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Do I Really Need A National Janitorial Company?

Posted by Brian Mamo on Wed, Apr 26, 2017 @ 01:06 PM

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There seems to be no shortage of janitorial companies, yet finding the right company to handle your facility maintenance can seem elusive. Part of this is due to the large number and type of commercial cleaning companies. From the littlest of the little guys to the big guys and everyone in between, how do you know which one is right for you? If you run a larger facility, multiple facilities, have complex needs or you’ve had janitorial services that were less than spectacular, you might be considering a national janitorial service. Maybe you think bigger is better or that a larger company might be run more professionally, but size isn’t going to determine service and there are some pretty solid reasons to steer clear of the national janitorial companies when selecting your next cleaning company. 


Do You Want To Be A Priority?

We all have experienced it ourselves—the bigger the company, the less an individual customer is prioritized. This is so often the case with national janitorial companies. It isn’t malicious, but rather the nature or large, publicly held corporations. Corporations legally owe a fiduciary duty to their shareholders. This can often translate into maximizing profits at the expense of individual customers. This works just fine in a number of areas, however, cleaning services are so service dependent, so personal, that this structure isn’t going to be the best for you the customer. Even if locally you are a very large, important ‘big fish,’ in the national pond, there are simply always more places to fish from. So getting premium service and responsiveness can be elusive. Additionally, it is often the case that national janitorial companies don’t have the agility to quickly shift services with the needs of their customers. The right sized and staffed local, Michigan based commercial cleaning company is more likely to be able to customize services to the individual needs of your facility. And a much smaller business area means a smaller pond to fish from making your local building services company substantially more incentivized to keep the customers they have. 


Is Accountability & Responsiveness Important to You?

Your building maintenance and janitorial services are critical parts of a well functioning facility. You need a janitorial company that offers a high level of accountability and responsiveness. Unfortunately, national janitorial companies are often slow to react and shift gears making it tougher than it should be to get the individualized service that keeps your facility on track. Responsiveness and accountability can be in short supply in a big, diffused organization and this is one of the most significant drawbacks with a national janitorial provider. All too often with large corporations, determining who is responsible for what can be challenging to say the least. As a Facility Manager, how can you resolve operational issues quickly if you can’t get someone to call you back? You and your facility deserve a janitorial services company that is committed to accountability and responsiveness AND working directly with you when something goes off track to get it resolved quickly. With the right Michigan janitorial services company, you are more likely to have a direct line to the people who can partner with you to get the service you need consistently.


Does a Strong Local Economy Matter?

Let’s face it, we live in an economy that is increasingly global. When it comes to transactional purchases, like a phone charger, a pack of Band-Aids or a movie download, does it really matter where you get it from? Whether it’s a local business or Amazon, chances are you are going to get the very same thing. But when it comes to janitorial services, you are interacting with the company you choose and their people, often daily, for hopefully a very long time. You are building a business relationship, and that means who you partner with matters. Not only is it easier for you to partner with a large local janitorial company on many levels, it is better for our local economy. Sure national cleaning companies employ local cleaners but many other jobs, revenue and taxes head right out of Michigan. When you partner with a local Michigan commercial cleaning company, not only do you and you facility benefit, our whole community does. 


Do You Want To Minimize the Impact Of Janitorial Turnover On Your Business?

Creating a dependable, loyal and motivated workforce in a national janitorial can be a struggle. The janitorial industry already suffers from a fairly high turnover, which can certainly impact service, consistency, even security. To attract, hire and retain very good team members, a company needs to have a responsive work environment and a responsive work environment requires real communication throughout all levels of leadership. National janitorial companies just don’t do this as well. Certainly, any business can be plagued with people problems, even a local Detroit commercial cleaning company, and yet, local Michigan janitorial companies are more likely to understand that people are the foundation of their business. With local leadership, a local janitorial company can instill a team atmosphere that carries over to their people. And building a strong local relationship helps create a reputation within the available employee pool that helps solid professional cleaning companies attract and retain the best people.


