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Posted by Chris Stathakis on Sun, Oct 07, 2018 @ 10:51 AM

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Local Is Often the Better Choice When Considering Janitorial Services

What kind of janitorial services does YOUR facility need? The giants of the national janitorial companies may seem like the way to go when it comes to finding an a janitorial cleaning service, but there are some important factors to consider when looking for your next janitorial company. With a national janitorial company, it isn’t unusual for Facility Managers to report that they feel like they are just one of many, often larger, companies and not at all getting the effective service, responsiveness or attention they had hoped for.


Why National Cleaning Companies Might Lead You Down the Wrong Path

Often, national janitorial companies simply don’t have the time or need to give you the most responsive, personalized cleaning and maintenance when compared to local Michigan commercial cleaning companies. Sure they want your business, but they can also replace it quite easily. By making the decision to partner locally with the right independent business, you are more likely to get a responsive, personalized cleaning service, and you get to help support the local businesses that help drive the local Michigan economy. This not only helps you, but helps shape our communities, create more local business and commerce connections with different suppliers and opportunities for employment and helps keep tax dollars instate. Investing locally in businesses can make a large impact on protecting the health and diversity of our state economy.


Local Janitorial Services Aren’t Just Good for You, They’re Good For Michigan

As a Facility Manager, making the active choice to choose local cleaning services Michigan instead of national janitorial services helps keep jobs and dollars in the Michigan community and economy. This choice will keep local tax dollars here to promote economic growth and benefits the Michigan community in a number of significant ways. But can you do the right thing and still the thing that is good for YOUR business? It is easy to convince yourself that your facility requires a national company in order to get the intensive services you need, but as the age-old adage goes, bigger isn’t always better. Of course, going for small businesses isn’t the solution either.

It all comes down to scalability, companies that are too small don’t have the resources or the manpower to give you the level of service you need, and companies that are too large often just aren’t set up to provide you with a personalized level or service, they have scaled beyond that. Being somewhere in the middle is what you want. If you are looking for reasonable prices, consistently high quality services, customized cleaning plan for your facility, responsiveness as your needs changes and a real partner in the care of your facility, then find yourself the right local Detroit janitorial company.


Which Local Janitorial Companies Will Help You Succeed?

As you have probably seen, local janitorial services and commercial cleaning companies can come in all shapes and sizes. When looking local you’ll find everything from the Mom and Pop style of operation to the start-up business to the large professional Detroit area commercial cleaning companies. The trick to choosing the right operation is finding what meets the needs of your facility best. Most of these smaller operations are likely not going to have the staff or financial resources to meet the needs of larger facilities, or multiple facilities. You best choice is likely to be the larger, more established Michigan building services contractors.

These companies are better able to service larger or multiple buildings, they invest in and offer better equipment as a result of being more financially established. Further, they are equipped to clean and maintain schools, medical buildings, and even industrial facilities. Forging a partnership with a local janitorial and commercial cleaning company can give you flexibility and customization that you may need to meet the needs that are specific to your facility.


michigan janitorial companies, buy local, detroit commercial cleaning companiesThe Important Differences Between A National Janitorial Company & Cleaning Services In Michigan

When it comes to working with a prospective commercial cleaning company, choosing one that is in the middle of the size range is often a good place to start your search. If you are the Facility Manager of a large building or numerous buildings, smaller operations simply aren’t likely to have the resources or staff to provide an acceptable level of service, not matter how much they want your business. At the same time, you don’t want to partner with a large national cleaning service that will simply lose your facility among the hundreds of others that they service.

So, what are you looking for in a cleaning service? First, you are going to want a company that is responsive to your requests and complaints. Communication is key in any partnership with a janitorial services provider. Second, you want to find a company that is both established and experienced and is going to be able to provide the best service as they have the resources and know-how to do so. Further, experienced companies are better able to price their services and adjust cleaning to help meet the budgetary needs of your building. Finally, you need a company that is large enough that it has the resources and financial backing to provide you with consistent, quality service but no so large that you get lost in the shuffle.

A large to mid sized local janitorial company with a record of recruiting, hiring, training and managing very good people is a good prospect. When you contract with such companies you get the benefits of both a large national company and a smaller local company. The most effective janitorial services companies in Michigan are those that have the experience where they have already worked through service issues and business problems that tend to plague newer startups or cleaning companies going through growth and the growing pains that can come with it. They reap the benefits of having purchasing power for bulk items and equipment, lowering prices to you, but they aren’t large enough to lose you in a mess a bureaucracy and larger contracts.


Dependable Service is a Must From Any Janitorial Company

You know what you want, a local Michigan janitorial company that is the right size to give you everything you need, but where do you start looking? First and foremost, look at the practices and methods of your prospective commercial cleaning companies when it comes to their most important asset, their staff. Any and all service business, janitorial companies included, are completely and totally reliant on their onsite staff to actually provide the services that they offer. It is, of course, the onsite staff that is responsible for assuring that your facility gets cleaned and maintained adequately day in and day out. The CEO won’t be there with a mop but where the CEO is likely to be involved is how the company recruits, hires, screens, trains and maintains their onsite staff. Having the best people for the job is entirely reliant on company culture and the practices for rewarding staff that go above and beyond in customer service.

Taking a lead in these areas helps reduce janitorial turnover and almost always improves the quality of service you are getting. Similarly, another important aspect to look at is communication. Cleaning, unfortunately, is not often as straightforward as many of us believe. Mistakes are bound to happen and what really separates the good from the bad companies is the way that these problems are addressed and rectified. Commercial cleaning companies with systems and procedures in place to deliver on promises and to fix problems when they come up are always going to be the best partners. Finally, a janitorial company that provides a transparent price point is always going to be better value than one that does not.


Shorten Your List of Would Be janitorial Services In Michigan With CIMS

Industry specific accreditations like the ISSA’s CIMS and CIMS-GB can make your list of prospective commercial cleaning companies much shorter and easier to navigate. CIMS is a certification offered to building services contractors that requires contractors to demonstrate their mastery of a number of areas of business that directly correlate to effective service and operations. By extension, the ISSA’s CIMS accreditation is a measurement of compliance with the industries best practices and continued innovation in core service areas. CIMS, among other certifications, is by far one of the more demanding and stringent in order to obtain. Any company that has demonstrated their capability by being awarded this prestigious certification have a clear commitment to performing at the highest level in their industry as well as continuing to pave the way for more effective and consistent cleaning and maintenance. When looking at prospective cleaning companies, you can quickly find those that are at the top of their game by looking for the CIMS and CIMS-GB accreditation. Put yourself in the best position to succeed by partnering with a local Michigan janitorial cleaning company that has repeatedly shown their commitment to providing you with the highest quality of service.

