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Industrial Cleaning Isn’t A Beginner’s Game

Posted by Chris Stathakis on Thu, Feb 23, 2017 @ 12:27 PM

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Don’t Let A Beginner Do a Job Meant For A Pro

In an industrial setting, there just is not the room for mistakes you might have with general commercial cleaning. Of course, everyone would like the job done right the first time, but in an industrial setting, there is simply so much more to lose when safety, effectiveness and compliance are not followed. The most professional and effective industrial janitorial services offer technology-based industrial cleaning services that balance the many different concerns an industrial facility might have. Whether you operate a manufacturing center, auto plant, distribution center, transportation terminal or other industrial facility, you need commercial industrial cleaning that supports the your industry by implementing innovative cleaning systems, managing potential risks, meeting cost efficiencies, minimizing downtime and maximizing performance with effective industrial cleaning and responsive service. Industrial cleaning is definitely NOT a beginner’s game. Rather, it requires professionalism, adherence to industry best practices and a thoughtfulness in every process and person from the top down. How do you as a Facility Manager of an industrial facility find the Michigan industrial cleaning you need to maintain your facility and operations at their optimal levels?


Complexity & Compliance Heighten the Need For Professional Industrial Cleaning Services

What makes industrial cleaning different from say, office cleaning? To begin with, compliance issues are significantly more multifaceted. Not only do you have to meet standard complains like OSHA, you may have a host of requirements specific to your industry. Next, a great many industrial operations run around the clock, meaning any cleaning and maintenance can interfere with operations and productivity if not planned and scheduled carefully. Similarly, your needs with regard to cleaning and maintenance are likely more complex. You are likely to need services beyond vacuuming and restroom maintenance. And these services may be different depending upon your industry. The right commercial cleaning company needs both breadth and depth of experience servicing industrial customers. An industrial cleaning service that wants YOUR business must have the experience, know how and professionalism to deliver on their promises of exceptional service. They need to be prepared with the knowledge of what makes industrial and manufacturing businesses different from general office buildings and be ready and willing to learn your specific requirements and compliance issues in order to offer you truly responsive effective cleaning and maintenance.


What Matters Most With Industrial Cleaning

While different industrial facilities have different needs, there are a set of minimums and requirements that apply to ALL industrial facilities. What do you need from any commercial cleaning company servicing YOUR facility? They must understand the unique demands and requirements of maintaining an industrial facility. Any commercial cleaning company that wants YOUR business needs to have solid experience cleaning and maintaining other industrial facilities. There must be a willingness to add to their core knowledge with details about YOUR individual facility. They must, without fail, comply with all related safety requirements and regulations. A prospective industrial janitorial company needs to understand the value of people and processes in their cleaning. They must be able to hire and retain good fit employees who are thoroughly screened. They then must train those people effectively and continually. They have to be responsive to your individual needs. All prospective industrial maintenance services must price services clearly to help you establish what you are getting and at what price Additionally, they must have the structures and systems in place within their organization to effectively deliver. Finally, they have to offer effective service and real value.


Finding the Right Industrial Janitorial Services Company

Solid service starts with solid systems and processes. Let’s face it; high level service doesn’t happen by accident, it happens by design. With the inherent complexity and compliance requirements,industrial cleaning isn’t a beginner’s game. Rather, it requires an experienced professional company poised to deliver a standard of service that keeps your facility running smoothly and fully compliant. What are the solid systems and processes that translate into effective service for you and your facility?

  • A documented standard for employee safety training
  • Complete compliance with required AND recommended specific training
  • CIMS Certified procedure manuals or other relevant industry certification
  • An grasp of your individual security needs and carefully vetted employees
  • A proven track record of adherence with industry best practices
  • The processes and systems in place to guarantee responsive service
  • The capability to customize maintenance scheduling to fit your requirements and keep operations moving
  • The capacity to offer both contract and on-demand cleaning services and a host of other maintenance services
  • The ability to add or remove staff as your peak times and needs change
  • A meaningful, affordable green cleaning program
  • A wealth of systems, procedure and tools to keep service delivery on track. These might be things like regular client communications through apps and reporting, financial documentation, service request tracking and a 10-minute response guarantee to get you the information you need quickly.

