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Can Green Cleaning Save You Money?

Posted by Mitch Hesson on Mon, Aug 26, 2019 @ 10:51 AM

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What is the Real Impact of Green Cleaning on Your Budget?

Assuring that your building is always operational and in its best condition is one of the many tasks required of a Facility Manager. Among the others include staying within budget and reducing operational costs without reducing the overall quality and condition of your facility. Green cleaning is a solid goal to have but simply won’t work if it is priced well beyond your budgets right? Your green cleaning objectives must be in line with your facility’s bottom line. Most Facility Managers want to see progress in their company’s commitment to green building objectives and practices, but that cannot come at the expense of value. Your commercial cleaning services company can help you grow your company’s commitment to green cleaning while protecting your bottom line and delivering value.


Sealed Construction is Great, But Can Be Tough On Clean Air

Many office buildings feature sealed construction. This in itself isn’t a bad thing, after all, after all, it helps create significant efficiencies and reduced energy costs. The problem is that while it is effective at keeping heat out/in, it can also keep pollutants trapped in your building. Fortunately, a solid green office cleaning company knows how to improve indoor air quality by reducing allergens and other pollutants in the air. Similarly, these same companies use green cleaning chemicals in order to reduce the overall chemical load in your building while continuing to assure you have a clean, healthy, and breathable facility.


Cleaning the Right Things Can Make All the Difference 

The most effective commercial green cleaning companies understand how touch points, hotspots, and dwell times work. Green cleaning isn’t just a buzzword, it is a style of cleaning backed by decades of scientific research. If your janitorial services company doesn’t know what they are doing, you’ll benefit significantly by outsourcing your cleaning to a cleaning company that does. So what exactly are touch points, hotspots, and dwell times and why are they important? Touch points and hot spots are areas that see a lot of people traffic so they collect and transmit more pathogens than any other place in your facility. By targeting door knobs, switches, phones and others, your green cleaning company can effectively reduce illness and absenteeism while increasing productivity lost to otherwise sick staff. Dwell times are manufacturer recommended usage times for chemical cleaners before they are able to do their job killing germs and sanitizing surfaces. If chemical cleaners aren’t allowed to sit on surfaces for long enough, they will not be as effective in eradicating and reducing germs. Failure to observe dwell times leaves behind bacteria and other pathogens that have the potential to get employees sick and negatively impact your business's bottom line.


Better Green Cleaning Equipment Should Ultimately Save You Money

Innovation in the green cleaning industry is never ending and the last few years have been no exception. Green cleaning technology has grown exponentially, but rather than make everything more expensive, as new tech often does, green cleaning innovations are helping reduce costs and create significant efficiencies. So how can you save money with the latest and greatest in green cleaning equipment and methods? A solid green cleaning service can cut down on the number of labor hours spent servicing your facility, the single greatest expense in any cleaning service. On top of that, better green cleaning equipment means fewer man hours, less water, reduced chemical usage, all costing you less to get your facility cleaned. Finally, the improved health and air quality of your facility will mean more productive staff helping to improve your bottom line.


Green Cleaning & Smart Cleaning Go Hand-in-Hand

With ever shrinking maintenance and cleaning budgets it can be challenging as a Facility Manager to find ways to cut costs without slashing service. Fortunately, the intersection of green cleaning and smart cleaning can be an excellent way to help meet your budgetary goals. So what is Smart Cleaning? Smart Cleaning is working with your professional cleaning service to identify essential areas of service in your facility and non-essential areas so that you can target and stagger work in a way that best serves your facility’s precise needs. This can help you reduce costs without costing your reputation to your staff, customers and other visitors. You and your janitorial services provider should be asking:

  • “Are there better, more efficient ways to do those things we must do?”
  • “What must you get even on a reduced budget?”
  • “Are there things that perhaps don’t need to be done anymore?”
  • “What are you doing, does it make sense?”
  • “Are there things that could be done less frequently?”


Outsourcing to Save Money on Expensive Equipment

Another great reason to outsource you commercial green cleaning is because you can give away the responsibility of acquiring, repairing, and running expensive green cleaning equipment. In fact, much of this equipment is so expensive that if you tried purchasing and maintaining it yourself, you’d quickly find that you could not keep up with the advances, innovations or maintenance. The focus and size of your commercial cleaning company allows them to absorb these costs, especially because it adds to their business model. Don’t settle for out of date, inefficient equipment, outsource your cleaning to someone that will put the latest and greatest green cleaning equipment in your facility.


Green Cleaning is the Future

Finding the right green office cleaning company for you and your facility can make all the difference both in your quality of service and your budget. Green office cleaning shouldn’t be thought of as a premium service that only a very few can afford. Effective green cleaning services should offer you a reasonable price for the service and consistent, effective services you can count on.

At Stathakis, we offer green office cleaning, green medical cleaning and more to Southeastern Michigan businesses just like yours. We work hard to provide our valued customers with the latest and greatest in green cleaning without the sticker shock. With more than thirty years serving our local community, Stathakis understands the demands put on the facility managers we work with. If you are interested in green office cleaning or other building maintenance services, please contact us today to get started at 1-800-278-1884.


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Safeguard Health With Green Cleaning

Posted by Mitch Hesson on Wed, Jan 16, 2019 @ 03:46 PM

15. safeguard health gree cleaning

At first glance it may seem like cleaning for health and green cleaning are two separate things. It even used to be the case that green cleaning solutions were less effective than your standard cleaners putting you in the position where you had to make a choice between safe but less effective cleaning products or potent but dangerous commercial cleaners. Green cleaning has come a long way since then, but it still has that negative association of less effective cleaning or much higher cost attached to it. We are here to tell you that you can have your cake and eat it too. Green cleaning has made real strides and can both help protect you from harsh cleaning chemicals while making sure that your facility is properly cleaned for the sake of your health, all at prices that won’t bust your budgets. Now you can have the benefit of better indoor air quality, environmental stewardship, and a high quality cleaning that you and your facility require.


Eco-Friendly Office Cleaning Now Versus Then

Green cleaning has significantly advanced in the last decade with advances in safety AND efficacy. By combining new advances in tools, training, and chemicals, new environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and techniques far surpass their predecessors. While you care about environmental stewardship, at the end of the day your facility needs to be cleaned at the highest level to both protect your reputation and safeguard the health of everyone who enters your facility.

The best commercial green cleaning services are going to utilize the best in green cleaning solutions like color coded microfiber rags, HEPA filtration vacuums, green cleaning chemicals, spray-and-vac equipment and other no touch cleaning systems. HEPA multi-filtration vacuums have been shown to improve air quality by up to 99% by removing allergens and other particulates. Additionally, color coded microfiber cloths are a good way to minimize cross contamination in your facility while remaining an effective way to remove dust and bacteria from surfaces. 

