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Save Money With A Commercial Carpet Maintenance Program

Posted by Dennis Stathakis on Thu, Dec 13, 2018 @ 04:33 PM

7. Save Money With

The Benefits of a Carpet Maintenance Program

The cool winter months are often one of our biggest motivators to stay inside, and that’s why these months are often the hardest on your buildings hard flooring and carpet. Not only do the cooler months come with rain, snow, and sleet, they also come with salt, dirt, water and grit carried into your facility impacting your flooring. Needless to say, this isn’t optimal for your building’s flooring. Michigan’s winter months can really make it challenging to keep your facility looking good throughout the year. So it is important to make sure that your flooring and carpets are getting the attention they need. A commercial carpet cleaning company can keep your carpets looking in their best, prolong their lifespan, and keep your work environment healthier and the air cleaner. Is your carpet cleaning company doing all they need to in order to meet your goals this season and beyond?


Consistent Carpet Cleaning Protects Your Investment

Unfortunately for us, we can’t hit the gym once a year and spend the rest of the time chomping chips and slurping soda and expect to stay in peak shape. Much like you, your carpet can’t get a once a year cleaning and stay in its best condition the remainder of the year. Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your carpets looking their best and can greatly extend its lifespan. Spot removal and deep cleaning are important, but consistent daily vacuuming of carpets to remove dust, debris and more is a significant part of keeping your carpets looking good. For instance, daily vacuuming helps carpets last longer by removing the often sharp and jagged dirt that can actually cut, tear and wear at carpet fibers if left to be walked upon and ground further into your carpet. Another good way to safeguard your carpet is with a well designed mat program. Mats that are placed at your buildings most traversed entry points will reduce the amount of dirt and other particles tat make their way into your facility and that wear away at your carpet’s fibers as well as protecting people from falls.


Treating Stains & Wear Patterns Without Delay

We’ve talked at lengths about the importance of regular maintenance, but we cannot neglect the other critical factor that affects your carpet’s health: spot removal. Removing stains quickly and with the right tools and solutions is an important factor in keeping your carpet looking its best.If you partner with a commercial carpet cleaning company that is knows their business, you can utilize them for periodic carpet stain removal. These companies are aware of the right practices and stain removers that make all the difference in the end result. Working with an knowledgeable, effective and professional commercial carpet cleaning service will ensure the best outcomes and that your carpet always looks fresh and clean.


Planning and Budgeting Become Easier with a Good Carpet Maintenance Program

A good carpet maintenance program targets the heavily trafficked areas in your facility like walkways, hallways, lobby areas, waiting rooms, and dividers between floor and carpet that can show wear and tear much faster than other areas of your facility. These high-traffic areas are likely to require maintenance long before the rest of your building’s carpeted areas need cleaning. Further, standard maintenance in these areas can help you delay carpet cleaning longer and budget for more regular, ongoing carpet maintenance. Intermittent cleaning can utilize the dry carpet cleaning methods like Whittaker’s encapsulation carpet cleaning. A chemical solution is used on the carpet that rapidly dries and crystallizes particles in the carpet making it easy to vacuum up. As an added bonus, because this method is dry, carpets can be quickly used again after cleaning.


When Do Carpets Need Deep Cleaning?

While the dry cleaning method can be effective for intermittent maintenance, every once and a while a deep cleaning with the hot water extraction method can go a long way. As per your carpet’s warranty, we recommend doing this once or twice a year to remove even the most deeply ground in grime and dirt. This carpet cleaning method utilizes the truck mounted hot water extraction cleaning for the best results everywhere possible in your building. And, for areas that are perhaps not accessible with the truck mounted system, a portable hot water extraction carpet cleaning machine shines. This method uses a very hot water emulsion that is pushed into your carpets to bring up dirt and other particulates that have taken up residence in the depths of your carpeting to leave your carpet looking brand new.  


How Carpet Cleaning Creates a Healthier Workplace

While it's important to keep your carpet clean to make sure your facility looks presentable, it’s even more important to assure a healthy workplace. Your carpet catches dirt and dust that it continues to circulate in the air as people walk around. In a sense it acts as an air filter as long as it is regularly cleaned and well maintained. By keeping your HVAC working and your carpets clean, you can significantly improve the air quality in your facility.


An Industry Professional You Can Count On

At Stathakis, we offer the businesses of Detroit and southeastern Michigan expert commercial carpet cleaning and floor maintenance. Using the latest in proven technologies such as hot water extraction carpet cleaning, low moisture carpet cleaning, Whittaker Carpet cleaning, and portable machine carpet cleaning, we offer your carpet a way to improve its appearance, extend its longevity, and improve the air quality of your facility. Not only can you save money and time on trying to schedule cleaning with various different services, your carpets will be treated by certified industry professionals. For more information on how you can keep your floors cleaner than they have ever been, please contact us at #800-278-1884.

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