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Made In Michigan: Detroit Commercial Cleaning Services

Posted by Mitch Hesson on Mon, Jun 25, 2018 @ 12:26 PM

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Vegetables Aren’t the Only Thing You Can Buy Locally

Choosing a local Detroit janitorial company just makes sense and using local commercial cleaning services based right here in the Detroit area is always going to be the better choice. Not only is it a good way to help local businesses and talent in our community thrive, it's better for the community as a whole keeping tax dollars and revenue in the state of Michigan. This isn’t some short-term investment either, commercial cleaners in southeastern Michigan aren’t going to outsource their labor or relocate to take advantage of favorable tax codes or cheap labor in some other state or country any time in the future. So, as long as the local Michigan janitorial service provider is professional, efficacious, and reasonably priced, there is no reason to choose a faceless corporation over a homegrown professional company. Michigan boasts a number of commercial janitorial services that offer exceptional and affordable programs the meet and exceed industry standards. The trick, of course, is finding those companies and separating them from the amateurs and less experienced commercial cleaners that can’t deliver the level of service you and your facility really require.


National Cleaning Company and Local Standards Should be the Same

Local service providers are a better, IF a couple of key conditions are met first: professionalism, efficiency, and a clear understanding of the unique needs of your facility. How do you keep your commercial janitorial dollars local and still get exactly what your facility needs? But what does your facility really need and how do you identify those local companies that can provide it? There are a number of issues that seem to cause the majority of problems that Facility Managers experience with custodial and maintenance companies. If you keep your eyes open an on the look out for these hot button, service critical issues when you are choosing your next janitorial services company, you just might wade through the crowded marketplace to find the proverbial needle in the haystack.


Important Things to Consider When Shopping Janitorial Services

The Unclear Price Point

The largest red flag you can get from any Detroit commercial cleaner is a difficult to understand or unnecessary complex pricing plan. Any company that has a complicated or cloudy pricing plan is either inexperienced or trying to leave room for upcharges and hidden fees, neither something you want. Even worse, without a clear price point, you can’t compare quotes from different companies keeping you from getting the best value for your dollar. When a company provides a clear price for the services they provide, it allows you and the commercial cleaner to keep track of and stay on top of work that has been agreed to.


People Problems are Your Problems 

Janitorial service providers are represented by the people that clean your facility, and if their people have problems, you will quickly find that you have problems. As such, if your janitorial company is cutting corners on any of their people processes, this is another significant red flag. Whether it be illegal hiring or even illegal subcontracting, any short cut they take with their staff is an obvious sign that one of the most important aspects of janitorial cleaning has taken a seat on the backburner. Any commercial cleaning company that takes shortcuts with their people is going to take shortcuts with your facility.


With Security There Is No Try

Security is a priority or it is not, there is no try. It cannot be overstated that the safety of your building and the people that work in it should be the topmost priority of you janitorial company and their staff. What do large national cleaning companies and local Michigan janitorial services have in common? Neither should put you or your employees at risk with illegal hiring nor take any shortcuts or expediencies in their employee screening process. No one wants an office cleaner with a recent criminal history or drug use convictions moving about in their facility. Finally, stay away from local and national companies that ignore employee training, pay lower than market wages or lack effective management to protect your facility from their high janitorial turnover.


The Problems With High Turnover

Even if it hasn’t happened to you yet, if the Detroit cleaning company your work with or are planning to contract with has a high average turnover rate, your service will suffer. While it is always necessary to train new hires, and every company gets new employees, a constant influx of new people is bad news for your facility. Your janitorial cleaning services company will constantly be training new employees and the quality of your service will go from responsive and consistent to a dice roll to see if and when things get done correctly. Despite lower wage jobs having a higher relative turnover rate, there are steps your janitorial company should be taking to attract, hire, and most importantly, retain their workers. How does janitorial turnover rate affect your facility? Higher turnover:

  • Reduces the value of the services you get.
  • Increases the likelihood of poor quality work.
  • Introduces steady stream of new office cleaners often resulting in missed, uncompleted work.
  • Weakens the relationship built between on site cleaners and you and your staff.
  • Increases the chance of damaged equipment and material waste—costs likely absorbed by you the customer.
  • Creates both real and perceived security concerns.
  • Increases onboarding costs offset by higher prices passed along to you.


It’s A Higher Skilled Job Than You May Think 

One of the most common ways costly on the job mistakes occur is through insufficient training, especially in facilities with unique or specialized needs. We often think of janitorial work as being low skilled, however, in an increasing complex and technologically driven industry, complete and thorough job training is a must. Employees that are given such training are not only much more likely to succeed, but overall report higher job satisfaction and are far more engaged with the work they do. Another great way to narrow down a list of Detroit janitorial companies is to look at the type and extent of job training that they offer. Do they train teams in a formal and consistent manner? Do they utilize smart cleaning? Are they trained to work as a team in a systematic and efficient way? Basic training often isn’t enough anymore, make sure your commercial cleaner offers training that will benefit your facility.


How Problems Should be Addressed & Why Communication Is Critical

Mistakes are bound to happen, it’s Murphy’s Law. Something will always be overlooked or a mistake will be made. The question is, how does your Detroit janitorial company address the error? Facility Managers often comment that they don’t ever realize there is a problem or a problem is reported but then never actually addressed by their janitorial company. If you commercial cleaning company isn’t responsive and on top of things, you are getting suboptimal service and risk easily fixable problems becoming larger. Knowing how to communicate is another indispensable tool that a janitorial company needs to have under its belt. No business is perfect, but what separates the good from the bad is the ability to communicate and rectify if something goes wrong. Not only does this make sure things are quickly smoothed over, but it keeps small problems from developing into much larger ones. A good gauge of a commercial cleaning company is if it actively seeks out your feedback and proactively addresses issues as they arise.


Cleaning Goes High Tech

Technology drives innovation in every industry and the janitorial and building maintenance industry, unsurprisingly, is no exception to that rule. Advances in equipment and methods reduce labor hours, which not only increases efficiency but also reduces cost. Everything from apps, efficient equipment and processes, reporting software, to improved communication during and after janitorial inspections means that janitorial companies that invest in new tech are going to give you the most bang for your buck.


By choosing to work with local businesses, not only do you enjoy a more individualized experience, you help build community, strengthen the local Michigan economy and shape the nature off our communities. You shop and work greener with a greater probability of more local connections with suppliers and employment, keep revenue, jobs and tax dollars right here in Michigan. And you help retain consumer choices by supporting a variety of independent local businesses. And local doesn’t just mean your neighborhood restaurant or your corner autobody shop. Shopping local pertains to our industries and service businesses too. Right here in Michigan, investing your dollars in local businesses like Michigan cleaning services can make all of the difference in protecting the health and strength of our local and state economies.

With large national janitorial services company you and your facility are always going to be one among many. Regardless of their intention, national cleaning companies are just structured for the responsive, personalized, agile services that a local Michigan janitorial services company can deliver. Buying local and keeping needed revenue in our state has a considerable impact on every individual who calls Michigan home. 


