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Finding the Right Michigan School Cleaning Company For Your Facilities

Posted by Mitch Hesson on Wed, Dec 10, 2014 @ 03:40 PM

bigstock-Child-with-many-question-marks-40193056With so many people in and out, school facilities can be the perfect breeding grounds for diseases if not adequately maintained. But school cleaning isn't at all the same as other commercial cleaning. Educational facilities have unique requirements that can make it more challenging to find the right Michigan school cleaning company. Whether you are in search of K-12 public school cleaning, private school cleaning, college campus cleaning or the maintenance of other school and learning facilities, how can use the facilities manager find your own star student in a sea of flunkies?

Whether it's your restrooms or your classrooms, your school janitorial company must both insure the safety of students and staff and keep your school and ready to learn condition. School cleaning services require an entirely different level of engagement and professionalism. Whether you are facilities manager looking for public school cleaning, private school cleaning, independent school cleaning or even maintenance for your charter, Christian or magnet school, you must be armed with the knowledge to find a Michigan school cleaning company worthy of your trust.


School janitorial services Must Prioritize Health & Safety

We have always known that the safety and health of our students and educational community is important. Still, with today's student safety concerns and frequently crowded classrooms, safety and disease prevention become even more paramount. For this reason, when investigating commercial school cleaning, it is imperative to look for company with a proven track record, significant school cleaning experience and a solid reputation for quality work and quality people. Understanding the school cleaning company needs to be qualified is one thing, finding a school custodial service that fits the bill is another. So what can you do as an educational facilities manager to weed out prospective school cleaning companies that won't make the grade? And how do you find the right school janitorial services offering A+ work?


Your Commercial School Cleaning Checklist

While school cleaning shortcuts are in short supply, you can utilize our school cleaning checklist to help you narrow down your choices to those Michigan school cleaning companies that are most likely to offer you safe, professional and responsive school cleaning. So what should you be looking for when considering contracting for janitorial services?

  1. You need a janitorial company with extensive experience in commercial school maintenance. Just because a cleaning company wants your business doesn't mean they understand how school cleaning is different from general commercial cleaning.

  2. You need a commercial school cleaning company with a system in place and a proven record of compliance with regard to employee screening including criminal background checks and drug testing. The better school cleaning services will also provide education verification, employment history verification, reference verification and more.

  3. Your prospective school cleaning company should offer a green cleaning program as well as energy reduction plans. Any green cleaning promises must be backed up with proven results and sufficient training. Documented training programs substantiate a commitment to green building services and healthy schools.
  4. The right school janitorial services will understand how to work with the budget you have to set up a cleaning program that works for your learning facility. The better commercial cleaning companies will actually be more adept at working with shrinking budgets to help you determine how to best maintain your facility.
  5. Any commercial cleaning company seeking to work with schools must be fully aware of how important it is to find the right fit as far school custodians are concerned. A good cleaning company will know how to attract and vet candidates until they find an ideal match for your facility.
  6. When choosing a Michigan school cleaning company, local is often better than a national school cleaning company. They understand and are committed to the local community and they keep their dollars and jobs right here in Michigan. And yet a local Michigan commercial cleaning company must be large enough to accommodate your facility.

  7. Your educational cleaning company should provide customized solutions for your school maintenance and the level of responsiveness that keeps your facility running smoothly. There must be a system in place to solve real problems in your school cleaning as they come up. This should be backed up with observable systems and processes that help keep everyone on track and current customer references.
  8. Your custodial services should be priced transparently in such a way to allow you to compare one school cleaning company’s quotes to another. This clear and transparent pricing will also help you and your educational cleaning company measure success.

  9. Your Michigan school janitorial services should provide systems and processes to improve communication and help you quickly and easily iron out kinks and issues as they arise.
  10. School cleaning can often be unpredictable so the very best Michigan school cleaning companies will offer flexibility allowing you to staff up or step down as needed. 

  11. The best companies may have achieved professional certification like the CIMS-GB Certification. These challenging professional certifications can be a sign of a company’s commitment to industry best practices for school cleaning. 

How Can You Get the Best Michigan Custodial Services

Well, just like with school, there is going to be some homework involved. To find a quality school janitorial company, you have to ask the questions, look for backup and ask a prospective company to show you not just tell you why they are a great partner. And consider using industry certification to craft your short list of Michigan school cleaning services. Do your work upfront and you can forge a productive partnership with your cleaning company that will serve your educational facility for many years to come.

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