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Is Your Commercial Carpeting On Its Last Leg?

Posted by Mitch Hesson on Mon, Jul 09, 2018 @ 09:14 AM

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Don’t Let Dirty Office Carpets Dull Your Facility’s Reputation

When you walk into a building and the carpet is dirty, discolored, or otherwise disheveled, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Perhaps it’s that the carpet is a reflection of the company's commitment and overall standards. Or, that a company that leaves their facility looking dirty is clearly inexperienced and doesn't have the ability to properly meet your needs. The appearance and cleanliness of your facility sends a message to potential and returning customers about the quality of your work and the depth of your experience whether they realize it or not.

Commercial carpet that is on its last leg might need replacement but it might also just need an effective, deep, commercial carpet cleaning. Consider enlisting the help of one of Detroit's best professional carpet cleaners before you replace this expensive building asset. The right commercial carpet cleaner can often take a carpet that looks like it has been in service longer than you can imagine and breath new life into it for a fraction of the price of its replacement cost. That being said, picking the wrong commercial carpet cleaning company could make your worn and dirty carpets look even worse or even permanently damage them. You risk voiding warranties, damaging the carpet, and further shortening the brief time your carpet has left.

Experience & Quality Equipment in Commercial Carpet Cleaning

You’ve probably seen everything from a single person with a consumer grade steam vac to big national franchise carpet cleaning companies, all who could potentially clean your carpets. Size isn’t necessarily what is important to a successful, effective and professional carpet cleaning service. It’s all about experience and equipment. An experienced company has had time to streamline and improve their carpet cleaning processes offering you services that have been aligned and refined. Along those same lines, busy, experienced carpet cleaning companies typically do a high volume of business and a company that has a high volume business says two things: first, that other facilities have found their service to be professional and effective and second, that high volume carpet cleaning companies have the resources to afford the latest and greatest in carpet cleaning equipment. By looking at these key components you can avoid companies that cut corners with older and antiquated equipment as well as the newbies of the industry that may not yet be competent carpet cleaners.


The Fastest Way To Fix Office Carpet & The Fastest Way To Destroy It

Did you know that there are numerous and varied ways to clean commercial carpets? Some commercial carpet cleaning companies use everything from Bonnet cleaning, to dry carpet cleaning methods, to steam cleaning, the Whittaker carpet cleaning method, to hot water extraction carpet cleaning and more. Many of us have never heard these terms before, but you had better believe they matter with regards to your facility’s carpet. For instance, some cleaning can leave too much water behind and residues in your carpet that attract new dirt and grime the second someone sets foot on it again. Other methods, like the Bonnet carpet cleaning method, are too aggressive and can destroy carpets, especially if they are already on their last leg. Bonnet carpet cleaning even voids some carpet warranties. The industry standard is truck mounted hot water extraction cleaning. Not only does it provide a deep and thorough cleaning, the lack of chemicals used in this processes leave no residues that can later pick up and trap more dirt. In between these deep cleanings, the dry encapsulation Whittaker carpet cleaning method also offers a great way to keep dirt from being ground in and to keep your carpet looking fresh and clean.


Murky Pricing Is As Dirty As Your Carpet

America is the land of the deal, but there are a couple of red flags that you should be aware of when shopping for a carpet cleaning service. First, a company that has murky pricing, no matter how good the deal, likely can’t be trusted not to upcharge you or add hidden fees and upcharges later. Further, without knowing exactly what you’re paying, how can you compare prices upfront allowing you to choose the best value for your facility? The second red flag is companies that offer prices that seem too good to be true. Cheap carpet cleaning may sound like a dream come true when you are working with razor thin budgets but ask yourself “how is this company offering such cheap rates when the rest of the industry isn’t?” Everything costs money. From labor to equipment to solutions to insurance and while it is possible to price reasonably, some costs simply can’t be cut. It is far more likely that this lowball deal is a result of things like illegal subcontracting, insufficient training, and solutions and equipment that is far below industry standard. A high price doesn't guarantee a high level of service, but an incredibly low one likely guarantees an incredibly low level of service.


Commercial Carpet Cleaning Best practices & Why They Matter

The janitorial cleaning industry has advanced by leaps and bounds in the last decade. Services have been made infinitely more effective and the industry has embraced its environmental responsibility by investing in green solutions and equipment. If your janitorial company is living in the past, they aren’t providing you with the level of service that has become the new industry standard. Eco-friendly products are a must along with professional and complete training in the latest and greatest cleaning equipment and procedures. Everything from truck mounted carpet cleaning to proper stain and spot treatment requires up to date knowledge that companies that haven’t kept up simply don’t have.

At Stathakis, we’ve been keeping area facilities looking their best for over thirty years with a widespread reputation for effective, professional, and communicative services. Not only do we offer the cutting edge solutions for your carpet cleaning, we cover all types of building maintenance and cleaning. Our service is customized to the needs and budget of your facility and our numerous and innovative carpet cleaning solutions mean we can offer exactly what your workplace needs. We offer truck mounted carpet cleaning, portable machine carpet cleaning, low moisture carpet cleaning, and dry carpet cleaning so that we have the solution for any and all of your carpet cleaning needs to make sure your carpets are cleaner and look and smell better. Not only can we renew the life of your carpet, we can increase its lifespan all while staying on budget. We offer both on-demand carpet cleaning and subscription based carpet cleaning programs that can net you real value and reduce the hassle of planning continued carpet maintenance. For more information on Detroit area commercial carpet cleaning and how you can keep your floors cleaner than they have ever been, please contact us at #800-278-1884.

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