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Why Should You Care About Your Cleaning Company’s Culture?

Posted by Chris Stathakis on Fri, May 25, 2018 @ 12:08 PM

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Does Culture REALLY Matter?

As a Facility Manager, should you really care about your janitorial services company culture? While you may not want or even need the finer details regarding what your cleaning company is doing to create a productive, supportive, happy culture, it DOES matter that they have one. But what is culture anyhow? And how how does a company’s culture ultimately affect you the customer?


What Is Culture?

Culture is those values, beliefs and behaviors that contribute to the distinctive environment of an organization. It is based on shared attitudes, beliefs, expectations, customs and those written and unwritten rules that drive an organization. Culture is one of the most difficult things to actively create because it cannot be a “do as I say not as I do” thing. It cannot be faked or put on paperbut not in practice. Culture is what you actually have not just what you want to have.


Isn't Work Just Work, Why Does Culture Matter?

Listen, work is still work, it isn’t a ballgame with a friend or toes in the sand on some tropical island. It is called WORK after all. But work can still be social, fun, rewarding, challenging, connecting and all of the things we as humans thrive on. And even though creating a positive culture requires a great deal of intention and effort, what it DOESN’T require is big dollars. Company culture is not an espresso bar, chair massages, office yoga and the like. It is about recruiting and retaining good people who are well suited for the work. It’s about training those people so that they have the tools to succeed at work and feel good about their contribution. It is having managers and a structure that supports and sees the contributions, small and large, of every single individual that makes up an organization and contributes to its goals and missions. It is a company committed to pulling through losses and celebrating wins in ways that promote learning, accountability, growth and excellence. It is offering your people competitive wages and benefits so they have the extrinsic and intrinsic motivation to get up every morning and do it all over again.


Does a Cleaning Company's Culture Affect the Customer?

So culture is important but how does it affect you the customer? The reality is that a dysfunctional company culture is going to bleed into your experience as a customer regardless of the talent and capabilities of any one employee and really, great employees leave bad companies all the time so in time, companies with culture problems end up with pretty significant people problems. So what are the major benefits of working with a commercial cleaning company or building services company with a really great company culture?

First, happy cultures create happy customers. Employees that are appreciated, valued and satisfied are far more likely to deliver very good service, very often. When employees are consistently treated like just another number, chances are this same culture will translate to how you are treated as a customer. 

Second, inclusive cultures include EVERYONE, including you the customer. On the other hand, ultra competitive company cultures encourage the kind of “I’m number one!” mentality that puts the customer squarely at number two at best.  Companies that encourage their teams to work together, support each other, gently uncover areas for each other to grow and even catch each other’s mistakes often end up creating yet another level of quality assurance that ultimately results in improved and elevated service for you the customer. While friendly competition can push people, in those companies whose culture is TOO focused on competition, rankings become so critical, the idea of who is above you and below you becomes the focus and all too often real teamwork is extinguished.

Third, reliability is created through accountability. There is an old adage that what gets measures gets done, and it’s true. The most effective janitorial companies create service reliability through creating a culture of accountability. A culture of accountability, especially when the focus is positive and growth centered, creates employees that know that the little things DO matter. These teams know instinctively that their efforts to go the extra mile don’t go unnoticed. They are being supported in a culture that rewards effort and achievement and give the employees the positive feedback that makes their extra efforts pay off both internally and externally. These companies have figured out that when employee successes are mapped, measures, praised and rewarded, they get more of them.

Finally, in the best janitorial services companies, employees are empowered to solve problems. When organizations create a culture where their people are encouraged to stretch and grow and are supported to take some risks and get creative, they are less fearful of trying something new. When they don’t have to constantly cover their backs and explain and defend every decision and even misstep, they are far more likely to own up to their mistakes, take ownership of their errors and focus on solving the problem over placing and shifting blame. This focus on “what do we do?” instead of “who did it?” benefits you the customer because the problems are identified and solved faster.


How Important is Culture & What Else Should I Look For?

Of course, a number of things really matter when you are choosing your next commercial cleaning service. Are they CIMS certified? Does a prospective janitorial services company follow industry best practices? Is your office cleaning company committed to recruiting, screening, training and managing the very best people for the job? Is your medical cleaning company aware of the specific regulatory issues in your industry? But the company culture of a prospective commercial office cleaning company DOES play a role in predicting exceptional customer service.

