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Tackle Big & Small Jobs With Commercial Handyman Services

Posted by Dale Saylor on Thu, Jul 20, 2017 @ 12:25 PM

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Is Your Commercial Building Maintenance Threatening to Overwhelm You?

Commercial building maintenance is not for the feint of heart. Between ongoing preventive maintenance and putting out the occasional and not so occasional fires, if you go it alone, your facility maintenance can quickly overwhelm even the best Facility Manager. When your ‘to do’ list becomes ‘to do’ lists, and tasks are accumulating faster than you can tackle them, it’s time to consider the help of a commercial handyman service. Regular maintenance and preventative maintenance assure your building is optimally maintained. Likewise, day-to-day facility maintenance issues can overwhelm your schedule with calls, site visits, estimates and more, leaving little room for your other important responsibilities. Contracting your commercial building maintenance to a professional handyman service can not only free up your time to focus on other things, it can save you money while keeping your building in great shape.


The Right Commercial Handyman Service Is Like Having Your Own All Star Team

One of the many challenges as a Facility Manager is finding the right people to do the work when something goes wrong or needs attention in your facility. Contracting with individual plumbing companies, electricians, HVAC techs and so on means finding, qualifying, managing and paying multiple separate businesses. With the right commercial handyman services, you get your own team of highly qualified maintenance technicians. These technicians come highly qualified with experience in plumbing, HVAC, electrical, general building maintenance and more. With the right technicians, your handyman service can offer premier building maintenance, managing most issues as they come up and even attending to preventive maintenance so you can catch small issues before they become major, costly problems.


Commercial Handyman Services Give You The Help You Need

The right commercial handyman service works closely with you and your facility. Your needed work is their priority. No more long service waits, missed appointments, reschedules and unnecessary delays. When you contract with a premier building maintenance company, you form a relationship with your commercial handyman or team of maintenance technicians operating like your very own A-Team, doing the work need done with just a little guidance from you. Are you wondering if a commercial handyman service might be the right fit for your facility? Maybe you worry that you don’t have enough work for a whole service or maybe you worry you have too much. Among the benefits of a commercial handyman service is that you can adjust your services to fit your individual facility needs. Some companies require continual maintenance at multiple facilities while other companies may require a once a week visit to tackle ongoing issues as they come up or even as needed help. The right commercial facility maintenance company has the staffing and flexibility to give you exactly the services you need without paying for services you don’t.


Get Premier Building Maintenance & Get Back On Track

Ongoing maintenance and preventative maintenance can overwhelm the best of us, and yet, a commercial handyman service can help you get to all of the little and not so little fixes that can add up, stress you out and even diminish a building’s value. With the right commercial handyman service, you can create a maintenance schedule and preventive maintenance plan that works best for your facility. Likewise, having a solid plan for repairs, fixes and installations will help you budget and forecast more easily and stay on track with those budgets while keeping your facility well maintained.


Finding A Professional Handyman Capable of Servicing YOUR Facility

While there is no shortage of maintenance companies, finding the right company can be challenging. Building services companies that are really up for the job of partnering with you in the maintenance of your facility will have a few important qualities you should look for. First, your maintenance company must have really good people. With a service business, you are really only as good as your team. What does your prospective commercial handyman services company do to attract, screen, hire, train, retain and manage the best technicians? Do they conduct consistent, reliable drug and criminal background check screening? Do they provide the training, management and incentives to drive reliability through accountability? Likewise, even with great technicians, if your commercial maintenance company doesn’t operate with great communication in place, service is bound to suffer. So how does your prospective building maintenance company handle problems when they arise? Do they have procedures in place to manage issues? Do they have a formal process for communicating with you the customer when you need help? Do they offer transparent pricing so you can compare their services to other companies and be clear about what you are getting and what you're paying for it? Asking a few probing questions upfront can save you the hassle of partnering with a building services contractor who is simply not up to the job.


The Right Handyman Services Can Make a World of Difference

Make your job as a facilities manager significantly more manageable, enlist the help of a commercial handyman service. Tackle big jobs and small jobs with ease knowing you have a true partner and your own A-Team of trained, experienced technicians. Shorten your to do list and keep your building and its assets properly maintained. Whether you need electrical, plumbing or HVAC or you need furniture assembled, shelves or televisions installed and mounted, patch and painting and so much more, a commercial handyman service can keep your building in good shape and be a sanity and time saver for you.

Here at Stathakis, we provide commercial cleaning and commercial handyman services to the following Southeastern Michigan Counties: Genesee County, Livingston County, Washtenaw County, Monroe County, Wayne County, Macomb County, St. Clair County. We offer effective, professional facility services to the cities of Detroit, Ann Arbor, Farmington Hills, Dearborn, Farmington, Livonia, Plymouth, Downriver, Royal Oak, Southfield, Troy, Auburn Hills, Novi and more. For more information on our services and how we can help you, please contact us at 1-800-278-1884.

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Surviving Janitorial Budget Cuts With Smart Cleaning

Posted by Mitch Hesson on Tue, Jul 18, 2017 @ 01:03 PM

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Can Your Commercial Cleaning Company Use Smart Cleaning To Do More With Less?

Belt tightening and cost cutting have become permanent circumstances for many Facility Managers. Maybe it is because no one seems to know which direction our economy is headed in or perhaps it is because companies are looking to shore up against future costs and economic uncertainties. Whatever the reason, one thing is clear, more and more Facility Managers are being asked to do more with reduced budgets. The bad news is that if you are under resourced, it can feel impossible to meet the requirements of your facility. The good news is that these reduced budgets have actually driven some major technological improvements in the janitorial industry as companies seek to be more efficient and cost effective for their customers. With the right commercial cleaning company, many businesses are finding they can survive, and even thrive, with less. But working with reduced budgets requires a level of expertise that is in short supply in all too many janitorial services in Michigan. If you aren’t getting the work done that keeps your facility in good shape, it doesn’t matter how low the price is. In order to maximize your budget, lighten your workload and keep your facility looking good, your commercial cleaning company must put Smart Cleaning into practice.


What Exactly Is Smart Cleaning? 

Smart cleaning encompasses the idea that if you are looking to reduce costs without negatively impacting facility maintenance or flooding your inbox with complaints, you have to get more efficient with the work itself and reduce janitorial hours strategically. In order to truly Smart Clean, your janitorial company needs experience, an understanding of how occupants use your building and a plan. Without a strategic plan designed to meet your needs along with the experience to make good on it, smart cleaning can easily turn into bad cleaning. Smart Cleaning requires planning, customization, innovation and commitment from your commercial cleaning company. With Smart Cleaning, you and your janitorial company collaborate to identify what services are vital to the appearance and functioning of your building and which ones are not. Those less critical services can be reduced and staggered in frequency reducing the total janitorial hours needed to maintain your facility, the goal being to cut back on non-essential services without the perception that your maintenance is suffering.