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Made In Michigan: Plymouth Janitorial Services

Posted by Mitch Hesson on Mon, Nov 13, 2017 @ 04:15 PM

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The Value of Local

There are a number of reasons choosing a Plymouth janitorial company makes sense. Everything else being equal, using local commercial cleaning services in Plymouth is going to be better. It’s better for the local community. It keeps tax revenue right here in the state of Michigan. It helps local businesses and our local economy thrive. Similarly, it creates stability in our communities by investing in the businesses and talent that are right here in our own backyards. Consider that commercial cleaners Plymouth aren’t likely to pull up their tents and move to Poughkeepsie to take advantage of cheaper labor or more favorable tax structures right? Using Plymouth janitorial services over a nameless, faceless national cleaning company is always going to better AS LONG AS the janitorial services they provide are professional, effective, efficient and offer similar cost saving measures. Sound impossible in a local company? It’s not. There are plenty of exceptional commercial janitorial services right here in Michigan that are ready, willing and able to offer you commercial cleaning services of the highest caliber, you just have to know how to identify them and protect yourself from those companies that will disappoint you at every turn.


Buying Local Cleaning Services In Plymouth Doesn’t Mean You Should Suffer Fools Gladly

Buying local IS better, but only if the level of services is professional, effective and attuned to what YOUR facility needs. So how do you both keep your dollars local when choosing a janitorial company AND get precisely the commercial cleaning services you need? One way is to make sure you are weeding out those cleaning services Plymouth Michigan that just aren’t likely to offer you what you need. But how do you identify those companies that are going to be a problem down the road? It is important to note that there are really ten key issues causing well over haf of the problems we experience with cleaning and maintenance companies. When we can identify these warning signs in prospective Plymouth janitorial services, it can help us weed out those companies not likely to succeed in our facility. Use these ten ‘red flags’ to screen prospective janitorial service companies so you can find a local Plymouth janitorial company that follows janitorial industry best practices and delivers on their promises of quality service.


The 10 Red Flags to Avoid When Choosing A Janitorial Services Company

1. Confusing or Cloudy Janitorial Pricing

Confusing or cloudy pricing from any Plymouth commercial cleaning company whether it’s local or a national janitorial company, is a major red flag. Cloudy commercial cleaning pricing is usually either a function of inexperience or a purposeful attempt to justify added charges later. Imprecise pricing makes it nearly impossible to compare cleaning quotes and thus puts you at a disadvantage when it comes to having good, solid information to make a buying decision. Similarly, having clear, transparent pricing and understanding exactly what it is you are paying for makes it easier for you as a Facility Manager to hold your commercial cleaners Plymouth accountable for the work they agreed to.


2. People Problems

Know this, if your commercial cleaners Plymouth have people problems, they will become YOUR problems in short order. Janitorial services rely on front line cleaners to deliver services and as such, people are the foundation of any janitorial company whether it is local cleaning services Plymouth Michigan or national janitorial services. If your commercial cleaning company is taking shortcuts with any of their people processes, it is a major red flag. Whether they dabble in illegal subcontracting, illegal hiring or take shortcuts on anything related to their people, it is a clear indicator that they do not prioritize this most important component of effective janitorial services. And commercial cleaning companies that are foolish enough to take shortcuts with people are no doubt taking shortcuts everywhere.


3. Don’t Allow Shortcuts With Security

Nothing is more important than the safety of your building’s occupants and the security of your building. If your Plymouth janitorial company is lackadaisical about security, run. What security matters should you be aware of when it comes to both national cleaning companies and Plymouth janitorial companies? Chiefly among them, no janitorial company should put you at risk with illegal hiring. Subsequently, any janitorial company that takes shortcuts with employee screening should be avoided at all costs. Who wants office cleaners with a criminal record or drug use moving about their facility? Finally, avoid both local and national janitorial companies that skimp on the training, fail to offer competitive wages and suffer from the lax management that all too often leads to high janitorial turnover.


4.High Janitorial Turnover

If current or prospective Plymouth cleaning companies have higher than average turnover, the service in YOUR facility is likely to suffer. Why? Because a revolving door of new hires is bad for business. Not only is your janitorial company having to spend more money and time onboarding and training new people, which is a cost that is passed on to you, your services will always be in a state of flux rather than the consistent, responsive janitorial services you get from competent, long term employees. Sure employee turnover does tend to be much higher in lower-skilled, lower wage jobs however, there are concrete measures a janitorial company can take to mitigate turnover and keep it in check. The best janitorial companies know how to attract, hire and retain very good people who are a good fit for the work. How does a cleaning company’s turnover impact the quality of services you and your facility receive?

  • High janitorial turnover reduces the value of the services you receive.
  • Higher than average turnover increases the likelihood of poor quality work.
  • A bevy of new office cleaners often result in recurrent, uncompleted work.
  • Too many new people weaken the relationship built between on site cleaners and you the customer.
  • High janitorial turnover increases likelihood of damaged equipment and material waste—a cost that is passed on to you the customer.
  • A revolving door of new cleaners results in both real and perceived security concerns.
  • Increased costs associated with onboarding are offset by higher prices that YOU are paying.


5. Insufficient Training

The number one way a janitorial company can be proactive in delivering a high level of service to their customers is through solid, targeted employee training. Think about it, while we may think of janitorial services as lower skilled work, it has become increasingly complex and technology driven. Employees that receive very good training not only perform better, they feel better about their work and are thus more engaged. Does your prospective Plymouth janitorial services understand the critical importance of properly training their teams? Do they offer the formalized training that is most likely to provide you and your facility with consistent, effective, individualized service? Do they train their teams on a systematized cleaning process? Not only should cleaners receive basic training, this should be augmented with other training specific to the industry or company they will serve, like:


6. A Lack Of Responsiveness

No matter how professional and capable a janitorial company is, mistakes will happen, something will get missed. When problems arise, how quickly does your cleaning services in Plymouth respond? So often we hear from Facility Managers who tell us they either don’t hear back from someone after reporting an issue or they are told it’s taken care of only to realize it keeps happening. A lack of responsiveness either forces you to live with less than optimal service or forces you to constantly light a fire under your janitorial services company trying to get them to deliver the services they promised. You should have to do neither.


7. Poor & Ineffective Communication

Communication is a critical component of effective janitorial services. As we stated above, no matter how adept a cleaning company is, mistakes will happen. If there is solid communication between you and your cleaning services in Plymouth, small issues won’t turn in to big problems. In order to deliver a high level of service, your cleaning company must effectively communicate with both you the customer and their own people. The best commercial cleaning companies will never shy away from getting your regular feedback, both positive and negative. They are aware issues will arise and are adamant amount being both proactive and responsive.


8. A Lack of the Systems to Assure Reliability Through Accountability

Good service doesn’t happen by accident, it happens by design. Is your prospective Plymouth janitorial service doing all they can to assure reliability through accountability? Do they have the systems in place to all but assure success? Do they conduct regular janitorial inspections to help give feedback to employees positioning them for success? Do they have each important component of their business structured with systems and processes to create consistency and results? Sure most cleaning companies WANT to make the customer happy but who among them is backing up good intentions with a plan?


9. Not Using Technology to Enhance Effectiveness, Increase Efficiency & Cut Costs 

Technology and innovation play a part in any industry and the janitorial and building maintenance industry is no exception. From better equipment that cuts labor hours, costs and improves efficiency—to apps, software and reporting that communicate information gathered from janitorial inspections to tech savvy training and more, the best janitorial companies will embrace and even advance technology that makes delivering high levels of service more likely.