Getting the Janitorial Services Your Facility Requires

If you want effective janitorial services, you have to really know what effective looks like. Whether you opt for the benefits of a local janitorial company or choose a national janitorial company, it is critical that the cleaning company you choose has very good people that are trained to succeed--even better if they have lower than average janitorial turnover. Similarly, any cleaning company you consider must have clear janitorial pricing that is simple and straight forward. This allows you to compare cleaning quotes in a meaningful way to find the best value for you facility. By the same token, any prospective commercial cleaning company should demonstrate an ability to listen to what you need and individualize services around your needs. Also, your janitorial services company must be aware of and operate with all compliance issues within your industry and their own. They should only hire legally with no undocumented workers or illegal subcontracting. Moreover, they must have strong, technology driven quality assurance measures to create reliability through accountability. Likewise, solid janitorial companies will make it very clear exactly who to contact when there is a problem and they will get back to you promptly when a problem arises. Finally, the commercial cleaning company you choose should be committed to delivering effective maintenance and continually earning your business long after the contract has been signed. School-Cleaning


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Are Your Restroom Cleaners Getting The Job Done?

Posted by Mitch Hesson on Mon, Apr 17, 2017 @ 05:21 PM

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The Very Real Problem of Restroom Maintenance

The problem of restroom cleaning is very real for many Facility Managers. In fact, keeping restrooms clean continue to top the list of maintenance challenges. Why? Restrooms simply get used by many and often so if they are not properly maintained, things can get pretty disgusting, pretty fast. Commercial restrooms aren’t like home bathrooms, they see far more traffic and thus, must be cleaned daily in most facilities in order to keep up with daily use. Office restrooms that aren’t properly cleaned at an adequate frequency get dirty, stinky, germy and decidedly unpleasant. And once restrooms go downhill, they do so quickly. And when they do, you as a Facility Manager are likely to get bombarded with complaints, as no one likes visiting a funky, unkempt restroom. So as a Facility Manager or Building Manager, how do you tackle the very real problem of restroom cleaning and assure your restroom cleaners are getting the job done?


Does Your Restroom Sanitation Stink?

If your restroom cleaning service stinks, chances are you are well aware of it. Maybe you have been inundated with complaints and requests or perhaps you have seen it yourself. Restroom cleaning is the foundation of any solid cleaning plan. Why? First, because dirty restrooms send a terrible message about your facility that can quickly overpower all that you might be doing right. Second, dirty restrooms are an actual health hazard. Disease causing germs are present in any area oft used and touched by multiple people, but when those areas aren’t being properly maintained, the risks of the spread of disease and cross contamination multiply exponentially. When health and safety are at stake, you cannot allow your janitorial services to continue to phone it in. If they aren’t getting the job done, it’s simply too important to ignore. Think that they are just restrooms and not that critical? Think again. Improperly maintained restrooms have a real cost to your image and your bottom line.


The REAL Cost of Dirty Restrooms

Sure dirty restrooms are gross, but there are much more important issues at stake than the unpleasantness. Dirty restrooms are bad for business. First, a poorly maintained restroom contributes to employee illness and absenteeism. Similarly, if your commercial cleaning company isn’t properly cleaning office restrooms, it can actually increase employee turnover. Likewise, it can lower employee satisfaction and lead to a less engaged workforce, lowered employee productivity and reduced sales. Whether you manage a facility for a business or you manage it for tenants, a subpar janitorial service doing a lackluster job of cleaning restrooms will hurt you where it matters most. That could mean higher tenant and employee turnover, reduced sales, a harder time attracting talented employees and solid businesses because the best people want to work in the best places. Unmaintained restrooms can lead to online reviews that hurt your business and facility, and an overall diminished reputation. That’s the bad news, the good news is that as critical an issue as poor restroom cleaning can be for a business, it is possible to fix and positive changes get noticed immediately.


Signs That Commercial Restroom Cleaning Isn’t Cutting It

So how do you know if you have a problem and your current janitorial services isn’t doing all they need to keep your restrooms adequately maintained? Here are some signs that your janitorial services company isn’t getting the job done.

  • Supplies like toilet paper, soap and hand towels are empty or near empty.
  • Trash cans are overfull with used hand towels and trash accumulating around them.
  • Your restrooms smell unpleasant.
  • Door handles and light switches are visibly dirty.
  • Faucet and counter areas have standing water accumulated.
  • Sinks that have soil, mineral deposits, and soap residues point to a lack of deep cleaning.
  • Restroom mirrors are smudged, streaked, dirty or water spotted.
  • Toilets and urinals have built up sediment and soil.
  • Stall panels are replete with grime, fingerprints, graffiti and worse.
  • Sanitary disposal containers are damaged or full.
  • Restroom floors are dirty with accumulated soil, dust and debris in the grout.

