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Commercial Carpet Cleaning As We Move Into Spring

Posted by George Stathakis on Wed, Feb 07, 2018 @ 10:47 AM

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Right now Michigan is in the middle of a cold, wet winter. School closings abound, flu season is in full swing and spring seems like a teeny tiny speck so far in the distance. In fact, Pennsylvania's groundhog Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow last week and you know what that means, welcome to six more weeks of winter. And yet, thankfully, before we know it, the long, dark months of winter will be behind us and spring will have sprung. As hard as winter can be on us here in Michigan, it’s even tougher on our flooring and carpets. The snow, sleet, slush and salt can make even the most well maintained facilities look and feel grimy and water logged. Water, snow, grit, sludge, dirt and salt all make their way into your building on the hundreds or even thousands of feet coming in and out, day to day. It can be tempting to wait for winter to be over to clean up the mess it brings, but maintaining your carpets over the cold and wet season can not only keep your facility looking top notch, it can prevent irreversible damage to your office carpets and protect your carpet’s lifespan.


No Two Facilities Are Alike, Your Carpet Maintenance Program Should Be Specific to Your Needs

 A regular, well thought out carpet maintenance program should include regular care, spot cleaning, high traffic area cleaning and deep cleaning in order to protect carpets and even delay costly carpet replacement. A professional carpet cleaning company will carefully assess your building’s traffic and use patterns when developing a carpet maintenance program. By taking the time to visit your building and working to understand your individual challenges with regard to floor and carpet maintenance, the right commercial carpet cleaning company can help develop a carpet maintenance program that meets your needs in an efficient, cost effective way. Even better, the best carpet cleaning companies will recognize and evaluate high-traffic times and even seasonal shifts to determine when it makes most sense to address flooring and carpet cleaning for minimal interruption to business as well as optimal results. Partner with the right commercial carpet cleaning company and you will get a carpet maintenance program that is careful with your dollars and your carpeting investment by performing maintenance where it is needed, and skipping or delaying it where it may not be.


Is Your Carpet Cleaning Company Using Appropriate Equipment?

The best commercial carpet cleaning companies get to know your facility so that they can prescribe carpet cleaning solutions that fit your needs, but they also use the right equipment. Far too many carpet cleaning companies still utilize old equipment that has proven to be too hard on carpets, even commercial carpeting which is designed and manufactured for high traffic. Out of date methods like Bonnet carpet cleaning are significantly too rough on carpets and may even void your carpet’s warranty. Why don’t carpet manufacturers cover damage caused by Bonnet carpet cleaning? Because it happens too often, they know Bonnet cleaning is simply too hard on carpets. Not only is Bonnet carpet cleaning too harsh, it isn’t really effective beyond removing surface soils and pushing dirt and deeper into your carpet. Dry carpet cleaning methods like the Whittaker method are superior when it comes to periodic maintenance and truck mounted hot water extraction carpet cleaning is best for a deep and thorough carpet cleaning.


Get Ahead of the Winter Wear With Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Periodic office carpet cleaning and even a carpet management program can help keep your facility looking great throughout the year as well as protect your valuable building assets. Odors and stains can plague carpets that are not cleaned regularly. Many commercial carpet warranties also require yearly or twice yearly cleaning because they know regularly cleaned carpets wear better. At Stathakis, Detroit and Southeastern Michigan businesses expert commercial carpet cleaning and floor maintenance. With proven carpet cleaning methods like truck mounted hot water extraction carpet cleaning, portable machine carpet cleaning, and low moisture carpet cleaning, and Whittaker Carpet cleaning, we get carpets cleaner, looking and smelling better all while extending their lifespan and even improving indoor air quality! Need Detroit office carpet cleaning? For more information on how you can keep your floors and carpet looking their best, please contact, Stathakis at #800-278-1884.


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Stathakis Says Farewell to Jerry Ledbetter

Posted by George Stathakis on Wed, Jun 05, 2013 @ 10:15 AM

Jerry Ledbetter resized 600

Jerry Ledbetter has been a painter for over forty years. Nearly fifteen of those years Jerry has spent here at Stathakis where he recently retired as a Painting Supervisor. Why so many years spent in an industry that many people drift in and out of? As Jerry himself said, “I like to paint, it’s that simple. I’m an outdoors kind of guy and during the warmers months, much of the work is outside, a great place to get your work done right?  The only thing better than that is retirement.” And so Jerry is finally enjoying his retirement, the culmination of four decades worth of hard work and of course, everyone at Stathakis wishes Jerry nothing but good things.

