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Office Hygiene - Office Phone May Be Making You Sick

Posted by Jacob Cisin on Mon, Apr 16, 2012 @ 07:13 AM


“Germs follow us around all day. They are opportunists,” 

Did you know the number one germ zone in your office is your phone? In fact researcher have foundthat office phones, desktops, computer keyboards, mouse, and elevator buttons were all contaminated with more germs then office toilet seat. Thats especially gross considering most people eat their lunch at their desk two or three times a week.

The best way to make sure that your phones stay clean and disinfected are as follows:

  1. Include weekly phone cleaning in the contract of your cleaning service.
  2. Make sure that they use color coded microfiber rags when cleaning phones.  This will help make sure that they don't use the same rags that were used to clean restrooms on your telephone mouthpiece.
  3. Request that they use a disinfectant to kill the germs on your phones. Using a window wash or a multi surface cleaner will clean your phones but not kill the germs.
  4. A professional cleaning company will even place stickers on each phone each time the disinfect the phones so your employees know that your are concerned about their Health.

Green cleaning products are a step away from chemical based products that may harm or cause irritation to people who are working in the environment. According to major researches some chemical based products may cause allergies or even lung diseases. Green cleaning products are the means of cleaning and disinfecting by using environment friendly ingredients and chemicals. This products mean helping reduce the toxic waste that may harm the world we live in for this green cleaning products aim to preserve health of not only us but the environment as well.

Hiring a professional crew will help maintain good and healthy work environment in the long run but there are steps you can follow on your own that will help to keep yourself from getting sick at work by stepping up your office Hygiene. Wipe down your phone and desk daily with a spray or wipe that says "Disinfecting" on the label that means it kills both becteria and viruses.

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