Certainly even the best commercial cleaning companies will miss something from time to time, however, if these signs crop up more and more often, your commercial cleaning company just isn’t cutting it.


What Effective Restroom Cleaning Looks Like

While some janitorial companies get it wrong, some get it right. And when your restroom cleaners hit the mark with solid restroom sanitation, it makes a big difference in the overall perception of your facility as well as the health of your facility. The most effective commercial cleaning companies do more than a few things different. First, they understand how germs are spread and how they are eliminated. They are aware of the concept of cleaning for health and the science of clean. This means they are fully aware and make use of best practices that not only make your restrooms look clean, but actually clean them in such a way as to limit the spread of disease. They use best practices like dwell times, state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, Color-coded cleaning cloths to limit the risk of cross-contamination and other effective methods of getting and keeping your office restrooms cleaner. They find, screen, hire and train very good people and then equip them to do great work. How do these best practices translate into positive outcomes for your restrooms, your facility and your business? With adequately cleaned restrooms your cleaners should:

  • Pay special attention to touch points like handles, dryers & knobs and the areas around these touch points.
  • Leave behind a clean, fresh scent and not simply a chemical smell to masks offensive odors.  
  • Utilize mops and rags that are color coded in order to keep restroom germs in the restroom and avoiding cross contamination throughout your facility.
  • Leave floors looking clean, with shiny tile, clean grout and no dust or debris remaining.
  • Clean mirrors leaving them absent spots, splashes and smudges.
  • Adequately restock all needed supplies like toilet paper, hand towels and hand soap.
  • Clean and detail counters assuring corners are cleaned and any old, built up debris or sediment is removed.
  • Assure stall doors are in working order and free of old grime, gum and graffiti.
  • Confirm all other areas of the restroom from sinks, to toilets, hand dryers or towel dispensers and urinals are clean and in good working order.


Don’t Be Content Unless Your Restroom Cleaning Service IS Getting the Job Done

Don’t be content with less than effective restroom cleaning from your janitorial services. If they are failing to get the job done, they need to either step up or step down. If you are honest with yourself, it might be time for a clean break so that you can find a commercial cleaning company worthy of your business. Because isn’t one of the reasons you outsourced your facility cleaning so that you would have less to worry about? While there is considerable work involved in finding a new commercial cleaning company ready and willing to keep your facility well maintained and on track, it is worth the effort. Spend a little time finding a janitorial company that will be a true asset to you and your facility and remove the health hazard, business bottom line issues and headaches inherent with poorly maintained restrooms.
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Does Your Office Cleaning Have You Ready For Business?

Posted by Brian Mamo on Tue, Apr 11, 2017 @ 04:43 PM

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Does Your Office Cleaning Service Have You Ready For Business?

Office cleaning seems like such a straight forward service and yet, it can be perplexing why so many office cleaning companies seem to get it wrong. As a Facility Manager, finding the right office cleaning service can be nebulous. Part of the issue is there are just so many office cleaning services out there that separating the real pros from the rest can be taxing. Then if you do find decent office cleaners, all too often what started okay slips quickly into a familiar pattern of mediocrity. Or maybe your office cleaners were solid but a revolving door of new people keeps you in a constant cycle of training your cleaning company’s people. There are so many obstacles that get in the way of finding a true partner in your commercial office cleaning, but you can overcome these hurdles. Arm yourself with the best information and selecting office cleaning services for your facility won’t be effortless, but is certainly worth the effort. 


Office Janitorial Service Services Impact Productivity, Absenteeism & More

Sure everyone appreciates a clean and tidy office but it isn’t just about aesthetics and image. Office cleaning has a notable impact on important business metrics like productivity, absenteeism, employee engagement and even profits. When you have mediocre office cleaning services, revenue and sales drop off, productivity declines, staff morale collapses, quality standards fall and absenteeism and attrition grow. Poor office cleaning will eventually hit your facility right where it matters most, your bottom line. A poorly maintained facility sends the wrong message about commitment, performance and professionalism. A properly maintained office sets a standard and expectation. It tells your employees that you expect a high level of performance and it tells customers, you care about details. Likewise, when an office is cleaned well and regularly, employees and tenants are far more likely to contribute their own time and effort to keeping things clean and tidy, impacting the overall condition of your facility. And you shouldn’t disregard the studies that tell us a well maintained workplace has a significant beneficial influence on employee retention and satisfaction. Additionally, research demonstrates that clean buildings offer an impression of reliability, quality and trust to our customers and prospective customers.