Jerry Ledbetter has been with the Stathakis family for 14 years. Chris Stathakis had this to say about Jerry, “Jerry is a guy with real integrity, he is honest and he looks out for the customer. It’s not very often that we run across someone as special as Jerry. I wish we had ten more just like him. We know he’s looking forward to retirement and we want him to enjoy it, but he will really be missed.”

So why would a guy who has the work ethic and know how to get many jobs in many places, stay here at Stathakis, you might wonder. “I really like working for a family organization. Dennis, Chris and George, they treat me like family and I like that. I’ve been painting for 42 years and Stathakis is the best company I have ever worked for hands down. When I first met with George about joining Stathakis, he asked what I wanted out of the job, I don’t think I had ever been asked that before. I told him I wanted to work for a good company that I could retire from and that’s what I did.”

During his years at Stathakis, Jerry witnessed many changes. As Jerry himself notes, “When I started we had maybe ten accounts, one or two major painting accounts and I’m not sure we even had any building maintenance accounts. Now we have over 400 employees and Stathakis has really grown into a force in our industry and a very good place to work. George, Chris and Dennis have grown Stathakis the way they have because of how they treat people, customers, employees, all of us. Those guys didn’t miss opportunities, they found good people and we did our jobs.”  George Stathakis is happy for Jerry but sad to see him go, “Jerry is a part of why Stathakis was able to grow the way it did. Jerry was the kind of guy I could really count on. We all want to be the kind of person that really comes through when you need it but really, only a handful of people really come through for you time and time again.”

While Jerry appreciated the family nature of the business and had the opportunity to grow with the company, certainly there are things he won’t miss.  “Well, the hours could be challenging but it comes with the territory. Sure the winter months of leaving for work when it was dark out and driving home in the dark weren’t my favorite, but it balances out when I think about the time I got to spend outdoors working with the sun on my face. And I got paid to do something I really like to do, not everyone can say that.”

Jerry Ledbetter service resized 600“Jerry worked hard as a painter and then as a painting supervisor and he left his department better than he found it. He really likes painting and it shows in his work and the attitude he brought with him every day,” said Dennis Stathakis.  Jerry liked the company he worked for and liked the work and just maybe that is the magic recipe for a long and fruitful career. “I like painting, it’s good work and the work changes you know, a different day, a different job.” All of us here at Stathakis wish Jerry many wonderful days ahead, relaxing and enjoying all that Michigan and beyond has to offer. Jerry will definitely be missed here at the office and on the job but we are grateful that he was and will continue to be counted upon as an MVP here at Stathakis and part of our family.

What will Jerry do now? He’s looking forward to sleeping in once in awhile and getting more use out of his Jet Ski. He’ll have more time to camp, fish and spend time with his wife Sandy and their Yorkie and Poodle. Jerry says he won’t miss the hours and is of course looking forward to more free time, but he will miss his conversations with Dennis and the chances he had to catch up with the janitorial staff who he saw coming in as he was usually leaving. What advice does Jerry have for people thinking about entering the painting or building maintenance field? “Be cordial to everyone, do your job the best you can and then let it go, it will all fall into place if you just do that.”

Thank you Jerry for everything you have done for Stathakis! 

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What Most Commercial Floor Cleaning services Don't Want You To Know

Posted by George Stathakis on Wed, Dec 19, 2012 @ 08:41 AM

commercial-floor-cleaningNot all cleaning companies are created equal, and when it comes to commercial floor cleaning, it’s important to know that these services are much more than just finding someone with a floor scrubbing machine and a van. 

There are a lot of new, innovative types of flooring available today in addition to the old standards. It is very easy to use the wrong product in commercial floor cleaning. There are as many different types of cleaning chemicals as their are types of flooring. Using the wrong equipment and/or cleaning products can have the following negative effects on your investment:

  • Ruin Your Floors
For stubborn stains, using the wrong method of scrubbing or dousing them in harsh chemicals can lead to a scratched or discolored floor, respectively. A commercial floor cleaning company that is inexperienced or doesn’t train it’s employees in everything they need to know on the minutia of cleaning products and flooring types will ultimately destroy your floors. For example, many commercial floor cleaning services use bleach as a standard stain remover. This is because it is cheep and effective. However, this harsh chemical will discolor your floors, even in a diluted state.
In the commercial floor cleaning industry, safety should also be an important element of employee training. Many companies will just ask their employees to put up a sign that the floor is wet, but the issue of floor cleaning safety goes beyond that.