Another important aspect of environmental stewardship is water conservation and material conservation. There are a couple of green cleaning solutions that make this directive a reality. Low-moisture vacuum systems like the Whittaker carpet cleaning method have been designed to use less water in the cleaning process as well as improving the life expectancy of your carpets. Another good example would be flat-mopping, or a system of carefully dispensing water and cleaning solution onto surfaces to make sure it gets spread evenly and does not oversaturate specific areas while not cleaning others. Even newer mechanical hard floor cleaners are using less water than ever. Not only are these cleaning solutions effective for keeping your facility bacteria free and looking presentable but they are the best in green cleaning. As for material conservation, a cleaning company’s methods can help work to this goal. For instance, cleaning companies can opt to empty trash cans with mostly paper refuse without replacing plastic liners every time both cutting costs and plastic trash. Similarly, a cleaning company can stock restrooms with toilet paper and hand towels made with a high percentage of recyclable materials. These products, practices and equipment all add up to big green cleaning feats.


Green Cleaning Can Make Or Break Your Budget

With advances your commercial cleaning services can do more work in less time giving them adequate time to focus on cleaning for health and implementing green cleaning solutions that won’t break the bank. These professional cleaning companies are experienced in tailoring their cleaning solutions to your facility and determining how green cleaning best fits into the specific needs of your building. The fusion of all these green cleaning techniques, technology, solutions and training is what makes the best Detroit cleaning services miles ahead of the competition. By going green you not only get access to better cleaning products and cleaning equipment, but you get the benefit of better trained teams and specialized cleaning built for your facility and its unique needs. Not only will you get a superior cleaning, but it will be environmentally responsible and better for you and your staff. The right green cleaning companies use green practices, green products and green technology to drive a better, more efficient service at a better price.


Using CIMS-GB To Find The Right Green Cleaning Company

While green cleaning is top of mind for many a facility manager, is can be a challenge to find a green office cleaning company that has a serious commitment green cleaning that goes beyond marketing buzz words. More often than not, you are going to run into companies that try to use green cleaning as a way to get your business and take your money rather than giving you the effective green cleaning service you seek. Fortunately for you, there is a good way to sift through the many cleaning companies looking for the shining stars among them. CIMS certification makes that sifting process much, much easier. CIMS certification is a comprehensive industry certification done by an independent auditor and examiner that verifies that a company holds up the industries best practices. On top of this, the CIMS-GB is a sub-certification specifically for green cleaning. Starting your search for a new commercial cleaning company is much easier and more likely to net the right partner when you limit your search to companies with CIMS certification.


Is There a Trade Off Between Green Cleaning & Price?

We all want to protect the environment, but at the end of the day, we need our facilities to be cleaned properly and at a reasonable price. There is a trade off between environmental stewardship and our janitorial and commercial cleaning budget. Fortunately, with the rapid advance in cleaning technology, you can get an effective green cleaning that fits your budgetary requirements if you partner with the right Michigan commercial cleaning service.

It can be helpful during your search for janitorial service to ask prospective companies about their green cleaning programs. Do they have real practices, policies and systems behind them or are they just empty promises? If you are in search of green commercial cleaning services in Ann Arbor, Detroit, Royal Oak, Farmington Hills, Farmington, Dearborn, Livonia, Troy, Auburn Hills, Novi, Plymouth, Downriver, please reach out to us at Stathakis. With over thirty years serving the businesses of southeastern Michigan, we are a respected and trusted part of the business community.


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Is Your Janitorial Services Company Committed to Green Cleaning

Posted by Mitch Hesson on Wed, Jul 18, 2018 @ 10:49 AM

 green office cleaning, green commercial cleaning, green cleaning, environmentally safe cleaning products, CIMS, LEEDS

The term ‘going green’ certainly gets a lot of play these days, and while many of us aren’t looking to have a solar farm installed on our houses or live entirely off of the grid, choosing to use a green commercial cleaning service is an amazing way to reduce your company’s negative environmental impact and protect the health of both your facility and the environment. So, let's delve into what a green cleaning service is and how to sort through the wannabes and the real deals.


Saying Green and Doing Green are Two Very Different Things

The term green cleaning is such a vague phrase that it can be difficult to separate companies that are actually committed to green cleaning from those commercial cleaning companies that use it as an empty marketing tool to take your money. But you don’t want green cleaning at the expense of good cleaning so how can you assure you are getting both? How can you find a professional, effective janitorial service provider that balances effective janitorial services with environmental cleaning all wrapped up in a pretty package of customized, responsive services at a price that won’t break your budget?


Buying Green Cleaning Products Doesn't Make You Green

Your commercial cleaning company may have shelves of non-toxic and green cleaning products, but that does not make them green cleaners. Any company that actively practices green cleaning has to engage in a number of different ‘green’ practices. They must clean with products that protect the environment and have a thorough and complete knowledge of how using these products changes the way they have to clean. They should use cleaning equipment that minimizes wasted resources like cleaning solutions, water and electricity, offers reduced noise and air pollution and is safe for the operator and the occupants. Unfortunately, far too many janitorial companies simply procure products with the word ‘green’ on them and call themselves a green cleaning company. They don't understand that beyond the green cleaning products, they must change the way they train their teams, the way they store and dispense products, the way they tackle your facility. All of it must be designed to reduce waste and minimize environmental impact. A company that is truly committed to green cleaning will go well beyond just purchasing green cleaners and make green cleaning a company wide initiative with systems and training that impact each part of service delivery.


What does an Office Cleaning Company that Actually Cares About Green Cleaning Look Like?

Many of us aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of the cleaning industry, much less how to check to make sure your janitorial service provider is providing you with the best possible green cleaning program. Fortunately, you don’t have to. With the CIMS-GB certification, it is easier than ever before to ensure that your commercial and or janitorial cleaner is committed and experienced with regard to a solid green cleaning program. The CIMS-GB certification is a voluntary certification provided by the ISSA to accredit companies that can demonstrate competency and master in a number of areas including a commitment to green cleaning. The CIMS and CIMS-GB certification are complete, rigorous and regularly checked so you know that when your hiring a CIMS certified company, your getting only those building services companies committed to innovation and best practices. The CIMS-GB certification is a step beyond the standard CIMS certification program. It not only demonstrates to you that this janitorial service meets the highest industry standard of service and management, but also the highest standard of environmental cleaning and practices. So, when you’re looking for your next commercial cleaning company, use the ISSA’s CIMS and CIMS-GB to find the gold standard of the industry.