10. When a Lack of Professionalism Is A Problem

Professionalism is a key component of success in every industry. Just because a janitorial service is responsible for cleaning toilets and emptying trash cans doesn’t mean professionalism is any less important. When considering prospective janitorial companies, what will professionalism look like? Professionalism is well trained and well equipped teams. It is a skilled approach to cleaning your facility. It is direct and responsive communication when things go off track. It is employee screening, employee badges and employee uniforms. It is operating with industry best practices at the forefront and always striving for better, continual improvement.

Are you looking for cleaning services in Plymouth Michigan? Are you tired of under performing cleaning companies and ready for a higher level of service? Here at Stathakis, we have spent over thirty years developing a standard of service and working hard to create lasting relationships with our customers and offer the businesses of Plymouth and southeastern Michigan the solutions and services they deserve by adhering to and even developing janitorial best practices. If you are a Facility Manager in Plymouth or surrounding areas and you are looking for commercial cleaning services, office cleaning, school cleaning, industrial cleaning, medical cleaning or other building services, please contact us to learn more about how we can assure you get the service you and your facility require.

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Bank Robber Behind Bars Thanks In Part to Stathakis Cleaning Staff

Posted by Christine Duquette on Fri, Jul 28, 2017 @ 11:20 AM


Stathakis makes the news after the work of their cleaning staff helped catch a Wayne county bank robber. 

Stathakis makes the news a few weeks ago after the work of their cleaning staff helped catch a Wayne county bank robber. According to the News-Herald, James McKellip, accused of robbing banks in at least three cities, made a series of blunders that led to his swift capture. In one of the robberies, at a PNC bank in Ecorse, the suspect fled the bank after demanding money from a teller with a barely legible demand note. The quick thinking teller stayed calm and gave McKellip a few stacks of low denomination bills. She piled them up until it appears the suspect got nervous, grabbed the cash and fled the bank, but not before walking right into the sparkling clean double glass doors, banging his head and leaving a perfect hand print on the glass.


Detective Tim Sassak noted that the suspect left a pristine palm print on the glass that Ecorse Police Officer and evidence technician Craig Cieszkowski was able to lift from the glass door. The perfect palm print was then run through the automated fingerprint identification system at the Dearborn Police Department where they got a hit on McKellip. McKellip was later captured by the Fugitive Task Force. As Detective Sassak said, "Four and a half hours after that, my suspect was sitting in front of me in handcuffs."

 "Four and a half hours after that, my suspect was sitting in front of me in handcuffs."   -Detective Sassak


Police say McKellip is facing life in prison after multiple charges for a number of area bank robberies. The good work of the Stathakis cleaning staff was instrumental in helping quickly identify and capture McKellip before he could rob any more banks or risk any more lives. Likewise, the perfect hand print on the well-cleaned surface of the door is a critical part of the case against McKellip. Thank you to the Stathakis team for their great work. This case makes it clear that good cleaning can make a big difference. As we like to say, it's ALL about people here at Stathakis!


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Choosing the Right Commercial Cleaners In Plymouth Michigan

Posted by Chris Stathakis on Thu, Jun 29, 2017 @ 11:24 AM

plymouth janitorial services, plymouth commercial cleaning services, janitorial services in plymouth michigan

When Choosing Cleaning Services In Plymouth, You Need To Look Beyond The Surface 

Everyone appreciates walking into a facility that looks and smells clean. Certainly if you enter a building and immediately notice smudges on the glass doors and debris on floors or carpeting, you get an immediate sense that the building is not well maintained. Walk into a bathroom where water is collecting on counters and overflowing trashcans abound and you know it needs cleaning. Yet, as obvious as these signs are that commercial cleaning services are insufficient, some signs are less obvious. What you can see is important, but equally important is what you CANNOT see. There is the appearance of clean and then there is a deep, thorough cleaning that not only makes a facility look good, it makes it a healthier environment. Is your Plymouth janitorial services doing the work needed to help you create and maintain a healthy work environment? Or are you ready to start fresh with a commercial cleaning company prepared to do the work at the level you require?


Is It Time To Say Farewell To Your Current Plymouth Janitorial Services?

Is it time to look for Plymouth cleaning companies more capable of maintaining your facility? Are you seeing visible signs that your commercial cleaners in Plymouth Michigan aren’t hitting the mark? What do subpar janitorial services look like? The visible signs that suggest it is time to find a new commercial cleaning company may include specified tasks not being consistently completed. Of course, even the best cleaning services Plymouth Michigan are going to miss something now and then. But if missed tasks are becoming a regular occurrence, you are not getting the services you need. Dirty restrooms are another area of your building that can point to a diminished level of cleaning, in fact, they are often the areas of a building we notice problems first. If you observe things like the necessary supplies like toilet paper, hand soap and hand towels missing and gunk accumulating around your restroom flooring, the work has likely slipped. Commercial restrooms see a large number of people each day and as such, require regular care and periodic deep cleaning. The problem often becomes that your service diminishes so gradually, that you can just become accustomed to a less than clean facility, but you can be sure, employees, tenants and visitors do not.


Signs Your Cleaning Services In Plymouth Are Slipping

As mentioned above, there are visible signs your janitorial service is slipping and others signs that are less obvious. Perhaps you are you receiving more complaints than usual about the cleanliness of your building. Or it could be that you notice a myriad of lingering, unpleasant odors as a clean, well maintained building should smell fresh. Assertive odors are a sure sign that your facility isn’t truly clean. Likewise, when you do have an issue, do you hear back from your Plymouth commercial cleaning company promptly? Good janitorial companies address minor issues quickly before they become bigger problems. If you are communicating service problems with your Plymouth janitorial companyand you are not hearing back, it’s likely time to move on.


Effective Commercial Cleaners Plymouth That Are Getting It Right

While there are many cleaning services in Plymouth getting it wrong, there are also many that are getting it right. The trick of course, is identifying those commercial cleaning companies that will make excellent long term partners in your facility maintenance. So how do you identify those commercial cleaning services that are set up to deliver the level of cleaning you and your facility deserve? Well, to start with, the most effective, responsive janitorial companies set expectations from the get go with transparent pricing and a straightforward cleaning spec. In this way, not only can you compare prices to find the best value, you have a clear path to success and accountability by agreeing on what is expected from the beginning. Additionally, any prospective janitorial services company must use professional hiring processes in order to find and hire people who are a good fit. This means no short cuts on criminal background checks or drug testing. In addition to screening, employees must receive adequate training to meet the specific requirements of your facility. Moreover, when your janitorial company does make mistakes, they should address them immediately and provide a clear, measureable path to making it right. Good cleaning companies do not make the same mistakes over and over again. Lastly, they use systems and processes to put industry best practices to use assuring you better, more effective and responsive Plymouth commercial cleaning services.


Industry Certification Can Help You Find The Right Plymouth Cleaning Companies 

Choosing a new commercial cleaning company isn’t easy. There are many things to consider and many service providers out there, not all of them competent or capable. Asking the tough questions and asking prospective cleaning services in Plymouth Michigan to show you their processes, not just tell you, takes time. One valuable shortcut in the process is the use of industry certifications like the CIMS. The CIMS or the Certified Industry Management Standard, helps identify those commercial cleaning companies highly committed to industry best practices, practices that are highly predictive of effective, responsive, professional service. Finding a janitorial company that brings value, consistency and a thorough clean to your building makes everything easier. If you are looking for a CIMS certified partner in your building maintenance, check in with ISSA for a complete list of CIMS certified cleaning companies and building services companies in your area. If you are located here in Plymouth, Michigan or other areas of South East Michigan and would like a review of your current janitorial services, please contact us at 1-800-278-1884 today for a no obligation review and quote.