Has An Office Cleaning Company Let You Down?

One of the challenges in finding commercial office cleaning services to partner with is that there are just so many in the very flooded cleaning market. The perceived low cost of entry means that each year, new office cleaning companies pop up. Now every company starts somewhere but add these new entries into the market with other startups, small mom and pop operations, one man and a van set ups, medium sized office cleaning services, mid to large size local commercial cleaning companies and franchise and national office cleaning operations and you can see how hard it isn’t hard to find an office cleaning company but it can be hard to find the RIGHT office cleaning company. And as is the case in any industry, some of these commercial office cleaning companies are great and some are not. At a real pro level, an office cleaning company must have an established service record and reputation for consistent, reliable service. Solid office cleaning requires no less planning and strategy than any other business. The best service is built on plans and systems that guarantee reliability though accountability. Wanting to be great isn’t enough, you have to plan for it. Even if you find an office cleaning service that has their heart in it, if they are not equipped with the knowledge, experience and strategy to deliver the highest levels of service, they simply won't be able to.


Some Office Cleaning Services Get It Right

In the crowded office cleaning marketplace, there is no shortage of mediocrity. In fact, it is probably among the industry’s most significant problems, quality control. The good news is even though there are many companies that will let you down, there are plenty of office cleaning services ready to deliver. What do the best office janitorial companies do differently? What do they know that other janitorial services do not?

The most effective, efficient, responsive, consistent and professional office cleaning services: 

  • Are clear about your security requirements
  • Never use illegal labor of illegal subcontracting
  • Can provide documentation of employee screening & training processes
  • Have industry certifications like CIMS
  • Operate using industry best practices
  • Utilize systems and processes to guarantee quality and responsiveness
  • Employ quality control processes like janitorial inspections
  • Have comprehensive green office cleaning services
  • Use technology to streamline process, and create efficiencies and value


Finding A Commercial Cleaning Company That Will Have Your Facility Ready For Business

Finding a commercial cleaning company that will have you ready for business isn’t easy, but it is worth it. But how do you choose when as we have noted, there is a crowded marketplace filled with different levels of professionalism and experience? First, don’t buy based upon price alone. On one hand, a low low price should a red flag. And yet, paying more doesn’t always net you more. Your goal should be a reasonable, livable cost and value over price. Price is what you pay, value is what you get. Unusually low office cleaning quotes are likely to be too good to be true. Either the company is inexperienced with accurately pricing their services or they are purposely lowballing hoping to recoup costs down the road, neither good for you, your facility or your budget. Only consider office cleaning services or general office cleaning with clear, straight forward pricing so that you can compare office cleaning bids in a meaningful way. And look for those cleaning companies that can back up their claims of solid, professional processes. Commercial cleaning companies that have put money, time and resources into great employee training will be more than happy to tell you all about it and even show you. They WANT you to know what they do differently that makes them better. It is also useful to check in with fellow facility managers, vendors or contractors you know and trust for referrals.


Making the Search Easier For You

Professional certification is not only a sign that you are dealing with a seasoned pro, it can be a useful way to draw up your short list of prospective office cleaning companies. Professional certifications like CIMS offer a valuable shortcut in finding a real partner in your office cleaning. CIMS stands for the Certified Industry Management Standard and is a certification offered through the ISSA or International Sanitary Supply Association. This leading professional organization for Building Service Contractors offers a rigorous certification process that only the most serious and professional cleaning contractors even attempt. Certification covers integral elements like:

  • Quality Systems: A framework to ensure effective operations & continuous improvement
  • Service Delivery: Processes & systems in place to deliver consistent, quality service
  • Human Resources: Best practices for managing any service industry’s greatest asset—their people
  • Health, Safety, & Environmental Stewardship: Ensuring regulatory compliance, workplace safety, and health and environmental management
  • Management Commitment: Establishing our Mission, Vision, and Values and ensuring that the organization's continuity is secured.
  • A commitment to quality green office cleaning.