You want office cleaners that have been given the tools they need to do their very best in your facility. You want cleaners who care about their work because their company cares about them. You want teams that work hard to shine because they know they are seen, rewarded and promoted for it. Company culture is not just about the warm fuzzies, though those are nice too. An inclusive culture that values individuals and their contributions to an organization ultimately makes people happy, engaged in their work and positively impacts quality of service and the bottom line.


At Stathakis, our company culture centers around the ideas of Ubuntu. For more information on Ubuntu, Stathakis and what we offer the community and businesses southeastern Michigan, click here or call us at 1-800-278-1884.


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Stathakis Meet Our Team: Special Projects Manager Matt Brown

Posted by Christine Duquette on Mon, Aug 22, 2016 @ 11:57 AM


blue_made_in_michigan_stamp.jpgMatt Brown joined Stathakis in May as Special Projects Manager with a special focus on carpet cleaning and hard surface floor care. As CEO Chris Stathakis tells us, “we have so many accounts that partner with us for janitorial and regular cleaning services who really need our help getting their carpet and floor maintenance and other special projects on the maintenance schedule and in the budget. For us as a company, it is certainly an opportunity for growth. For our customers, it is an added benefit to have a go to guy like Matt with his two decades of expertise in flooring and carpet at their disposal and more expert services under the Stathakis umbrella.”

It's no surprise that Stathakis chose Matt Brown to head, develop and grow their Special Projects division. Matt has been immersed in the commercial carpet cleaning industry for over twenty years. As Matt tells us, “I started as a part-time carpet cleaner and I really liked it—the work, the people, learning the equipment and techniques to give customers the best result, it was rewarding in its own way. I worked full-time doing that for years before moving into a management role. I have spent the last eight years as a regional manager with over 100 employees at five different locations throughout Southern Michigan and Ohio.”

Having been on both sides, technician and manager, Matt has a broad perspective on doing his job. “I was on the technician side for many years so I understand some of the challenges and frustrations both in the field and within an organization. I’m also a supervisor and manager so I get to see the bigger picture on how our division feeds into and works in partnership with the other parts of the business. I think understanding both sides from a first hand perspective makes me more effective all around and helps assure we deliver the results our customers have come to expect.”

Brian Mamo agrees telling us, “We used Matt Brown as a subcontractor for years and he was always on his game-- on top of the job, on budget, on time and made the customers happy. Matt really knows his stuff, so when we were looking to expand our carpet and flooring capabilities in order to offer our customers more services under our umbrella, we needed the right person who could provide current customers and new customers the level of expertise, service and responsiveness we have always strived for. Matt was the first person we thought of and he has been an excellent addition to our team.”
Matt Brown brings with him more than two decades of experience, knowledge and expertise to our customers. As Matt tells us, “I know carpet cleaning so yes, I sell carpet cleaning services, but I’m not your average sales guy. I feel like it is my job to help Facility Managers understand how regular carpet maintenance can positively impact the overall health and image of their facility AND their bottom line. Some Facility Managers are responsible for the carpet but may lack the knowledge. I mean, when was the last time your average Facility Manager even had the time to look over their carpet warranty and maintenance recommendations? Budgets are often tight and carpet cleaning doesn’t always rank high. But prolonging the life of carpeting, a costly building asset, can add up to significant cost savings. I help customers and potential customers understand the numbers, the methods and what works and why-- and then it’s up to them.”

As Special Projects Manager, Matt wears many hats but when we asked him about the areas of his job he finds most gratifying he had this to say, “I love working with people, the technicians, the customers, all of them. I would say one of my favorite things is training others. I find it so satisfying to arm someone with the technical ability to feel the rewards of a job well done while at the same time delivering the kind of effective services that make our customers thrilled.” 