LEEDs & Its Benefits

While the ISSA’s CIMS-GB certification guarantees that your cleaning company will be of the top caliber in performance and in green cleaning, it has other benefits as well. CIMS-GB certified companies can measurably improve your Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance rating (LEED-EBOM) with the U.S. Green Building Council. You may be thinking, “My facility is already LEED certified, do I really need to do anything else?” In fact you do. A CIMS-GB qualified company can significantly raise your LEED-EBOM rating from silver to gold and even in some cases platinum. Using the best equipment, procedures and training has a large impact on your facilities LEED rating. And by raising your rating, you can qualify for tax breaks, free reductions, and density bonuses for your business. Green cleaning services are everywhere, and all of them will claim they use safer chemicals and more environmentally conscious processes. Make sure to do your homework and check to see if they have a CIMS-GB certification that those claims have real commitment behind them.


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Green Cleaning Is the Future & the Future Is Here

Posted by Christine Duquette on Mon, Jul 02, 2018 @ 10:36 AM

17. green cleaning

Green cleaning is the future and the future is here. Slowly but surely, green cleaning is simply becoming the way we do things. Green cleaning, once a feel good buzzword with little teeth behind it, is building momentum as we all strive for sustainability today and tomorrow. How easy is it to embrace something that is safer, healthier, more sustainable and easier on the planet and those we share it with? And as green cleaning becomes the norm, the higher costs associated with doing the safer and more sustainable thing become a nonissue. In fact, much of the green cleaning processes are about using less and so may even save money as they safeguard the environment.


How Will A Green Cleaning Program Benefit MY Facility?

Concerns about human impact on the environment have long been a concern but worries about human health and safety are also gaining traction. Thoughtfulness about the environmental impact of a business isn’t just some hippy dippy new ageism, it’s about the real impact on real people and ultimately, the sustainability of our businesses and our communities. Gratefully, more and more industries are seeking out ways they can do their part to reduce chemical waste, improve air quality and even reduce exposure to noise. They are looking to reduce their footprint, minimize their environmental impact and safeguard our planet, and consumers are taking notice. Many commercial office cleaning services and janitorial services are working hard and applying technology and best practices to reduce the environmental impact of their services and keep cleaners and occupants safer and healthier.


The Benefits of Green Cleaning In Your Facility

Green office cleaning can reduce health issues associated with allergens, chemicals and contaminants like bacteria and mold. Similarly, sufficient green cleaning can reduce absenteeism and the productivity decline that often results from colds, flus, other illnesses and absences. There are significant costs associated with reduced productivity and an uptick in absenteeism. Utilizing green cleaning and cleaning for health can mitigate this. Multiple studies suggest that employees working in a safe and healthy work environment are happier with higher levels of job satisfaction, increased morale, greater productivity, elevated employee engagement and less attrition and turnover. Finally, green cleaning helps tackle contemporary environmental issues like air pollution, water pollution, ozone depletion and global climate change. Implementing green cleaning in your facility can position your organization as socially conscious which is a positive with both employees and customers.


Green Cleaning Vs. Conventional Cleaning

Conventional cleaning and green cleaning are different in a number of ways. Let’s remember, not all conventional cleaning is bad for the environment. In fact, some conventional cleaning is less wasteful than our current penchant for disposable this and one-use that. But green cleaning branches off from older cleaning methods because of its focus on sustainability, environmental responsibility, health and safety. That means that if there are two, or more, ways to successfully clean and sanitize something, green cleaning will choose the safer, less wasteful, more efficient way.  Sometimes that means greener products and cleaners, more environmentally sound equipment (think Boost floor cleaners and quieter, HEPA filtered vacuums), and practices that support sustainability and conservation efforts. Effective green cleaning programs support health, safety and environmental responsibility combined with effective service delivery because really, if cleaning is GREEN but INEFFECTIVE, it is not doing anyone any good. Some green clean practices might include safe chemical storage, disposal and labeling. Every single commercial office cleaning company should do this already but it might amaze you how many are not. The right office cleaning company will NOT neglect these important practices. Furthermore, effective green practices might include reducing the disposal of plastic trash liners by reusing them if they are intact and not soiled with food or liquid. This easy green habit saves money and limits the amount of plastic trash your facility generates. Similarly, using hand towels and toilet paper with a high percentage of recycled and recyclable material, cleaning with microfiber rags rather than disposable towels and recycling offer further green, environmentally conscious practices. 


Is Green Office Cleaning Better?

The short answer is yes, green cleaning is objectively better. Not only is it good for the environment, it’s good for the office cleaners themselves, your building’s occupants and even your bottom line. Utilizing special equipment like HEPA filter and reduced-noise vacuum cleaners is good for the planet, air quality and noise pollution. Using Boost floor cleaners is good because it saves labor hours and money, uses fewer chemicals, less water and does a great job cleaning floors! It’s all true, environmentally sound equipment can reduce noise emissions, improve energy usage and reduce the excess use of cleaning products. It’s a win-win no matter how you look at it.

And to really make a claim of green cleaning, your commercial cleaning company should also green cleaners and products as a part of their green cleaning program. Ideally, your office cleaning company should offer non-toxic, biodegradable, EPA certified cleaning products for use in your facility. And along with the green products must come green training because your cleaning company cannot skip the vital step of training their employees in the green cleaning best practices so that you and your facility reap all of the benefits of a well planned and executed green cleaning program.


Innovations Make Cleaning Greener & BETTER

Take for example HEPA air filter backpack vacuums. They are cleaner, easier on air quality, and lightweight meaning they are easier on the cleaners in an ergonomic sense but they are also super easy to maneuver meaning office cleaners can vacuum faster and cover more area in less time saving you money. And the HEPA air filter removes common allergens from circulating throughout the air like dust mites, pet hair, dead skin cells, pollen, mold and bacteria. Allergens like these are likely circulating throughout your facility causing and aggravating allergies. The HEPA filters are designed to capture and contain just under 100% of allergens and asthma triggers significantly enhancing and safeguarding indoor air quality.

And consider other innovations in cleaning that not only deliver better results but also do them in greener ways. For instance, the best commercial carpet cleaning companies have abandoned Bonnet carpet cleaning for low moisture, state of the art carpet cleaning like the Whittaker method. Not only does this dry method carpet cleaning use less water and less chemicals, it’s safer on carpets and gets them cleaner faster, dried faster and back in service. Less water usage, less waste, no harsh chemicals and better results means it simply makes more sense than older, conventional carpet cleaning methods. It’s not just the RIGHT thing to do, it’s the BETTER thing to do.