How Technology Helps Make Smart Cleaning SMART

One of the things needed for smart cleaning to work is greater efficiencies and nothing impacts efficiency quite like technology. Technological breakthroughs in the janitorial industry have helped cut janitorial hours, improve the cleaning itself and even save money on both time and resources. Innovations like Boost floor cleaning machines, vacuum back packs,team cleaning and more are all progressive practices that save both you and your janitorial company time and money. But these advances cost money and in order to reap their rewards, you must partner with a cleaning company that invests in its own business in order to offer customers the best work at the best price.


Are Your Janitorial Services In Michigan Up To The Challenge?

If Smart Cleaning isn’t paired with a workable plan, it just won’t work. And understand that Smart Cleaning can't simply be a directive to your cleaning company, it must be a partnership. After all, you know what’s important in your facility and your janitorial services company knows what they can do and how long it takes. With a Smart Clean program, you have to consider a multitude of factors. For instance, consider what you are doing presently and whether or not it makes sense given your needs. Think about what line items in your cleaning spec MUST be included and which tasks or areas you might be able to get by with less. Likewise, when you look over what is being done currently, there might be some things that are unnecessary or that might be able to be done a better, quicker, more efficient way. While there are many businesses of all sizes flooding the janitorial market, there are only a handful of janitorial companies capable of Smart Cleaning. 


Reduced Janitorial Budgets Require Transparent Pricing From Your Janitorial Services Company

In order for you to cut costs with your current janitorial company or secure prices that fit your budget with a new cleaning company, you have to be clear about what you are buying and what it will cost. Yet all too often, janitorial companies have cloudy pricing and fuzzy math. Sometimes it is intentionally confusing in order to make it tougher to compare prices in a meaningful way. Other times pricing may be unclear because a company simply lacks the experience to accurately price jobs. Still, the bottom line is that in order to compare commercial cleaning quotes and get the best value for your facility, you need to be able to look at quotes side by side and they must have transparent pricing. Nothing can upend your budget faster than hidden costs and unplanned overages. Furthermore, a careful, detailed, clear priced quote is an indication that a prospective cleaning company has taken the time to really understand your facility and your needs. Quickly thrown together cleaning quotes are not the route to go when you are working with reduced budgets and trying to do more with less.


A Cheap Clean Isn’t Always A SmartClean

It is hard for any of us to turn down a bargain, especially when we are pinching pennies but a super low price that doesn’t give you adequate coverage in your building isn’t really a bargain. Sure it’s tempting, especially when you are trying to make the numbers work but low low cleaning bids should raise a big red flag. When you see a bid come in well below others, the first thing you should ask is HOW are they doing the work for so much less. Typically in these cases it’s one of three things. They are cutting corners with the work, they are saving money through illegal hiring and subcontracting or they are planning to charge you more later but want to secure your business now. None of these are good for you and your facility. Cleaning companies that over promise and under deliver will all too often lead to an inbox full of complaints and more headaches for you. Sure, price matters, but it cannot be the only factor in play when you choose a building services contractor for your facility.


The Difference Between Lowest Price & Best Value From Your Janitorial Services Company

Price and value are two very different things. Price is what you pay, value is what you get. Real value from your commercial cleaning company means you get the work you need at a fair price. If your building isn’t being adequately cleaned then it doesn’t matter how good the price is, it isn’t what you need. You need the right balance of services to keep your building in good shape at the lowest responsible price. Cheap ineffective cleaning services aren’t really cheap when they cost you customers, tenants and your facility’s reputation. With Smart Cleaning and the right janitorial company to implement it, you can have both quality, effective cleaning services and stay on track with your budgets. There are companies out there with the experience and the know how to help you do more with less and at least optimize the budget you have so that you can develop a cleaning plan that best meets your needs.


You Don’t Have to Live With Ineffective Janitorial Services

Sure you might be working with a less than ideal cleaning budget but you still are entitled to reliable, effective, consistent commercial cleaning services. The most professional and knowledgeable janitorial companies can help you get the most value from your cleaning budget. When shopping janitorial services, keep the following in mind. Those companies that offer transparent pricing give you the opportunity to compare quotes in a meaningful way. Contractors that do not resort to illegal hiring and subcontracting to give you artificially low prices protect your business and their own. Finally, those cleaning companies that utilize technology to streamline their services and create efficiencies without sacrificing quality can be a true partner when having to work with less than ideal budgets.

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Day Porters: What They Are & Why You Need One

Posted by Brian Mamo on Wed, Jul 12, 2017 @ 09:11 AM


Exactly What Is A Day Porter?

Do you know what a Day Porter does? If not, don’t worry, many Facility Managers aren’t entirely sure either. A Day Porter isn’t the same as a day cleaning service, but it does include day cleaning in part. Add to the confusion that a Day Porter is a highly customized position so what a Day Porter can do to help you in your facility may look very different from what the Day Porter duties look like in another building. Essentially, a Day Porter helps clean areas of your building that need attention throughout the day while picking up extra tasks that help your building look better and run smoother. Your Day Porter can help make sure your entry doors are always sparkling, your reception area never becomes a holding area for abandoned, half empty coffee cups and your restrooms are never without important supplies and frequently emptied trash cans. With a solid Day Porter service, you never have to wait out the nighttime cleaning crew again for issues that are important right now. Essentially, day porter services are designed to help you and your facility with basic janitorial needs during normal daytime business hours and other related tasks that keep your building running smoothly.


Can Day Porter Services Help Your Facility Shine?

Because Day Porter services are so customized, they can really help your facility shine. Often very good Day Porters, while primarily managed by your Building Services Company, become an extension of your own staff. That is without all of the many things involved in having an employee. They can also become a valuable intermediary between you and your evening cleaning service. Likewise, it can be so helpful to get your building’s needs addressed immediately and in person rather than try to communicate a specific or special need to a night time cleaning service you never or rarely see face to face.


The #1 Thing You Need for Effective Day Porter Services?

The single most important element in the success of your Day Porter program is the individual your building services company places in your facility. In part, this is because it is a service position and in part because it is a highly personalized and even specialized position. In order to get the most from YOUR day porter, they must be a good fit for the position and a natural fit in your facility. An effective day Porter program is directly linked to the amount of time and care your janitorial company puts it into finding the right individual for your specific needs. This not only means finding a good fit overall, but also your commercial cleaning company must do all of the standard due diligence including criminal background checks and drug testing. If you are thinking about adding a Day Porter program to your current roster of services, you should ask what your janitorial services company does to assure their people are screened, trained and managed to assure the highest level of success in your facility.


Doling Out Dayporter Duties

Day Porter programs offer a way to get a high level of personalized help in your facility; however, there are some common problems that can keep you from getting the most from your day porter. First, because a Day Porter has a variety of duties, it is critical that you help them prioritize their workload and requests. Frequently, many people in your facility will make requests of your Day Porter, it is easy for a day porter to become overwhelmed with duties and not know which ones are a priority and which they should reroute through you or a supervisor. Ideally, requests for help should come through you or a point person who can approve any work that will take your Day Porter away from their everyday responsibilities. Likewise, if your Day Porter has a huge and growing workload, it is normal that they would focus on those duties they enjoy most so having help prioritizing work and managing outside requests for help can help your day porter focus on the things YOU need most and be effective and successful in their position.