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How National Cleaning Companies & Local Cleaning Companies Compare

Posted by Mitch Hesson on Thu, Oct 13, 2016 @ 12:07 PM

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Does Your Facility Need a National Cleaning Company?

It can be easy to think your facility needs a national cleaning company. Maybe you have a large facility that requires multiple people or teams to maintain it. Or perhaps you have complex facility requirements like industrial cleaning, medical or school cleaning and you know that finding the right contractor to maintain your facilities is critical. Perhaps your organization has multiple locations and needs coordinated maintenance services. These factors and more can leave you feeling like maybe bigger IS better, but is that really the case? A national janitorial service might be a good option if you have locations throughout the country and require a single, centralized commercial cleaning company. But in most instances, the big national janitorial services can come with a variety of issues and obstacles you need to consider. Maybe you know you don’t want the things that come with a national janitorial company, but you also know your operations are far too big and complex for just any janitorial company. You would really like to shop local but need to assure you partner with a commercial cleaning company that is big enough, experienced enough and professional enough to offer you the same benefits of national cleaning companies. What size and kind of cleaning company will serve you and your facility best?


Is a National Janitorial Company Better Because They Are Bigger?

In order to examine what size and kind of janitorial companies perform better, we must define what better really is. Many Facility Managers can agree that in order to offer effective, reliable service, a commercial cleaning company must:

  • Have employees who are a good fit for the work, have been properly screened, trained and managed to do their best for the customer.
  • Have transparent pricing that allows Facility Managers the ability to both compare janitorial quotes and hold janitorial contractors to their word.
  • Assure you know exactly who to call when there is an issue and then respond and rectify quickly to keep issues from becoming problems or burdens for you.
  • Be interested in a long-term partnership with you and not just getting the contract, which means they work hard to understand your business and your needs.

Janitorial services aren’t a one time transaction rather it is an ongoing relationship of service delivery. You don’t want to contract with a company that doesn’t get the job done day after day. You want a partner that lives up to their promises and goes above and beyond to make sure your facility is well cared for and you are getting the full value of your janitorial budget. Now that we understand some of the most significant components of quality service delivery, lets examine how those measures relate to the size and type of commercial cleaning contractor.


Do National Cleaning Companies Have Better Buying Power?

Some Facility Managers like the idea of a national janitorial service because they know they are likely to have significant buying power where supplies like paper goods are concerned. While the larger companies certainly do benefit from the cost savings that comes with larger purchasing power, there is no guarantee they will pass along this savings to you the customer. The larger local commercial cleaning companies are likely to also have considerable buying power with cleaning supplies and stock supplies, and they are far more likely to pass their savings on to you the customer is order to stay competitively priced with national janitorial contractors.


Where Do National Cleaning Contractors Fall In When It Comes to Responsiveness?

With smaller cleaning services, you know exactly who’s in charge and they are likely happy to talk to you, and yet, if you manage a large facility or multiple buildings, your needs are beyond the scope of a small scale cleaning and maintenance operation. With national cleaning contractors, connecting with a person who can address and remedy issues can be challenging to say the least. Like most other corporations, personal attention and accountability can be in short supply while bureaucracy and impersonal, out of step customer service can be the norm. Some of the most responsive service comes from those mid to large local building services contractors. These larger, local janitorial companies can offer a solid mix of personal and operational responsiveness with a clear point of contact and an ability to go ‘up the ladder’ if needed to get issues addressed. And because of their size, they can still compete with national janitorial companies when it comes to flexible staffing and a rich and helpful service menu.


How Do National Janitorial Services Line Up With Labor?

One of the most important elements of effective service in cleaning and maintenance is the front line employee. What matters most? Employees must be adequately screened, trained and managed in order to arm them with the ability and motivation to give customers their best day in and day out. Most national janitorial companies are set up to effectively hire and screen employees. They likely do the required drug and criminal background checks as required for new hires. But building loyalty with employees and creating a responsive work environment often evades the large corporate national janitorial companies. The smaller janitorial companies often have a tough time finding and retaining the best people for the job. Their need may rise and fall too quickly to keep an adequate reserve labor pool for growth and attrition. Likewise, they are less likely to offer the compensation, benefits and perks that can help janitorial companies retain the highest performing employees. The more sizable local cleaning companies quite often have developed systems to find, screen and manage a great team. But they also benefit from their relationships with the local community. This can make it easier to attract and retain great teams and get referrals for future employees from current employees.


What’s Best For You the Customer?

All too often the really big guys, the national janitorial services leave you feeling lost in the crowd and getting the most attentive and effective service can be elusive. This is because national building services contractors can replace customers as fast as they lose them. Doing business in so many areas helps them spread out lost accounts and ‘fish from many ponds’ so to speak. It isn’t that you as a smaller customer aren’t important, it’s just that you aren’t as important as larger, harder to replace accounts. The smaller janitorial companies value every customer but whether or not that equates to effective, consistent service is anyone’s guess. Often smaller businesses become perilously reliant on one client to keep their business afloat. The larger, local cleaning operations can't replace lost accounts so easily. Word of poor service delivery travels fast in local communities and among Facility Mangers and local Detroit janitorial companies must guard their reputations carefully in order to find success here in Michigan. So they often work harder to get and keep customers.


A National Janitorial Service Has Limitations & Drawbacks

What is it that you really need? You need effective service. You want to be seen as a priority and get the responsiveness that demonstrates that is the case. You need a solid value from your janitorial budget and a company that will know how to deliver the most for the budget you have. You want a company that focuses on their customers rather than their shareholders. You need a janitorial company large enough to have at their disposal the methods, systems and procedures to deliver on their promises of quality service. You deserve to partner with a commercial cleaning company dedicated to finding the best people for the job and then arming them with everything they need to be successful in your facility. For all of these aims and more, a large locally owned large cleaning companies, like Stathakis, offers the best combination of benefits from both the big national guys and the little guys giving you just the right balance of professionalism and those personal touches.

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Shortcuts To Finding A Great Detroit Area Office Cleaning Service

Posted by Chris Stathakis on Tue, Oct 11, 2016 @ 02:24 PM


detroit office cleaning, livonia office cleaning, dearborn office cleaning, down river office cleaning 

Why Using a Local Detroit Area Office Cleaning Service Matters

Everything else being equal, using a local Michigan office cleaning company is always better. Local companies keep jobs and taxes right here in our state. Likewise, using locally owned businesses helps our local economy thrive by stabilizing the economy and investing in Michiganites that have the best interests of their local communities and our state in mind. Think about it, a business owned by Michigan residents isn’t likely to move locations for cheaper labor or fewer taxes because their lives, work and children are solidly centered here in our state. Supporting locally owned businesses helps us create a diverse and robust local economy that is less dependent on the highs and lows of the national economy.