For instance, does your commercial floor cleaning service offer any maintenance for your floors that may need repair? Also, are they training their employees well in the use of heavy-duty equipment such as commercial waxing machines or steam cleaners for your carpets? If they do not do any of those things then they’re setting the stage for an accident that you could be liable for.
  • Leave Your Floors Looking Awful
The state and cleanliness of your floor sets the entire tone of your building. This is a fact that many commercial floor cleaning services just don’t understand or care about. If it is dirty or in disrepair, then your company will seem as if it too is soiled and broken. Picture your facility with a spotless, shiny floor or a grimy, worn out one and asks yourself which image sets a higher standard and inspires a professional working environment.
To find the best company, ask questions relating to your commercial floor cleaning. Ask them what type of products they would use on your particular floors, and how often they should be waxed or sealed? The more questions you ask and the more competent answers you receive will help you to assess if you’re dealing with a professional, reliable commercial floor cleaning service. Remember that commercial flooring is a huge investment that you want to last. The methods and services provided by a commercial floor cleaning company should do all they can to help you get the most out of your flooring.


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When Is It Time To Bring In Building Maintenance Services

Posted by George Stathakis on Mon, Oct 15, 2012 @ 08:09 AM

Building Maintenance Services resized 600Building maintenance services are a great way to achieve quality control over the state of your building. But how do you know if commercial building maintenance is right for your business or facility?

Ask yourself: are little maintenance issues becoming a huge problem because you just don’t have the time to address them? Is your business getting a bad rap because of the shoddy condition of your building? Are you looking for innovative ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality?  

If you can answer yes to any of the above scenarios, then it’s probably time to bring in building maintenance services. Commercial building maintenance is a great solution for business owners and facility managers who simply do not have the time or expertise it takes to carry out the constant maintenance services necessary to keep up a property.

There are several difference kinds of building maintenance services available, each offering a variety of maintenance services. The first step is to choose what kind of commercial building maintenance makes the most sense for you:

  • On Site Maintenance
This is best if you’re running a larger building that needs constant attention. With this service you’ll get a dedicated staff that knows your building and can work with you day in and day out to keep it running smoothly.
  • Multi-facility maintenance
If you oversee multiple building types, commercial building maintenance services can provide a mobile solution that bring consistent quality, and management solutions to all varieties of facilities.
  • On demand maintenance
For smaller buildings, you can simply order maintenance services when you need them. You get this service with the assurance that you’re receiving quality work from a reputable company. Even on demand, commercial handyman services can still provide a wide range of building maintenance services.
Some other factors to consider when you chose to outsource your building maintenance services are:

  • Cost
Remember that you will get what you pay for. Commercial building maintenance services that come in way under the fair pricing rates are either going to be cutting costs in services or in employee payroll, which eventually leads to poor quality work or dangerous, illegal subcontracting.
  • Experience and Reputation
Choosing a company that has a long-standing, good reputation within your community is always a good idea as it ensures that you’ll be dealing with people that are easy to work with, know the area, and knowledgeable in their industry. Ask around and check out the testimonials of various companies before signing on.
  • Quality
The company you choose should offer top-notch training to their employees and be well versed in a wide variety of maintenance services. Such as electrical, plumbing, painting, and carpentry, (to name a few).
  • Bonding and Insurance
Be sure that the company you working with is fully bonded and insured. Is ensures the safety and well being of you and your buildings occupants.
Start sprucing up your facility today with building maintenance services. By having someone there to take care of those little problems before they snowball into huge catastrophes you’ll save money in the long run and instantly gain peace of mind.

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Are Commercial Handyman Services For You?

Posted by George Stathakis on Mon, Sep 17, 2012 @ 09:23 AM

building-maintenance-servicesWhen your job is to manage building maintenance services, you understand that every facility is going to need someone reliable, like a commercial handyman, to work on that ever present list of little tasks and repairs that are always coming up. Maintaining a building or office is important; no one wants to conduct business in a run-down, shabby looking space. Furthermore, the safety issues that result from neglected buildings are a lawsuit waiting to happen.

For very large, high traffic facilities a full-time commercial building maintenance staff is essential. But if your facility or office is on a smaller scale, then commercial handyman services might be better suited to meet your needs.

