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Is It Time to Rethink Your Current School Cleaning Plan?

Posted by Chris Stathakis on Tue, Apr 12, 2016 @ 01:02 PM

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Is Your School Cleaning Company Making the Grade?

Is your school cleaning company at the top of the Dean’s list or are you frequently calling them into the Principal’s office to bring them to task for poorly done work or missing work? With lean janitorial budgets and increasing class sizes, keeping your classrooms and campus in spic and span, ready-to-learn condition can be challenging. Can you keep your schools clean on historically tight budgets? The answer is yes, you can keep your school clean, your students and staff healthy and safe and even protect your building’s assets but you can’t do it without a plan. And you cannot do it with any other school janitorial services than a professional, reputable, experienced school cleaning company with the tools and systems in place to partner with you to identify your specific needs and do more, better and with less.


The Responsibility For Finding A School Janitorial Service To Keep Kids Healthy & Safe Is Yours

Kids must be healthy and safe, that is a critical component of any sound school cleaning plan. School cleaning isn't at all the same as other commercial cleaning. First, with children there are specific safety concerns that require only the most well screened and suitable cleaning employees. Second, kids are notorious germ factories and with so little hand washing and so much nose picking and hands in the mouths, schools are often the perfect breeding grounds for diseases. Whether it's your school restrooms classrooms or common areas, your school janitorial company must both insure the safety of students and staff and keep your school in a clean and healthy condition. Whether you are in search of public school cleaning, private school cleaning, independent school cleaning or even maintenance for your charter, Christian or magnet school, you need to understand how to find a school cleaning services company that understands your specific needs and can customize a cleaning plan to both your budget and your individual facility or facilities.


Why School Janitorial Services Matter So Much

We all understand that the safety and health of our students and staff is paramount. And yet, with looming student safety concerns and often jam packed classrooms, safety, health and wellness are more topical and more important than ever. This being the case, schools are tasked with finding school cleaning companies that have a proven track record, measurable school cleaning experience and a solid reputation for quality work and quality people. With so many new cleaning companies flooding the market annually and commercial cleaning companies expanding their markets to school cleaning in search of new customers, you must work harder than ever to separate those janitorial companies that make the Dean’s List from those fly by night cleaning operations or those commercial cleaning companies always stuck in detention.


Need Help From a School Cleaning Checklist?

While there is no magic wand to finding the best university cleaning, there are a few shortcuts that can at the very least make the process of finding a qualified safe, professional and responsive school cleaning company easier. What should you be on the lookout for when considering prospective janitorial company for your school’s cleaning?


  • You need a janitorial service with vast experience in school cleaning. Just because a cleaning company wants your business doesn't mean they understand how school cleaning is different from other types of cleaning and maintenance. The last thing you need is to have a commercial cleaning company cut their teeth in YOUR facility.


  • You need school cleaning companies with solid procedures in place and a track record of compliance when it comes to employee screening incorporating at minimum both criminal background checks and drug screening. Even better, your janitorial company can also conduct education verification, employment history verification, reference verification and more.


  • Any janitorial service that wants to work with area schools needs to understand how critical it is to identify the right fit when choosing school custodians. Ye most effective and professional janitorial services companies understand how to identify, attract and scrutinize candidates to find the best match for your specific facility.


  • The most experienced and professional school cleaning companies can work with the budget you have to create a cleaning plan that works for your school facilities. The best companies can make the most of shrinking budgets to help you get what you need to keep your students and staff healthy, your building in a ready to learn state and your assets protected.


  • Any commercial cleaning company you consider must offer easy to understand, transparent pricing. This enables you to compare multiple school cleaning quotes to find the best value for your facility. This also sets the expectation and allows you to hold your school cleaning company accountable and measure success together.


  • Ideally, your Michigan janitorial services company should deliver customized solutions and responsiveness that keeps your school, campus or learning facility operating effectively. Still, with even the best commercial cleaning company, when cleaning schools issues will arise from time to time, and the good companies know this and plan for it. So there needs to be a system in place to solve problems BEFORE they happen. This system should be observable and backed up with processes that work to keep everyone on track.


  • When deciding on Michigan school cleaning, local is preferable to a national school cleaning company. Local janitorial services companies know and are dedicated to the local community. Local school janitorial companies keep their revenue and jobs here in Michigan. But it goes without saying that a local Detroit area school cleaning company must be large, established and professional enough to accommodate your school facility.


  • Any school janitorial company you choose should offer green school cleaning and energy reduction options. Green cleaning claims must be supported with demonstrable practices and appropriate training. Documented training programs substantiate a company’s commitment to green building services and healthy schools.


  • The best school cleaning companies have likely secured professional certifications like the CIMS-GB Certification. These difficult professional certifications demonstrate a company’s commitment to industry best practices for school cleaning. 


You Can Work With Local Michigan School Cleaning Companies & Get Effective Janitorial Services

Much like our own time spent in school, getting the best school janitorial company is like getting the best grades, it takes some work and effort. Separating the fakers from the industry makers means you have to ask the questions, look for evidence that backs up a commercial cleaning company’s claims and ask a prospective commercial cleaning service to show you not just tell you why they would make a fitting partner in your facility. And be mindful that using industry certification to craft your short list of school cleaning company can be the easiest way to weed out those companies that just won’t or cannot get the job done the way you need it done. Spend the time looking for the right fit from your janitorial service and you are likely to establish a productive partnership that will serve your school for many years to come.



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