When asked about his philosophy with regard to his work he told us, “I never oversell something. It doesn’t serve any of us well to tell a Facility Manager that we can make his ten-year-old carpet look brand new. It’s just not worth getting the deal if the customer is left with a bad taste in their mouth and unhappy. I’m a Michigan guy, born and raised here, my customers aren’t just accounts or dollars, they are relationships that have served me well over the last twenty years and I work hard to earn and keep their trust. I under promise and I over deliver and I’m serious about business but I’m a lot of fun too.” 

20160503_211353.jpgWhen asked about what kind of things are in place at Stathakis to help support Matt and his team, he told us,” Stathakis isn’t like any other Building Services Contractor I have ever worked with. Sure, other cleaning companies try to put a bunch of services in under one umbrella, but Stathakis strives to be the best at each service not just add it on with little or no real expertise. The other main difference is we are armed with the best equipment, training, technology and such to really deliver on our promises to the customer. It is important to me that we do the things we say we will and here at Stathakis, we are given the resources to do just that. At Stathakis, we are committed to doing whatever it takes to be better, faster, more affordable, more responsive and that effort is in the service of our customers.”

Matt, the youngest of six children, was born and raised in Livonia and continues to live in the community with his wife of twenty-four years, Michelle and their fourteen year old daughter, Annaclare. Two rescue Pomeranians Dutchie and Bella share their home and keep them busy. In his time away from work, Matt likes working outside on his yard and other home projects. He is also involved in his daughter’s school and theater productions she participates in as well as volunteering at his church and with the Epilepsy Foundation.


At Stathakis, we provide you with commercial carpet cleaning solutions and carpet maintenance programs tailored to your facility and your budget. We use only state-of-the-art carpet cleaning technologies and offer a variety of demonstrated carpet cleaning methods including truck mounted carpet cleaning, portable machine carpet cleaning, low moisture carpet cleaning, dry carpet cleaning all geared at getting you a deep clean, improving carpet’s appearance, extending the life span of your carpet and improving overall indoor air quality. We offer both on-demand carpet cleaning and subscription based carpet cleaning programs that can net you real value and reduce the hassle of planning continued carpet maintenance. For more information on how you can keep your floors cleaner than they have ever been, please contact Matt Brown, Stathakis Special Projects Manager at #800-278-1884.



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The People Filling Your Janitorial Company's Janitorial Jobs Matter

Posted by Chris Stathakis on Tue, Jun 21, 2016 @ 02:32 PM

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It Begins With a Deep Respect For All Individuals

I often have the opportunity to compare notes and strategies with some of the most respected and effective CEOs and leaders within the Building Services industry. Among those that seem to do it best, the unifying element appears to be how they see their people and their willingness to understand and execute what is needed to seed and grow great teams. Without fail, every successful building services contractor shares a deep respect for the individuals that represent their businesses out in the field. In an industry that pays out as much as 70% of its gross revenue to its employees in the form of wages and in an industry where your front line cleaners and maintenance techs ARE the face of our businesses, the people who fill these jobs are very, very important.


Our Individual Employees Are the “Face” of Our Organizations

Our teams are the faces that Facility Managers and their occupants associate with our companies. Our people must not only make a good impression overall, they must be effective in their positions. All too often, when a janitorial company fails to execute the services you need, it is because they have filled janitorial service jobs with people who are not the right fit and they have failed to offer the training and management needed to grow good people into great employees

So how is your commercial janitorial service company filling janitorial service jobs and are they positioning their people to offer you effective service and real value? People must be the driving force in any service intense business like the janitorial industry because people will always be the “face” of the company. From culture, to hiring, to screening, compensating and more, effective processes must be the framework of each element of how we find and manage people. Using processes to make filling janitorial jobs more effective seeps into every part of service delivery from getting the most effective service from your Michigan cleaning services to finding quality day porters, office cleaners, reducing janitorial turnover and more.


Does Your Commercial Janitorial Service Company Understand the Importance of Training?

So you understand how critical people are to the delivery of your janitorial services but how can you determine if a prospective commercial janitorial service company does what they should? There are a few critical things to look for and questions to ask to make sure any prospective commercial cleaning company is poised to deliver effective service through their great teams. The best way to sidestep people issues is to assure that your cleaning company fully comprehends the importance of sufficient training. Any Michigan cleaning company can tell you they train their teams but can they show you? A reputable Michigan janitorial services company is prepared to show you their training process and even document that employees have completed the comprehensive training. It is really good to ask to see this documentation because all too often a cleaning company will have a training “system” that might be useful on its own, but useless if not actually completed by every employee.