The Pros & Cons of National Office Cleaning Companies

Think you might need or benefit fromnational office cleaning services? In our experience, most businesses don’t really benefit with national office cleaning companies. Most of the pros of a national company, like buying power and scale can be had with one of the larger, local office cleaners. Enormous national janitorial corporations are outfitted to handle the largest, multi-million dollar accounts. But they tend to fill in the gaps with small and medium sized businesses. So they’ll take your business but with so many customers in so many states and so many of them larger than your business, getting your facility’s needs put front and center might prove to be difficult. National janitorial services tend to keep their eye on the prize, providing healthy returns for shareholders, that’s how corporations work. Yet, this approach becomes what determines their methods, systems and procedures-- not a steadfast commitment to effective service, satisfied customers or a solid reputation in your community


Bigger Isn’t Necessarily Better But Size Matters With Office Cleaning Services

While bigger is no indication of better when it comes to commercial office cleaning services, size matters because if office janitorial services is sized to small for your facility they simply wont be prepared to do the work you need. Too small and they lack the buying power, formal systems, labor pool and specialization to handle larger accounts. Office cleaning companies run the gamut in size. There are the smallest individual providers, there are small business start ups getting their feet wet in office cleaning, there are mid sized office cleaning companies who have grown as they effectively delivered services adding customers and managing their growing pains, and there are large, established local office cleaning companies that offer a myriad of services, have a large labor pool that allows them to quickly respond to customer needs and handle the ups and downs of business changes and growth, they have buying power equal to most national cleaning companies, they have established practices and systems to handle larger, complex facilities and provide effective, reliable office cleaning services and yet, they are still local and offer customers all of the benefits of a locally owned company.


Local Is Better in Office Cleaning IF They Are Equipped to Do the Job

A local office cleaning service is great for all the reason discussed but the have to be the RIGHT local office cleaners. Whether it’s medical office cleaning, general office cleaning or other office cleaning, the company you partner with must be prepared and equipped to do the job. So in making your short list, consider local janitorial companies and then look for those prepared to deliver quality work, every time. What makes an office cleaning company able to effectively deliver office cleaning services? They should have very good people because all service businesses rely on people to deliver the services. Good employees are the product of good practices when it comes to hiring, training and managing. So look for commercial cleaning companies that can show you they do just that. The most effective janitorial service providers attract good candidates through a positive reputation within the community. Then, they screen would be employees well beyond the minimum requirements. So of course, employees are getting a full drug screening and criminal background check, but they are also getting past employment verified and even personality testing to find those employees that are a very good fit for the work at hand. Then this cache of employees receives the needed general and specific training in order to set them up for success in your facility. Finally, they are equipped, managed and incentivized to do their best work for you the customer. Additionally, the best commercial office cleaning companies have transparent pricing. Why does clear pricing matter? First, it allows you to compare office cleaning prices to find the best value for your facility. Second, clear cleaning quotes include the scope of work, detailed in a precise way, which allows you to hold your office cleaners accountable to the work they promised. This creates an environment where you and your commercial cleaning company are on the same page and can define success together, agreeing on what that looks like. Next, the best office cleaning companies give you a clear path to a point person when there is an issue because they know issues can arise and they want to nip them in the bud before they become real problems.


Making It Easier to Get the Commercial Office Cleaning You Need

So how do you separate the sales talk from the straight talk when considering prospective professional office cleaning services? How do you put together a short list of solid janitorial services companies that you can then go vet in order to save time and weed out those office cleaning companies just not up to the work? Using CIMS can provide you with a good way to weed out companies that just aren’t set up to succeed. CIMS Certification can help you identify those office cleaners who have solid service delivery and training systems in place. CIMS, or Cleaning Industry Management Standard is an advanced certification available to companies in the building services industry that meet strict performance benchmarks like:

  • Quality Systems: A framework to assure operational efficiency & ongoing improvements
  • Service Delivery: Appropriate systems in place to deliver consistent, quality, effective service
  • Human Resources: Best practices for managing any service industry’s greatest asset—their people
  • Health, Safety, & Environmental Stewardship: Ensuring regulatory compliance, workplace safety, and health and environmental management
  • Management Commitment: Establishing a Mission, Vision, and Values that safeguard that the organization's continued success.

CIMS is a hard won certification that establishes a building services provider’s commitment to effective, consistent service. CIMS offers you a true shortcut to finding a great Detroit area office cleaning service.




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Stathakis Meet Our Team: Special Projects Manager Matt Brown

Posted by Christine Duquette on Mon, Aug 22, 2016 @ 11:57 AM


blue_made_in_michigan_stamp.jpgMatt Brown joined Stathakis in May as Special Projects Manager with a special focus on carpet cleaning and hard surface floor care. As CEO Chris Stathakis tells us, “we have so many accounts that partner with us for janitorial and regular cleaning services who really need our help getting their carpet and floor maintenance and other special projects on the maintenance schedule and in the budget. For us as a company, it is certainly an opportunity for growth. For our customers, it is an added benefit to have a go to guy like Matt with his two decades of expertise in flooring and carpet at their disposal and more expert services under the Stathakis umbrella.”

It's no surprise that Stathakis chose Matt Brown to head, develop and grow their Special Projects division. Matt has been immersed in the commercial carpet cleaning industry for over twenty years. As Matt tells us, “I started as a part-time carpet cleaner and I really liked it—the work, the people, learning the equipment and techniques to give customers the best result, it was rewarding in its own way. I worked full-time doing that for years before moving into a management role. I have spent the last eight years as a regional manager with over 100 employees at five different locations throughout Southern Michigan and Ohio.”

Having been on both sides, technician and manager, Matt has a broad perspective on doing his job. “I was on the technician side for many years so I understand some of the challenges and frustrations both in the field and within an organization. I’m also a supervisor and manager so I get to see the bigger picture on how our division feeds into and works in partnership with the other parts of the business. I think understanding both sides from a first hand perspective makes me more effective all around and helps assure we deliver the results our customers have come to expect.”

Brian Mamo agrees telling us, “We used Matt Brown as a subcontractor for years and he was always on his game-- on top of the job, on budget, on time and made the customers happy. Matt really knows his stuff, so when we were looking to expand our carpet and flooring capabilities in order to offer our customers more services under our umbrella, we needed the right person who could provide current customers and new customers the level of expertise, service and responsiveness we have always strived for. Matt was the first person we thought of and he has been an excellent addition to our team.”
Matt Brown brings with him more than two decades of experience, knowledge and expertise to our customers. As Matt tells us, “I know carpet cleaning so yes, I sell carpet cleaning services, but I’m not your average sales guy. I feel like it is my job to help Facility Managers understand how regular carpet maintenance can positively impact the overall health and image of their facility AND their bottom line. Some Facility Managers are responsible for the carpet but may lack the knowledge. I mean, when was the last time your average Facility Manager even had the time to look over their carpet warranty and maintenance recommendations? Budgets are often tight and carpet cleaning doesn’t always rank high. But prolonging the life of carpeting, a costly building asset, can add up to significant cost savings. I help customers and potential customers understand the numbers, the methods and what works and why-- and then it’s up to them.”

