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A Foolproof Formula For Managing your Office Cleaning Service

Posted by Mitch Hesson on Thu, Jan 23, 2014 @ 07:17 AM

Office-Cleaning-ServiceSometimes finding a consistent professional office cleaning company can feel like doing advanced algebra, too many factors, unknown variables and no clear solution in sight. Don’t get tripped up in the equation of leaving your business cleaning to an office cleaning service whose numbers are off. There is a clear answer and a foolproof formula for finding a professional office cleaning service with all the right numbers that will consistently deliver value.


Make Sure the Numbers Add Up When It Comes to Your Office Cleaning
With some office cleaning companies, the numbers just don’t add up. Do you find yourself in the situation where your cleaning specification is so vague you aren’t quite sure exactly what you are paying for? The issue with imprecise or ambiguous office cleaning contracts is two-fold. First, how can you hold your office cleaning company accountable if you don’t know what they agreed to do? Second, how can you ‘do the math’ and find a great deal if you don’t have accurate office cleaning quotes to compare? A professional office cleaning company wants you to have a clear and agreed upon quote, that’s how they make sure they are meeting their agreements. What’s the missing piece of the equation? Find an office cleaning company with transparent pricing and you have solved a big part of the problem.


The Answer to the Question of Office Cleaning Will Always Be People
The right professional office cleaning company understands that as a service business, their people are always going to be the biggest component to their success. Want to know how a prospective office cleaning company feels about their people, ask. First, a company that really cares about finding, training, supporting the right people will be able to give you concrete examples of how they do this. No business just magically finds the answer to the people problem, they must do the work. A company that is apathetic about their company culture will deliver an office cleaning team to your facility that just doesn’t care. On that same note, when you ask about an office cleaning company’s recruiting, screening, hiring, training and rewarding, watch how they respond. A company that invests in their people will be enthusiastic about it and proud of it.


Find an Office Cleaning Company That Knows the Solution
A high performing office cleaning company knows that the first order of business is having the right team and the second is being responsive to your customers. Responsiveness is the cornerstone of any service business. Look, at the end of the day, it comes down to people and people are human. Even a great office cleaning service will need some feedback to fine-tune their work to your needs. And even when they have it down, there are likely to be issues at one time or another. The key is how your cleaning service handles it. Want to manage your office cleaning service? Start with a company with a solid plan to handle things when they aren’t so perfect. The best office cleaning companies will have a formalized, written plan on how they deal with communications from their customers. Anything less is just the wrong answer.


Shortcuts to Finding the Office Cleaning Answers You Need
Wish you could copy off of someone’s paper so to speak? The good news is school days are over and you as a business owner or facility manager are not only able to take shortcuts to getting the information you need to make wise decisions about office cleaning, you are actually encouraged to! As a business person, why wouldn’t you take every advantage possible to finding and hiring a solid, consistent and responsive office cleaning service? One way to get to the answers to your office cleaning problems quicker is to utilize industry certifications to create your short-list of qualified, professional office cleaning companies. Certifications like the ISSA CIMS for example, are like board certification for doctors and specials. These extra certifications are earned by meeting quality standards and benchmarks that differentiate the A+ students from the slackers. Companies that seek industry certification are committed to their industry, their company, their people and their customers. It’s just good math.

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