If A Janitorial Company Is Failing To Plan, They Are Planning to Fail

There are a great deal of janitorial companies that while they may try very hard to be effective, simply are not set up for success. Whether it’s janitorial jobs in Michigan or elsewhere, people and the process of finding hiring, training and managing them matter most. Delivering quality work with any reliability requires support and systems to guarantee reliability through accountability. Bad janitorial service isn’t always about a lack of caring so much as a lack of experience. Experienced cleaning companies know they need support and processes to really get the work done at a level they can stand behind. How are these guys likely getting it wrong? Perhaps they lack the formal quality assurance programs so they over rely on you the customer to managing their onsite teams. But if you have to do that, you miss out on one of the best reasons to outsource your janitorial services, putting the responsibility for managing them on your janitorial contractor. Also, they may put you at risk for OSHA noncompliance if they are missing a documented safety program. So ask to see this plan because it matters. Likewise, because people are the core of the janitorial industry, if your janitorial services company does not utilize effective, systemized background and drug testing, they are leaving you, your team and facilities vulnerable. Ask to see written documentation from their background check company for each employee that works in your facility.


Get the Right Janitorial Services Company With The Right People & Processes

When searching for a prospective commercial cleaning company to manage your maintenance, the amount of choices can be overwhelming. And yet, many choices isn’t the same as many GOOD choices. You as a Facility Manager must do the due diligence to find those janitorial companies that are set up to succeed. Arm yourself with the best information to make informed choices and ask those questions that will help you find a building services contractor that understands how to fill their janitorial jobs with great people and use processes to screen, train and manage them in a way that benefits everyone.

  Stathakis Open Positions

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Infographic: The Real Cost of Janitorial Turnover

Posted by Christine Duquette on Wed, Apr 20, 2016 @ 09:50 AM

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Janitorial Services & the People Who Serve Your Facility

Posted by Chris Stathakis on Mon, Jan 18, 2016 @ 01:04 PM



What I’m saying to you this morning, my friends, even if it falls your lot to be a street sweeper,

go on out and sweep streets like Michelangelo painted pictures;

sweep streets like Handel and Beethoven composed music;

sweep streets like Shakespeare wrote poetry;

sweep streets so well that all the host of heaven and earth will have to pause and say,

“Here lived a great street sweeper who swept his job well.”

If you can’t be a pine on the top of a hill

Be a scrub in the valley—but be the best little scrub on the side of the hill,

Be a bush if you can’t be a tree.

If you can’t be a highway just be a trail

If you can’t be the sun be a star;

It isn’t by size that you win or fail—

Be the best of whatever you are.

And when you do this, when you do this, you’ve mastered the length of life.

 -Dr. Martin Luther King


Today is Dr. Martin Luther King Day and as such, I thought the above quote from one of his many esteemed speeches was especially fitting for a janitorial services company such as ours. We as janitors and office cleaners have much in common with the street sweepers of yore. The work of cleaning a facility and maintaining a building isn’t high-visibility, center stage work. Rather, it is behind the scenes work that quite often gets noticed most when it isn’t done. Janitorial work by its nature is cleaning up after people and it takes a special kind of person to do this kind of work in the service of others.


As a service based business, we rely on our employees to achieve our team goals. It is our frontline office cleaners, janitors and custodians who serve as our connection to our customers. Here at Stathakis, we have an amazing team and I can’t begin to express the pride I feel when I look across the sea of faces of the over 450 employees Stathakis now employs. I see so many individuals who, like Dr. Martin Luther King suggested, strive to be the best at what they do. I see so many individuals who really care about the quality of work they do and the spirit in which they do it.


At Stathakis, we value our people, we pay them competitively, we offer them secure employment with real room to grow and we afford them a stake in our combined success through profit-sharing, bonuses, rewards and recognition for excellent work. These aren’t just warm feelings for a great team. These measures equate to positive outcomes that directly benefit our customers. With the industry average topping 200% janitorial turnover, Stathakis achieves a nearly unrivaled low janitorial turnover.


