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Could A Day Porter Transform Your Office Cleaning Services?

Posted by Dale Saylor on Tue, Oct 27, 2015 @ 06:57 AM

day porter, day porter michigan, day porter detroit, novi janitorial, detroit commercial cleaning, office cleaners, livonia office cleaningYes, a day porter or day porter services could absolutely transform your office cleaning services through smart cleaning and a real responsiveness. A day porter cleans, but they also do things your nightly office cleaners don’t. A day porter service keeps your to do list from growing out of control and allows you an extra pair of hands right where you need it to keep your facility humming along beautifully. Your Day Porter or Day Porter services function as a daytime cleaning service with extras. A Day Porter tenders essential services that keep your building and facilities in excellent condition, around the clock. Your day porter will take care of things like monitoring, restocking and servicing your building’s restrooms, tidying up common areas throughout the day, regular lobby maintenance to make sure new entrants to your building don’t see coffee and a mess from the morning visitors and you day porter can remove trash and debris.


What else can a day porter do for you? Really, the specific tasks of your Day Porter is up to you. Most often your Day Porter is given a set list of duties to perform and a schedule to stick to. Because your Day Porter works during the day among you and your employees, they can tackle issues as they come up providing you with seamless, responsive service. Additionally, the best day porters help you where you need it. Need help getting someone moved from one office to another? Call your day porter. Have a last minute meeting come up? Your day porter services can help you set up in a flash. Need a package run downstairs? You have a person just waiting to help!


Does A Day Porter Service Replace Office Cleaning Services?

Different office cleaning tasks can be done at night that cannot easily be completed during the day so no, a day porter does not replace your office cleaners or commercial office cleaning services. Still, you can get the most from your Day Porter by making your day porter and nighttime office cleaners different members on the same team. First, determine what kind of daytime help would be the most helpful in your facility. What things could your day porter do that tenants and employees would really value? The best Day Porters are those individuals who create value for customers by anticipating their needs and by consistently going above and beyond to keep the facility running smoothly. Whether your day porter becomes your ‘Girl Friday’ or your ‘Superman’ this role can transform your facility services and office cleaning. Many of the Facility Managers we talk to are operating on reduced budgets and a Day can be an affordable way to get the help you need in your office cleaning, janitorial services and overall facility maintenance with out over staffing.


Your Commercial Cleaning Company Can Help You Set a Schedule of Duties

The best day porters are those that know what is expected from them and understand what kind of help you value most. So sitting down with your janitorial service or office cleaning companies to establish a list of duties and your individual needs is immeasurably helpful in getting your day porter program off on the right foot. Think about what you really need from office cleaning or daytime help and then your commercial cleaning company or janitorial services contractor can help create a job description and duties list and schedule. Just knowing what your individual needs are can help you janitorial service find a person who will likely be a good fit in your facility. Likewise, creating the duties and tasks list can help both you and your office cleaning company measure the success of your Day Porter program.


Not Just Anyone Is Up For the Demanding Day Porter Job 

Day Porters walk among you and your staff during the day and as such, can become a part of your team. But in order for that symbiosis to happen, your day porter must be a good fit for both the demanding nature of the job and the specific culture of your facility. What should you janitorial services be looking for when choosing a great day porter for your facility? What kind of person is a great fit? A person with a can-do attitude, a pleasant personality, a natural helpfulness and competence with a side of quick learner offers the best chance for success. If your office cleaning company doesn’t fully comprehend the need to find a good fit for your individual needs as well as the importance of an overall professional and thorough hiring process, then run the other way. Any prospective janitorial service must conduct comprehensive background checks and drug screening. Because your Day Porter will works among your staff, they must be trustworthy.


Getting the Most From Your Day Porter With the Help of Your Commercial Cleaning Company

A Day Porter can easily become an integral part of your team and this means communicating directly is often the quickest and most direct way to solve issues and keep your day porter on track. Still, there will be times when it is better to communicate needs or road bumps with your janitorial services company and let them sort it out. Even if you prefer to communicate directly with your day porter, giving your office cleaning company or your cleaning services Michigan a heads up can help keep everything on track without you having to manage it directly. Your Day Porter's specific duties are largely determined by the requirements of your facility. Sure you need clean restrooms but you need much more than that. So communicating these needs to your office cleaning company will help you get the most responsive service from your Day Porter. And if you do begin to have issues, reach out to your janitorial services provider before chaos ensues. A Day Porter is a still a contract employee and your Detroit office cleaning company is ultimately responsible for managing their employee. Your Day Porter can transform your facility if they are a good match for your individual facility’s requirements. Finally, don’t be surprised if find that you quickly come tor rely on your Day Porter. So you should be certain your commercial cleaning company has a plan or even qualified, capable floaters in the event your assigned Day Porter needs time off or is ill. A competent, professional Michigan commercial cleaning company and building maintenance company will train a substitute Day Porter ready to stand in should you need it, well before you actually do.


Most Facility Managers find a Day Porter becomes an indispensable component of their facility services. If you need assistance to keep your building in good condition and running smoothly around the clock, a Day Porter program could transform your office cleaning and facility maintenance. Contact Stathakis, Sta-tha-kis, today for the best janitorial services at (800)278-1884. Let our team assist you in designing a Day Porter Program to meet your individual needs.

If you need help finding a commercial cleaning company in Michigan that will deliver the commercial cleaning prices you need with the services you want, let us show you how we are different. From day porter programs to commercial handyman services to health care cleaning services and industrial cleaning, we are a professional facilities services company with a track record of quality service and industry best practices. Facility manager’s throughout Michigan have come to rely on us to take a little of their plate and make doing there jobs at least a little easier by doing ours. And if you are looking for professional janitorial jobs in Michigan and you think you have got what it takes to deliver great service to our valued customers, please reach out.





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