Does Green Cleaning Have to Cost More?

Whether your business is healthcare, education, retail, hospitality, corporate or multi-tenant offices, there are affordable green cleaning solutions for your facility. Experienced commercial cleaning companies will help you meet your green cleaning objectives through the use of effective, efficient, sustainable solutions, equipment and techniques that help save the planet without emptying your pockets. Many professional, experienced janitorial companies will have built many green cleaning practices into their overall service delivery. So a number of effective green cleaning practices will cost you no more than conventional cleaning if you choose an experienced, innovative, professional janitorial service.


Let There Be No Doubt - Green Cleaning Is the Future & the Future Is Here

Green office cleaning isn’t just the RIGHT thing to do, it’s the SMART thing to do. At Stathakis, we help businesses from all over southeastern Michigan implement solid and effective green cleaning programs and meet their sustainability and even LEEDS objectives. We have spent the last thirty years developing a standard of service delivery and being at the forefront of janitorial innovation and green cleaning. We create lasting relationships with our customers through our consistently higher levels of service. If you are a Facility Manager in Ann Arbor, Detroit, Royal Oak, Farmington Hills, Farmington, Dearborn, Livonia, Troy, Auburn Hills, Novi, Plymouth, Downriver or surrounding areas and you are looking for green cleaning services and green office cleaning, reach out and let us show you the Stathakis difference.


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Is Your Commercial Cleaning Company Committed to Green Cleaning?

Posted by Chris Stathakis on Mon, May 22, 2017 @ 12:14 PM

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Green Cleaning Cannot Be An Empty Promise

In the 21st century, more and more businesses are interested in sustainability and eco-conscious practices. In fact, sustainable facility maintenance and green cleaning has never been more pressing. But does your commercial cleaning company really put sustainability and green cleaning into practice in your facility? Green cleaning gets a great deal of hype but as much as companies might want to tout their environmental commitments, much of what they might call ‘green’ really isn’t. Green office cleaning can be a demonstrable commitment to best practices or a bunch of meaningless buzzwords, exaggerated claims, meaningless promises and watered down results. If a commercial cleaning company claims to be ‘green’ but that equates to green chemicals and a few microfiber rags, that is not a real green cleaning program. Real and effective green cleaning options must go beyond lip service. There must be green cleaning strategies, sustainability practices, green cleaning equipment, a commitment to indoor air quality and green cleaning chemicals that demonstrate a solid commitment to a green cleaning program. You don’t want a false sense of green cleaning or a bunch of meaningless spin, especially since it takes you further from simple, effective and even cost saving ways to make our facilities safer, healthier and greener.


What A Green Cleaning Program REALLY Looks Like

First, what is Green Cleaning and what might commercial cleaning services be doing to assure they follow green cleaning and sustainability best practices?

  • Your janitorial company should be using supplies that reduce environmental impact like recycled content paper products. Even replacing folded towels with hard roll towels can reduce overall paper waste.
  • A cleaning company should use chemicals that are green certified wherever possible. This is good for your occupants, the cleaners themselves, indoor air quality and the environment. A win win!
  • Sizing trash can liners correctly (you might be surprised how often incorrectly sized liners are used) reduces using more plastic material than necessary. Even emptying receptacles of paper material without putting in a new liner can further reduce plastic waste.
  • The use of floor mats at entrances limits the amount of dirt brought into your facility, thereby reducing the need for more cleaning and products than needed. 
  • Backpack vacuums are not only lightweight and ergonomic for the cleaner, they are quieter contributing less to sound pollution. Likewise, with HEPA air filters, they protect indoor air quality.
  • Use of tech savvy floor cleaning machines, like Boost floor technology, reduces the use of chemical floor strippers and more while also reducing water usage.
  • Automatic chemical dispensing procedures reduce chemical overuse and assure correct mixing is followed.
  • Training Cleaners in all of the environmentally beneficial methods of cleaning and best practices is critical to getting the most out of any green cleaning program.  


How Can You As A Facility Manager Insure Your Commercial Cleaning Company Is Really Invested In Green Cleaning?

Request a copy of their documented Green Cleaning Services Program.  This should include a Company Green Cleaning Policy, a Green Cleaning Technical Manual, an Environmental Policy Statement, and a Green Cleaning Training Program. Determine whether their chemicals have Green Seal certification, the testing data that indicates it meets the environmental standard. Likewise, in the case of disinfectants, approval by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) should be noted.  Make sure that their Vacuum Cleaners meet GS-42 and/or EcoLogo standards for filtration & noise levels. Additionally, microfiber clothes or other reusable cleaning cloths is also a must for a sound green cleaning program. As an added bonus, it’s great if your prospective commercial cleaning company is using a color coded microfiber cleaning cloth system as it helps reduce cross contamination in your facility keeping your overall work environment healthier. When new cleaners start in your facility, you should ask for confirmation that they have completed the janitorial company’s Green Cleaning training as quite often, a janitorial company has a green cleaning program but fails to make regular use of it. And when looking for a new janitorial service, it is wise to request references for clients for which they currently provide Green Cleaning. 


Using ISSA CIMS-GB to Make Your Life Easier

All of this checking and confirming can add up to more work on your plate than you need. Your to do list is already a mile long right? If you need to make the process of finding a new commercial cleaning company more streamlined, professional certification can help. The ISSA’s CIMS-GB is a professional certification program for the building services industry. Much like ISO-Type certifications, CIMS-GB is a standard that requires a janitorial operation, whether contracted or in-house, to demonstrate controlled processes in six areas:

  1. Quality System
  2. Service Delivery
  3. Human Resources
  4. Health, Safety and Environmental Stewardship
  5. Management Commitment
  6. Green Buildings and Service.

These six areas correlate directly to the quality of service and efficacy you can expect to receive. When you hire an ISSA CIMS-GB Certified commercial cleaning company that an outside independent examiner has verified meets or exceeds all LEED requirements, you know exactly what you are getting without all the leg work on your behalf.


Balancing Green Cleaning & Your Bottom Line

Green cleaning is great but not if it priced significantly beyond your budgets right? Your green cleaning objectives must be balanced with your company’s bottom line. Of course you want to see progress in your organization’s commitment to green building objectives and practices, but that cannot come at the cost of value. Your janitorial services company should help you grow your company’s commitment to green facility management while protecting your bottom line and business health. We like to think about the concept of ‘People, Planet & Profit.’ Profit isn’t something to eschew and it isn’t in opposition with environmentally friendly practices. Profit and green cleaning can share the same space if implemented correctly. When green cleaning is done right, you get not only dollars and cents, you get dollars and sense. Why? Because the right green cleaning program helps bolster employee productivity through maintaining a healthy work environment. Moreover, your building may benefit from reduced costs in areas like water and energy usage. What's more, with an effective green cleaning plan in place, you can even reduce the overall cost of your facility maintenance increasing the overall value of what you are getting. Essentially, an effective green cleaning program helps reinforce profitability without threatening the other pieces of your overall environmental goals-- People and Planet. The right janitorial services company or office cleaning company can help you meet your sustainability and environmentally sound practice goals while making sure your facility looks great and you are meeting your budget requirements. A little work upfront assures you find a cleaning company that will be a true partner looking ahead.



