What you can expect from a Stathakis Managed Solution:

  • Multiple building services under one umbrella, including green cleaning. 
  • Accountability and leadership.
  • A partnership in operational excellence and transparency.
  • CIMS Certified processes that put customers first.
  • Peace of mind in knowing you're dealing with the very best of Farmington Hills cleaning companies. 
  • Advance safety training for OSHA, HIPPA, & Bloodborne Pathogens compliance.

Going Green? Let us help you design and implement a Green Cleaning Program.

Farmington Hills Office Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Services that you can count on:

Stathakis gets it's customers through hard times, especially during the pandemic.

Touchpoint CleaningBlue Chip companies across Southeastern Michigan relied on Stathakis to keep their businesses running during the COVID-19 outbreak. We were we there for our "essential services" customers who never closed, and we also helped reopen hundreds of other clients by providing support systems mandated by the CDC, MIOSHA, and the State of Michigan. Some of those systems include:

      • Business continuation plans when there is a known case of an employee becoming ill in our customer's facility.
      • Emergency Response Protocol documentation.
      • Access to disinfectants during even when the supply chain became stressed.
      • Documented High TouchPoint cleaning using CDC approved disinfection methods. 
      • Pandemic Cleaning Certification for all Stathakis employees.
    Minimum areas of disinfection recommended by the CDC include:
    Counters Tabletops Work Stations & Surfaces Isolation Room
    Touchpads & Keyboards Doorknobs, Handles, and Levers Bathroom Fixtures Toilets
    Phones / Tablets Controls Keyboards



    Commercial Cleaning Services during tough times require expertise well beyond mopping floors and emptying the trash. When it comes to your company's uninterrupted operation, it is essential to partner with a commercial cleaning service with the credentials and experience to help navigate you through unforeseen circumstances. Stathakis is here for our customers and will also be here for you as your cleaning service partner.

Communication with your Cleaning Services is essential:

cleaning services-2We are a fully managed cleaning solution!

A fully managed cleaning solution starts and ends with communication. Our janitorial services begin with a conversation to assess your needs and what you want to accomplish through your partnership with Stathakis. From this conversation, we establish a cleaning program, employee training, and metrics to report back on our progress. With ISSA CIMS GB Certification, we have much experience, set policies, and best practices that we put to work for our cleaning customers on day one.

At Stathakis, our communication and professionalism take our service to a whole new level so you can stay informed.

What we accomplish for our customers:


Reportable data on our progress.


Excellent two-way communication, so we know what is going well and what needs improvement.


Regular customer feedback so we can change to your business' changing needs.

We value the many long-term partnerships that we enjoy with our customers. We are an essential part of our customer's business and take that responsibility very seriously. Our customer interaction is more in-depth than a friendly relationship with clients. By understanding their businesses, we are able to continually improve our service solutions to bring added value to their facility.

Michigan janitorial serviceIs local better?

A Michigan based commercial cleaning service that is serving Michiganders

Is local better when hiring a cleaning company? Local companies are fully vested in the communities they serve. They also create high-quality job opportunities because their top management team lives in the communities they serve and are more accessible to their customer base. Most local companies also understand the local job market much better to attract and retain higher quality help.  So with all that said, why not support local businesses?

Areas We Serve

Stathakis is proud to deliver office cleaning, industrial cleaning, medical cleaning, and school cleaning the following Southeastern Michigan communities in addition to Farmington Hills:


Stathakis, a ISSA CIMS-GB certified janitorial company, has been providing business cleaning services for over 35 years. CIMS assures our customers that our processes are among the industries best. The "Green Building" (GB)*** part of the certification symbolizes our capability to assist our customers in achieving a greener clean, in addition to earning LEED-EBOM points.


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