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Mind Your Own Business With Preventive Building Maintenance

Posted by Dale Saylor on Wed, Jan 13, 2016 @ 05:42 PM


As a Facilities Manager, it can be really taxing juggling your everyday work load with your growing to do list and ongoing building maintenance requirements. Yet, most Building Managers understand that you must put some attention preventive maintenance in order to keep little issues from becoming expensive problems. While almost no one truly has the luxury to get caught up never mind work ahead, preventive maintenance still must be a fundamental part of your building maintenance plan. If you want to juggle your workload more effectively without busting the budget, you cannot spend all your time enmeshed in today’s issues so much that you ignore today what are likely to be problems tomorrow. The key to effective building maintenance is to balance your work load with an eye on preventing upcoming issues.


What Can I Get From A Preventive Building Maintenance Program

Preventive building maintenance is not unlike any most other types of preventive maintenance. We get regular physicals to safeguard our health and avoid more costly, stressful and serious health issues. We use checkups, vaccines and medication to extend our life span and quality of life. A preventive building maintenance program by design is intended to reduce costs, limit failures, reduce the likelihood of spur-of-the-moment equipment outages, maintain and extend the lifespan of your assets and schedule maintenance when it is most expedient and most cost effective.

A solid Preventive Maintenance Program Can:

  1. Help prevent expensive and inconvenient failures.

  2. Assist you in planning maintenance for convenience and cost savings.

  3. Help you diminish unscheduled equipment outages.

  4. Help avoid unexpected, expensive emergency maintenance.

  5. Allow you to maintain, maximize and extend the life span of your building’s assets. 


What Should My Preventive Maintenance Checklist Look Like?

Every building is unique and yet any solid Preventive Maintenance Checklist should have three basic elements. There should be a yearly master plan with a budget. There should be a jobs plan task for all your building’s assets. Lastly, you should have identified the trained technicians who can complete the assigned work and already have access to everything they require to complete the work. This is where outsourcing building maintenance can prove to be more effective and less costly than handling your preventive maintenance in-house or using a number of different contractors to do preventive and scheduled maintenance. A Building Maintenance company or Commercial Handyman service can help you plan work, manage the workload and mitigate costs from unproven vendors with variable pricing. Whether you are in search of on site building maintenance, multi-facility maintenance or on demand, as needed maintenance, the right building maintenance services company can be you’re a valuable partner in managing your facility’s preventive maintenance and extending the life of your valuable assets.


Think You Are Too Busy For A Preventive Building Maintenance Schedule

Many Building Managers and Facility Managers convince themselves they are too busy to do preventive maintenance. This is a mistake that will eventually come back to haunt you. Part of your role as the guardian of the facility under your charge is not only to handle issues as they arise, but also to anticipate them. It is here where you bring the most value to your employers. When you get into the mindset of being too busy, which of course every Facility Manager is, you perpetuate a cycle of putting out fires. The more fires you must put out, the less time you have to get ahead of preventive building maintenance. Preventive building maintenance must become just a part of the way you do things. It can be incredibly demanding to plan ahead but when you don’t make preventive building maintenance a priority, you put your reputation and your building in jeopardy. Stop the repetitive cycle of reactive maintenance and get ahead with the right, effective preventive building maintenance schedule.


Worried Outsourcing Building Maintenance Will Cost You More?

While there is an upfront cost to preventive maintenance, the long term savings is substantial. Making room for preventive maintenance is really about balancing budgetary needs today with those of tomorrow—not always easy during these cost-cutting days. Yet, the cost associated with preventive maintenance is money well spent. Carefully maintained assets equate to less down time and more satisfied tenants, and the long-term savings go even further. You cut costs on energy usage, increased productivity due to fewer unexpected failures and service issues. With a preventive maintenance program, you can service equipment and repair assets on a schedule that fits with productivity and seasonal shifts in your business and even choose times of the year that offer the greatest cost savings. For example, a routine preventive maintenance call for you’re A/C will typically cost you less at an off-peak time over an emergency service call on the hottest day of summer. Similarly, preventive maintenance upholds the value of your assets and even extends your assets’ lifespan. Ultimately, when you conduct routine and preventive maintenance, your facility experiences less downtime, fewer emergencies, more value added service, reduced costs and satisfied tenants, employees and customers.]


Keep Small Issues From Ballooning With Commercial Building Maintenance

The maintenance needs of your facility can be variable. One way to get the service you need without too much service is through partnering with a building maintenance company or commercial handyman service to offer you a dedicated group that you can use as the need arises, This allows you to plan ahead and partner with a capable building services company before you have a pressing need. Even the most expert, efficient Facility Managers can become inundated by the amount of work they have. An experienced and effective commercial handyman service can help you manage day-to-day issues before they balloon. One advantage to working with outsourcing building maintenance is that you can customize a preventive building maintenance checklist that keeps your facility operating smoothly. Repairs, maintenance and installations can be arranged, estimated, budgeted and booked.


Finding Effective Professional Building Maintenance Makes All the Difference

While outsourcing building maintenance is important, outsourcing building maintenance to an experienced, effective building services contractor who can meet your facility’s unique needs is even more vital. Wondering what is right for your facility or where to start? Perhaps you need just a bit of help and worry that you don’t have enough to outsource building maintenance. Or maybe you have the opposite problem and you worry that the amount of work you need might overwhelm a single building services contractor. Or it could be that you know you need help but are unclear as to whether you can afford to outsource building services. With a qualified building maintenance company or experienced, trustworthy commercial handyman services, they can tailor their approach to the needs of you, your facility and your budgetary requirements.

Some Facility Managers are looking for regular daily maintenance at multiple facilities. On the other hand, other Building Managers may only need a weekly visit or every other week to manage a revolving to-do list and address preventive maintenance. The right commercial building maintenance company will be responsive to your needs and cater the frequency and kind of services to your requirements. From creating a customized building maintenance schedule or working with you to draw up a preventive building maintenance checklist, find the right building service company and they will prove to be your biggest ally in tackling an ever expanding to do list and the tough requirements of the job.



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