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The ABCs of Green Cleaning In Schools

Posted by Chris Stathakis on Thu, Jan 26, 2017 @ 12:39 PM

school cleaning, detroit school cleaning, livonia school cleaning, dearborn school cleaning 

Green Cleaning In Schools Is a Pressing Issue

Among educational facilities and schools, the calls for green cleaning have become more and more pressing. Administrators, teachers, staff and parents all want healthy schools that are clean, safe and in ready to learn condition. Green cleaning programs in schools have been changing the way janitorial companies clean, with great benefits for students, staff and the environment. Not only can green cleaning in schools diminish carbon emissions, green school cleaning can improve indoor air quality, boost test scores, and reduce the spread of disease causing germs meaning students and staffs stay healthy and miss fewer school days. Likewise, green cleaning brings other significant benefits including safeguarding the health of custodial staff, increasing the lifespan of facility assets and even saving money.


How Can Your Janitorial Services Help You With a Green Cleaning Program?

The right commercial cleaning company can help you assess what you are doing now and if it aligns with your green cleaning goals. This can mean identifying products, practices and equipment that could use a green cleaning overhaul. With cleaning products, the goal is to identify those that meet high standards for effectiveness, health and safety. If a cleaning product is great at cleaning but terrible for the environment, your green goals are not being met. But if your cleaning product is green but does not effectively get the job done, your school cleaning goals are not being met. With regard to green practices, this can encompass a number of things. For instance, in areas with trash receptacles that don’t typically see food or liquids, the cans can be emptied without replacing a liner each time. That saves on plastic refuse, a good step in making your cleaning greener. Likewise, using best practices like color coded cleaning towels can reduce the risk of cross contamination making your school cleaning more effective without more chemicals, just better practices. Furthermore, green cleaning equipment is a critical part of the green cleaning equation. Green cleaning equipment can be green in a number of ways. For example, a high quality lightweight HEPA filtered vacuum backpack increases the safety of the user with a lighter weight piece of equipment that is also much quieter thus reducing noise and noise related injuries. Additionally, the quieter performance is good for building occupants as well as the HEPA air filtration that reduces the amount of allergens and contaminants in the air, improving indoor air quality. Dated, ineffective and poorly maintained equipment are counter to your green cleaning goals. Newer, well maintained janitorial equipment has made huge strides over thee past years as commercial cleaning companies seek to do better at meeting their own green cleaning goals and those of their customers.


Is Your Commercial Cleaning Company Serious About Green Cleaning?

Green cleaning can’t be just a feel good but empty buzzword. True green cleaning requires a commitment from your cleaning company to innovation and best practices. If your commercial cleaning company isn’t committed to helping you achieve your green cleaning goals in a meaningful way, it might time to find the janitorial services company that will. Green cleaning requires green cleaning products, practices and equipment sure, but it takes more to implement and support a successful green cleaning program. Today’s green cleaning tools available to us can reduce chemical use, increase productivity and help decrease injuries, but they require solid training to assure front line cleaners understand and are committed to green cleaning practices. So where procedures are concerned, we have to examine how your cleaning company is actually cleaning your facility. Have your cleaning company’s employees been well trained on how to operate machinery? Do they understand important safety and usage requirements of their green cleaning products like dwell times (the amount of time a disinfectant or cleaners must be allowed to sit wet on a surface before being wiped down in order to effectively kill germs)? Your commercial cleaning company can invest in all of the green cleaning equipment and environmentally sound cleaning products they want, but if they are not training their people on how to use them correctly, you are not getting a truly effective green cleaning program for your school.


Ready to Get Serious About Green Cleaning In Your School?

Here at Stathakis, green cleaning has, and will continue to be, a hallmark of the services we offer our local businesses and facilities of Southeastern Michigan. Not only are we committed to following janitorial industry best practices with regard to our school cleaning services, we have been at the forefront of developing and setting the standard for professional, effective, affordable and customer focused building services. From state of the art equipment to green cleaning products to professional systems and process that assure reliability through accountability, we are committed to helping you achieve your green cleaning goals.



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Can Green Office Cleaning Add To Your Bottom Line?

Posted by Chris Stathakis on Tue, Dec 13, 2016 @ 09:39 AM

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Balancing Green Commercial Cleaning With Budgetary Constraints

As a Facility Manager, you are responsible for assuring your building always looks its best. You are also charged with managing operating costs and even looking for ways to reduce expenses. So it can be tempting to try to save money handling facility maintenance with in-house personnel. Or even using cheaper cleaning services to try to meet budgetary requirements. Using in-house personnel to clean your office doesn’t add up to cost savings, cuts into your time and adds to your hassle factor. And shopping for janitorial services only based upon cost is likely to net you poor services, plenty of headaches and even compromise your reputation and the safety of your building’s occupants. In order to get green office cleaning services that deliver, you need to consider the following cost saving benefits and must haves with regard to your office cleaning services.


Breathe Easier With Green Cleaning Services

Many office buildings are built with sealed construction that creates efficiencies and reduce energy costs. But this efficient building design can also impact indoor air quality by keeping any pollutants trapped inside your office building. A quality green cleaning company can help keep your building clean and improve indoor air quality by removing allergens circulating throughout your facility and settling into furnishings and carpet. Likewise, the most effective green cleaning companies will utilize green cleaning chemicals reducing the chemical load in your facility while assuring your property is clean, healthy and your building occupants can breathe easy.


Green Janitorial Services Reduce Germs Where They Live

The best commercial green cleaning services understand touch points, hotspots and dwell times. The science of clean is real and if your janitorial company isn’t in the know, you are missing out on the many benefits of outsourcing your office cleaning. Touch points, hotspots and dwell times, what do all these words mean? Touch points and hot spots are those areas in your building that see many hands over the course of the day and thus, tend to collect and transmit disease causing germs among employees and visitors to your building. By focusing green cleaning efforts on these oft touched surfaces, like door knobs, switches, computer mice and more, your green cleaning services hits germs where they live and can significantly reduce illness, absenteeism and even hits to your overall productivity that can arise from sick employees. Dwell time is an industry term that refers to how long a green cleaning product must sit wet on a surface in order to effectively kill germs. If your office cleaning company is rushing their work and isn’t following proper dwell times, they are leaving disease causing germs behind ready to take down employees and your bottom line.