Making Day Cleaning & Nighttime Cleaning Work In Concert

In order to avoid issues between the day cleaning and night cleaning teams, you need to be aware of some common issues. A problem that can arise with even the most professional and effective day porter programs is responsibility shifting between the day porter and the nighttime cleaning people. Day Porters, especially very good day porters, get busy during their work day with a growing list of responsibilities. Often they will begin to shift some of their cleaning responsibilities to the evening cleaning team. Likewise, rather than communicate your needs to the night cleaning crew, sometimes they get in the position of trying to manage the evening cleaning team which is more likely to create tension than respond to your specific needs. You can head off these common challenges by being very clear about your Day Porter’s duties and your expectations, and again, managing the extra requests for help that can leave your Day Porter with more work than time. Ultimately, if there are issues with or between your Day Porter and nighttime cleaning crew, it is your janitorial company’s problem to fix. After all, that is one of the major benefits of outsourcing your commercial cleaning.


Make Over Your Facility Maintenance With the Help of A Day Porter

A Day Porter Program can become an essential part of maintaining your facility at the highest levels, around the clock. The extra help can not only help you facility run smoother, it can help you focus on your business by having a go to person to respond in real time to issues that may arise. When you utilize the services of a professional, reputable Detroit area commercial cleaning company, you can create a lasting partnership that serves you and your facility well. Whether it’s unobtrusively working in heavy traffic areas to keep busy areas of your building spotless, or replenishing paper supplies in the restrooms, or even running packages upstairs or helping a person move offices, your Day Porter can be an amazing asset in helping you keep your building looking good and staying on course. For more information on Day Porters and whether one might be right for your facility, please contact us for a free, no obligation consultation.


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Have Your Office Restrooms Become A Smelly Situation?

Posted by Mitch Hesson on Tue, Jul 11, 2017 @ 01:26 PM

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Restrooms Matter More in Commercial Cleaning

No one likes a dusty room or a cluttered work area, but when a restroom looks and smells dirty, it’s somehow worse. Maybe because the business of a restroom is well, something we’d rather not think too much about. But when a commercial restroom smells bad, visitors and occupants in your building are forced to confront the unpleasant and stinky realities of bathroom business. The reality is, restrooms have a disproportionate affect in the perception of your facility. No matter how great everything else in your facility is, if visitors, clients and employees are hit with malodorous smells when they step into your restrooms, they are going to have a strong negative reaction. If your restroom facilities are not clean and fresh, the cleanliness of every other area in your building will be in doubt.


You Aren’t the Only One Concerned About Restroom Odor

Restroom odor is a periodic problem in most facilities for a number of reasons. The issue of restroom cleaning and odors is very real for many Facility Managers. In fact, keeping restrooms clean and smelling good continues to top the list of maintenance challenges. Maybe your commercial cleaning company isn’t doing the deep and detail work they need to keep your restrooms clean and fresh. Maybe you have insufficient venting in your restroom. Or perhaps, you simply have too much traffic in and out of your restrooms to count on only a periodic or nightly cleaning. Or it could be that your restroom materials are porous or problematic for a restroom that sees so many visitors throughout the day. The problem is that even if your restrooms are visually clean, if someone’s nose picks up the offensive smells, they will register your restrooms, and your facility overall, as dirty and ineffectively maintained. There can be no doubt, if you as a Facility Manager don’t insure your restrooms are clean and actively eradicate odor, the image of your company will suffer.


Why Do Office Restrooms Get SO Stinky Anyhow?

Well, for one, it’s not like we go in the office restrooms to arrange a bouquet of flowers right? The business of ‘doing our business’ is kind of smelly. But in a clean, well-ventilated restrooms, these odors shouldn’t linger and build up. In restrooms, especially the men’s room, urine is the main culprit. Urine eliminates water and salt from our bodies and some of the compounds found in urine, including nitrogen, chlorides, proteins and urea can leave behind unpleasant odors when allowed to evaporate and concentrate around your office restrooms. Not only do these compounds get stinky left to collect on surfaces, they provide an ideal buffet for a host of bacteria that also produce offensive odors.


A Basic Restroom Cleaning Isn’t Enough

If your commercial restroom cleaning company is cleaning once daily, this might just not be enough to keep up with your restroom’s visitors. Even periodic day cleaning may include a quick once over like trash removal, restocking supplies, spot cleaning and a quick mop of the floors. But the compounds related to restroom stink aren’t easily removed with a quick mop. And left on a mop that isn’t cleaned and changed frequently enough, these smelly compounds can even be transferred to other restrooms and areas throughout your facility. Even worse, adding moisture with wet mopping without eradicating the compounds and bacteria that feed off of them is likely to make a smelly situation even worse. Urine splashes gather around urinals and toilets, they seep into the grout and collect in hard to mop areas like corners.


Solving Your Smelly Situation

While the help of your restroom cleaning services is critical, it helps you to know what they should be doing to combat filth and odor in your office restrooms. Even a restroom cleaning checklist can be a helpful way of acquainting yourself with the details of the work that must be done to keep your restrooms clean and smelling fresh. While basic everyday cleaning is critical, the big fix in dirty restrooms and combating restroom odor is in deep cleaning. Everyday basic cleaning, while important, just doesn’t attack the real cause of offensive restroom odors. Additionally, day cleaning of restrooms doesn’t really allow for the time needed to let cleaners and cleaning chemicals do the job right. In order to get restrooms clean and smelling fresh, your restroom sanitation service must be advised and allowed the time to deep clean office restrooms.


Deep Cleaning Your Commercial Restrooms

At intervals determined by you and your restroom cleaning service, your facility restrooms should get a thorough, deep cleaning. This means that all surfaces including counters, floors, urinals, sinks, toilets, stall partitions should get a more detailed cleaning with the use of chemical disinfectants. If you can eradicate and remove most of the urine compounds and bacteria, you can stop the smells that stop you cold. Cleaning enzymes and chemical disinfectants are proven to work well for combating germs, bacteria and odor but they need time to work. If proper dwell times are not observed, the removal of the bacteria, and hence the smell, is less effective. Dwell times are the amount of time a manufacturer stipulates that a product must be allowed to remain on a surface wet in order for it to meet efficacy claims of germ removal. Ideally, your commercial restroom cleaning company should spray down areas and let the disinfectant sit and do its job while they carry out other tasks like restocking supplies, cleaning mirrors and removing trash. And your restroom cleaning services should be sure to target porous, hard to reach areas like grout lines and corners as well as thoroughly remove moisture in order to keep the space clean and fresh longer.


Get the Help You Need to Solve the Smelly Problem

Maybe you have been handling your restroom maintenance in-house or perhaps you have an existing maintenance company that just isn’t giving your restrooms the attention and care they require. Either way know this, getting a good value and clean restrooms is not only possible, it can be relatively straightforward. The best janitorial companies and office cleaning companies understand the real benefits of a clean workplace and shiny, fresh restrooms. Not only will they offer the know how and expertise to do the job, they will have systems in place to make sure you don’t have to check and double check their work.

