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Get Ready For Summer with Your Building Maintenance Company

Posted by Dale Saylor on Mon, Jun 22, 2015 @ 06:20 AM

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Summer is upon us but how quickly it passes into fall and the return of cool weather. After a particularly long Michigan Winter, many of us just didn’t have much of a spring to tackle those Spring To Do lists. Summer can be a great time of year to attend to some of our Spring-cleaning line items and maintenance issues that for one reason or another, we just never got to. With more employees or tenants on vacation, many businesses and facilities slow down a little and summer can offer a perfect time for maintenance tasks and even deep cleaning. So what could you or your building maintenance and commercial cleaning company be doing this summer to keep your facility in optimal shape?


Undo the Damage of a Long Michigan Winter With External Building Maintenance

Michigan’s cold, long winter was pretty hard on our buildings. Did any of your buildings exterior components take a beating? Before the cool weather returns, it is wise to check fences, gates, gutters, siding and your building’s roof. A quality Michigan maintenance company can inspect the roof and siding at your facility to check for any any damage. Your building’s roof is a costly asset, regular preventive maintenance can protect the lifespan of your roof and benefit your bottom line. The rain, snow and high winds of winter can cause roof damage that might not be immediately apparent when it’s cold or snow and ice have accumulated on your roof. A thorough inspection and even minor, planned repairs is far more cost effective than a last minute, emergency repair or replacement. Summer can also offer an opportunity to address any issues you might have with things like: carpentry repairs, brick pavers, window glazing, concrete and stucco repair, wood replacement and power washing.


Has Michigan Weather Weathered Your Carpet or Flooring?

Summer can be a great time to fix any flooring issues. Maybe your carpet never got a deep cleaning after winter or is due another one. Low moisture carpet cleaning methods like the Whittaker System Carpet cleaning can be done nearly any time with minimal down time. Clean, fresh carpets can give your building the boost you need. The Whittaker System of commercial carpet cleaning equipment and dry encapsulation carpet solutions produce cleaner, longer lasting carpet at a fraction of the cost.


In addition to your carpeted areas, your tile and hard flooring might need some special attention. Summer can be the right time to address any repairs or replacements. You might need cleaning, polishing, stripping, waxing and maintenance of all floor surfaces including tile, wood, granite and composites. Most commercial janitorial companies offer regular maintenance packages, special cleanings and even complete refurbishing.


Does Your HVAC Need a Breath of Fresh Air?

Is your facility’s HVAC unit ready for the warm summer months? Your facility maintenance company can give you HVAC a careful inspection BEFORE it breaks down on the first 95-degree hot Michigan day. Regular preventive maintenance is better than emergency repairs, and repairs are better than replacements. The right Michigan commercial handyman service can offer a comprehensive range of heating and cooling services to keep your building at an optimal, comfortable temperature all year long.


A Fresh Coat of Paint Can Do Wonders

Has your building’s exterior or interior seen better days? Summer can be a great time to attend to any painting your facility might need. Quite often your commercial handyman service or building maintenance company will also handle commercial and industrial painting including things like: special coatings, lacquer finishes, textured coatings, multi-color spray applications, electrostatic painting, paver and deck sealing and more. Interior and exterior painting are optimal during warmer weather as paint dries faster, weather tends to cooperate and windows and doors can remain open for any needed ventilation.


Is It Time For Construction Or Remodeling

Summer can offer a good time to do planned construction or remodeling. The right Michigan commercial building maintenance company can offer services like wall mounting, fixture/furniture moving, light fixture installations, office furniture moving, remodels/alterations, lighting retrofits, studs and drywall, not to mention basic electrical and plumbing services. And when it’s all over and you need construction clean up, your Michigan commercial handyman services is there to help.


Do Other Areas of Your Building’s Maintenance Need Attention?

Buildings take a beating in Michigan and preventive maintenance is always preferable to emergency repairs. Summer can afford some time to inspect your facility for issues that might need attention over 3rd quarter. Your Michigan building maintenance company can check for Ceiling Tile Repairs or Replacements and general Ceiling Repairs. Likewise, you might ask your commercial handyman service to inspect all doors, hinges, locks and hardware for signs of wear or disrepair.


Is A Building Maintenance Plan Or Commercial Handyman Service Right For Your Facility?

There are three types of building maintenance services that work for most commercial buildings and facilities of all kinds. These are on site maintenance, multi-facility maintenance and on-demand maintenance. On-Site Maintenance is a great option because you have a full-time Building Maintenance Technicians dedicated to your facility. This service is typically for larger buildings where there is a need to have immediate care to overlook mechanical systems, electrical service, and plumbing. One of the many benefits of this service is having a dedicated staff that knows the details of your facility to keep things running smoothly.

Multi-facility maintenance tends to work well for facility managers that need a mobile solution to provide facilities maintenance services across multiple buildings. Getting a consistent, managed service at multiple locations can be both a significant time and cost saver. The types of businesses that benefit from multi-facility maintenance might include things like corporate branch sites, hospital ambulatory sites and utility sub-stations.

Finally, On Demand Maintenance works well for clients who could benefit from Building Maintenance Technicians but don’t have a need for a dedicated full-time technician. Typically On-Demand services are scheduled in advance or on a reoccurring basis so you can enjoy the benefits of your own dedicated Building Maintenance Technician on a fractional basis.  This service is often referred as Commercial Handyman Service.

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