Want to know whether your prospective office cleaners are set up to succeed? These benchmarks can be a solid indicator of a plan and commitment to the highest levels of service. And while CIMS certification is difficult and costly for a building services company to achieve, it is free for you to use as a shortcut to finding the right office cleaning company that will work hard to keep your facility well maintained.

Here at Stathakis, office cleaning has, and will continue to be, a hallmark of the services we offer the businesses and industries of Southeastern Michigan. Not only are we committed to following industry best practices with regard to our office cleaning services, we have been at the forefront of developing and setting the standard for professional, effective, affordable and customer focused building services for over thirty years. From state of the art equipment to green cleaning products to professional systems and processes that assure reliability through accountability, we are committed to keep your offices clean, fresh and helping you create a healthy, productive work place.


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Stop Putting Out Fires, Get Ahead With Preventive Building Maintenance

Posted by Dale Saylor on Thu, Apr 06, 2017 @ 11:36 AM

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As a Facility Manager, you likely have a ‘to do’ list a mile long. Along with your regular day to day duties, problems arise and it doesn’t take long before a small issue can turn into a big problem with an even bigger price tag. If your goal is to minimize hassles and save money, you need to plan ahead with preventative building maintenance. Sure, the thought of tackling preventive maintenance with so many balls in the air can seem futile, but one of the surest ways to get a handle on your work load is to plan ahead. Plan ahead with preventative maintenance and it will pay dividends in the long run. Your building maintenance plan becomes intentional and streamlined when you plan ahead and the right building services company can help you come up with a plan that is reasonable, affordable and sure to shorten your to do list and reduce the challenges that come with putting out fires.


I’m Not Sure I Can Afford Preventive Maintenance?

Preventive building maintenance is not unlike other preventive measures we take. For example, a twenty-five dollar oil change can prevent a $3000 engine repair. And a routine teeth cleaning can prevent much more costly future dental repairs. There is an upfront cost in money and time, but the overall savings is significant. The costs involved with preventive asset maintenance is money well spent. A building that gets regular preventive maintenance experiences less downtime, which leads to happier occupants. But beyond that, there is money saved from reduced energy usage, less lost productivity from unexpected failures and service headaches. Timely preventative maintenance will cost far less than last minute, high season emergency calls. For instance, scheduling routine maintenance for building A/C off season will likely cost less than an emergency service call on the hottest day of the summer. Similarly, preventive maintenance maintains the value and lifespan of costly building assets. Not only will planning ahead cost less over the long run and protect building assets, a building that is operating optimally sends the message you as a Facility Manager are skilled at planning and managing.


Pulling Together Your Preventive Building Maintenance Plan

Preventive building maintenance is intended to prevent failures, plan service when it is most convenient and cost-effective, reduce unplanned for equipment failures and maintain and extend the lifespan of building assets. The right building maintenance company can work with you to create a preventative building maintenance plan that prevents failures, schedules maintenance for convenience and savings, reduces the likelihood of unscheduled equipment outages, eliminates or diminishes unexpected, expensive emergency maintenance and extends the usable lifespan of your facility’s assets. A well thought out Preventive Maintenance Plan should include the following three basic components: budget, job’s plan task for each asset and have skilled technicians to perform assigned. In both the planning and the execution phase of your building maintenance plan, a commercial building maintenance company or Commercial handyman service can be exceedingly useful. You can opt for on site building maintenance, multi-facility maintenance or on demand, as needed maintenance, whatever method suits the size, need and budge constraints of your facility.


Where Do I Find Time For Preventive Building Maintenance?

It can be absolutely daunting to try to plan scheduled preventative maintenance when you are already beyond busy. This is why outsourcing building maintenance to a reputable, professional facilities maintenance company can help you get ahead of the fires and plan maintenance without overcrowding your already full plate. If you fail to plan your maintenance ahead of time, you throw yourself into a constant battle of putting out fires. You simply get so busy putting out fires that you put off preventive building maintenance and in so doing, create your next fire to put out. Preventive building maintenance helps you break that chaotic cycle. You must make scheduling preventive maintenance a part of how you work and manage your facility. We all understand the challenges of planning ahead, but it is critical to getting proactive rather than reactive. Repeating this reactionary cycle reduces the lifespan of building assets, creates more work for you, significantly more hassle and eats away at your bottom line.