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Are Carpet Stains & Spots A Problem In Your Facility?

Posted by Dennis Stathakis on Fri, Jul 07, 2017 @ 12:40 PM

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Don’t Let Carpet Spots & Staining Be the First Thing Visitors See In Your Facility

Carpet spotting and carpet stains can turn a visitor or occupant in your facility off quickly. Unlike a scuffed floorboard or even chipped office furniture, stained and spotted office carpeting looks, well, dirty. Carpet is both functional and beautiful in commercial buildings, but if it isn’t cared for properly, it can be an eyesore and tough on your facility’s reputation. Nothing registers quite so quickly as unsightly mystery spots, stains, an off smell and wear on your building’s carpet. As important as keeping your carpets clean is WHO cleans them. If you contract with an inexperienced commercial carpet cleaning service, they can do far more harm than good. Not only may they fail to effectively remove spots and stains, they may leave behind excess moisture and detergents that draw more soil and dirt to your carpets making them appear soiled and grimy faster. Don’t pay good money for bad carpet cleaning.


Don’t Pay Good Money For Commercial Carpet Cleaning That Is Ineffective

When it comes to commercial carpet cleaning some methods and cleaning solutions are definitely superior to others. If you aren’t certain what your carpet cleaning company uses on your carpets, you should find out. What shouldn’t your commercial cleaning company be using? For one, we do not use or recommend Bonnet Cleaning for carpets. Bonnet carpet cleaning isn’t an effective way to get carpets deep cleaned and it is way too aggressive. In fact, Bonnet cleaning is so potentially hard on your carpets that most carpet manufacturers state that Bonnet cleaning voids the carpet’s warranty. With improvements in carpet cleaning technology has come better, safer ways to keep your commercial carpets looking their best. Janitorial companies that are still using ineffective, dated methods like Bonnet carpet cleaning are doing so because it benefits THEM, not you the customer. Between it being cheaper than upgrading to good equipment and being easy to train people on-- forgoing the need for well trained technicians, Bonnet cleaning can trim costs for a failing carpet cleaning company. But you can be sure, they won’t charge you less for their subpar, potentially damaging cleaning.


Will Your Commercial Carpet Cleaning Company Deliver Results?

So if Bonnet carpet cleaning is entirely the wrong method, what SHOULD commercial carpet cleaning companies be using to get your carpets looking clean and smelling fresh? Here at Stathakis, we recommend those carpet cleaning methods that we have seen the best results in our own buildings and those of our customers. These are truck mounted hot water extraction, portable hot water extraction and dry cleaning encapsulation methods like Whittaker carpet cleaning. Truck mounted hot water extraction is the gold standard in commercial carpet cleaning because it is effective in both spot removal and deep cleaning. Very hot water deeply penetrates your carpet getting in cleaned from top to bottom lifting and removing stains and soil rather than delivering a cursory, surface clean. This means cleaner, better smelling carpets that stay cleaner longer. In fact, we have seen stains that seemed fixed and permanent come out with hot water extraction leaving customer carpets cleaner than ever. This can help delay expensive replacement and get you a few more years from carpets you might once have thought needed certainreplacement. While truck mounted hot water extraction is the gold standard in commercial carpet cleaning, some areas of your building are better served portable hot water extraction machines. The portable machines are very similar to the truck mounted method except being portable, they can reach harder to access areas of your building or can be more efficient for spot cleaning in between more extensive cleanings. Additionally, for periodic maintenance, we recommend dry carpet cleaning like the Whittaker method. These three methods, used appropriately, will help keep your carpets cleaner, longer.


What Do You Need Right Now From Your Commercial Carpet Cleaning Company?

Your professional carpet cleaning company should be able to tailor their services to meet your most pressing needs. Likewise, they should be able to make recommendations for your carpet’s long term maintenance. Whether you need a long put off deep carpet cleaning or just a few spots that must be treated, a professional carpet cleaning team using the most safe and effective chemicals and carpet care methods will get you the best results. If spotting and staining are at the top of your list, a trained carpet cleaning technician offers the best chance of removal. Why not give yourself the best chance of getting your carpets looking their best and even getting extra years of use from this costly building asset? Even better, you can combine spot treating and stain removal with deep carpet cleaning and interim carpet cleaning to create an individualized carpet appearance management program that keeps your carpets and facility clean and fresh at any given moment.


Get Value & Results With the Right Detroit Commercial Carpet Cleaners

Carpeting is a substantial investment in your building. In order to reduce costs and maximize value, you need to protect and even stretch the years of use of your carpeting. Treating and cleaning carpets incorrectly can cut years of life from your carpet and necessitate replacing this pricey asset far sooner than you should have had to. Partnering with a reputable building services company to clean and maintain carpets can save you big money long term. Here at Stathakis, with over 30 years as a building services contractor, we offer customers commercial carpet cleaning services that are tailor-made. Every facility is unique so we know that ‘one size fits all’ solutions don’t work as well as solutions designed to specifically address YOUR pain points. Here at Stathakis, we the best in modern, effective so that we can offer the most effective carpet cleaning at the best value. Let Stathakis help clean your carpets and keep your facility looking its best. For more information on how you can keep your floors cleaner than they have ever been, please contact Dennis Stathakis, Stathakis Special Projects Manager at #800-278-1884.

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Choosing the Right Commercial Cleaners In Plymouth Michigan

Posted by Brian Mamo on Thu, Jun 29, 2017 @ 11:24 AM

plymouth janitorial services, plymouth commercial cleaning services, janitorial services in plymouth michigan

When Choosing Cleaning Services In Plymouth, You Need To Look Beyond The Surface 

Everyone appreciates walking into a facility that looks and smells clean. Certainly if you enter a building and immediately notice smudges on the glass doors and debris on floors or carpeting, you get an immediate sense that the building is not well maintained. Walk into a bathroom where water is collecting on counters and overflowing trashcans abound and you know it needs cleaning. Yet, as obvious as these signs are that commercial cleaning services are insufficient, some signs are less obvious. What you can see is important, but equally important is what you CANNOT see. There is the appearance of clean and then there is a deep, thorough cleaning that not only makes a facility look good, it makes it a healthier environment. Is your Plymouth janitorial services doing the work needed to help you create and maintain a healthy work environment? Or are you ready to start fresh with a commercial cleaning company prepared to do the work at the level you require?


Is It Time To Say Farewell To Your Current Plymouth Janitorial Services?

