then start looking at price and fit for your facility to help make your job easier. Hopefully this secret can help make the process of finding an office cleaning service significantly easier. Facility Managers we talk to just like you consider CIMS certification to be their “easy button” in terms of helping them cut throw a crowded building services marketplace and make the selection process both more valuable and less time consuming.


CIMS Certification Isn’t A Participation Trophy, It Leads Directly to Better Service

We’ve discussed how the CIMS and CIMS-GB certification is a difficult to achieve accreditation and how to use it to narrow down your list of prospective commercial office cleaning companies. But how does it really benefit your facility and its cleaning? The certification is based upon five core principles:

  • Management Commitment: Management must not only be effective, but also have a vision for what the future of the company and the service they provide will look like.
  • Quality Systems: Has a demonstrably effective framework for delivering consistent and professional service.
  • Human Resources: The best companies manage their greatest asset the best, their people.
  • Service Delivery: Practices and systems to consistently deliver the highest levels of service.
  • Health, Safety, and Environmental Stewardship: Always follows all required regulations as well as promotes workplace safety for their workers as well as their clients

Following these core principles means that the company you contract with will be operating at the highest levels within their industry. The ISSA has already done all the heavy lifting to help you find a professional office cleaning provider faster. The best part? This “secret” tool is entirely free to you! While the company has to pay to become certified, this useful tool is entirely free for you to use. Just by cross checking prospective office cleaning companies, you can cross eliminate the losers and snoozers off of your list and winnow it down to those companies most likely to be a great fit in your facility.


The Secret Revealed

So now you understand the secret. The process of finding the right commercial office cleaning companywill always have its challenges. However, using CIMS certification can help you narrow down your list of prospective companies and take a lot of the guesswork out of the process. While you’ll still need to do your due diligence with whichever company you decide to partner with, ideally this tool will help cut down on the time you have to spend looking and save you stressful, painful and expensive hiring mistakes. To find a janitorial company in your area ISSA CIMS-GB certified, visit the ISSA here.



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