How can you tell if Commercial Handyman services are the answer?

If any of the following scenarios sound familiar, than the at will services of a commercial handyman might be a perfect fit for you and your facility maintenance services: 

  1. Do you employ a full-time maintenance staff that is often left with more time on their hands than work? 
  2. For building maintenance services, do you call a different company every time you need repairs done? 
  3. Do you wish you could enjoy all the benefits of a full-time building maintenance technician on a fractional basis?  
The on demand skills of commercial handyman services are there when you need them. They can be scheduled on recurring bases or called up in advance. With our commercial handyman services we eliminate the need to call up a different specialist every time you need a repair. No job is too big or small for our commercial handyman services. From tightening screws to oiling hinges, our experienced and professional, fully licensed, staff will go above and beyond to meet your needs. We offer all kinds of repair services, including:
  • Carpentry Repairs
  • Electrical Repairs
  • Plumbing Repairs
  • Fixture/Furniture Moving
  • Life/Safety Audits

Outsourcing your facility maintenance to commercial handyman services is a cost effective move that will save time and money in more ways that one. Just knowing that someone who is reliable, safe, and professional is there to get the job done when you need it means that you’re free to focus on the other, more important, aspects of your job.

A well-maintained space improves employee moral. Ideas and ingenuity flourish in a safe and positive environment. Hiring a responsible commercial handyman service can increase employee output and improve your overall bottom line in the process.

If you’re looking for a way to preserve your office of facilities high maintenance standards but on a part-time or at will basis then commercial handyman services sound like an ideal solution for you. Contacts us today for more information on what Stathakis can offer you regarding commercial handyman services!

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How Commercial Handyman Services Can Be Handy

Posted by George Stathakis on Thu, Aug 30, 2012 @ 07:29 AM

commercial handymanWhen it comes to facility maintenance, every structure needs special attention to keep things running smoothly. It seems that the repairs and the various odd jobs that arise are as much a certainty in life as death and taxes! However, in many cases, a full time building maintenance service isn’t really necessary or cost effective. In these instances commercial handyman services can be a very handy resource indeed.

The qualities that define a commercial handyman services are the on demand availability of their expert help, thorough knowledge of building maintenance, and versatile nature. No job's too small for the professional handyman. You can’t beat the practicality and convenience of this age-old profession. Some of the benefits of engaging in commercial handyman services include:

  • Flexibility: Jobs can be scheduled ahead of time, on demand, or worked out on a rotating schedule. Either way, you get the benefits of full time building maintenance services when and how you need them.
  • Taking care of the little jobs: from changing light bulbs to tightening screws, those little tasks that could turn into huge problems are dealt with immediately. In turn, this leaves you free to focus on your job.
  • Peace of mind: The ease of engaging commercial handyman services gives you the satisfaction that someone is available to do the job when maintenance problems arise. You don’t have to worry about the risks involved if you try to take on the job yourself. Even the tiniest mistake in maintenance jobs often leads to wasted time, effort, and/or money.
  • Save time and money: If it doesn’t make sense for your facility to have a full time building maintenance crew, then outsourcing with commercial handyman services is the time saving and cost effective answer to your facility maintenance dilemmas.
Remember, when looking for commercial handyman services, there is a lot of competition and many under trained “professionals” who are just looking to make a quick buck. So make sure that you entrust your building maintenance services to a reputable company that will get the job done.

With all the hats you wear in operating a facility or running a business, doing the work of a commercial handyman shouldn’t be one of them. In fact, when it is then the problem may be put on the back burner and escalate into something bigger. With commercial handyman services on call, you can rest easy that such jobs will be taken care of before they become a huge problem and huge cost to you.

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Does your Facility Maintenance Services Help to Conserve Energy?

Posted by George Stathakis on Mon, Jul 30, 2012 @ 09:00 AM

light bulb replacementWith the increasing prices of energy and the public becoming more energy conscious, plenty of attention has been given in finding ways to detect and prevent wasted energy. Today whenever we buy a product that consumes energy it comes with an Energy Star rating which is a government-backed (EPA) program helping businesses and individuals protect the environment through superior energy efficiency.  The same awareness goes out when it comes to conservation of energy through lighting in office buildings. One question which is being raised in the community, is whether energy reducing methods compromise lighting quality and quantity. As a result, more and more office buildings of today’s generation have become lighting energy conscious and have started taking steps to reduce the unnecessary waste by monitoring the usage.