Is it time to look for Plymouth cleaning companies more capable of maintaining your facility? Are you seeing visible signs that your commercial cleaners in Plymouth Michigan aren’t hitting the mark? What do subpar janitorial services look like? The visible signs that suggest it is time to find a new commercial cleaning company may include specified tasks not being consistently completed. Of course, even the best cleaning services Plymouth Michigan are going to miss something now and then. But if missed tasks are becoming a regular occurrence, you are not getting the services you need. Dirty restrooms are another area of your building that can point to a diminished level of cleaning, in fact, they are often the areas of a building we notice problems first. If you observe things like the necessary supplies like toilet paper, hand soap and hand towels missing and gunk accumulating around your restroom flooring, the work has likely slipped. Commercial restrooms see a large number of people each day and as such, require regular care and periodic deep cleaning. The problem often becomes that your service diminishes so gradually, that you can just become accustomed to a less than clean facility, but you can be sure, employees, tenants and visitors do not.


Signs Your Cleaning Services In Plymouth Are Slipping

As mentioned above, there are visible signs your janitorial service is slipping and others signs that are less obvious. Perhaps you are you receiving more complaints than usual about the cleanliness of your building. Or it could be that you notice a myriad of lingering, unpleasant odors as a clean, well maintained building should smell fresh. Assertive odors are a sure sign that your facility isn’t truly clean. Likewise, when you do have an issue, do you hear back from your Plymouth commercial cleaning company promptly? Good janitorial companies address minor issues quickly before they become bigger problems. If you are communicating service problems with your Plymouth janitorial companyand you are not hearing back, it’s likely time to move on.


Effective Commercial Cleaners Plymouth That Are Getting It Right

While there are many cleaning services in Plymouth getting it wrong, there are also many that are getting it right. The trick of course, is identifying those commercial cleaning companies that will make excellent long term partners in your facility maintenance. So how do you identify those commercial cleaning services that are set up to deliver the level of cleaning you and your facility deserve? Well, to start with, the most effective, responsive janitorial companies set expectations from the get go with transparent pricing and a straightforward cleaning spec. In this way, not only can you compare prices to find the best value, you have a clear path to success and accountability by agreeing on what is expected from the beginning. Additionally, any prospective janitorial services company must use professional hiring processes in order to find and hire people who are a good fit. This means no short cuts on criminal background checks or drug testing. In addition to screening, employees must receive adequate training to meet the specific requirements of your facility. Moreover, when your janitorial company does make mistakes, they should address them immediately and provide a clear, measureable path to making it right. Good cleaning companies do not make the same mistakes over and over again. Lastly, they use systems and processes to put industry best practices to use assuring you better, more effective and responsive Plymouth commercial cleaning services.


Industry Certification Can Help You Find The Right Plymouth Cleaning Companies 

Choosing a new commercial cleaning company isn’t easy. There are many things to consider and many service providers out there, not all of them competent or capable. Asking the tough questions and asking prospective cleaning services in Plymouth Michigan to show you their processes, not just tell you, takes time. One valuable shortcut in the process is the use of industry certifications like the CIMS. The CIMS or the Certified Industry Management Standard, helps identify those commercial cleaning companies highly committed to industry best practices, practices that are highly predictive of effective, responsive, professional service. Finding a janitorial company that brings value, consistency and a thorough clean to your building makes everything easier. If you are looking for a CIMS certified partner in your building maintenance, check in with ISSA for a complete list of CIMS certified cleaning companies and building services companies in your area. If you are located here in Plymouth, Michigan or other areas of South East Michigan and would like a review of your current janitorial services, please contact us at 1-800-278-1884 today for a no obligation review and quote.


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Leaner Processes Help Steady Janitorial Costs As Minimum Wage Rises

Posted by Brian Mamo on Tue, Jun 27, 2017 @ 01:24 PM

michigan minimum wage rises, michigan janitorial services, janitorial pricing, livonia janitorial services

Michigan Minimum Wage Threatens to Drive Janitorial Service Pricing Up

Here in Michigan, the state’s minimum wage continues to go up seeing increases from $8.15 in 2015 to $8.50 in 2016, $8.90 in 2017 and an increase to $9.25, expected to go into effect January of 2018. In industries that depend heavily upon labor like the janitorial industry, rising labor costs have contributed to increased service costs for the customers these industries serve. With labor costs accounting for the majority of janitorial costs in a cleaning business, it is easy to see how challenging it is for a commercial cleaning company to singlehandedly absorb these costs without passing along the increase to their customers. Still, Facility Managers are under no less pressure to keep janitorial budgets in check and even reduce costs with further belt tightening. So how are some commercial cleaning companies responding to the increased labor costs without either significantly increasing prices OR sacrificing effective janitorial services? It comes down to some best practices that create leaner and more efficient janitorial services, like:

  1. Team Cleaning
  2. Time Saving Cleaning Equipment
  3. Smart Cleaning
  4. Employee Retention Practices 
  5. Open Book Pricing


Team Cleaning Uses Specialization To Maximize Effectiveness & Efficiency

While many commercial cleaning companies continue to use zone cleaning, team cleaning has proven to be more efficient and even more effective. Zone cleaning divided a building into ‘zones’ or areas that were the responsibility of an assigned cleaner or cleaners. With zone cleaning, each cleaner was responsible for all cleaning tasks in their zone, sometimes an entire floor. The problem with zone cleaning is one of duplication and specialization. For instance, if each cleaner must vacuum, clean restrooms and the myriad of other duties involved in cleaning one’s zone, then they must each have a set of the equipment, tools and products required. Likewise, if zone cleaners are responsible for a range of tasks in their zone, they must be adequately trained in a number of duties. The diffuseness of responsibility can also make holding individual cleaners or teams accountable for shoddy or missed work more difficult. Team cleaning offers a much leaner approach while allowing for specialization and enhanced accountability. With the team cleaning method, cleaners perfect specific tasks and perform them throughout a facility. So frequently there is a light duties specialist, a vacuum specialist, a restroom specialist and a utility or general specialist whose duties may vary. With each person responsible for a specific cache of duties, the work becomes more efficient and accountability becomes heightened. And with less equipment needed, costs are managed better.


Time Saving Cleaning Equipment Can Keep Janitorial Pricing Low

Janitorial equipment has made huge strides in the last few years. From vacuums to floor cleaning machines and more, commercial cleaning equipment has become more efficient and more effective. For instance, with the Clarke’s Boost floor cleaning machine, a case study showed an 84% reduction in labor compared to older floor cleaning methods. Investing in this technology has an associate cost but high tech, efficient equipment can significantly reduce man hours and thus helps keep prices steady even as Michigan’s minimum wage rises. A second example, HEPA filtration backpack vacuums, allow workers to clean more than twice the area of a building in the same time as traditional vacuums while reducing repetitive motion injuries and being better for indoor air quality. Not only does this advanced commercial cleaning equipment save janitorial labor hours, most of them are greener than ever using fewer chemicals, less power and less water than before.