In fact, here at Stathakis, the returns we see from our stringent hiring practices, training, systems and management have helped us achieve significantly lower janitorial turnover than the industry average. Our turnover of less than 40% crushes the industry average turnover of 200%! Stathakis significantly outperforms most other companies within the janitorial and business services industry. We work hard to find the best people for the job, those people who will embrace the work and be their best.


Stathakis was founded in 1976 as a window washing and painting company. Over the last forty years, our once little company has grown into the professional maintenance company and industry leader we are today with over 450 employees servicing all of Southeastern Michigan. Stathakis is the largest Michigan-based cleaning and maintenance company, and yet we still cling to our values and our roots as we bring jobs and revenue to our great state.


Like Martin Luther King spoke in his ‘Street Sweeper’ speech, we were called to be a janitorial services company and we intend to be the best janitorial services company. Our commitment has always been to do our best and be the best cleaning company with the best employees, the best practices and the best customer relationships.


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Serving Our Customers With Great People Like Gerald "Jerry" Garnett

Posted by Christine Duquette on Mon, Mar 23, 2015 @ 11:37 AM

GeraldGarnett“Jerry is just one of those guys that everyone likes,” says Dennis Stathakis, “I hired Jerry in 1995 and I wish I had twenty more guys just like him.” That ringing endorsement is for our very own Gerald Garnett, a full time maintenance technician at the CSI Trenton Senior Citizen Co-op.


Jerry worked all of his life finally choosing to retire from the grocery warehouse where he worked in 1992. “Retirement didn’t suit me, I think I just really enjoyed working and I liked the routine of getting up and having somewhere to go and something to do,” says Jerry.


So in 1994 he inquired with Dennis Stathakis about possible part-time work. “I told Jerry that I only had this full-time position at CSI and how about he take that and when a good part-time opportunity came in, I’d give it to him.” Jerry started working at CSI Trenton Senior Citizen Co-op and before long, he told Dennis he’d like to stay on at full-time because he really liked it there, liked the facility and the people. That was more than twenty years ago.


Dennis tells us, “I think Jerry really likes it there and I know they really like him. He treats the place like it’s his own home.” With over twenty years under his belt, CSI probably does feel like a second home. Jerry’s day-to-day routine caring for the Trenton Co-op is pretty typical. As Jerry himself notes, “I come in in the morning and like to check everything out. Then I go up and check the air conditioners and blowers making sure all that looks good. Then I start the routine cleaning keeping an eye out for work orders or emergencies.”


CSI is a senior living coop with 208 apartments for adults 65+ so there is no shortage of work to be done to keep everything running without a hitch for the residents. “I like to fix things and make things look neat and clean,” says Jerry, “I get satisfaction when everything is running smoothly.” And smoothly it does run, Jerry has been a fixture at CSI for longer than most and residents and employees alike have always had so many great things to say about him.


As VP of Operations Dale Saylor tells us, “Jerry is a highly respected member of our maintenance staff and has been with Stathakis for over 20 years.  He has been a dedicated employee at Trenton Tower for many years. If there’s one customer I don’t have to worry about having any problems, it would be Trenton Tower, not while Jerry is on the job.  Trenton Towers couldn’t find more good things to say about Jerry’s work and dedication than they already have, and neither can we here at Stathakis.”


Dennis Stathakis says, “Jerry is humble which might be surprising because he doesn’t need to be, he’s really good at his job. Not only that, he has a great attitude, friendly, unassuming. Everyone in that building loves him. Great people like Jerry make things run smoothly. I don’t think I could ask him to do any better when it comes to representing the best of what Stathakis offers our customers.”


For his part, Jerry says that Stathakis has been a very good company to lay down roots with. “They are easy to work for, you know, they support you and trust you to do the work.” Of course, when you are someone as humble and hardworking as Jerry, it’s probably easy to trust you. “When I talk to my grandkids or even someone maybe entering the business now, I tell them do a good job whatever you do. When people like you and trust you, they are happy to help you out or do you a favor. That means something and it always will.”