As Special Projects Manager, Matt wears many hats but when we asked him about the areas of his job he finds most gratifying he had this to say, “I love working with people, the technicians, the customers, all of them. I would say one of my favorite things is training others. I find it so satisfying to arm someone with the technical ability to feel the rewards of a job well done while at the same time delivering the kind of effective services that make our customers thrilled.” 

When asked about his philosophy with regard to his work he told us, “I never oversell something. It doesn’t serve any of us well to tell a Facility Manager that we can make his ten-year-old carpet look brand new. It’s just not worth getting the deal if the customer is left with a bad taste in their mouth and unhappy. I’m a Michigan guy, born and raised here, my customers aren’t just accounts or dollars, they are relationships that have served me well over the last twenty years and I work hard to earn and keep their trust. I under promise and I over deliver and I’m serious about business but I’m a lot of fun too.” 

20160503_211353.jpgWhen asked about what kind of things are in place at Stathakis to help support Matt and his team, he told us,” Stathakis isn’t like any other Building Services Contractor I have ever worked with. Sure, other cleaning companies try to put a bunch of services in under one umbrella, but Stathakis strives to be the best at each service not just add it on with little or no real expertise. The other main difference is we are armed with the best equipment, training, technology and such to really deliver on our promises to the customer. It is important to me that we do the things we say we will and here at Stathakis, we are given the resources to do just that. At Stathakis, we are committed to doing whatever it takes to be better, faster, more affordable, more responsive and that effort is in the service of our customers.”

Matt, the youngest of six children, was born and raised in Livonia and continues to live in the community with his wife of twenty-four years, Michelle and their fourteen year old daughter, Annaclare. Two rescue Pomeranians Dutchie and Bella share their home and keep them busy. In his time away from work, Matt likes working outside on his yard and other home projects. He is also involved in his daughter’s school and theater productions she participates in as well as volunteering at his church and with the Epilepsy Foundation.


At Stathakis, we provide you with commercial carpet cleaning solutions and carpet maintenance programs tailored to your facility and your budget. We use only state-of-the-art carpet cleaning technologies and offer a variety of demonstrated carpet cleaning methods including truck mounted carpet cleaning, portable machine carpet cleaning, low moisture carpet cleaning, dry carpet cleaning all geared at getting you a deep clean, improving carpet’s appearance, extending the life span of your carpet and improving overall indoor air quality. We offer both on-demand carpet cleaning and subscription based carpet cleaning programs that can net you real value and reduce the hassle of planning continued carpet maintenance. For more information on how you can keep your floors cleaner than they have ever been, please contact Matt Brown, Stathakis Special Projects Manager at #800-278-1884.



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Need Janitorial Services? Make ‘Made in Michigan’ Work For You

Posted by Chris Stathakis on Wed, Aug 10, 2016 @ 12:57 PM

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In Business, Local Matters

With a monolithic national janitorial company you and your facility are always going to be a small fish in a huge pond. Regardless of their intention, national janitorial companies are simply not set up for the responsive, personalized, agile services that a local Michigan commercial cleaning company can deliver. Buying local and keeping needed revenue in our state has a considerable impact on every individual who calls Michigan home. By choosing to work with local and independent businesses, not only do you enjoy a more individualized experience, you help build community, strengthen the local Michigan economy, shape the nature off our communities, go greener with a greater likelihood of more local connections with suppliers and employment, keep revenue, jobs and tax dollars right here in the great state of Michigan and help secure consumer choices by supporting a variety of independent businesses. And local doesn’t just mean your neighborhood Italian restaurant or your neighbor’s auto detailing shop. Shopping local pertains to our industries and service businesses too. Right here in Michigan, investing your dollars in local businesses like Michigan cleaning services can make all of the difference in protecting the health and strength of our local and state economies.


Local Janitorial Services Are Good For Business

When you as a Facility Manager choose local cleaning services Michigan for your facility services, you help keep jobs and dollars here in the local Michigan community. From local tax revenue to janitorial jobs to economic growth and more, partnering with local Michigan businesses benefits Michigan and its residents in meaningful ways. Sure you’d like to keep your dollars local but how does buying local benefit your business? Is it possible to do the right thing AND meet the needs of your business? You might think that your organization requires a national janitorial company to get a high level of responsive, economical janitorial services but bigger isn’t always better, especially in a service intensive business. Scalability and size can help a business to a point and then size can become its own challenge making it harder to deliver the responsive professional janitorial service large facilities require. National cleaning companies can certainly offer you the ability to coordinate services in multiple states and regions through a single company but if that isn’t something you and your facility need, a national janitorial company isn’t likely to be your best option. In order to secure optimal pricing, a solid value and attentive, individualized service from janitorial services Michigan, a local Detroit janitorial company may be your best bet.


Not All Local Janitorial Companies Can Deliver

Janitorial services companies and commercial cleaning companies come in all types and sizes. With a local cleaning company you can get a Mom & Pop operation, the one man and a van, the owner operator with an ever changing crew of cleaners, the small biz startup and the established large professional Detroit area commercial cleaning company. The trick is finding the right Detroit commercial cleaning company that can meet your needs. Many of the janitorial services companies in Michigan are far too small to offer the needed level of service for your large facility or numerous facilities. If your operations go beyond a small office or business, the likelihood is that a large, local Michigan building services contractor will offer the right fit for your facility. Maybe you need medical cleaning for your medical offices or perhaps you are in search of industrial cleaning services for you plant or factory. Maybe you need school cleaning services, office cleaning services and more and want to be more than just another number, you need more than a national janitorial company can offer, you want to be a valued customer building a partnership with another local company that can offer you those special touches only cleaning services in Michigan can.


Why A National Cleaning Company Can’t Compete With the Benefits of Made in Michigan

There’s big, big enough and there’s too big. Sometimes big national janitorial companies also come with bigger problems, but too small doesn’t work either. If you manage a large complex or multiple facilities, small cleaning companies in Michigan are likely to be too small. But you don’t want to disappear in the sea of customers with a national janitorial company. What is likely to be the best fit? Well, you need janitorial services in Michigan that offer responsive service and superior cleaning all with janitorial prices that offer real value. You need a janitorial services company Michigan that is both established and experienced, as they are more likely to understand how to price and execute their services. You need a Detroit janitorial services company big enough to offer all of the services you need and price breaks that only large companies can qualify for, yet small enough and local that you can get what you need without having to wade through a complex structure of off shore call centers and pass the buck management where finding out who’s really in charge can be next to impossible. This is where a large local janitorial services company can really shine. When you contract with commercial cleaning services that are both large and local, you reap the many benefits of BOTH national janitorial companies AND local Michigan area janitorial companies. What can a large local cleaning company do for you and your facility? The most effective janitorial services companies in Michigan are those that have the experience where they have already worked through service issues and business problems that tend to plague newer startups or cleaning companies going through growth and the growing pains that can come with it. These larger, established Detroit commercial cleaning companies still reap the benefits of purchasing power like the large national janitorial companies but they pair it with the individualized services and accountability of the local companies.