Smart Cleaning Can Reduce Commercial Cleaning Prices Without Service Drop Off

What is Smart Cleaning and how can it help push back on the rising costs of janitorial labor? Smart cleaning is essentially the process of strategically reducing services. We say strategically, because if your services just drop off, you will be inundated with complaints and issues. The key to Smart Cleaning requires two things. First, an experienced commercial cleaning company that understands where they can cut back and where they cannot. Second, you need a janitorial company willing to take the time to really get to know your building, use patterns and where services can be reduced without throwing your building maintenance into a tailspin. Successful Smart Cleaning requires a great deal of thought, customization, innovation and commitment. With Smart Cleaning, you and you janitorial services company decide which services are essential, which are important and which you can stagger or intermittently go without. In the hands of an experienced cleaning company, Smart Cleaning offers one of the best way to cut costs, however, with a less experienced office cleaning company, it just looks like your cleaners are doing less. The most strategic Smart Cleaning downshifts janitorial hours without a very noticeable drop off in service.


Low Janitorial Turnover Creates Efficiencies & Helps Hold Janitorial Pricing Steady

People are the most important element in any service business. The janitorial industry already has pretty significant industry turnover. So when you find companies that work hard to keep their employee turnover significantly lower than the industry average, you are likely to save money. Why? First, because the costs of bringing on a new employee are very expensive, there is recruiting,screening, hiring, training and more. The more janitorial turnover, the more frequently a commercial cleaning company must incur these employee onboarding costs and you can bet these added costs are eventually passed on to you the customer. Second, the longer a cleaner has been an employee the more consistent their work is, the more efficient their work is and the more quality training they have been exposed to. Most of the long term cleaners can get their work done quicker and better than a slew of green hires.


Open Book Pricing Shows You Exactly What You Are Paying For

Open Book Pricing is when a janitorial company literally opens their books and shows you how they break down costs and profit. In this way, you can see both that you are getting what you pay for and that there are hard costs to cleaning that are largely outside of your cleaning company’s control. Typically, janitorial pricing is based on the following items: 

  • Labor
  • Insurance
  • Taxes
  • Employee Benefits
  • Directs Costs (cleaning supplies, paper products, etc.)
  • Management Free
  • Profit

Labor is the single greatest expense in a janitorial service so it follows that when there is an increase in the Michigan minimum wage, it becomes very challenging to keep prices static. The most effective, responsive janitorial companies will look everywhere within their business to make things leaner to avoid passing on additional costs to the customer, including things that reduce reduces labor hours like Team Cleaning, Smart Cleaning and efficient equipment, but if you need a certain amount of fixed labor hours, the costs of those hours will increase with an increase in our state’s minimum wage. So the goal is then to hold costs or at least, keep price increases as low as possible and understand precisely where any price increases are coming from. Leaner processes can help keep prices steady as Michigan’s minimum wage continues to rise, but the impact on the labor component of janitorial prices is unavoidable.

janitorial pricing

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Are Your Commercial Carpet Cleaner’s Bad Habits Costing You?

Posted by Dennis Stathakis on Thu, Jun 22, 2017 @ 08:24 AM

detroit commercial carpet cleaning, carpet cleaning company livonia, downriver commercial cleaning

If you have carpet in your commercial facility, you already know the many benefits. Carpet adds a quality look and feel to your facility. Additionally, carpet offers significant sound dampening and it's easy on the feet as it offers extra cushioning. While the benefits are many, anyone who has carpet in their facility knows that it isn’t maintenance free. Commercial carpet is constructed to withstand the wear and tear of your building’s high traffic, but in order to get the most serviceable years from this high-priced building asset, you must properly maintain it. Regular commercial carpet cleaning not only keeps your carpets and facility looking their best, it actually prolongs the lifespan of this asset, lowering the likelihood of a costly, premature replacement. Regular commercial carpet cleaning is so important, it is nearly always required by the manufacturer in order to make use of your carpet’s warranty. Why? Because manufacturers know that regular cleaning helps maintain the life expectancy of commercial carpets. While performing regular carpet cleaning is important, equally important is how and who cleans your carpets. Bad habits from your Detroit commercial carpet cleaning company can cost you big.

Bad Habit #1 Commercial Carpet Cleaning Companies With Fuzzy Pricing

Commercial carpet cleaning prices should never be a surprise and you shouldn’t have to twist a prospective carpet cleaning company’s arm to give you a straight answer on how much it’s going to cost you. If your office carpet cleaning company isn’t giving you clear pricing at the beginning, it’s just the start of your problems. Not only do you deserve to know exactly what you are getting and for what price, you are likely going to want to compare carpet cleaning quotes in order to secure the best value for your facility. How can you do that if there’s a question about what it is going to cost? Experienced, professional companies are business people just like you and they understand budget and pricing constraints and they are happy to provide you with a clear, easy to understand cleaning quote.


Bad Habit #2 Commercial Carpet Cleaners With Poor Screening, Hiring & Training

Today’s carpet cleaning requires better trained technicians than in the past. Commercial carpet cleaning is significantly more science-based than in the past. New carpets and new carpet cleaning technologies allow carpet cleaners to make your carpets look better than ever. Yet this requires a level of training on both equipment and chemicals that not every cleaning company is willing to do. Any Auburn commercial carpet cleaning company you choose should sufficiently train their people on everything from how to use equipment most effectively to chemical safety to spot testing new products or compounds. Anything less means you are both not getting the level of clean you deserve and are risking your carpet by leaving it in the hands of untrained, unprofessional carpet cleaners.


Bad Habit #3 Carpet Cleaning Companies That Use Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning is simply not good for carpets. It was originally designed for hard flooring. On carpets, it is both ineffective and way too aggressive. While commercial carpets are built tough, Bonnet cleaning is still too much friction and too wearing on carpet fibers without even providing a lasting, deep clean. Bonnet cleaning is also likely to void your carpet’s warranty. If a prospective Plymouth commercial carpet cleaning service intends on using Bonnet cleaning on your carpets, tell them to hit the road. There are significantly more safe and more effective methods out there to get carpets looking their best.


Bad Habit #4 Poorly Maintained Dated Equipment Doesn’t Do the Job

Commercial carpet cleaning equipment, like other cleaning equipment, needs to be periodically checked, serviced and eventually replaced. If a Downriver commercial carpet cleaning company is using dated or poorly maintained equipment, you are being shortchanged. Improperly maintained, damaged or outmoded equipment can wear, pull at carpet fibers and significantly shorten the lifespan of your carpets. Be on the lookout for office carpet cleaning companies that use and maintain very good equipment.


Bad Habit #5 Chemical Misuse & Over Use

Carpet cleaning chemicals can be exceedingly effective at getting carpets cleaner and removing tough stains, but they must be used correctly and judiciously. Chemical misuse and overuse can threaten indoor air quality and even damage carpets. Chemicals certainly offer better results than without but if your commercial carpet cleaning company has the bad habit of being inadequately cautious about chemical usage or they overuse chemicals, not only can they damage your carpet, they can negatively impact the health and safety of your facility. Ask prospective commercial carpet cleaners what cleaning solutions and stain treatments they use and how they assure carpet cleaning technicians are properly trained to use them.