Jerry has been married to wife Charlotte for the past 51 years and they have three daughters, five granddaughters and one grandson. “Yes, I do have a lot of women around me, “Jerry laughs, “but I love them all, my family, they make my life what it is and make it all worthwhile.”

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Great People Make Great Organizations: Chris Branoff

Posted by Christine Duquette on Mon, Mar 16, 2015 @ 01:09 PM

stathakis michigan janitorial company southeaster michigan commercial cleaning service maintenance“Chris Branoff might just be the hardest working guy I know,” says Dennis Stathakis. And while many of us might consider ourselves hard workers for staying a few hours extra here and there, or coming in on a weekend to finish something up, most of us aren’t clocking eighty hours a week carrying two full-time jobs.

Chris begins his day at Henry Ford Wyandotte hospital where he puts in a full day. Then it’s over to the Stathakis warehouse where he changes uniforms, loads the truck and heads out to that day’s job site. There, he completes his work for Stathakis Special Projects, finally getting home somewhere between 11:30pm and 1:30am depending upon that day’s work.

Chris tells us, “I like working and Special Projects is a great place to be at Stathakis because the work varies a lot and I get the chance to work with different divisions within the company. One day might be at a steel mill and the next day a doctor’s office, it’s different every day.” Dennis Stathakis tells us that Chris has done excellent work from day one. “Chris Branoff is an honest, trustworthy guy and when I put him on a job, it runs itself. He’s detail oriented and he knows how to get it done right the first time, that’s no small thing.”

Hired by Dennis himself in 2007, the two met at church where Chris worked as a custodian. Chris asked Dennis about possible part-time work. Of course, Chris quickly became indispensable and was soon working full-time at both of his jobs. “Sure, I don’t get a lot of free time,” Chris laughs “but I’m a pretty simple guy. I love to read, I like my rock ‘n roll and of course, keeping up with my local Michigan sports teams.” 

For his part, Chris has seen big changes for Stathakis in his years here. “We weathered the recession and that was probably the single toughest thing because everyone was worried and all around us people were losing their jobs. But we got through it and I think that says a lot about Stathakis as a company. I see how we have grown and are in a place where we are getting these big accounts, but I also know it has a lot to do with offering the best of a big business with the connection you’d get from a smaller company.”

It isn’t always easy keeping customer service level as a facility maintenance company experiences a surge in growth, thanks to team members like Chris Branoff, Stathakis has stayed the course. “Chris is an exceptional member of our Special Projects team,” says VP of Operations Dale Saylor, “he has an excellent work ethic, rarely misses work, and is always willing to help out in whenever and wherever we need him. If the situation calls for a detailed exceptional job, Chris is the guy to count on.”

When asked about the toughest part of his job in Special Projects for the building maintenance company, Chris said it would have to be the driving, especially with a particularly rough winter this year in Michigan. As for the best part of his job, Chris tells us,” I subbed at Lincoln Park Preschool the other day and I hadn’t been back for probably a year. When I walked into the office, all the ladies remembered me and were glad to see me. That felt really good. It’s nice to know that I made a positive impression.” Dennis tells us that Chris is very well liked by customers and coworkers alike. “I don’t think in all the years Chris has worked here and all the different individual projects he’s done that I have ever had a complaint.”

What does Chris think sets Stathakis apart from other companies who provide commercial building maintenance services? “I’ve had the chance to work in the different divisions and I have met and worked alongside lots of our team members and we have a lot of really great people. You know we’re all people so no one’s perfect, but I think we do our best and we all fill the gaps when one of us is having an off day so the work always gets done. That’s what makes us different and that’s what really sets us apart.


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Our Team: Mike Pinson, Maintenance Mangager

Posted by Christine Duquette on Mon, Nov 24, 2014 @ 10:54 AM

2014-11-24_08.15.22In over 35 years in the maintenance business, Stathakis has grown and changed a great deal, yet one thing has remained a constant and that has been very good people. From their humble beginnings as a small painting service to a full service maintenance and janitorial company, Stathakis has grown to over 400 employees. With so many employees and so much growth, you might think that the quality of people or the commitment to an employee friendly organization might have changed but thankfully, as some things have changed, the best things have remained the same.

