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The Crystal Clear Benefits of Clean Windows

Posted by Mitch Hesson on Tue, Oct 02, 2018 @ 12:25 PM

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Window Cleaning Can Make A Sparkling First Impression

You make an entrance, with well, your entrance. A sparkling facility sets a positive, welcoming, quality impressions for anyone entering your facility. So much is dependent on a quality first impression, everything from the perceived quality of your service to the competency of the management and administration. So, how do you give the best first impression to everyone that enters your building? The answer is with your windows (of course we love shiny doors too).

Every facility manager knows that a well cleaned building gives an overall atmosphere of stability and professionalism, and it all starts with the state of your windows. A crystal clear view in and out of your building also lends itself to the idea of transparency in your business practice. While at first glance, windows may seem unimportant to the cleanliness and view of your company, in actuality, they can have a very large impression on tenants and potential customers. They let light in and frame what’s in our visual field drawing our eyes in. So when your windows are cloudy, streaky or just dirty, people notice.


Not All Window Cleaning Services Shine

Many commercial cleaning services will offer your standard, run of the mill services when you contract with them: toilet and restroom cleaning, dusting, caring for various floor types, vacuuming, etc. What is all too commonly ignored, however, is a window cleaning service. Not only do most commercial cleaning companies not have the necessary training and equipment to properly clean windows, most simply choose not to offer the service or do it in a way so that you probably won’t ask again. Windows need to be cleaned at least once a month, so make sure that your prospective commercial cleaning service offers a window cleaning solution that works for your building.


An Experienced Professional Window Cleaning Service Can Add Just the Right Sparkle

While any company that offers window cleaning should be on your watch list, that doesn't mean that every company can provide a quality window cleaning. If you aren’t careful who you partner with, your window cleaning might end up doing more damage than good. To many of us, the idea that window cleaning requires specific training might seem a little odd. But commercial window cleaning has very specific technical equipment and processes associated with it to not only clean your windows, but to protect them and keep the clean longer. On top of that, many larger buildings have windows or skylights that require specific safety protocols in order to protect both you and your staff and limit any risk or liability.


How Can You Find a Window Cleaning Company That Shines?

When looking for a window cleaning service there are a couple of key points that you should be on the lookout for:

  • Choosing the right equipment and the right process for your specific window will not only save time and energy, but provide a better result.
  • Having the best cleaning solutions will ensure that streaking and other impurities don’t taint your windows.
  • In order to get the best results, your cleaning staff needs to be well trained and experienced in window cleaning, unlike other aspects of cleaning a facility, the windows are not forgiving when it comes to mistakes.
  • Window cleaning chemicals matter, make sure your cleaning solutions are the best available. 

By making sure that your commercial cleaning company adheres to these important points when it comes to cleaning your facility’s windows, you can help make sure that they are always crystal clear and that your building makes a real entrance! Interested in a window cleaning program for your building? Want some help retooling your commercial cleaning program or facility maintenance, please contact Stathakis at (800) 278-1884.


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