Stathakis COVID-19 Certification

We are here to help you now. We will work with you to develop a plan of action that provides the most value, with the best service, at a fair price. Stathakis has been in the cleaning business for over 45 years. Our CIMS Certification assures you that we have the processes in place to get the job done right. Our experience will get us in and out of your facility with the least amount of downtime to your operations. Our staff is trained in the proper use of chemicals, high efficiency equipment, PPE, and the proper procedures in disinfecting your facility.  Our staff is professional and there to make your workforce feel better about the cleanliness and health of your facility.


Other Commercial Disinfection Services by Stathakis:

The Stathakis Difference in Restroom Disinfection Services

  • Use of EPA approved disinfectants.
  • We follow all CDC disinfection guidelines to minimize and eliminate the spread of disease.
  • In addition to fogging and misting, we carefully wipe down all surfaces. The EPA believes that fogging and misting methods of application of disinfectant may not be adequate on their own. Here is a link to the EPA Ruling.
  • Use of color-coded microfiber wiping clothes to ensure cross contamination does not occur. 
  • We have systems in place for reasonable assurances that the technicians administering the disinfection services are healthy and not carriers of the germs that they are disinfecting.
  • All crew members use proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for protection from the environment they are working in, from the disinfecting chemicals being used to the germs being disinfected.  

Restroom Disinfection Services - Covering All of Those Restroom Touchpoints 

Restroom Disinfectant Service

Touchpoints are surfaces that come into heavy contact with human hands. These areas are considered “high-risk” for the possibility of general viral transmission. Commonly known restroom touchpoints include paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers, toilet handles, partition walls and sinks. Utilizing an electric chemical fogging unit to spray atomized Spartan Chemical Super HDQL-10® particles (with an EPA-certified claim as being effective against SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19), we provide Enhanced Touchpoint Cleaning throughout the facility. Our goal is to make sure that your employees and/or students stay healthy and engaged, so we will do everything we can to reduce the transfer of germs and spread of illness through your facility.