Stathakis continues to be a place that people like to work and that the local businesses of Southeastern Michigan can count on. Stathakis has remained a people-focused service business building their teams from dynamic, qualified and enthusiastic people. One such team member who really typifies the kind of great people who make up the Stathakis team is Michael Pinson.


Michael Pinson has worked with Stathakis for eight years and is a Maintenance Manager for Oakwood Healthcare. Oakwood Healthcare consists of hospitals, emergency rooms, doctors, surgeons, specialists, physicians and clinics serving all of metro Detroit and southeast Michigan. Mike is responsible for maintaining as many as fifty sites with his team of seven Maintenance Technicians. Mike and his team perform regular maintenance at the Oakwood facilities from changing light bulbs, installing a lighting fixture, making an electric repair, draining a sink to grounds work. While a big job, Mike has enjoyed the challenges in servicing such a broad range of facilities.


“I love solving problems be it an engineering problem or a budget issue. Figuring out how to get something working and make the customer happy is one of the highpoints of the work I do. I have my core competencies and my guys each have theirs and between us, I don’t think there is much we won’t do for these facilities. Of course,” Mike laughs a bit “with the recent 12° degree Michigan weather, we have been taking quite a few heating and furnace issue calls the last few days.”


Essentially, Mike fields customer requests for maintenance from any number of Oakwood facilities and then determines who is available and best suited for that particular issue. Mike is a true hands on manager both managing his team and assisting his customers on-site. Mike’s team of technicians, his customers and Stathakis management all agree that Mike is a good guy who is really effective at his job. So, what’s his secret?


“With Oakwood every facility is unique and sometimes it can be really challenging to maintain so many different building systems. There is a lot to know. My secret? Well, there isn’t one I guess. It’s really about figuring out what they need and giving it to them. I will say that in this field it is impossible to know everything and have the answer to every problem, so it helps to surround yourself with other people who know things you may not. Surround yourself with good people and don’t be afraid to ask them for help. Everyone likes to be the expert on something so why not let them? On my team we divide and conquer, between the eight of us, we can figure out a good solution to any maintenance issue. One of the many positive changes that has come with our growth as a company is that we can offer our customers more expertise than before. I have seven technicians and as a group, we offer more knowledge collectively than we do individually. For the customer this translates into better solutions for more diverse problems.”



Mike Pinson has been a great fit here at Stathakis. With a passion for problem solving, a background in heating and cooling, extensive knowledge of electrical systems and broad experience in property management, Mike came already armed with so much of what he needed to successfully manage a team of technicians serving nearly fifty different facilities. As a manager, Mike is also well liked among his team and the Stathakis staff. As CEO Chris Stathakis tells us, “Mike is definitely a  people person and it shows in how he approaches both his team and our customers. He's a friendly guy and easy going but serious about finding solutions for our customers.”


Mike is respected and appreciated here at Stathakis. How does Mike Pinson feel about Stathakis?

“Stathakis is a very employee friendly company. They really care about you and what’s going on in your life. I think it’s really incredible to see a company grow the way we have and still hang on to the personal feel that makes it so great to work here. We are a large, professional maintenance company, but there is still that small family business feel in the way people care for one another. I don’t think many businesses can say that. I feel camaraderie and support all the way from my technicians to Dale Saylor our Operations Manager to Chris Stathakis our CEO. I work with really great people and I have made some good friends here at work.”


photo-4Mike Pinson is married to his wife Jennifer. They have a thirteen-year-old daughter Anabelle and twin four-year-old boys William and Robert. They recently added to their family with Jerico, a boisterous chocolate lab puppy. When not at work, Mike likes to relax with his family. He is loyal to his Michigan teams and especially enjoys Redwing hockey.

True to his engineering nature, Mike also likes to work on mechanical things in his downtime. His pet projects include fixing up a classic car, a 1989 Mercury Colony Park and a 1972 Honda CB40 motorcycle, which Mike tells us, is so temperamental he spends much more time fixing it than riding it.



