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Commercial Floor Cleaning


Floor Maintenance Programs


Floor Buffing/Burnishing


Floor Cleaning Programs

Important Elements of Your Floor Cleaning Service

Create a contract and come up with a specific job description so the day porter knows exactly what is expected of them. The contract should also include a phrase like, “Will perform other reasonably assigned duties at the discretion of the customer.”

Only contract with maintenance companies that fully screen any employees entering your facility including comprehensive criminal background checks and drug tests.

Avoid overwhelming the day porter with too many tasks from too many people. Prioritize those duties you feel are the most important for them to complete and decide who may and who may not assign them added duties. Emphasize good two-way communication so that the day porter knows what is expected of them.

Keeping Things on Track

We our customers may be operating on tight budgets. Day porters are a cost effective way to get more out of your normal cleaning services. They can be there to provide an extra set of hands and fill in any gaps you wouldn’t otherwise be able to manage on your own.
A positive, helpful attitude is crucial for a service-oriented position like a day porter, so we understand the importance of vetting, hiring and training reliable day porter staff for your business. We hope your day porter can become an extension of your regular staff, but we realize this isn’t always the case. If you run into any issues, or you don’t think the day porter is a good fit, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will help you manage any problems that may arise, ensuring you find someone who is a good fit and can keep you satisfied.
A day porter can be an excellent addition to your facility. If you think a day porter is what your facility needs to keep things running smoothly, contact Stathakis today so that we can help you design a custom day porter program tailored to your specific needs.


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