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Commercial Carpet Cleaning As We Move Into Spring

Posted by George Stathakis on Wed, Feb 07, 2018 @ 10:47 AM

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Right now Michigan is in the middle of a cold, wet winter. School closings abound, flu season is in full swing and spring seems like a teeny tiny speck so far in the distance. In fact, Pennsylvania's groundhog Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow last week and you know what that means, welcome to six more weeks of winter. And yet, thankfully, before we know it, the long, dark months of winter will be behind us and spring will have sprung. As hard as winter can be on us here in Michigan, it’s even tougher on our flooring and carpets. The snow, sleet, slush and salt can make even the most well maintained facilities look and feel grimy and water logged. Water, snow, grit, sludge, dirt and salt all make their way into your building on the hundreds or even thousands of feet coming in and out, day to day. It can be tempting to wait for winter to be over to clean up the mess it brings, but maintaining your carpets over the cold and wet season can not only keep your facility looking top notch, it can prevent irreversible damage to your office carpets and protect your carpet’s lifespan.


No Two Facilities Are Alike, Your Carpet Maintenance Program Should Be Specific to Your Needs

 A regular, well thought out carpet maintenance program should include regular care, spot cleaning, high traffic area cleaning and deep cleaning in order to protect carpets and even delay costly carpet replacement. A professional carpet cleaning company will carefully assess your building’s traffic and use patterns when developing a carpet maintenance program. By taking the time to visit your building and working to understand your individual challenges with regard to floor and carpet maintenance, the right commercial carpet cleaning company can help develop a carpet maintenance program that meets your needs in an efficient, cost effective way. Even better, the best carpet cleaning companies will recognize and evaluate high-traffic times and even seasonal shifts to determine when it makes most sense to address flooring and carpet cleaning for minimal interruption to business as well as optimal results. Partner with the right commercial carpet cleaning company and you will get a carpet maintenance program that is careful with your dollars and your carpeting investment by performing maintenance where it is needed, and skipping or delaying it where it may not be.


Is Your Carpet Cleaning Company Using Appropriate Equipment?

The best commercial carpet cleaning companies get to know your facility so that they can prescribe carpet cleaning solutions that fit your needs, but they also use the right equipment. Far too many carpet cleaning companies still utilize old equipment that has proven to be too hard on carpets, even commercial carpeting which is designed and manufactured for high traffic. Out of date methods like Bonnet carpet cleaning are significantly too rough on carpets and may even void your carpet’s warranty. Why don’t carpet manufacturers cover damage caused by Bonnet carpet cleaning? Because it happens too often, they know Bonnet cleaning is simply too hard on carpets. Not only is Bonnet carpet cleaning too harsh, it isn’t really effective beyond removing surface soils and pushing dirt and deeper into your carpet. Dry carpet cleaning methods like the Whittaker method are superior when it comes to periodic maintenance and truck mounted hot water extraction carpet cleaning is best for a deep and thorough carpet cleaning.


Get Ahead of the Winter Wear With Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Periodic office carpet cleaning and even a carpet management program can help keep your facility looking great throughout the year as well as protect your valuable building assets. Odors and stains can plague carpets that are not cleaned regularly. Many commercial carpet warranties also require yearly or twice yearly cleaning because they know regularly cleaned carpets wear better. At Stathakis, Detroit and Southeastern Michigan businesses expert commercial carpet cleaning and floor maintenance. With proven carpet cleaning methods like truck mounted hot water extraction carpet cleaning, portable machine carpet cleaning, and low moisture carpet cleaning, and Whittaker Carpet cleaning, we get carpets cleaner, looking and smelling better all while extending their lifespan and even improving indoor air quality! Need Detroit office carpet cleaning? For more information on how you can keep your floors and carpet looking their best, please contact, Stathakis at #800-278-1884.


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