Getting the Janitorial Services You Can Depend On

Okay so you want to use a local Michigan janitorial company but you want the right one that will deliver on their promises to you, so where do you start? First, you should scrutinize your prospective commercial cleaning company’s philosophy, practices and systems with regard to their people. All service businesses, including Detroit janitorial companies are reliant upon their front line employees to actually serve their customers. The President isn’t checking and rechecking that your floors are clean. The Business Manager isn’t emptying your restroom trashcans. It is the frontline cleaners who are responsible for the day to day cleaning and maintenance of your facility. What a janitorial company CAN control is how they find their people, how they vet and screen potential hires, how they attract and retain the best performers, how they train and equip their teams for success and how they manage and create a culture that rewards performance. Best practices in these areas reduce janitorial turnover which is historically high and that translates into more consistent, responsive and cost effective service for you the customer. Likewise, it is prudent to partner with an office cleaning company or medical cleaning company that is responsive. Cleaning isn’t as straight forward as one might think. Effective service takes communication, time, fine-tuning and systems to assure your cleaning and maintenance truly fit your needs. Those companies with designed and refined procedures and systems in place to create reliability through accountability are in the best position to really deliver on their promises. Additionally, choose a janitorial company with transparent pricing allows you to compare janitorial quotes in a meaningful way to secure the best value.


Using Industry Certifications to Make Finding a Detroit Commercial Cleaning Company Easier

Industry certifications like the ISSA’s CIMS can offer an easy way to pull together your short list of high performing janitorial service companies. CIMS, or the Cleaning Services Management Standard is a certification offered to building services contractors, also called BSCs, that requires contractors to demonstrate their mastery of a number of areas of business that directly correlate to effective service and operations. The ISSA’s CIMS certification measures a company’s adherence to and achievement of industry best practices through benchmarks and standards. CIMS is among the most demanding and difficult certifications, it isn’t an empty award or a purchased platitude, it is a respected certification with real meat to it. Those janitorial companies that achieve CIMS certification demonstrate a solid commitment to their industry as well as lofty goals of leading their industries into the future with continual striving to do more for less in the best ways that serve their customers and the planet. When you develop your shortlist of janitorial companies from those commercial cleaners that have achieved the CIMS certification, to put yourself and your facility in the best position to partner with an affordable local Michigan cleaning company that will deliver value for you and your facility.


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Getting Effective Janitorial Services In Michigan

Posted by Bob Abraham on Wed, Jun 01, 2016 @ 03:16 PM

detroit cleaning companies, michigan janitorial company, michigan cleaning companies

If Your Michigan Cleaning Services Are Ineffective, You Are Wasting Your Time

It is without a doubt that the right janitorial service company Michigan can benefit your facility in a number of ways. And yet, if your cleaning company is ineffective, they will create more problems for you than they solve. Don’t waste your time and money on a janitorial services company that can’t give you what you need. Cleaning and maintaining your facilities are an ongoing service that impacts your business each and every day, so choosing effective, professional janitorial services Michigan can save you money, time, costly mistakes, a stack of employee/tenant complaints and a myriad of hassles down the road.


Where To Begin With Finding Cleaning Services In Michigan?

So if finding the right prospective cleaning companies in Michigan is so critical, where do you begin? The best place to start is by putting together your short list and building a “proof” file for each contender. Janitorial companies can say anything they want to get your business, but that doesn’t make it true. It is up to you to confirm that there is substance to their claims and that they have a history of doing what they say they will. Separating the sales pitch from the substance is critical to finding a janitorial services company that will honor their word and deliver the professional, effective service you and your facility deserve. 

For instance, many janitorial services in Michigan will tout their cleaner training programs but are they actually putting their system to use training their teams or is it just a dusty binder sitting on a desk in HR? A potential commercial cleaning company should be able to offer documented proof that they are actually training employees with their system. Real training must happen prior to a cleaner entering your facility as well as follow up training in the field, don’t be content to let a prospective janitorial services company use training as a prospecting tool alone.


Making Michigan Janitorial Company References Work For You

Real references from current customers are great but references from accounts a prospective janitorial service company has lost are gold. No matter how proficient a cleaning company is, they have lost business and a past customer is likely to be far more candid about their experience. And when you get references of any kind, follow through and call them. Sure not everyone will get back to you but many will understanding and appreciating the need for sharing this valued information. What kind of questions are good to ask?

  • What was the one thing that the janitorial company did really well?

  • What things might the cleaning company improve upon?

  • How did you find the overall quality of the company’s front line employees?
  • How did you find the overall quality of the management team?
  • When you had an issue, was it communicated to on site staff timely?
  • Did they conduct regular janitorial inspections?
  • How did they generally communicate with you?

  • When you had an issue or problem, how quick & effectively did they address it?
  • Would you hire them again?


Is Your Prospective Michigan Janitorial Service Set Up To Succeed?

Many, many commercial cleaning companies truly want to provide great service to their accounts, but not all of them are set up to succeed. So it is wise to scratch beneath the service to see if a prospective janitorial service in Michigan has the systems and processes in place to assure reliability through accountability. So ask to be shown sample work instructions they give cleaners at another site. These work instructions should identify what individual cleaners are tasked with each day, by position. And if a commercial cleaning company has self-inspection forms, even better. Also inquire about their janitorial inspection process and ask to see a copy of one completed for another customer. You should be on the lookout for completeness, detailed notes and realistic scores. And even the best Michigan cleaning companies occasionally get off track so inquire about their communications process and handling of complaints. An effective, experienced cleaning company will have a clear, articulated communications plan in process, ready to show you.


Is Their Green Cleaning Program Real or Make Believe?

Does your Michigan janitorial company offer a real green cleaning program? In order to accomplish your eco goals, you have to be willing to look past the spin to the real core of green cleaning. Do their eco-friendly and sustainability promises hold up under scrutiny? Will they put green cleaning and sustainability into practice in your facility? Sustainable facility maintenance has never been more relevant than it is right now and even if you aren’t sure green cleaning is something you need, your prospective Michigan janitorial services company should have a solid program for when you do think you might need it. Most businesses genuinely want to do their best with respect to green cleaning goals. But not every cleaning company agrees on what green means and how it should be implemented. That often means inflated claims, empty promises and watered down results in how green cleaning is implemented in your facility. If a cleaning company’s green cleaning promises don’t hold water, they offer us a false sense of progress and they sidetrack us from real and effective measures that make our buildings safer and healthier.


Finding Cleaning Services In Michigan The Easier Way

One way to streamline the process of finding the most effective Michigan janitorial company is to develop your short list from those companies that are CIMS certified, meaning that an independent examiner has performed an audit to verify that they have all industry best practices in place.  This FREE shortcut can save you time and by weeding out those janitorial services company that are likely to take shortcuts with you, your employees and your precious reputation. An ISSA CIMS certified janitorial company has proven itself to be dedicated to a high standard of service, strives for customer satisfaction in every facet of its operations, from the pricing/bidding component, to the acquisition and training of employees to the actual execution of services right down to invoicing. And an ISSA CIMS certified company is far more likely to be with a solid management system and a competent staffing plan, allowing it to keep its own costs down, which translates into effective service and value for you.

janitorial pricing

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