Experience From Your Commercial Carpet Cleaners Matters

Carpet cleaning, far from straightforward, requires a level of experience, knowledge and even expertise. Like most other things, better trained technicians using better equipment and better carpet cleaning solutions are just going to be, well, better. The most experienced Auburn carpet cleaning companies know how to get your carpets cleaner and extend their usable lifespan. On the other hand, an inexperienced carpet cleaning company with poorly trained people and outdated or improperly maintained equipment can reduce the life of your carpet by as much as half. In fact, much of the premature wear found in commercial carpeting comes from bad carpet cleaning. Saving a few bucks with an inexperienced carpet cleaner might cost you a bundle in the end. Also keep in mind that better isn’t even necessarily more expensive. Quite often the best Detroit commercial carpet cleaners operate on a larger scale with better, more efficient equipment and experienced techs and thus can price their services priced very competitively.


Don’t Let Your Carpet Cleaning Company’s Bad Habits Cost You

A carpet cleaning company’s bad habits can become your costly mistakes. While there isn’t a way to completely mistake proof your search for the right Livonia commercial carpet cleaning company, getting good information and asking the right questions is going to weed out a number of companies that are all too willing to make their bad habits your problems. You can make the search significantly easier by looking at those companies that are CIMS certified. CIMS certification is an independent industry certification process that assures a building services company has the systems and processes in place to assure reliability through accountability. It isn’t a replacement for your experience and judgment, but it can help you gather your short list from which to choose your next Royal Oak commercial carpet cleaner.

At Stathakis, we have built a reputation for effective, responsive carpet cleaning and maintenance. We utilize proven carpet cleaning methods including truck mounted carpet cleaning, portable machine carpet cleaning, low moisture carpet cleaning, dry carpet cleaning all designed to get you a deeper clean, significantly improve carpet’s appearance, prolong the life of your carpet, improve indoor air quality and safeguard the health of every person who enters your facility. For more information on how you can get carpets cleaner than ever, please contact Dennis Stathakis, Special Projects Manager at #800-278-1884.

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Getting Superior Commercial Cleaning With the Science of Clean

Posted by Mitch Hesson on Tue, Jun 20, 2017 @ 09:39 AM

commercial cleaning companies detroit, livonia janitorial services, Plymouth mi janitorial companies

Your Facility Must Look Clean But It’s Also About What You CAN’T See

Spaces that look clean and smell fresh instantly appeal to all of us. That visual order and clean smell is reassuring, telling us the spaces we inhabit are clean and healthy. But in order for a space to be truly healthy and clean, we must pay attention to those things we cannot see. We can’t forget that germs and bacteria can linger even where a facility appears to be sufficiently cleaned. Left to linger, even in an otherwise clean facility, these germs and bacteria can create havoc, spreading illness at a rapid pace that creates increased illness, absenteeism and attrition, lowers employee productivity and diminishes the reputation of your facility. So how sure are you that your janitorial services company fully understands the science of clean? Are they putting these sound principles in to practice in your facilities? Are they utilizing a color coded microfiber cleaning cloth practice to limit hazardous cross contamination? Is their janitorial equipment well-maintained and up to date in order to offer the healthiest clean possible? Are they sufficiently training their cleaners on how properly dispense and use cleaning chemicals to avoid chemical overuse and help maintain your building’s indoor air quality? Are they following the industry best practices that the most effective commercial cleaning companies know create both effective services and value?


The Science Is Real, the Data Is Sound

Significant advances in chemistry and technology allow for more effective, faster and healthier cleaning than in the past. Does your janitorial company understand their role in implementing these advances? Is your cleaning company using best practices and methods based on scientific research? Does your Detroit commercial cleaning company utilize safe, sustainable cleaning? The Building Services industry has made tremendous strides in the last decade, we know more about the science behind effective cleaning than ever. Those janitorial companies that understand and apply that science to their everyday cleaning practices will deliver better, safer, healthier results to you and your facility. Does your janitorial company understand how bacteria and other germs are spread? Are they knowledgeable on hot spots and how to manage them to reduce the spread of disease-causing germs in your facility? Are they fully aware of the risks of cross contamination and their part in reducing them? Finally, do they know how to address all of these concerns while at the same time, balancing your green cleaning goals?  


Do Your Commercial Cleaners Understand the Science of Clean?

Does your janitorial company understand the science of clean? And equally important, are they implementing it consistently? Far too many commercial cleaning companies either don’t KNOW the right thing or don’t DO the right thing. Either way, they are putting you, your facility and its inhabitants and your reputation at risk. Don’t let your cleaning company’s bad habits and careless practices become your problem. If your Plymouth janitorial company isn’t using green cleaning products, you are not only failing to meet your green cleaning objectives, you are diminishing indoor air quality and an overall healthy work environment. Not only must your Detroit office cleaning company use green cleaning products, they must use them right. Most cleaning products have extremely specific directions for the amount of product used and recommended dwell times (the specific amount of time a product must cling to a surface wet in order to effectively kill germs and microbes). Commercial cleaners that overuse or misuse cleaning chemicals are less effective at best and hazardous at worst. Additionally, if your Livonia commercial cleaning company is using damaged, improperly maintained or out-of-date equipment, you are getting seriously shortchanged. Recent development in both cleaning chemicals and professional cleaning equipment not only clean better and more efficiently, they safeguard employee and cleaner health by reducing noise levels and improving indoor air quality. If your janitorial service is not utilizing state of the art equipment and products, you are not getting the efficiency or effectiveness you deserve.

Janitorial Companies In Michigan Doing It Better

As much as there is quite a bit of room for errors, bad habits and practices within the janitorial industry, there are many building services contractors getting it right. They understand the science of clean, they know how to prevent cross contamination, and they get how to reduce the spread of disease in your facility. Not only do the best Detroit commercial cleaning companies FOLLOW industry best practices, often, they set them. The most effective, reputable and professional janitorial companies know that training, security and clear pricing all impact service and value. They even understand how to make the most of the cleaning budget you have in order to weather belt tightening without flooding your office with cleaning complaints. What do the best janitorial services do differently?

  • They recruit, screen and hire people well suited to the work.
  • They know the importance of security and thus do more to assure you can trust the people entering your facility.
  • They fully appreciate that janitorial training is the foundation of good service and science based cleaning.
  • They educate themselves on the science of clean and it informs and improves everything they do.
  • They clean for health and vigorously train their teams to follow through on this dictate.
  • They offer transparent pricing so you can compare quotes, get value & hold them accountable to the work promised.
  • They suggest Smart Cleaning solutions to help you optimize your janitorial budget.
  • They provide you with real green cleaning choices to help reach you green building LEEDs goals.
  • They provide you with individualized, flexible cleaning plans to meet YOUR needs rather than one size fits all solutions.
  • They appreciate that communication and responsiveness solve the issues that come up quickly before they become habitual problems.


Effective, Science Based Cleaning Requires Intention, Training & a Plan

Don’t accept less than you and your facility deserve. While finding the right building services contractor can be formidable, it is without a doubt, worth the upfront effort. Do your homework, request references and authenticate claims of quality. The best cleaning companies put industry best practices into play with systems and processes and they get excited sharing the information with customers because they KNOW it sets them apart from their competition.

