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What Is the Future of Cutting Edge Commercial Cleaning

Posted by Chris Stathakis on Mon, Jul 16, 2018 @ 11:04 AM

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You don't need a crystal ball to know that technology is changing the way we do business. From chat bots to apps and more, there is no industry that could not benefit from using elements of evolving technologies to create efficiencies in their business making services faster, better and even cheaper. Office cleaning, like so many other industries, is an ever evolving, ever advancing field whose modernizations have and will continue to make work easier, more effective, and less stressful. But how can you find those commercial office cleaning companies that embrace technology, innovation, not just for the sake of shiny, new things but for the sake of improvement and efficiency? How can you identify the professional, effective companies willing, ready and able to deliver to you the highest level of service and a solid value?


Old School Office Cleaning Versus Modern Cleaning Methods

If your office cleaning is still using little more than rags and mops, it may be time to leap into the future with a new office cleaning service. Advances in technology and processes have improved the quality, efficiency, and environmental-friendliness of cleaning by leaps and bounds. No matter what you need cleaned, anything from floor care to restroom cleaning, always make sure you select a commercial cleaning company that is committed to using these new practices, procedures, products and equipment to get the most value for your cleaning dollar. When your Detroit cleaning company is committed to utilizing these industry advances, not only will you office space get cleaned better and quicker, the price you pay may even be reduced because these advances mean that your company can deliver more for less compared to their competitors.


21st Century Cleaning & Innovative Solutions 

We’ve talked about the new innovations in technologies and processes that will vastly improve the quality of the cleaning in your facility, but what exactly are some of these innovations? One example is cleaning companies utilizing methods like low-moisture carpet cleaning because it can be very effective while using less water, less waste and getting carpets into service faster. Those companies that are committed to making high tech cleaning work for both them and you the customer also utilize things like team cleaning over zone cleaning, super efficient Boost floor cleaning machines, HEPA filter lightweight backpack vacuums, and a color coded cloth system to prevent cross contamination. These kind of industry best practices set the tone for an overall high level of service delivery from a Detroit office cleaning company.


Finding A Michigan Office Cleaning Company Ready To Take You Into The Future

The best commercial cleaning companies all have something in common. No matter if you looking for a Dearborn office cleaner, Novi office clearer or a maintenance company based right here in southeastern Michigan, what are some things that you can check for that will ensure you choose a company that will provide the best possible care for your facility? The best janitorial services companies hire the best people, provide them with thorough and complete training, and screen them rigorously. They have processes in place to keep open and frequent communication with you so that you can customize and correct your service as necessary. They always push to find better and more cost effective ways to clean your facilities and use state of the art technologies to do so. The best commercial office cleaning companies take pride in the work they do and are committed to continual improvement so they offer clients the best possible experience over the long haul.


CIMS Certification Can Be a Rocket Ship Launching Your Office Cleaning Light Years Ahead

We’ve talked a lot about what an effective and professional office cleaning company does and why it's important, but haven’t talked about how to find and narrow down your list of potential providers. The first thing you should look at is if your prospective janitorial company is CIMS certified. CIMS, or the Certified Industry Management Standard, is a rigorous, voluntary industry certification that indicates a company is a professional, effective, and responsive service provider and that they have met and exceed the highest professional standards. CIMS certification includes but is not limited to these standards:

  • Management Commitment: Making sure that a company's management is committed to one vision and puts resources behind achieving it.
  • Quality Systems: Putting processes in place to assure that operations are always effective and always forward minded.
  • Health, Safety, and Environmental Stewardship: The company follows the highest standards in regulation compliance, workplace training in safety, and health of workers and the environment.
  • Service Delivery: Ensuring that delivery of the service is consistent and of the highest industry quality.
  • Human Resources: The company makes the management of their cleaning teams a priority.

CIMS doesn’t mean a commercial cleaning company is the perfect fit for your facility, but it is perfect for shortening down the list of potential companies that might be. Not every CIMS certified company is right for your facility, but the company that is right for your facility is CIMS certified.


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