You can play your part in this lighting energy saving movement by upgrading fixtures in your building office with energy-efficient lamps and ballasts. Adding state-of-the-art lighting controls in selected areas for daylight harvesting and dimming can also help. This also calls for upgrading heating, ventilation, and air conditioning controls. Once completed, the effort can help to achieve a 20 to 25 percent reduction in total energy consumption, and approximately thousands of dollars  in annual energy savings.

Lighting Energy Consumption Ratio by Office Department:

light sensor savings

Now that we’ve discussed about the energy consumption by lighting in different areas of offices, let’s talk about what can be done to preserve this energy. This can be done in two ways: one is by the user and the other is by the operation manager's of office buildings.

Lighting Energy conservation measures by users

Lighting conservation measures are carried out by the users and correspond to users’ efforts as well as elimination of waste including “lights-off during lunch break”, etc. These actions to minimize the load are the first step towards energy conservation measures. In most buildings, lighting accounts for about 25% of the total demand for electrical energy. Now that most reading and writing is performed on computers, light levels should be lower to eliminate glare and eye strain. Consider leaving half the lights in private offices and partition areas off to reduce ambient light levels and installing an appropriate task light on desks for paperwork.

Major Lighting energy conservation measures:

  • Turn off the lights in unused rooms
  • Turn off the lights during lunch break.

Lighting Energy conservation measures by operations:

Lighting energy conservation measures by operations are to operate the current facility efficiently and to rationalize the use of lighting. The measures are the basis of  lighting management in which energy conservation is promoted without imposing a burden to users. Good Facility Maintenance Services can assist in finding energy savings.

Major Lighting energy conservation measures:

  • Subdivide the lighting circuits, put together the operations.
  • Exchange the stabilizer of the existing lighting fixtures to an inverter type.
  • Re-new to high-efficiency lighting fixtures and light sensors which turn on and off automatically if particular room is not being used and eliminate the equation of people forgetting to turn off the lights after finishing work.
  • Energy-efficient lamps
  • Adding state-of-the-art lighting controls
  • A Fluorescent lamp gives 5 times the light and last up to 8 times longer than ordinary light bulbs. The bulb wattage does not measure the amount of light it gives, but the amount of energy it consumes.

Therefore, the best and most efficient way to conserve lighting energy is by eliminating the unnecessary usage of light.

Stathakis can help with you find energy savings with lighting updating in your facility. We can find you light sensor savings that average less than a three year return.  We can also help you with affordable light bulb replacement solutions or any of your other lighting maintenance needs.  

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Winning With Commercial Handyman Services

Posted by George Stathakis on Mon, Jul 09, 2012 @ 07:04 AM

Handyman PicOwning a building is one thing, but maintaining it is important too. In order to survive day to day operations and constant use of facilities,  maintenance & repair becomes essential so that it can attract new clients and boost employee’s moral. Lack of maintenance will make your office look old and shabby; it will also cause all sorts of problems concerning safety issues. More employees may get injured at work because of inadequate lighting, hanging doors, drawers, cabinets, doggy door knobs, etc. which will lead to loss of days at work and low productivity. There’s a simple solution to all these problems and that is to maintain your workplace, especially when most of us spend half of our day in our facilities working. 

A well-maintained office always represents how much it has been looked after and portrays a sense of responsibility to customers and visitors in regards with health and safety hazards. A commercial handyman service is useful for saving time and money by taking care of all your maintenance needs from lighting to carpentry. A customer’s first impression is the one that will make the biggest impact - so make yours count! 

Below are some points on the benefits of hiring the right commercial handyman service that can improve your office facility:

  • Better maintenance management
  • Positive impact on clients, visitors, and employees
  • Reduces safety hazards (improper lighting, hanging doors, etc.)
  • Prevents loss of days at work caused by injury at the work place
  • Boost employee’s moral
  • Improves work efficiency

If employing staff and purchasing enough repair supplies to look after the facility is not for you, then outsourcing your maintenance and repairs is your only and valuable option which can save time and money. By outsourcing your commercial handyman services, you won’t have to worry about maintenance. Instead, you can focus on excelling your business by leaving building maintenance to professionals who would deliver its services regularly without a miss.

At STATHAKIS, we deliver not just any handyman service, but a service that suits you. We offer handyman services on a one-time contract basis which include replacing lights & switches, lamps, carpentry, and plumbing up to the walls. We understand the importance and the challenges that come with handyman services, therefore; customers are our first priority and we respond within 10-Minitues Guaranteed! We also provide 24 hour emergency repair services.

