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Do School Cleaning Budget Cuts Spell Disaster For Your Facility?

Posted by Mitch Hesson on Wed, Apr 29, 2015 @ 03:04 PM

michigan school cleaning company, detroit school cleaning, commercial cleaning companyAlthough economically, Michigan is getting back on track, for many schools, budgets continue to tighten. Many administrators have had to learn to do more with less. But are your razor thin school cleaning and building maintenance budget cuts setting up your school for failure? School cleaning is important for a number of reasons. Tasked with making sure your educational facility is in ‘ready to learn’ condition is no easy feat and it’s made even more challenging with less than optimal budgets. But just because your school janitorial budgets are at an all time low doesn’t mean you cant partner with a professional school cleaning company to create a plan that works with the budget you have to maintain critical services.

The right Michigan school cleaning and janitorial company can help you do more with less and keep your facility on track. Not all maintenance companies are up to the task, so you as a facilities manager or administrator must learn how to separate the ‘Honor Roll’ companies from those that should stay in detention when searching for a maintenance contractor for your school or educational facility. Your school cleaning doesn’t have to be a big headache in your every growing to do list. Rather, do the work upfront and you can find a long-term partner who will help you maintain your school with as few obstacles and issues as possible.


Why Is School Cleaning So Critical

A clean school shows you care. You care about your students, your educators and your community. Nothing spreads faster in an educational environment than apathy so don’t let a school that is dirty or in disrepair negatively impact your image or your student’s opportunities. On top of that, school cleaning has a direct impact on student health and student health has a direct impact on attendance and absenteeism, which in turn has a direct impact on test scores. Schools can be breeding grounds for a host of communicable diseases that can all be kept in check with adequate school cleaning for health. Neglect the cleaning of your school or campus and the consequences add up.


The Best Commercial Maintenance Companies Can Help You Do More With Less

Even if your building maintenance budgets are not optimal, an experienced commercial cleaning company can show you how to get the most out of the dollars you do have. Many people tend to think low price is the same as good value but often this is not the case. The best value is the most for that dollar and experienced janitorial companies can help you put together a work plan that is individualized to your facility. If your current cleaning company isn’t doing the job you need and all you get is requests for more money, it might be time to consider a school cleaning company who is willing to work with the budget you have and show you precisely what you will get and how to make it work for your facility.


Finding A School Janitorial Contractor Who Makes The Honor Roll

You can find that A+ school cleaning company but it is going to require some effort. To find a reputable, professional, responsive and committed school cleaning company they should have: 

▪       Systems that work to solve any issues in your school cleaning quickly

▪       Full school compliance & CIMS-GB Certification

▪       Green Cleaning options to help you meet your environmental goals

▪       A professional and system-based method to make managing school maintenance hassle-free

▪       Documented training programs that substantiate a commitment to green building services

▪       Testimonials Do other facility managers or companies you work with have recommendations or referrals? 


And just as educators and administrators have certifications that can indicate special training and mastery of specific areas of education and administration, cleaning companies have their own certification processes. Within the janitorial, cleaning and building maintenance industry, there is CIMS certification (cleaning industry management standard). CIMS certification can be a valuable tool if you are searching for a school cleaning company who will earn high marks. CIMS certification gives cleaning companies the chance to prove their competencies in areas of the business that most directly impact you the customer. Not only does CIMS certification show a real commitment to be among the industry’s best, it is a challenging process that weeds out companies just not up to the challenge. CIMS certification tells you as an administrator that you are dealing with a committed professional commercial cleaning dedicated to building a long-term relationship with you and your school.


Choose Right & Your School Cleaning Company Can Be A Great Ally

Send the right message with a clean and well-maintained school. Demonstrate to students, staff and parents that you operate in an orderly environment, that you are committed and have great expectations for students, parents and staff and support them with the foundation necessary to make it all happen. The right school cleaning company can make your job much easier by giving you a real partner in the care of your school.

With summer nearing, this can be a good time to reevaluate your school cleaning company. Are they delivering the work they committed to? Do they communicate well and consistently meet your expectations? Are they doing enough with the budget you have? If your answer is no, it’s probably time to find a school janitorial company that can do better for you and deliver on their promises.|6ec775e5-e191-4257-a8e4-c935ec7bcd5d

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