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Stacking the Deck in Your Medical Cleaning & Facility Maintenance

Posted by Chris Stathakis on Mon, Mar 07, 2016 @ 02:59 PM

michigan medical cleaning, detroit medical office cleaning, livonia commercial handymanYou can get amazing medical facility maintenance and even stack the deck in your favor and beat the odds, but first you have to know what a winning hand looks like when it comes to medical cleaning, overall building maintenance and the day to day running of your facility. When we talk about beating the odds, we are referring to the fact that with so many medical cleaning companies out there, finding a good one can seem like a long shot. But there are some great hospital cleaning companies capable of delivering the medical cleaning benefits your facility, staff and patients deserve, you just have to know what to look for. 

“You can stack the deck in your favor and beat the odds with medical cleaning, but first you have to know what a winning hand looks like.”


What the Best Healthcare Cleaning Companies Do Differently

The best medical office cleaning services and hospital cleaning companies do things very differently than the run of the mill janitorial services companies that might want your business but can’t really handle it. And yes, some of the so so commercial cleaning companies might do some of these things but the best medical cleaning companies do all of them. What do the most professional and effective medical cleaning companies do to deliver on their promises to you? 

  • Attract and retain very good people.
  • Train them to succeed in the challenging health care cleaning environment.
  • Manage their teams in such a way to create consistent, responsive service for the customer and an engaging, positive work environment for the employee.
  • Cultivate significantly lower than average janitorial turnover through a variety of practices.
  • Utilize transparent janitorial pricing making it easy to understand and compare medical cleaning quotes.
  • Take the time to understand what YOU need and customize services around your facility.
  • Have a solid understanding of the compliance issues inherent in health care facilities before they ask for your business.
  • Work with you to assure compliance across the board.
  • Develop and utilize quality assurance measures to create reliability through accountability.
  • Have a clear, responsive point person to assure responsive, effective service. 

“Sure, many commercial cleaning companies might do SOME of these things but the best medical cleaning companies do ALL of them.”


Five Things You Can Do To Stack the Deck in Your Favor With Medical Cleaning & Your Medical Facility Maintenance

Of course, the first, most important thing you must do is find the right partner to help you assure the most favorable outcome in your medical facility be it a surgical center, rehab clinic, medical offices, hospital and more. The second item helps you do this and that is CIMS certification. Much like doctors have Board Certification to assure a level of experience, practice and quality, the janitorial industry has CIMS or the Certified Industry Management Standard. This challenging certification process is an indicator that a Detroit office cleaning company or medical office cleaning company is serious about what they do. Use CIMS to develop your short list of prospective healthcare cleaning companies and you give yourself much more favorable odds.

“Like doctors have Board Certification to assure a level of experience, practice and quality, the janitorial industry has CIMS or the Certified Industry Management Standard.”


A Day Porter Program Can Be a Miracle Cure For Medical Cleaning

The third thing you should consider to net you and your medical facility the best possible medical facility maintenance is to consider adding a Day Porter program to your medical cleaning. Day porters can be a critical component of highly effective medical facility maintenance. From doing day cleaning, to lending a hand of a variety of specialized tasks or projects to even averting disasters, a Day Porter ups your service game in fundamental ways. What could a Day Porter do in your medical facility? The answer really is what do you need them to do? Typically, your Day Porter is provided with a set list of cleaning and maintenance responsibilities. These vital services become the foundation of your Day Porter’s responsibilities. These include things like: 

  • Lobby maintenance
  • Maintaining & refreshing common areas like kitchens, lunchrooms & patios
  • Monitoring and servicing restrooms
  • Restroom Restocking
  • Removing trash and debris
  • Meeting setup/tear down

But many medical facility Managers find that their Day Porter becomes like another set of hands helping them to run their facility as seamlessly as possible. Where extras are concerned, where do you really need the help? Maybe you need an extra person to set up for meetings while you coordinate other things. Perhaps an employee needs a hand moving offices. Does someone need a package run downstairs? Your Day Porter is there to help you manage your workload and keep your facility running on track. 

“What could a Day Porter do in your medical facility? The answer really is what do you need them to do?”


Commercial Handyman Services Are One Secret Way to Stack the Deck

The fourth critical ingredient of highly effective building maintenance is great commercial handyman services. Commercial handyman services can make a huge difference in how your ability to manage your facility is perceived by your staff, your patients and your boss. How can the right commercial handyman services help you? In a medical facility, your work can mean life or death for your patients. The last thing you should worry about are the repairs needed around the facility, or regular maintenance that’s getting in your way of other pressing responsibilities. How can effective commercial handyman services help you in your medical facility? 

  • Eliminate the costs associated with finding, hiring, administrating and managing your own in-house facility maintenance staff
  • For budgeting purposes,outsourcing can help control and predict costs
  • Shift the management & liability to a knowledgeable contractor
  • Eliminate costs associated with procurement, maintenance, inventory, equipment, supplies & uniforms
  • Get expert service in a variety of specialties
  • Get expert assistance when planning larger, more complex projects
  • Get service when you need it and not pay for what you don’t need
  • Get immediate help and responsive service from people you already trust your next building emergency
  • Allow you to focus on your business & your bottom line


Getting the Best Medical Cleaning & Facility Maintenance All In One Great Hand

And when it comes to stacking the deck, quite often the best building services companies will have medical office cleaning, hospital cleaning, a day porter program and commercial handyman services all under one roof allowing you to maximize your partnership. So look for a building maintenance company that can offer you the right mix of services you require. Then, look for those commercial cleaning and janitorial companies that are CIMS certified to cut through the cluttered cleaning market. Then hand pick those services that you and your facility can really benefit from whether it’s a Day Porter program, preventative building maintenance, commercial handyman services or more. With the right partner, you will win every time!

Medical Cleaning Outsourcing Guide

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