With The Right Green Cleaning Equipment, You Get A Better Clean That May Cost Less

There have been a number of strides in the cleaning industry in recent years. New cleaning equipment is greener than ever. But you might think that with new, state of the art cleaning equipment comes excessive increases in green cleaning prices when the opposite is often true. How can you SAVE money with cutting edge technology? Along with getting greener, cleaning equipment is getting leaner, meaning newer green cleaning equipment often requires far less in terms of labor hours, a janitorial company’s greatest single expense, and better cleaning equipment uses fewer resources, all adding up to savings for you. Not to mention green cleaning equipment is most often more effective, easier on air quality, more sustainable and even easier on the employee operating it.


Green Cleaning Can Use Smart Cleaning As a Solution to Shrinking Janitorial Budgets

Building maintenance budgets are continually tightening leading Facility Managers to find more creative ways to cut costs without compromising their building’s maintenance. Green cleaning can coincide with your janitorial company’s Smart Cleaning program. What is Smart Cleaning? Smart Cleaning is about partnering with a green cleaning company to identify the essential services in your facility, outlining those that are important but not essential and marking out those areas you can intermittently service without an unacceptable dip in overall building maintenance and the perception of tenants, employees, customers and visitors. You and your green janitorial services company will strategically identify:

“What are you doing, does it make sense?”

“What must you get even on a reduced budget?”

“Are there things that could be done less?”

“Are there things that perhaps don’t need to be done anymore?”

“Are there better, more efficient ways to do those things we must do?”


Eliminate Green Cleaning Equipment & Equipment Maintenance Costs

When you partner with an effective, reputable commercial green cleaning company, they are responsible for equipment acquisition, maintenance, repair and more. In fact, it is so much more efficient to have a janitorial company purchase equipment and replace it more frequently than to purchase equipment for your facility only to either get stuck with dated, less effective, but usable equipment. Think about it, your janitorial company can invest in state of the art green cleaning equipment like backpack vacuums and expensive floor scrubbers because of the scale of which they do business. Their scale also allows them to more frequently replace dated, aging equipment meaning you get the latest and greatest in your facility with less cost and responsibility.


Emergencies Become More Manageable With the Right Green Cleaning Company

Often your commercial office cleaning service will offer other services like HVAC, plumbing and even emergency services. This means that when you suddenly have a need for immediate maintenance, you already have an established relationship with a trusted building maintenance company. That means you go to the head of the line, rather than languish waiting for a new vendor to get to you. Likewise, the foundation between you and your green cleaning company means pricing, negotiating and managing other services is much easier than starting from scratch.


Go Green, Go Lean & Save Money & Time

The right green office cleaning services can help your building shine all the while helping you reduce costs and make your facility a healthy place to work. Green office cleaning doesn’t have to come at a premium. Partner with an effective, established, reputable and experienced building maintenance company, and you can establish a partnership that will serve you both well for may years to come. 

At Stathakis, we offer green office cleaning, green medical cleaning and more to Southeastern Michigan businesses just like yours. We work hard to provide our valued customers with the latest and greatest in green cleaning without the sticker shock. With more than thirty years serving our local community, Stathakis understands the demands put on the facility managers we work with. If you are interested in green office cleaning or other building maintenance services, please contact us today to get started at 1-800-278-1884.


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Do You Know What’s In Your Janitorial Company’s Closet?

Posted by Bob Abraham on Tue, Sep 27, 2016 @ 05:12 PM


3_do_you_know_whats.jpgWhat You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You

You hired a janitorial company so you don’t have to micromanage every task and detail right? You want janitorial services that run smoothly, are effective with the least amount of energy expended by you. But in order to be able to have this kind of hands off’ relationship with your commercial cleaning company, you must have a building services contractor that is experienced, professional and poised to deliver the level of janitorial services you and your facility require. What is one way to gauge whether you are contracted with one of the better janitorial companies? You can check the janitorial closet because what you DON’T know CAN hurt you. Knowledge is indeed power and your janitorial closet can tell you a great deal about the level of commercial cleaning services you are getting.


A Clean Janitorial Services Closet Is About More Than A Good First Impression

Sure a clean, well organized janitorial closet makes a positive impression but it goes beyond that. You know the saying about if the customer bathroom at a restaurant is dirty you should be afraid of the state of cleanliness of the kitchen? The same idea applies to your janitorial closet. Your janitorial cleaning services knows that at any moment, you can observe this area, so if they aren’t working hard to keep this very visible area clean and well organized, how do you think the rest of your facility is faring? A clean cleaning closet and storage area can translate into a level of attention that extends to every area of your building. Likewise, there are actual compliance requirements for safe chemical storage and labeling that if your commercial cleaning company is not doing constitute an unnecessary risk.


Best Practices Matter With Your Janitorial Cleaning Services

The most experienced, professional and effective janitorial companies understand that janitorial best practices take industrial cleaning companies and office cleaning companies from good to great. You don’t want your work surfaces wiped down with the very same towel used to wipe a toilet lid right? And you certainly don’t want the office cafeteria floor ‘cleaned’ with a dirty, germ-infested, funky smelling mop. Not only is this disquieting and gross, it’s unhealthy, but it could be happening to you. All too often less than scrupulous janitorial cleaning services skimp on practices that protect the health and integrity of your facility, janitorial best practices that just make sense. Your office cleaners may use outdated cleaning methods, equipment that has seen better days and methods that move dirt, grime and germs around rather than remove them. What are the major offenders? Rags used without regard for cross contamination, unlabeled chemical bottles, equipment that is dated or sorely in need of maintenance in order to do the job you need it to, funky string mops that just move dirt around your facility and worse.


Is Your Janitorial Company Using Color Coded Rags & Towels?

One janitorial industry best practice that is easy, cost effective and just makes sense is the use of a color coded rag and towel system. A color-coded rag system uses rags, cloths and towels of varying color for specified areas in order to reduce or eliminate cross-contamination and get a cleaner, healthier work environment. For example, when office cleaning, no office cleaner should clean your desk or phone with the same cloth used to wipe down a urinal. Makes sense right? Or say you use industrial cleaning services, you wouldn’t want a greasy cleaning cloth used to wipe down doors or windows, right? When you designate specific colors for particular duties you give employees an easy to use system for preventing cross-contamination and even cleaning smarter.Color-coded rags make it simplified for your commercial cleaning company to organize their materials and their day by offering an easy, visual coding system. A color-coded microfiber cloth system eventually just becomes a healthy habit that benefits everyone. Additionally, this system is visual making it easy for managers, supervisors and the like to assure office cleaners and cleaning teams are following procedures.


