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7 Things About Commercial Office Cleaning Your Boss Needs To Know

Posted by Dale Saylor on Wed, Mar 05, 2014 @ 10:15 AM

Commercial Office Cleaning 7 Things resized 600When it comes to your office, just how significant is commercial office cleaning anyhow? Does it really matter and is it worth paying to keep your facilities in good, clean working order? Your boss may have his or her own ideas about the value in commercial office cleaning, but here’s some things worth considering. What can Commercial Office Cleaning really do for you, your facility, your employees and your customers?


  1.   Improve employee morale
  2.   Lowers the number of employee sick days
  3.   Help you recruit and retain top talent
  4.   Save money by protecting and extending the life of your assets
  5.   Increase employee productivity
  6.   Improves company image
  7.   Allow you and your team to concentrate on core competencies


Commercial Office Cleaning Improves Employee Morale

A less than clean workplace can really weigh on employee morale. Think about how coming into a dirty workplace might make an employee feel about your commitment to them and your organization. An unkempt office is demotivating and actually hampers the quality of work. Likewise, when you dump cleaning duties on an employee hired for other work, you will get two predictable outcomes. First, the work is likely to go undone until the state of your office gets worse and worse. Second, if any of the work of cleaning actually gets done, that employee is not going to be happy and will likely seek other employment in time. A clean office improves morale by showing your people you are vested in your organization.


Commercial Office Cleaning Reduces Employee Sick Days

A dirty workplace operates like a perfect petri dish for the spread of infectious diseases that increase absenteeism significantly. Keeping a workplace clean is more than about looking clean; it must be cleaned for health. Cleaning for health requires a real understanding of and training in proper use of cleaning products and a focus on touch points, or those areas that get touched frequently by many people like door handles, sink handles, phones, shared computers and more. A commercial office cleaning can help keep germs at bay and help keep your employees healthy and at work.


Commercial Office Cleaning Is A Great Recruiting & Retention Tool

Do you want to attract top talent? The best, most productive employees want a clean and healthy work environment to work in. The best want to work for the best and if you are ignoring the state of your office cleaning, well, that’s not going to go unnoticed. Hire a professional, reputable commercial office cleaning service and show prospective employees that you mean business.


Commercial Office Cleaning Saves You Money

When you employ the services of a commercial office cleaning company, you can save money by protecting and extending the life of assets such as flooring, wall covering, furniture and fixtures. Properly maintained, you can get many more years out of these assets that are costly to replace. Likewise, items like cleaning products and paper products are usually cheaper through a commercial office cleaning company because they purchase in bulk. Along the same lines, when you employ the services of a professional office cleaning company, you and not they are responsible for the purchase and maintenance of cleaning equipment. That means there is one less thing for you to buy and maintain saving you more money.


Commercial Office Cleaning Can Increase Employee Productivity

Employees always perform better when working in clean well maintained environment. Think about t, how motivating is it to come into a dirty workplace? On the flip side, coming in to a well-maintained environment sets the right tone for a productive person. Additionally, when you let the state of your office-cleaning lapse, you send a message that mediocre work is acceptable and standards are low. For most managers, this is the opposite of what they want their team to understand about their organization.


Commercial Office Cleaning Improves Your Company Image

Prospective customers will judge you by the work environment you keep when touring your facility. Likewise, employees that work in a subpar office environment talk and they aren’t usually saying positive things or recommending your service or referring prospective employees. To build and maintain a great image and reputation, you cannot ignore important details like having a clean and well maintained office.


Commercial Office Cleaning Helps You Focus On Core Competencies

Managing the cleaning can be a real distraction for most companies. Unless running a commercial cleaning service is on your bucket list, leave the dirty work of cleaning to the professionals and concentrate on doing work that directly contributes to your company’s bottom line. 


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