Professional Facility Maintenance Services Can Be A Real Ally

Planning is great, working ahead is wise but in this business, there will always be things that come up in spite of our best planning. Add to that the fact that sometimes it’s difficult to know precisely how much labor you need and when you are going to need it. Additionally, if you handle building maintenance in-house, there is the added cost of employees, equipment acquisition, storage and maintenance and more. More often than not, partnering with a building maintenance company or using a commercial handyman service offers the best solution to the changing needs of your facility. Even seasoned Facility Managers can become overwhelmed with the amount of work generated by their facility. A professional commercial handyman service can help you deal with day-to-day issues before they escalate into bigger, more expensive issues. When you partner with a qualified commercial handyman service, they can help you customize a maintenance schedule that works for your facility. Repairs, fixes and installations can be planned, forecast, budgeted for and scheduled. Likewise, no matter which plan or option you choose, you will have a building services contractor at the ready when the unexpected happens. Choose a commercial handyman service or commercial building maintenance company that offers a great deal of services and your days of calling new contractors and hoping they show up and don’t gouge you is over.


Choosing a Partner to Help Manage Your Building Maintenance

Maybe you know that partnering with a professional maintenance company or commercial handyman is the direction you should go in but you aren’t sure where to start. Perhaps you are unsure if you even have enough work for a building maintenance contractor or maybe you are worried you have too much work for a single company. It could be that you are still worried about whether there is enough money in the budget to warrant outsourcing parts of your building maintenance. You don’t have to know what you need to enlist the help of a professional. A commercial building maintenance company or commercial handyman services will tailor the work to fit your facility and your budget. Maybe you need regular daily maintenance at multiple facilities or perhaps you only require a weekly visit or every other week to manage a revolving to-do list and perform preventive maintenance. It’s even possible that your facility only requires occasional help during specific short-term periods or seasons. A commercial building maintenance company can provide you with flexibility and a wide range of service options to come up with an individualized maintenance plan to help you shorten your to do list, reduce the headaches and cost associated with unplanned maintenance and keep your facility in great shape.
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Smart Cleaning: What It Is & Why It Works

Posted by Brian Mamo on Tue, Mar 28, 2017 @ 04:05 PM

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The Demands On Today’s Facility Managers

We meet with Facility Managers every day and what they tell us is that they are under continual pressure to do more for their facilities with even leaner budgets. Chalk it up to economic unpredictability, fierce competition and a host of other factors, but slashed budgets and leaner operations are not yet behind us. And while pennies get pinched, responsibilities for many Facility Managers just get more complex. You are likely tasked with things like supervising your facility’s maintenance, lease management, assigning and managing space, managing a host of different teams, even confirming your facility is compliant with all relevant regulations and requirements. You may be responsible for planning and managing building work and renovations, steering your building to greater energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness, forecasting and budgeting, and even directing security and general administrative services. That is a VERY full plate. With so much on your plate, it is no wonder so many Facility Managers are overwhelmed by the struggle to both manage their facility in a meaningful way while at the same time meeting budget and profitability requirements.


Could Your Facility Benefit From Smart Cleaning?

So we agree, Facility Managers have more responsibility and greater complexity in their work than in days past. The bad news is that is not likely to change any time soon. The good news is that challenges quite often drive innovation and the janitorial industry has been working hard to respond to the changing needs of the facilities and Facility Managers they work with.Smart cleaning is one such innovation that can help Facility Managers both manage their buildings at the required level and meet ever tightening budget requirements. Many building services contractors are working hard to innovate, to eliminate waste and maximize efficiency wherever possible. They understand that they must balance both goals of effective facility maintenance AND budget targets. Smart cleaning measures make these goals reachable.


What Is Smart Cleaning?

Smart cleaning isn’t about complex algorithms or a bunch of geniuses in a room together coming up with a robot that did it all (though that might be nice). Still, Smart Cleaning is an approach that requires a great deal of thought, customization, innovation and commitment from your janitorial services company. Smart Cleaning is about identifying the essential services in your building, demarcating those that are important but perhaps not essential and determining which services you can intermittently go without, where you can cut, where you cannot and how to find efficiencies without it being obvious that services are being reduced. Smart Cleaning requires that you and your commercial cleaning company communicate and work together to determine the following:

  • “What are we doing currently and does it make sense given our needs?”
  • “What tasks and duties are must haves that need to be included regardless?”
  • “Where are the areas we might be able to get by with less?”
  • “What tasks are we performing that might be unnecessary?”
  • “What better, more efficient ways might there be to complete those things that are necessary?”