What you can expect from a Stathakis Managed Solution:  

  • Impact/improve your customers overall experience
  • A partnership in operational excellence and transparency
  • Saving time and money
  • 24 hour emergency repairs
  • A systemized approach that puts you first

If you are in the Detroit, Michigan area let us know how we can help you! We provide handyman services for the entire Southeastern Michigan area. Whether you have a simple question or would like a no-obligation quote, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-278-1884.


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Emergency Cleaning Services in Detroit

Posted by George Stathakis on Mon, Jul 02, 2012 @ 07:01 AM

emergency cleaning serviesIn times of emergency, situations may require us to make instant decisions to reduce the damage caused. In many emergency cases we know what to do, but we just don’t have enough people, time, and proper equipment to solve the problem on our own. It is almost certain that when such a situation rises we’ll be calling in companies that offer emergency cleaning services. Therefore a company must respond immediately to provide its services, so that damage can be reduced and restoration activities can be initiated. These companies will be providing assistance in terms of assessment and treatment of problems caused by the emergency. By acting promptly in providing services, one can prevent loss of work days / time and save money in terms of productivity. 

Situations like floods in buildings due to broken water pipes and sewer line breaks, are a common and worst nightmare for any facility manager. These tasks are time consuming and must be taken care of as soon as possible, as company’s professional image is at stake. This is where emergency cleaning companies comes in handy, as they would react quickly and you can focus on the other important tasks. With the help of their experience and high performance equipment, they can finish the clean up quickly and save you money.

Quick tips to get you through your next building emergency:

  1. Make sure that building contact informtion is left with someone on the day staff and is posted in the janitorial closet for night staff to access. 
  2. Post building emergency notification information for police, fire, medical and alarm so they can easily be contacted.
  3. Make sure to put a list together of contractors to call for emergency building repair services.  This would include plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and flooding emergencies.  
Properly responding to facility emergencies will minimize building downtime and save money.  They secret is to be PREPARED!

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BUSINESS CLEANING - Do You Know Who’s in Your Building at Night?

Posted by George Stathakis on Wed, Jun 13, 2012 @ 07:11 AM

business cleaningFor a business to grow and make a name in society, it is important to share a strong and healthy relationship with clients.  One should work harder to meet clients requirements and provide special services to build a trust and better working relationship. Now ask a question to yourself: Do you know which commercial cleaning company to trust with the keys of your building? Do you know who is working in your building at night?  Especially when businesses have staff’s that are here today and gone tomorrow. A recent survey showed a combination of insufficient talent, intelligence, and the lack of reference checking resulted in 33% of bad hires. There is no doubt that most employers will make the wrong hiring decision at some point. Today businesses avoid reference checks, police background checks, and drug testings before hiring because it consumes time and effort. You’d be surprised to know that some of them are not even licensed businesses and do not offer what they advertise.

There are certain things to look for while finding a commercial cleaning company that is right for you. Firstly, pre-screen and choose your group: make a list of all your requirements and ask different cleaning businesses how they can meet them in best possible way; Secondly, conduct an organized walk-through: arrange a meeting with the company (this will give you a chance to interact and know more about the company, face to face). Ask for business registration and certification that the company holds. Is the company a franchise? Do they buy or sell contract? Are they insured? What procedures they have in place when they hire a staff? Do they perform verification checks on employees?

Answers to all the above questions will help you understand a company better and you can then make your decision whether to trust a company or not. Let’s have a look at points which must be taken into consideration while performing a verification check, as it is not limited just to criminal history and drug testing.

Points to lookout for while performing verification:

  • Education Verification
  • Employment History Verification
  • Professional References Verification
  • International Verifications
  • Professional Licenses Verification
  • Criminal History Verification
  • Drug Testing 

At STATHAKIS we have a unique perspective on how to provide commercial cleaning services. We believe cleaning is much more that just dusting, mopping, and emptying trashcans. At the office everyone expects a clean and safe working environment and we go the extra mile to provide our clients with the same. While other companies offer just simple cleaning services, we provide building maintenance services who know the building better than its professional cleaning staff. We believe in building a family, like a relation with our clients. This in turn,  puts their mind at ease and in carefree mode when it comes to business cleaning. We have various verification methods in place at the time of hire to ensure that our staff is knowledgeable and clean as a whistle, as they are the one's representing us.


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