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A Messy Desk and Making Way For Michigan Cleaning Services

Posted by Mitch Hesson on Mon, Jan 07, 2013 @ 10:14 AM

Cleaning a Messy Desk resized 600Even in this technological age, we still find ourselves burdened with cluttered workspaces that get in the way of our productivity. A cluttered desk feeds our anxiety level and encourages bad habits, like procrastination. You can start the New Year out right and effectively lower your day-to-day stress level simply by getting organized and transforming your messy desk into an orderly workplace haven.

Here are some tips to help you turn that cluttered desk into a well-organized workspace (and keep it that way with a little help from Michigan cleaning services). 

  • Your friendly Michigan cleaning services stands by this golden rule of good organization: a place for everything and everything in its place! Empty out your letter trays and desktop organizes, clean the dust out of them, and then decide what will go where and stick to that system, putting the items you use most right where you can get at them.
  • Sort out all the documents and papers on your desk. Make a pile to shred, recycle, or keep. For the papers you’re keeping, separate those into ones that you can file away (and do so immediately) and the ones that will need your attention in the New Year. If the Michigan cleaning services your office employs offers a green cleaning program, they can help you to recycle papers of your office doesn’t have a recycling program of its own.
  • Personal effects, such as pictures and knick-knacks, are nice on a desk, but they also collect dust and take up valuable space. Too much can actually be an eyesore, so decide how much you really need to effectively reflect your unique personality and put the rest away. Your Michigan cleaning services suggests rotating the personal items you display so you can enjoy them without all of them being in the way all of the time.  Most cleaning companies will not dust cluttered desk or horizontal surfaces. They don't want to take the chance of moving things around and possably breaking something.
  • Take this time to organize your computer desktop and filing system as well. Just because it’s not as tangible as other office supplies, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be cleaned and organized regularly, along with your desk drawers. It’s especially important to keep your computer keyboard clean. Many germs and bacteria hid between the keys. Michigan cleaning services can help to keep them clean, using the correct cleaning products and dusting sprays to clean sensitive electronics.  But they do not want to move important papers on your desk to get to the desk surface.  
  • Make sure your desktop stays germ free by double-checking that your Michigan cleaning services have a system in place that ensures that the cleaning cloths used in the restroom are not the ones used on your personal workspace. They can even leave a note that your area has been sanitized so you know it’s clean. You can thank your cleaning staff by keeping your space clutter free to make their job easier and much more effective. 

Your Michigan cleaning services are happy to keep the area around your desk clean, sanitize your phone and the like; however, they will not be able to effectively clean if your office is unorganized.  The "rule of thumb" is to make sure whatever surface you want clean is cleared.  Only you can keep the landscape of your desk clutter free and orderly, Michigan cleaning services are here to help with the rest.


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