Understand, Smart Cleaning can't just be a mandate to your janitorial services company. For it to be at all successful, it must be a collaboration between you and your commercial cleaning company. Only you know what you can and cannot live without but only they understand how to shift their services to meet your goals without compromising your facility’s maintenance.


How Smart Cleaning Works

Smart Cleaning is the single best way to manage a reduced building services budget without throwing your building’s maintenance into a downward spiral. And it works, IF your janitorial services company understands how to work with you to uncover needs and implement a solid plan. With Smart Cleaning, your cleaning spec becomes need-focused rather than just a standard laundry list of cleaning tasks. In the hands of an inexperienced or careless cleaning company it will just look like a cleaning company doing less and your facility needs being ignored. Likewise, if a janitorial company isn’t equipped with adequate training and the systems to make Smart Cleaning work, it won’t. Smart Cleaning requires thought, planning and a solid system. Without these crucial elements, it is unavoidable that the wrong things are often left undone, there are no targets or predictability in place and little to no accountability from your cleaning company. Smart Cleaning is NOT just doing less, it’s about a strategic shift in services that eliminates redundancies and spreads out work in a way that maximizes your cleaning dollar. The most important element of Smart Cleaning is the communication between you and your janitorial company regarding your building and what you need and then how they communicate that to the people cleaning your facility through training and management. Janitorial staff must have the training to understand the use patterns of the facility they maintain and how to identify essential services and continually adjust their cleaning to meet your facility’s needs.


Why Smart Cleaning Works

What makes Smart Cleaning different from regular old cleaning services? Smart Cleaning offers a two pronged approach. First, uncover efficiencies and second, create efficiencies. Certainly you can evaluate your facility maintenance plan for overlap or unneeded work but a critical element of effective Smart Cleaning is to find better ways to do more work with fewer resources. Smart Cleaning can also only be implemented be highly resourced, professional commercial cleaning companies. Why? Because Smart Cleaning requires a considerable investment from your Building Services Company in products, equipment, training and even the framework in place to make it all work. To truly implement Smart Cleaning as a solution and not simply a reduction in services, your janitorial services company MUST be committed to best practices.


Putting Smart Cleaning To Work In Your Facility

One critical element to making Smart Cleaning work in your facility is having an understanding of your building’s use and traffic patterns. When you know this, you can direct services to the most used and most dirtied areas of your facility. For example, this information can direct your cleaning company to reduce or alternate vacuuming days or floor days in areas that accumulate less soil. On that same note, you can even reduce the overall soil and debris making its way into your facility with the implementation of a walk off mat program. Mats strategically placed at your building’s points of entry and high traffic areas will hold soil, dust and worse keeping it from accumulating throughout your facility. This means cleaning crews can vacuum mats daily but rotate other less dirty areas of your building, saving you money without sacrificing clean.


Janitorial Efficiencies Like Team Cleaning Make A HUGE Difference

Janitorial innovation and efficiency are critical to implementing a successful Smart Cleaning program. That is part of the reason why reducing services with just ANY janitorial company is bound to fail. Smart Cleaning isn’t simply about LESS work it’s about BETTER work, and better practices. What efficiencies and practices make a big difference with Smart Cleaning? First, team cleaning is an integral part of the Smart Cleaning equation. What is team cleaning? First, let’s look at how cleaning and maintenance duties are typically carried out in a facility. Many commercial cleaning companies utilize the zone cleaning approach. This is an old method of cleaning whereby you divide a building into separate ‘zones’ that are the responsibility of assigned cleaners. With zone cleaning, each cleaner was responsible for every cleaning task in their zone, often an entire floor. That means with zone cleaning, every cleaner needs to vacuum, clean restrooms, empty trashes, dust and more. This has some serious drawbacks. First, because each cleaner has a diffuse set of responsibilities, it is easier to miss tasks and in shifting tasks, a cleaner may be less likely to master a given set of skills. Likewise, when a cleaner must vacuum, dust, clean restrooms and more, each cleaner requires their own set of tools, equipment and supplies creating an unnecessary, expensive overlap. Team cleaning offers a better approach that is significantly more lean and effective. With team cleaning, janitorial staff become skilled at a limited amount of tasks and perform them throughout your building. So, there is a vacuum specialist, a restroom specialist and a utility or general specialist whose duties may vary. Team Cleaning leads to job mastery, a well-defined scope of duties and a heightened level of accountability. And the need for less equipment and even labor makes team cleaning more efficient and more effective. Other efficiencies can be found, for example with chemical dispensing systems. These innovative dispensing systems offer a system that reduces the hassle of restocking, mixing and storaging bulk cleaning chemicals and even operator error in mixing and dilution. Likewise, color coded microfiber offers a great way to clean faster and better offering a visual indicator of adherence to standards while reducing the risk of cross contamination in your facility.

