By reducing the total dissolved solids to a near-zero level, the water-fed pole cleaning method removes the need to use a squeegee, as the water applied to the windows during washing dries clear and streak-free.

The pure water runs up through a water-fed carbon-fiber extension pole and out the end of a widow cleaning scrub brush. This allows for professional window cleaning up to 5 stories tall to be completed from the safety of the ground. There is no better way to remove ice melt residue, road film, and grime that accumulates on our metro Detroit windows than the pure water method.

With our highly trained, professional window cleaners, you can rest assured that you will the most reliable service that results in clean and streak-free glass at your metro Detroit commercial building.

Window Washing


The Advantages of the Water-Fed Pole Method for Detroit Window Cleaning:

Protecting Our Metro Detroit Environment: Green Building, Pure Water Window Cleaning

  • Zero Chemical Runoff - no soaps, detergents, degreasers
  • Decreased Noise Pollution - no generators, air compressors, or loud commercial equipment
  • Decreased Air Pollution - no gas-powered lifts or booms

The pure water method of window cleaning allows us to minimize the environmental impact of window cleaning. The biggest impact of the water-fed pole / pure water method is that there is no usage of soaps, detergents, or degreasers. The runoff from the window cleaning is only water, meaning that the wastewater is safe for all landscaping, vegetation, and animals.

Stathakis is proud to observe the highest levels of environmental stewardship, which is reflected through our ISSA CIMS - Green Building Certification. We strive to pursue greener ways of accomplishing professional facility services with methods such as pure water window cleaning. Choosing Stathakis for Detroit Window Cleaning helps protect the Detroit water table and the environment!

Pure Water Window Cleaning Increases Safety and Decreases Liability at Your Metro Detroit Commercial Facility


No Ladders


No Lifts


No Scaffolding

Using lightweight carbon fiber, water-fed extension poles allows Stathakis professional window cleaners to wash windows as high as 5 stories from the ground - no ladders, scaffolding, or lifts needed! This decreases liability for your facility -- there are no squeegees to be dropped, no ladders to accidentally be knocked over, or lifts to walk in front of. Oftentimes, commercial window cleaning jobs need to be completed during the day, and Stathakis uses the water-fed pole method to increase the safety of facility occupants, pedestrians, and our professional metro Detroit window cleaning staff, and decrease liability at your building.

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