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Are Your Industrial Janitorial Services Rotten?

Posted by Chris Stathakis on Mon, Nov 20, 2017 @ 02:18 PM

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When you manage an industrial facility, whether it is a manufacturing plant, distribution center, warehouse or other similar facility, you know keeping it clean and well maintained is critical to its smooth, efficient operation. What separates industrial cleaning from general commercial cleaning or office cleaning is the heightened safety and compliance issues. Industrial facilities are governed by significantly more complex safety and compliance requirements and any commercial cleaning company operating in your facility must be aware of, and compliant with these important extras. Does your janitorial company understand the unique requirements of your industrial facility? Is your industrial cleaning sweet and to your liking or has your cleaning and maintenance become rotten?


Are Your Industrial Cleaning Services Stuck In A Rut?

Okay so maybe your commercial industrial cleaning isn’t rotten to the core, maybe they are just stuck in a rut. Maybe they started strong and then apathy set in until service had slipped below an acceptable level of care. Maybe your Detroit industrial cleaning was solid at first but your business changed and expanded in ways that your industrial cleaning company couldn't seem to keep up with. Or perhaps your industrial cleaning services were never really good but by the time you realized you had contracted with a subpar commercial cleaning company, there just want enough time and energy to shift gears. Substandard industrial cleaning, underserved facilities, antiquated services and indifferent service are permitted to continue in part because it can be challenging to predict if the next industrial janitorial service you contract with is going to be any better. There is probably a host of reasons your industrial janitorial services are not where you need them to be but there is a remedy. There are janitorial services companies that understand the unique requirements of industrial cleaning and have the will and the know how to provide you and your industrial facility with professional, effective janitorial services that deliver real value.  


Have You Outgrown Your Industrial Janitorial Services?

Managing an industrial facilities company can be challenging, not only are their complex compliance and safety requirements, often industrial facilities operate in multiple shifts leaving little downtime for cleaning while the building is mostly empty. Still, keeping your facility clean and running efficiently is important. Maybe you had or have an industrial cleaning service that met your needs in the past but just hasn’t caught up to where you are now. Some commercial cleaning companies simply do not have both the structure and flexibility to meet the needs of large, busy industrial facilities. We hear often from Facility Managers overseeing large industrial operations that finding a janitorial service that can adeptly handle the level and amount of work in an industrial facility is a real challenge. In an effort to grow and maximize costly space, industrial facilities have become denser and busier. More people, more processes and more shifts can dramatically change what you need from your commercial industrial cleaning. If you industrial janitorial company is operating off of dated occupancy numbers or even past square footage that has since changed, you are probably not getting the labor hours your facility requires for optimal maintenance. An experienced, professional industrial cleaning company can work with you to develop a cleaning spec that makes sense through a thoughtful analysis and walk thru of your facility. Of course, there is so often concern among Facility Managers that while they NEED more than they are getting, they aren’t sure they can AFFORD what it might cost them. Understand this, highly professional industrial cleaning companies know how to implement cost saving measures and use scale and efficiency to their advantage. Quite often better industrial janitorial services will cost you little more than you are paying now for services that are essentially rotten.


Is Your Industrial Cleaning Company Future Minded?

Janitorial services, like most businesses, have changed rapidly with the fast pace of today’s technology. Innovation has touched everything we do from apps that track janitorial inspections, to Boost floor cleaners that clean better AND reduce costly janitorial labor hours, to vacuum backpacks that are light and ergonomic for the wearer as well as quieter and better for air quality benefiting everyone. Technology has reduced the risk of cross contamination through practices like color coded cleaning cloths and innovation has helped us create new ways of doing things that creates cost saving efficiencies AND more effective services like Team Cleaning. The list of innovations goes on and on and if your Detroit industrial janitorial company isn’t putting technology to use in their business, you and your facility are missing out. Perhaps you worry that you simply cannot afford a high tech Dearborn industrial cleaning company. The reality is that modernization and high tech innovations SAVE time and money. Sure there is a cost to implement and onboard them but ultimately they make serving cost conscious customers easier and more efficient. You CAN afford a Livonia industrial cleaning company that offers cutting edge services. Not simply a cost, a great number of the high tech advances in the janitorial industry and even the administration of the business are saving Novi industrial cleaning companiesmoney and allowing them to deliver enhanced value to you the customer.