Is Your Commercial Cleaning Company’s Equipment Up to Date & Well-Maintained?

Sure you don’t need an office cleaning company with every new toy or piece of equipment. Still, the equipment your janitorial company uses matters for a number of reasons. First, the right vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners and such can help you earn LEEDs points and improve your overall green cleaning goals. Some of the newer, improved vacuum cleaners are lighter (to the benefit of the cleaning person) and offer lower decibel operation (to the benefit of office cleaners and building occupants.) Likewise, better equipment can often do a better job faster saving you time and money. As janitorial budgets continue to tighten, the best cost savings measures tend to come from performance improvements that save money and time. The most experienced commercial cleaning companies understand that they must facto equipment purchases and maintenance into costs in order to continue to serve their customers effectively.


Is Green Cleaning A Buzzword or a Practice With Your Janitorial Company?

Green cleaning is certainly an industry buzzword but is your cleaning company putting their money where their mouth is? Are they using LEEDs approved equipment and processes? Are they using environmentally sound cleaners and are they using them in the right ways? Are they protecting your building’s occupants from the dangers of cross-contaminations? Are they utilizing best practices that conserve resources like paper, trash bags and water? Information is power so ask your janitorial services company to tell you how they work to meet their own green goals as well as those of their customers.


Is Your Janitorial Services Company Communicating Through Regular Janitorial Inspections?

One way your janitorial company can assure reliability through accountability is regular janitorial inspections, including looking over the state and condition of the janitorial closet. Look, we are all human and even the best of us can go off track from time to time. Regular janitorial inspections help train teams to do the right thing every time. And employees that are rewarded for great performance keep operating at that level and even encourage other team mates to rise to their level. Your cleaning company can’t fix what they don’t know and if they are not regularly inspecting their own teams’ work, you are likely to be the one finding and reporting the problems long after they should have been remedied.


Janitorial Closets: The Canary In the Coal Mine

While they are not the only measure of quality, effective cleaning services, janitorial closets can act like the canary in the coal mine, alerting us of an impending problem. At Stathakis, we think the janitorial closet acts as an indication of the overall level of service we provide customers. With that in mind, we work hard to assure it is neat and organized with everything labeled properly. We use the best available equipment and environmentally sound cleaning products allowing us to deliver an effective clean and solid value to our customers. With great teams and best practices, we set the bar for cleaning and janitorial services in Southeast Michigan. If you and your facility are in need of cleaning, janitorial or maintenance services, please give us an opportunity to show you what sets us apart from the pack. How can we help? Whether you have a simple question or would like a no-obligation quote, give us a call at 1-800-278-1844 or email

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Does Your Janitorial Services Understand the Science of Clean?

Posted by Mitch Hesson on Fri, Sep 16, 2016 @ 04:22 PM

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A Facility Looking Clean Isn’t Enough

Who among us doesn’t like to walk into a room that smells fresh and looks clean? But clean isn’t just about what we can see with our eyes. It’s about germs and bacteria that can lurk beneath the surface. Germs and bacteria that can cause lingering odor, increased illness and absenteeism and cloud the overall image of your facility. So is your janitorial company familiar with the science of clean? And if they are, do they utilize these janitorial best practices to keep your facility looking good and help create a health work environment? Do they use up to date equipment and is it well-maintained? Do they practice a color coded cloth cleaning system to avoid dangerous cross-contamination? Do they train their teams on how to use the cleaning chemicals and are the cleaning chemicals environmentally sound?


There is Real Science, Data & Methods Behind Today’s Janitorial Services

Do your janitorial cleaning services use best practices and methods based on scientific research? Do they assure practices are designed for the safe cleaning of environments that people inhabit, without impacting the environment? Do they promise safe, sustainable cleaning? Commercial cleaning and industrial janitorial services have come a long way over the last ten, even five years. We understand more about the science of cleaning than ever before. Experienced, knowledgeable janitorial services in Michigan understand how to use their knowledge of the spread of bacteria and other germs, hot spots, cross contamination and more to keep your building truly clean and its occupant safe and healthy. Trends in green office cleaning and green cleaning products have made big strides meaning janitorial companies have more options than ever to keep your building safe AND clean without compromising environmental goals.


What Kind of Bad Habits Might Be Negatively Impacting Your Facility?

There’s knowing what the right thing is to do and there is actually doing it and if your janitorial company isn’t doing both, your reputation, your facility and its occupants are all at risk. What kind of bad habits and shady practices might be negatively impacting your facility. First, if janitorial companies don’t use environmentally sound cleaning products, they put you at risk. Second, even if they use green cleaning products, their people must be trained to use the right product at the right time in the right way. Many cleaning products have very specific instructions for the amount of product used and dwell times, or how long a product must sit on a surface in order to effectively kill germs and microbes. If your commercial cleaning company’s staff is overusing chemicals or using them incorrectly, they are likely ineffective at best and dangerous at worst. Third, if your janitorial services uses faulty, poorly maintained or dated equipment, you are not benefiting from more recent development that reduce the environmental impact and issues that impact employee health like noise levels and indoor air quality. The best commercial and industrial janitorial services put profits back into their business utilizing state of the art equipment and products in order to do their jobs cost efficiently and effectively. And last, poor training has a tremendous impact on you the customer. From things like gross mops that never get properly cleaned and thus just move dirt from one area to another to misuse of chemicals to cross-contamination, poorly trained office cleaners and janitors put you and your facility at risk.


Are There Cleaning Companies In Michigan Doing Better?

Looking for a Michigan commercial cleaning company that understands the science of clean? They are out there. The best janitorial services in Michigan follow and even set industry best practices. They know that training, security and clear pricing all impact service, value and your satisfaction. They understand how to get more for less helping Facility Managers deal with shrinking janitorial budgets. So what are the best janitorial companies doing better?

  • They recruit, screen and hire quality people.
  • They value security and thus do more to assure you can trust the people entering your facility.
  • They know janitorial training is the foundation of good service and science based cleaning.
  • They educate themselves on the science of clean and it informs and improves everything they do.
  • They clean for health and actively train their teams to follow through on this directive.
  • They offer transparent pricing so you can compare quotes, get value and hold them accountable to the work they promise.
  • They offer Smart Cleaning solutions to help you optimize your janitorial budget.
  • They provide you with real green cleaning options to help reach you green building LEEDs goals.
  • They offer you individualized, flexible cleaning plans to meet YOUR needs rather than one size fits all solutions.
  • They know that communication and responsiveness solve the issues that come up quickly before they become chronic problems.