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Commercial Cleaning Company Stathakis Announces Expansion & Farmington Hills Offices

Posted by Christine Duquette on Thu, Apr 17, 2014 @ 08:20 AM

24701 Halsted Road Farmington Hills Michigan 48335

With spring comes big changes and new growth, and local Michigan commercial cleaning company Stathakis has announced new Farmington Hills offices and expansion. Stathakis has continued to remain a leader in the commercial cleaning industry and has experienced record growth contributing new jobs right here in Michigan. With that growth, they have outgrown their administrative offices and have opened a new administrative headquarters at 24701 Halsted Road in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Stathakis continues to utilize their Downriver Operations Center located in Trenton but has relocated their main offices to the new location. 

Because of their growth over the last few years, this thriving Michigan cleaning company was bursting at the seams. Stathakis needed to make room for existing administrative staff and new team members. Stathakis CEO Chris Stathakis tells us, 

“The growth we’ve seen is exciting and we have a great sales team that has worked hard to bring our professional services to new Michigan customers. We are really excited to get our Administrative Support Team under one roof in Farmington Hills. The Farmington Hills Operations Team will have their own offices and warehouse space directly behind our new Administrative Offices.”

The official move day was April 14th and their team was excited to move into their new home in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

Stathakis is also seeing a significant changing of the guard in ownership as founder George Stathakis passes the ownership baton fully over to CEO/Owner Chris Stathakis. After more than thirty years, George Stathakis has sold his minority interest in Stathakis to brother Chris Stathakis to pursue other interests. George was instrumental in the early success of Stathakis and the entire Stathakis team is excited for him to have a chance to pursue new paths. George Stathakis will continue to service his existing customers in a part-time capacity.

Chris Stathakis tells us, “We are grateful to George for all the contributions that he has made to Stathakis over the past 37 years. During that time Stathakis has grown from a couple people in a garage to over 400 employees today. Stathakis continues to be a family-owned, professionally operated business.” With Chris Stathakis at the helm, the Stathakis team will no doubt continue to grow and flourish and help reinvigorate the local Michigan economy. 

Finally, we are extremely excited to share with you all the new customers and growth we continue to add on here at Stathakis. Your Sales Team has been working hard to bring on many new large janitorial accounts. We have proudly promoted employees within our company into leadership roles to support the new growth. I would like to thank everyone here at Stathakis for our continued success.  We could not do it without you!

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A Special Ubuntu Holiday Greeting from Stathakis

Posted by Chris Stathakis on Tue, Dec 24, 2013 @ 09:33 AM

Ubuntu Christmas Stathakis resized 600Christmas and the overall holiday season can be a wonderful time where so many of us are in the same state of mind around the same time. This ‘holiday spirit’ whether spiritual or secular can elicit feelings of connectedness and compassion for the people we know and even the people we do not. At Stathakis, we appreciate the holiday season in part because it gives us another opportunity to really tune in and appreciate the multitude of gifts around us. We appreciate the gift of the individuals that have made our business possible.  That appreciation extends to our customers, who through their patronage and loyalty, have helped to make Stathakis successful and helped employee hundreds of people here in Michigan. So we want to say thank you, to our valued employees and our esteemed customers. 

This feeling of gratitude, good cheer and goodwill toward our fellow man, this holiday spirit is one of the best things about this time of year. When I think about what exactly this holiday spirit is and where it comes from, I can see how wonderfully it is summed up in Ubuntu, the African philosophy that says, “I am because we are.” The feelings we share, the connection and our shared humanity are particularly prevalent during the holiday season. It seems easier during this time of year to recognize the incredible connection we share with our fellow humans. Our compassion and empathy seem somehow easier to access. We watch each other bustling along getting ready for what can feel like a collective pause in our day-to-day lives and we seem to more fully appreciate the interdependence of humanity. The holiday season is quite possibly the closest that many Americans get to experiencing the essence of Ubuntu.

So what might happen if the holiday spirit, that wonderful alchemy of compassion and care, was at the forefront all year long? What if the small kindness and caring gestures were not reserved for a few days at the end of December?  Can we access these feelings to inspire us throughout the year? Our seemingly small turns of kindness can affect the world in a far more significant way than we might imagine. At Stathakis we celebrate the holidays and happily ring in the New Year along with everyone else, and yet, we really try to extend these same warm feelings and appreciation year round. We wish you and yours a wealth of health and happiness and a New Year filled with so many good things.

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