Don’t Accept Confusing Industrial Cleaning Pricing

If your industrial janitorial services is offering you confusing, cloudy pricing, they might just be rotten. With janitorial pricing, a lack of clarity and precision can point to either inexperience or a willful attempt to leave the door open for upcharges and add ons down the line. No industrial cleaning company should play pricing games. It is difficult to come up with accurate pricing. It takes really getting to know your facility, how it works and what it needs. But that is the responsibility of your janitorial contractor. It is imperative they give you clear, transparent pricing. First, because you must be allowed the opportunity to compare industrial cleaning quotes in an ‘apples to apples’ way. Second, a clear industrial cleaning quote can help you hold your Detroit industrial cleaning company accountable to the work they promised. A good quote can serve as a map to track progress and success helping you and your industrial cleaning company create successful, mutually beneficial partnership.


Is Your Commercial Industrial Cleaning Customized To YOUR Facility?

When it comes to industrial cleaning, there are huge companies, one man operations and everything in between. There are highly professionalized companies serious about results and janitorial companies where it would seem everyone is kind of winging it most days. A big component of finding quality, professional industrial cleaning services is choosing a company that is the right size and fit for your facility. The likelihood is that if you are running an industrial facility, you need a larger, more formally structured, professional commercial cleaning company. Not only do you need a company that can understand your compliance and safety requirements, you want a company that can grow with you and even meet other maintenance needs that may arise in your building.


Don’t Settle For Rotten Industrial Janitorial Services

Maybe the apple is rotten so to speak, maybe it just isn’t a good fit, no matter what your reasons are, you and your facility deserve quality industrial cleaning services. Of course, finding the right Detroit industrial janitorial company isn’t necessarily as easy as it might sound. It can take a great deal of time and resources to sort through the crowded janitorial marketplace in order to find the right industrial janitorial company for your facility. But know that that time spent is worth it. Effective industrial janitorial services can simplify and improve the operation of your industrial facility in ways you cannot even imagine. If you need some help sorting through the janitorial contractors out there, we’d like to suggest you use the ISSA’s CIMS certification as an easy, free tool to make choosing an industrial janitorial company easier. CIMS is a professional certification process offered through the ISSA or International Sanitary Supply Association, the professional organization for building services companies. The CIMS certification is challenging, rigorous and centers on all the points and more that define a professional industrial cleaning comapny most likely to succeed in your facility. CIMS can be used to create your short list of industrial janitorial companies. This way, you’ll be starting with those companies that are already known to adhere to the industry best practices, that already understand compliance and safety are paramount. This shortlisting will also help you avoid the time suck that happens when your time is wasted reviewing proposals and conducting walk throughs with those companies just not set up to provide the quality, safety and value you deserve.

Here at Stathakis, industrial, factory and manufacturing continue to be at the heart of the Michigan economy. These businesses and industries are critical to our communities because they continue to impact the prosperity of all of us. Stathakis is a Michigan-based local business that has grown to be able to handle even the largest accounts, and yet, we have never lost what makes us fundamentally just another local business, the guys just down the street. We would welcome the opportunity to show you how we can help you get the most from your cleaning and maintenance budgets and keep your facility operating efficiently and effectively. We understand the needs of our industrial cleaning clients from operational issues to compliance and safety, and more. We also offer industrial floor cleaningDetroit industrial cleaning and industrial carpet cleaning.We will work alongside you to develop a cleaning program that focuses on health and safety while keeping an eye on your bottom line.


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