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Posted by Chris Stathakis on Mon, Jan 22, 2018 @ 02:19 PM

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Office cleaning prices, while based on measurable factors, can vary tremendously from rock bottom low to downright extravagant and everything in between. The problem is, extremely low prices can be a red flag but high prices are simply no guarantee of effective office cleaning services. Unfortunately, when it comes to finding an office cleaning company, price doesn’t necessarily equate to value. The goal when shopping office cleaning companies is to both get a good understanding of precisely what services you are purchasing and then get a solid value. Understanding office cleaning pricing is a critical component of getting the right office cleaning services at the right price. So how can you as a Facility Manager determine how much you need to budget to get the value you require and the service you deserve all at a price you can live with? The answer is you get at least a general sense of how professional office cleaning companies price their services so that you know what you are looking at and what it all means. Whether you are in search of office cleaning Plymouth or searching for a Dearborn office cleaning company, you will have the information you need to make the right decision for your facility.


How Commercial Office Cleaning Companies Estimate Costs

If a prospective office cleaning service gives you an office cleaning quote based on square footage alone, run the other way. Why? Because there is so much more to getting a meaningful office cleaning quote that both describes the scope of work and helps you understand cost. One-size-fits-all pricing, quick thrown together quotes and straight square footage estimates don’t provide an accurate estimate of what your facility really requires and what you should be prepared to pay for it. Understand the things that go into accurate office cleaning pricing and you will be in a better position to break down a prospective commercial office cleaning services prices and determine if it works for you. What variables are most significant when it comes to your pricing Auburn Hills office cleaning services?

  • Geographic Area – Where is your building located? Location, the labor market and such can impact pricing.
  • The Scope of Office Cleaning Services – What specific areas do you need cleaned? What services are most critical? Do you require outdoor maintenance or other specialty services? Are you looking for very basic office cleaning services or high level services, or even Day Porter services?
  • What Frequency Do You Need – Do you want daily cleaning or twice weekly? Is day cleaning or a Day Porter service better or after hours cleaning when your building is near empty?
  • What is Your Facility’s Square Footage – Do you manage a small office building or a 40,000 square facility? Square footage while not the only factor, can help your Farmington Hills office cleaning company accurately estimate cost.
  • How Is Your Building’s Square Footage Broken Down By Floor Type? Hard flooring type and carpet all require different maintenance at different intervals so this has an impact on overall cost.
  • Your Facility’s Foot Traffic and Population. The more people in and out of your facility, the faster it gets dirty and the more frequently it must be cleaned.
  • How ManyRestrooms Do You Have? Restrooms are often the most time consuming to clean as they see a lot of activity and can increase the risk of cross-contamination if not properly maintained.


Transparent Pricing Is Essential

Transparent office cleaning pricing is an essential part of getting the right services at the best value. After all, how can you compare office cleaning quotes in an apples to apples way if prospective office cleaners are not giving you clear, easy to understand office cleaning quotes? Transparent office cleaning pricing and clear, easy to understand janitorial bids can also help you avoid low low quotes that do not offer value because they simply include less work than your facility requires, as well as sky high office cleaning quotes that are charging significantly more for the same services another janitorial company might provide for less. Transparent office cleaning prices can help you steer clear of overly low janitorial bids that are quite likely a sign that you are either dealing with an inexperienced Troy office cleaning company that does not understand how to price their services accurately or perhaps a Royal Oak office cleaning company that will play pricing games down the line. 

So that you may secure the most accurate, clear pricing, ask prospective office cleaning companies how many hours they intend to spend cleaning your facility. Annualize that cost and divide it by the annualized number of labor hours to calculate an hourly billable rate. If an Ann Arbor office cleaning company is charging to little, you can almost guarantee they will take shortcuts on people and processes designed to protect you, your building and it’s occupants. These can include illegal hiring and subcontracting as well as inadequate drug and criminal background screening.  Well thought out office cleaning bids should always include the following:

  • Labor costs
  • Direct costs (ex. cleaning supplies, toilet paper, etc.).
  • Employee health insurance
  • Employee vacation time
  • Insurance & taxes
  • A management fee
  • Profit

These seven factors are the building blocks of pricing and any prospective Detroit office cleaning company should be willing to be transparent about these so that you can understand where their office cleaning prices come from.


Your Office Cleaning Company Must Be Profitable

Sometimes when we imagine a company’s profits, we think of some Scrooge type character rolling around in piles of money oblivious to the hardships of those around them. But making a profit is an important component of any business. Healthy profits grow and maintain thriving companies that reinvest in their employees, technology, equipment and in the long run you the customer. If your Farmington office cleaning company isn’t profitable, they won’t be around long. Profit can’t be a dirty word when it comes to sifting through prospective office cleaning companies. Your Livonia office cleaning company needs to make a profit from their services, after all, they run a business just like you. On the same note, having an idea of what represents a reasonable profit and where that profit comes from gives you the ability to negotiate a fair price and solid value. When you outsource office cleaning to a reliable and effective Detroit office cleaning company, they will be happy to provide you with how the come up with pricing and precisely what their services include. In this way, both you and your Downriver office cleaning company can chart a path to success with a map that will measure how effectively your Novi office cleaning company is delivering on their promises to you. 


Are You In A Position Where You Must Do More With Less?

The single most significant component of office cleaning prices is the cost of labor. So if you are in the unenviable position where you have to maintain your facility on ultra tight budgets, reducing office cleaning labor hours will net you the most significant cuts. But how do you get your office cleaning service to work with the budget you have and still deliver an acceptable standard of clean? The reality is that if you must do more with less, you need an experienced, professional office cleaning company. Why? Because only the best office cleaning companies following industry best practices will be in a position to maximize the budget you have. New, innovative cleaning equipment like Boost floor cleaners and even tech-savvy cleaning practices like Smart Cleaning and Team Cleaning can all help shave labor hours without sending your office cleaning into a downward spiral. When it comes to making the most of your office cleaning budget, experience and prior success with less than optimal budgets is critical. 


CIMS Certification Can Help Clear Through the Crowded Office Cleaning Marketplace

Sifting through office cleaning prices and the crowded marketplace of office cleaners can be overwhelming. Do the prices offer real value? Is the office cleaning company providing the services you really need? Are they using high tech, cost saving equipment and following industry best practices that get you better services at a better price? Do they make safety and security paramount? Are they set up for effective quality control? Do they utilize environmentally conscious products and practices? It can often feel like as a Facility Manager, there are more questions than answers. Recognized industry certifications like CIMS, may offer a valuable and easy path to finding those Detroit office cleaning companies in the best position to offer both quality service and reasonable prices. CIMS, or the Cleaning Industry Management Standard is an industry certification offered to the very best office cleaning companies who have demonstrated specific competencies that directly translate into better service and value for you the customer. The CIMS standard measures:

  • Quality Systems: A framework to ensure effective operations & continuous improvement.
  • Service Delivery: Processes & systems in place to deliver consistent, quality service.
  • Human Resources: Best practices for managing any service industry’s greatest asset—their people
  • Health, Safety, & Environmental Stewardship: Ensuring regulatory compliance, workplace safety, and health and environmental management.
  • Management Commitment: Establishing our Mission, Vision, and Values and ensuring that the organization's continuity is secured.

When you partner with office cleaning services that have put in the time and resources toward establishing themselves as an industry leader, you are all but guaranteed better, more effective office cleaning services.


Don't get stuk with below average office cleaning, you deserve more. If you are interested in learning more about what the best office cleaning companies do differently, read more like Seven Things About Commercial Office Cleaning Your Boss Needs to Know.

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