At Stathakis, we not only follow industry best practices, we set them. We understand the science of clean and how to protect your facility, your occupants and your reputation. We work hard to be better, more effective, more responsive and offer Facility Managers all over Southeastern Michigan effective service and a solid value. Excellence doesn’t happen without a plan and we have one. From our employee screening to employee training to management tools like janitorial inspections, everything we do is designed to help us make good on our promises to you the customer. With the right janitorial company, you can build a real partnership with and you will create a lasting partnership that serves you both for years to come.


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Get a Healthy Facility & Bottom Line With Medical Cleaning Services

Posted by Brian Mamo on Wed, Jun 14, 2017 @ 08:41 AM

detroit medical cleaning, detroit healthcare cleaning, detroit janitorial services, hospital cleaning

Medical Cleaning Matters More

Do you have the right prescription from your medical cleaning services? Healthcare cleaning requires more from your janitorial services, are you getting it? Medical cleaning is vastly different from general commercial cleaning and janitorial services. It requires more attention to the science of cleaning as well as the particular compliance issues that face healthcare facilities. If your commercial cleaning services company is not already familiar with the tough challenges facing Facility Managers of medical facilities, move on to a more experienced company. The reality is that there is simply too much at stake to spend your time training your cleaning company’s people. Patients and their families are cautious in choosing medical providers and facilities. If your clinic, hospital, ambulatory surgical center or medical offices are not well maintained, it sends entirely the wrong message and casts doubt on the overall quality of your care.


Are Your Medical Cleaning Services Delivering Price Or Value

Price and value are two very different things. Price is what you pay, while value is what you get. Of course, price will always be a factor, after all, you have your own budgets and bottom line to manage. But low priced medical cleaning services that don’t give you what you need aren’t right at ANY price, right? Cost is a factor, but it can’t be the only factor. Value, or what you get for your medical cleaning dollar is more important. That doesn’t mean that you have to pay a steep premium for effective and consistent medical office cleaning services. Price doesn’t determine effective service and compliance whether it is on the high end or the low end. Rather, your janitorial company’s commitment to best practices and you their customer will determine how well they maintain your facility. Ideally, when considering a new medical cleaning company, you must have good and accurate information about pricing and exactly what you are getting. If you cannot compare medical janitorial quotes in an ‘apples to apples’ way, it will be harder to determine the value of what you are getting. In fact, clear pricing is a great initial way of qualifying those health care cleaning services that either don’t understand how to price their services accurately or want you to purposefully make quotes difficult to compare side by side. Ultimately, you want to work with a medical cleaning service that can accurately price their service and WANTS you to have the information you need to make good decisions for your facility.


Cheap Medical Janitorial Services Are A Red Flag

As tempting as a low bid can be, unusually low bids are a red flag that something is off. Unusually low janitorial bids can point to problems. For instance, maybe the prospective janitorial company uses illegal hiring practices to get costs lower than their competitors. Or it could be that an inexperienced healthcare cleaning company wants your medical facility to be their training ground. Likewise, questionably low pricing can be an indication that a cleaning service is cutting corners on critical elements like employee drug and criminal background screening and training. Finally, super low pricing is often a sign that a medical cleaning company is prone to overpromising while under delivering. There are hard numbers required for a cleaning company to make a healthy profit from their services, if a health care cleaning company is coming in with a bid that is significantly below the norm, chances are they will do less or ask for more money at some point.


Why Value From Your Medical Cleaning Service Is Critical

Value is a critical component of securing effective, affordable cleaning for your healthcare facility. Why? Because quality, effective, professional medical office cleaning services are not likely to come from the lowest bid. Still, high price is also no indicator of quality or competence. So when looking at a desk full of cleaning quotes, how DO you choose? Brian Mamo, Director of Business Development at Stathakis, offers some thoughts on the process.

“Janitorial pricing can be all over the place-- well below cost, way above market and everything in between. Sometimes it’s an inexperienced start-up that doesn’t understand what it really costs to clean a building or a clear sign that you’ll be asked for more money in short order. When medical cleaning prices seem exceedingly low, you have to ask yourself why. Markedly low prices can be an indication that a company will play games with your pricing down the road or that they are able to get to that lower than market price with illegal hiring.”

How do you establish value and get the best possible pricing for your facility? First, make sure you understand how medical office cleaning prices are formulated. Get at least a basic idea of how janitorial pricing works. If you have a relationship with vendors or other building managers, consider asking for referrals. Second, don’t just ask any janitorial company to bid on your healthcare cleaning. The health, safety and reputation of your facility is simply too important. Medical cleaning is highly specialized and requires a cleaning company that is already familiar with the added requirements and objectives. Third, ask for references and then take the time to contact them. Fourth, give prospective companies a standard service specification so you can compare quotes side by side. If you do a little hard work upfront, you can save yourself time and money down the line.


Best Practices From Medical Cleaning Companies Creates Value

We understand that low prices don’t always translate into the value you need from a commercial cleaning company. If cost isn’t the deciding factor, what is? Ideally, you are looking for the services needed to sufficiently maintain your building and a company that has a history of best practices and solid work. Then you compare price to find the best value for the services you require. A history of best practices from a prospective cleaning company is the best indicator of future success. Best practices include things like guaranteed responsiveness, thorough screening of employees that will be in your facility, solid training that matches the needs of your facility, a green cleaning program and more. You want to select a partner in your facility maintenance that has the systems and practices in place to all but guarantee success.


Medical Cleaning Services Require Industry Knowledge & Compliance

When it comes to medical office cleaning, your facility must not simply LOOK clean, it has to BE clean. Healthcare cleaning requires a level of clean that goes well beyond what you can see to what you CAN’T see. For this reason, it really matters that the company you partner with understands the science of clean, infection control and any compliance issues you deal with. When you are looking for new medical cleaning services, you should look for those companies that already serve medical facilities of your size in order to avoid commercial cleaning companies that simply do not have the experience to do the work at the level required. You do not want to spend time managing your janitorial company’s people and fielding a slew of rookie mistakes. When it comes to cleaning healthcare facilities, experience matters. So inquire about what medical and health care accounts a prospective cleaning company currently contracts with. How do they train employees specifically for a healthcare setting? What do they do to attract, screen and manage great people that are likely to be a good fit in your facility? Do they have at least a basic understanding of medical compliance issues? Again, ask questions now and save yourself headaches later.


Finding The Right Medical Office Cleaning Service For Your Facility 

As a busy Facility Manager, you should be able to rely on your commercial cleaning company to deliver effective cleaning and facility maintenance. A reliable, professional, experienced commercial cleaning company is in the best position to offer you the effective, consistent and responsive service you need while meeting your budget requirements. You don’t want to deal with inexperienced cleaning companies or have to manage their people. You want a true partner that you can hand off the cleaning to confident it will be taken care of. Yes, it can be understandably challenging to find the commercial cleaning company that is prepared to deliver the needed level of expertise in your facility. But partner with a reputable and experienced Michigan health care cleaning company and every facet of your medical facility maintenance becomes better, easier and more manageable.

Medical Cleaning Outsourcing Guide

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