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Restroom Cleaning Problems Got You Wiped?

Posted by Chris Stathakis on Tue, Sep 25, 2018 @ 11:04 AM

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Don't Let Restroom Cleaning Problems "Wipe" You Out

Have your office restrooms got you wiped? Are your office restrooms becoming a funky place? Are you getting a steady stream of complaints about the state of your restrooms? It may seem like common sense, but clean restrooms are probably one the most noticeable benefits of properly executed commercial cleaning. If your cleaning person or team is not properly addressing the needs of your restrooms, it’s going to impact your business. No matter if you manage a hospital, medical building, school, or even a retail establishment, the state of your restrooms says a lot to your customers, tenants and employees about your business and your commitment to quality standards. Ask yourself, “If I went into my restrooms as a prospective customer, how would I feel about this business?” If the answer is not so great, it might be time to start looking for a new restroom cleaning service to wipe out your restroom cleaning problems.


The Red Flags of Bad Restroom Cleaning

Toilet paper or hand towels running empty? Trash piling up? Funky smell? There are some red flags that definitively point to restroom cleaning problems. We have a ton of suggestions when its comes to proper restroom cleaning (we are a commercial cleaning company after all), but let's first look at what the major red flags are that your restrooms are being mistreated. Ahead we look at both big and small restroom problems that can up to a big mess and other more pressing problems.

  • When you walk in the smell is the first thing that hits you.
  • Your restroom mirrors are streaked by water spots and streaks, or perhaps, something even worse.
  • Consumables in the bathroom are often empty, like soap, hand towels and toilet paper among other things.
  • Drains and grating have collected so much dust and dirt that they no longer function properly.
  • Trash cans are perpetually full and overflowing.
  • Stall paneling has been “redecorated” with dirt, gunk, fingerprints and even graffiti.
  • A deep cleaning of the bathroom isn’t regularly performed leading to a degradation of important building assets.
  • The soap dispenser or sanitary containers are no longer in operable condition.
  • The sinks, usually a tool of cleaning, are instead filthier than the hands they were meant to serve.
  • The restroom floor is sticky, dusty and grimy.
  • Sediments and other grime have built up in the bathroom, often ringing toilets and urinals
  • Everything always seems to be damp.


Good Signs Your Restroom Cleaning Company Knows What They're Doing

The most effective restroom cleaning, you’ll find, focuses on everything from the big picture to small details taking into account things like the density of traffic and techniques on how to clean for health. You can’t clean a restroom like you clean the rest of the facility, it requires specific know how and techniques due to the unique nature of what goes on inside. If your commercial cleaning company is neglecting this important, busy area of your facility, business is sure to suffer. Don’t let the place where people do their business ultimately cast a stain on your bottom line. So, what should your commercial cleaning company be doing to make sure that your restrooms are properly cleaned and the helping rather than hurting your image and overall bottom line? 

  • Consumable supplies must always be restocked, the best companies will keep track of traffic in specific bathrooms and plan accordingly.
  • Stall dividers must be clean and free of gum, graffiti and gunk.
  • The room should smells fresh and when you walk in you should be hit by a wave of stench.
  • Trash must be taken out well before it spilling over with its contents or the restroom might require a larger trash receptacle.
  • Routine inspection of the restroom’s fixtures and such should be done to make sure that they are all clean and in working order.
  • Dwell times on cleaning products should be carefully observed to make sure that the restroom’s surfaces get fully cleaned AND disinfected, an important step in minimizing cross contamination and the spread of disease causing germs.
  • Toilet seats and urinals must be disinfected and dried completely.
  • Mirrors should be clean, shiny and streak and lint free.
  • Careful attention must be paid to areas like corners, grates, ceiling vents, and baseboards.
  • The lights in the restroom should all in working order.
  • Your restroom cleaners should conduct a regular deep cleaning.
  • Taking advantage of industry innovations such as chemicals, agitation and extraction to insure walls, floors, toilets, urinals, sinks, mirrors and fixtures are scrubbed and deep cleaned.
  • All feminine hygiene utilities should be properly cared for and stocked regularly.
  • Floors should be clean and dry for hygienics, appearances and even protecting against slip and falls.
  • Grating and drains should be kept clear so that they can function properly.
  • Air vents should be clean and free of dust build up Assuring better overall air quality.
  • Any rags or mops used in the restroom should never be used anywhere else in the facility.
  • Hot spots, high contact points should be cleaned carefully so as to reduce the risk of spreading pathogens.
  • After cleaning is completed, the restrooms should be inspected to make sure that nothing was missed.


Don’t Let Poor Restroom Cleaning Wipe You Out

While finding the best commercial cleaning shouldn’t be as hard as it is, it is worth your time to find the right office cleaning company. The advantage of having a professional, well-trained cleaning staff is clear. If you already have a janitorial service or commercial cleaning service in Michigan and they are keeping your restrooms in tip top condition, consider yourself lucky. If not, it may be time to revisit some of the things you want from them. And if you have already tried to coax better service from your cleaning company to no avail, it may be time to partner with a different, more experienced and more responsive company. Your facility restrooms are a critical component of the overall health and image of your business, don’t let them make the wrong impression or negatively impact your bottom line.


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