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Are You Getting What You Pay For With Your Office Cleaning?

Posted by Mitch Hesson on Mon, Aug 31, 2015 @ 03:37 PM

wayne county office cleaning, livingston county office cleaning, oakland county office cleaning, macomb county office cleaningOutsourcing your office cleaning can be a huge help to any busy Facility Manager but are you getting what you pay for from your office cleaning company?

There are some solid, measurable benefits to professional office cleaning that help you create a clean, healthy and well-organized space. And yet, if your office company doesn’t really understand the critical elements of their business and what must go into adequate office cleaning, you will not get the level of service you need. Likewise, maybe they started off okay but quickly slipped into so-so service mode sleep walking through your facility maintenance. If that’s the case then you are paying the bill without reaping the benefits.


Are Your Employees to Be Responsible For Office Cleaning?

Employees hired for one task never appreciate having office cleaning thrown on top of what they were actually hired for. Let’s face it, office cleaning can be dirty work and cleaning up after colleagues and coworkers can lead to burnout or the work going undone. Having a regular office cleaning service clean and maintain your facility allows your employees the chance to focus on their work.


Above Average Office Cleaning Saves You Money Over Cleaning In-House

We all understand that hiring an office cleaning company constitutes an expense. But it’s also an investment in your bottom line that can actually save you money long-term. When you contract with a professional, experienced Michigan office cleaning company, they can do more work in less time squeezing every bit of value out of your office cleaning dollar. Additionally, your office cleaning company has the responsibility of sourcing, purchasing, maintaining and replacing expensive cleaning equipment rather than you. A large local Michigan office cleaning company typically buys supplies and paper goods in bulk passing the savings along to you. Even the administration of additional employees from hiring, payroll and benefits can cost you a great deal of time and money. The right office cleaning company does all of this for you leaving you free to focus on your core business.


Cleaner Offices Benefit Employee Metrics

When your office cleaning is in the dumps, so are your employees’ attitudes. You don’t want to send your employees the message that sub par work is acceptable but if your offices are unclean that’s exactly the message they’re receiving. What that means for your facility is high level, motivated employees are likely to move on and the quality and output from your remaining workers will be dramatically reduced. And forget about attracting top talent when your offices a strictly C-. Likewise, employee engagement will go down as employee of attrition goes up. Additionally, a lack of adequate office cleaning leads more disease causing germs making employees more susceptible to illness raising absenteeism and lowering productivity. The bottom line is a healthy work environment makes employees happier, Healthier and more productive benefiting your own bottom line.


A Stellar Office Cleaning Company Safeguards Health

Most offices have two factors which can contribute to the spread of disease. First, they are highly trafficked areas that see many people over the course of the day. Second, these people share spaces and frequently touched communal equipment like phones, office machines, door handles, computers and more that offer a quick and easy way to spread disease causing germs. With so many office surfaces and equipment crawling with germs and bacteria that can cause illness, cleaning for health in your office is essential. Professional office cleaning companies are trained in proper sanitation practices that will limit the spread of disease causing germs in your facility.


Quality Office Cleaning Enhances Your Reputation

Clean, healthy, well-maintained offices make for a favorable first impression with customers, visiting colleagues and prospective hires. Whether you are looking to attract clients or top talent, the state of your surroundings says a lot. Is your office conveying the message you want to send? If you have been trying to handle your own office cleaning in house and it just isn’t cutting it or your current office cleaning company is phoning it in, it’s time to find a great office cleaning company that will deliver on their promises to you.


Getting Your Money’s Worth From Your Office Cleaning Company

Office cleaning is critical to the success of your facility. Sure it’s an expense but a clean work space leads to satisfied and productive employees, lowered absenteeism and turnover and a positive experience for both customers and employees. Most facility managers want to partner with a great office cleaning company but perhaps they have suffered with sub par service for so long or from multiple contractors that they just don’t think it’s worth looking for a company poised to deliver. Don’t get trapped into thinking all office cleaning companies are the same. There are many professional, reputable, experienced Office cleaning companies that are just waiting to show you what high levels of service can do for your offices. Partner with an exceptional office cleaning company and you can rest assured you’ll get real value from your building services budget.



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