Science Based Cleaning Doesn’t Happen Without a Plan, Does Your Janitorial Service Have One?

Finding the right janitorial cleaning service for your facility can be daunting. There are so many choices but many, even most are not going to offer you the level of service you and your facility deserve. Do your research, ask for references and validate claims of excellence. Janitorial services companies with solid systems are EXCITED when customers and would be customers actually want to see them.

Here at Stathakis, we work really hard to be better, more effective, more responsive and offer Facility Managers all over Southeastern Michigan effective service and a solid value. Excellence never happens without a plan and we have one. From our employee screening to employee training to management tools like janitorial inspections, everything we do is designed to help us make good on our promises to you the customer. with the right janitorial company, you can build a real partnership with and you will create a lasting partnership that serves you both for years to come.Industrial-Cleaning-Services

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The Ugly Truth About Green Cleaning

Posted by Bob Abraham on Tue, Apr 26, 2016 @ 10:16 AM

green cleaning companies,  green cleaning services ,green office cleaning,  green office cleaning services, green cleaning policy

Green Cleaning Program or Shell Game?

Does your cleaning company offer real and effective green cleaning options or is their green cleaning policy little more than a shell game where things are shuffled around in such a way that you THINK you are getting eco friendly office cleaning but there’s nothing of substance behind it? There’s money to be made in green cleaning and so many companies sing its praises and tout its claims without really implementing green cleaning strategies, green cleaning equipment and green cleaning chemicals that make for an effective responsible green cleaning program. What do you need to know before contracting for green cleaning services for your facility?


Are Your Green Janitorial Services Just An Empty Buzzword?

Is your office cleaning truly eco friendly? Does your janitorial services company put sustainability into practice in your facility? Are you getting eco friendly office cleaning? Sustainable facility maintenance and green cleaning have never been more relevant. In fact, green products and processes, eco-friendly practices and sustainability are topical across many industries from green office cleaning to green hospital cleaning to green industrial cleaning. Most of us are really trying to figure out how to better accomplish our green cleaning goals. That’s the good news. The bad news is that not everyone agrees on what all these green cleaning words really mean. That can lead to inflated claims, empty promises and watered down results when it comes to healthfulness and environmental responsibility. This green washing, or promises of eco friendliness or sustainability without any real tooth to them not only give us a false sense of doing good, they distract from real and effective ways to make our facilities safer, healthier and greener. In order to accomplish your facility’s green goals, you must look past the spin to the real core of green cleaning.


Understanding Green Cleaning, Eco-Friendly & Sustainability

“Green” and “sustainable” are sometimes used interchangeably, but in fact, they are separate ideas. Green cleaning typically refers to the practices, products and even green cleaning equipment that are used to diminish the adverse impact of janitorial services. What kind of impacts are we talking about? That would be the negative consequences for the environment, the facility and the facility’s occupants-- be they employees, customers, the public or even the cleaning staff. Sustainability applies to those practices that meet our present needs without compromising the needs of future generations. While green cleaning is a significant component of sustainability, they are not synonymous.


Responsibility Versus Profitability: Can the Right Green Cleaning Program Net You Both?

When choosing a green cleaning company or green office cleaning services, you as a Facility Manager need to understand how all of this impacts you and your facility. This is because as much as you may want to make strides in your organization’s commitment to green building objectives and practices, you must balance that with costs weighing both the needs of today and tomorrow. This careful balancing act measures the importance and value of everything you do in your building to positively impact the environment from green cleaning to green construction to energy savings, eco-friendly this and recyclable that. You can and should take steps to grow your company’s commitment to green facility management but not at the expense of your bottom line or business health. Yet if you focus solely on the bottom line without regard for the environment or health of your building’s occupants, your business and reputation will also suffer.


Green Cleaning CAN Be Good For Business

The right green cleaning program is immeasurably helpful in balancing these essential elements: People, Planet & Profit. Profit should not be a dirty word and it is not the stark opposite of green or environmentally friendly. Profit and green cleaning can coexist done right. These dollar and cents also include dollars and sense and can increase the productivity of your people and processes through an improved, healthier work environment. Additionally, your building may see reduced costs in areas like water and energy usage. Furthermore, with an effective green cleaning plan, you can even cut the overall cost of your facility maintenance. Essentially, profit is an important piece of the sustainability of your business. An effective green cleaning program can help your organization support profitability without threatening the other pieces of your sustainability puzzle, People and Planet. An effective green cleaning program can help you meet sustainability while at the same time offering concrete financial benefits that can boost the bottom line.


Where Your Janitorial Services Company Fits In

An effective green clean program must include green cleaning products and sustainability practices mindful of everything from allergens, irritants, air quality and more. Your janitorial services company can help you provide your employees and building occupants with a safe and healthy environment. Your commercial cleaning company needs to understand where they fit in to the environmental equation and the realities of the impact their practices can have on both their people and your people. Still, your own role should not be discounted. When you choose a cleaning company that operates with the health of people in mind, that isn’t limited to your people but their people as well. Janitorial jobs can take a toll on the people that do them. If your janitorial services company. Is not mindful of the human costs of poor equipment, inadequate training, dangerous chemicals, lax safety and substandard working conditions, they are falling short of a real and effective green cleaning program.


Is Your Janitorial Services Company Doing Their Part?

The best green commercial cleaning companies put tremendous effort into continually improving their sustainability processes and green practices in order to get a healthier, greener, more sustainable clean. Did you know that with more than 250,000 companies making up the janitorial industry, your green cleaning companies, janitorial contractors and commercial cleaning companies consume vast amounts of resources including fuel, water, electricity, chemicals, plastic and paper goods. When your green office cleaning company utilizes environmentally sound practices like making use of renewable resources, recycled content, recycling and judicious use of utilities and other resources, they do their part in protecting the environment now and for future generations.


Getting Real Green Cleaning & Sustainability Practices At A Solid Value

Michigan offers a myriad of natural surroundings and our Great Lakes that are worthy of our stewardship. Green cleaning and sustainability measures not only help us maintain our valuable natural resources, they offers tangible benefits for the heath of our employees, our customers and the planet. Green cleaning services isn’t simply about making use of environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals, it’s about reducing waste, cleaning efficiently and solid sustainability practices. Here at Stathakis, we have helped many of our customers transition to an affordable, effective green cleaning program. We have even helped with green building certification requirements. If you are considering the implementation of a green cleaning program or you would like to know and price your green cleaning options, we can help you put together a plan that works for you.


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