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Getting Premier Building Maintenance From Medical Cleaning Services

Posted by Mitch Hesson on Mon, Oct 19, 2015 @ 03:47 PM

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If you manage a medical facility, you understand just how important the cleanliness of your facility. From health and safety concerns to HCACPS scores (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems), the quality of your facility maintenance matters much more than it likely does in a general office setting. Medical office cleaning and the cleaning of any health care facility come with a unique set of requirements, goals, compliance issues and regulatory requirements. All too often you as a Facility Manager end up settling for good enough medical cleaning services when what you really want is premier building maintenance for your healthcare facility. How can you leave the so-so hospital cleaning companies on the side of the road and hitch a ride with a medical cleaning service willing and able to deliver the premier building maintenance you, your patients and staff and your health care facility deserve?

Here’s the deal, every commercial cleaning company wants your business but only a small percentage of janitorial companies can really handle medical cleaning and medical facility maintenance. The trick is to find those cleaning companies who are capable of performing at an acceptable level or ideally, delivering premier building maintenance to your facility. So how do you identify the companies that can really do the job?


If They Call Themselves A Medical Cleaning Service, They Should Understand Medical Cleaning Requirements

Medical cleaning services and Medical office cleaning services are completely different from general office cleaning or even industrial cleaning services. Certainly all types of commercial cleaning have their own sets of goals and requirements, but with healthcare and hospital cleaning services, just the compliance, regulatory and health and safety issues alone are complex. If a janitorial company wants your business, they must make your requirements their requirements. So when considering prospective Medical cleaning and Hospital cleaning companies, ask them to explain to you how they prepare to tackle the big job of maintaining a medical facility. Any great Michigan medical cleaning company that has spent the time, energy, resources and even money to prepare themselves to serve Facility Managers with medical cleaning needs will be thrilled to share this with you.


If They Are Committed To Safe And Compliant Hospital Cleaning And Medical Cleaning, They Should Be CIMS Certified

ISSA CIMS certification is really important and can be a valuable, time saving too for you as a Facility Manager. CIMS certification is a voluntary certification process that requires a commercial cleaning company to prove their competency in a number of areas that are critical in the delivery of premier building maintenance. CIMS or the Cleaning Industry Management Standard isn’t the ONLY way a janitorial company can prove they align with industry best practices and the highest of standards but it sure makes it more likely. Of course, you could go through and ‘audit’ a prospective medical cleaning company to see if they do business in a way that will predict success but honestly, who has time for that. Most Facility Managers we talk to are already overwhelmed with their ever-growing list of responsibilities. They just want to be able to offload their building maintenance to a medical cleaning company that will do the work right without constant management from the Facility Manager.


If They Are Offering Medical Cleaning Services, They Should Staff And Train The Best People For The Job

Like nearly any service business, Hospital cleaning companies rely on people to deliver their services. So any Medical cleaning service must make it a priority to attract, screen, hire, train and manage very good people. Whether they are delivering restroom cleaning services, medical office cleaning services or high-level Hospital cleaning services, you Michigan janitorial company can’t take short cuts with their people processes or it will trickle down to you the customer. From safety issues to illegal hiring to the hard costs of high janitorial turnover, the bottom line is any company willing to take shortcuts simply cannot deliver premier building maintenance in your health care facilities.


The Best Healthcare Cleaning & Medical Cleaning Services Offer Clear Pricing

Janitorial pricing can be nebulous sometimes but it shouldn’t be. The reality is that if you do not understand what you are buying for your medical cleaning budget, you have no clear way to hold your medical cleaning company accountable when they don’t deliver. Transparent pricing of your healthcare cleaning services is important. First, it allows you to compare medical cleaning bids in a meaningful way to determine the best value. Second, a clear cleaning bid or spec with detailed pricing and components gives both you and your medical cleaning company a road map with which to measure progress, success and give them a better chance of providing you with premier building maintenance for years to come.


If They Are Going To Deliver Premier Building Services, They Need To Build In Quality Right From The Start

Premier building maintenance for your medical facility doesn’t happen by accident, it happens by design. Whether it is through ISSA CIMS certification or on their own, any Janitorial services Michigan must have the systems and processes in place to predictably deliver results and premier building maintenance. That means quality hiring processes, effective and complete training processes, effective and consistent management practices and the systems in place to make communication clear and easy so that you get the responsive medical cleaning you and your facility require. And taken a step further, the best commercial cleaning companies will also offer a menu of services that while you may not use regularly, will help you save money and time when you do need them like a Dayporter service, commercial handyman service and even preventative maintenance services. Finding the right medical cleaning company isn’t impossible or even unlikely, but it does take a little work if you are to find a commercial cleaning company who will deliver premier building maintenance and keep you on the right road, humming along.


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