The most effective industrial cleaning services are built on doing a myriad of things right, from the little stuff to the big stuff. Companies that do not back up their claims of service with solid, verifiable systems just cannot take on the complexity of industrial cleaning jobs with any level of reliability. The most effective industrial janitorial services assure reliability THROUGH accountability—the systems they have to guide their processes and performance from the top down.


Find a Real Pro? Kill Two, Three, Or More Birds With One Stone

The search for the right fit in your industrial janitorial partner can be tough. Once you get through the vetting process and confirm that there are real systems and processes and not just sales talk, you should consider what a prospective commercial cleaning company could offer you beyond your industrial cleaning. Why? Because if every time your building has a maintenance need, you must start the search over, a great deal of your valuable time is eaten up review the businesses of others instead of focusing on your own. If you already have an industrial cleaning company you trust, how much better to be able to go directly to them for other periodic building maintenance needs? 

Does your prospective industrial cleaning company service automotive plants, manufacturing plants, distribution centers, transportation terminals, pharmaceutical operations and more? Do they offer special project managers and help for requirements you may have beyond cleaning? Do they offer preventative maintenance services like HVAC? When a building services contractor provides both industrial cleaning and a myriad of associated building maintenance services it can make finding the right contractor during emergencies and shifting needs as easy as humanly possible. And with an established relationship with your building services contractor, you are likely to immediately move to the head of the line. What menu of services do some building services contractor offer that are immeasurably helpful to Facility Managers?

▪   Carpet care

▪   Hard Surface Floor Care

▪   Window Cleaning

▪   Construction Clean-up

▪   Day Porter Services

▪   Computer Room Cleaning                    

▪   Lighting Maintenance

▪   Emergency Services

▪   General Maintenance

▪   Green Cleaning

▪   Pressure Washing

▪   Recycling Services                                 

▪   Restroom Sanitation

▪   Painting Services










With Industrial Cleaning Services, Better Doesn’t Mean More Expensive

We see it all the time, Facility Managers managing ever shrinking budgets think they have to settle for ‘just okay’ Detroit industrial cleaning because they are working with less than optimal budgets. The reality is that yes, a budget in line with your requirements makes everyone’s job easier, and yet, if you are forced to operate at a razor thin budget, it is a more experienced, efficient, professional janitorial company that can help you make the most of it. These industry leaders have had to learn and adapt to the tightest budgets to keep costs down while keeping their customer’s facility’s operating smoothly. How can you possibly get more for less from an industry leader? Professionally speaking, it is the most experienced, systemized and trained companies that are poised to save you money while delivering more. Your cost goals can be met through resource allocation and effective, livable cost-savings measures. If you are working with less than ideal budgets, you are not likely to get every thing on your wish list but your Michigan industrial cleaning company can help you develop a workable, livable, affordable plan that reflects the needs of your facility.


Go Pro Or Go Home With Industrial Maintenance Services

At Stathakis, we are proud to serve the industrial cleaning needs of Southeastern Michigan. Not only are we committed to following industry best practices with regard to our industrial cleaning services, we have been at the forefront of developing and setting the standard for professional, effective, affordable and customer focused building services. From state of the art equipment to green cleaning products to professional systems and process that assure reliability through accountability, we are committed to helping you maintain your facility at the highest levels, protecting your reputation and your bottom line. 

At Stathakis, we are an  ISSA CIMS-GB certified building services company and have been providing business services for over 35 years. CIMS assures our customers that our processes are among the industry's best. Not only do we follow industry best practices, we set them. If you are looking to outsource your industrial cleaning or need to upgrade your current industrial cleaning, please contact us to speak with a member of our team to get your questions answered and see if we might be able to help you and your facility shine.


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