With the help of a professional, reputable, experienced janitorial company, Smart Cleaning can help you get the most from your cleaning budget while you keep you facility in good working order without creating a bursting box of complaints. It is possible and you can strategically maintain your facility in a way that works for you and even makes your job as a Facility Manager just a little bit easier.


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Surviving the Home Stretch of Flu Season

Posted by Mitch Hesson on Tue, Mar 21, 2017 @ 12:14 PM


April Showers Bring May Flowers, But March Brings More Colds & Flu

April showers bring May flowers, but March is still a peak time for influenza. With the risk of flu and other transmissible illness still so high, your janitorial services must work with you to effectively preventcross contamination and reduce the likelihood that your employees will become ill, impacting productivity, absenteeism and even employee turnover. Even just a few cases of the flu can wreak havoc in your facility if your building suffers from ineffective cleaning practices, employees coming to work sick and even suboptimal hand washing practices. Your commercial cleaning company can and should be doing their part to safeguard you and your employees from influenza, common bacterial infections and other seasonal, highly contagious viruses. Is your janitorial company a true partner in safeguarding the health of your facility and its occupants? Are they doing all they should be to clean for health?


Your First Line of Defense Against the Flu & Other Illnesses

Just because spring has officially started doesn’t mean you and your facility’s occupants are safe from the flu. In fact, March continues to be a peak time for cases of flus, colds and other common transmissible illnesses. So even as the weather warms, you must continue to be on defense. What measures make up your first line of defense against the flu? First, encourage sick employees to stay home. Workers who come in with the flu can easily spread it among staff and visitors pushing productivity down and absenteeism up. Second, remind employees of correct hand washing etiquette. Even posting proper hand washing techniques can serve as a good reminder to all of us to wash our hands. Furthermore, you would be surprised how many people are washing hands ineffectively. Reducing sick people in your facility and then making sure occupants wash their hands is a good first line of defense in stemming the spread of illnesses like the flu.


When Your Janitorial Company Is Part of the Problem

Your janitorial company can either be a part of the solution, or a part of the problem when it comes to the spread of illness. You can encourage sick employees to stay home and post hand washing reminders in every restroom in your building, but if your commercial cleaning company is failing to followbest practices, you and your employees are at risk. Cross contamination is one of the most serious issues in cleaning and it could literally be making your employees sick. Is your janitorial company putting you at risk with cross contamination? Is your commercial cleaning company failing to use cleaning cloths for dedicated purposes? Is a mop head used to clean the bathroom also used in the break room? The implications being that the practices of your cleaning company have a tremendous impact on the overall cleanliness and health of your facility. Which best practices and healthy habits can help combat the risks of cross-contamination from your janitorial services company?

  • Emphasize cleaning of oft touched services to reduce germ load.
  • Practice frequent mop water changes or clean mop head/mop cloth to reduce the spread of germs from one area to the next.
  • Entryway mats provide an effective way to trap debris and dirt before they enter your facility.
  • Utilize a color-coded cloth system to reduce cross-contamination.
  • Keep all cleaning equipment properly maintained. Vacuum cleaners, mops, commercial floor cleaning equipment and more require regular cleaning, inspection and periodic maintenance in order to operate most effectively.
  • Stress importance of correct chemical use and storage. For example, use a regular cleaner for low risk surfaces and a disinfectant for oft touched, high risk surfaces. Likewise, using chemicals appropriately and according to directions in order to provide maximum effectiveness.
  • Assure chemical/supply/equipment storage closets are clean and orderly. Soiled towels, grimy mops and buckets simply increase the likelihood of cross contamination.


The Real Implications of Cleaning For Health

Everyone likes a building that looks clean, but more important is what you cannot see. Influenza is invisible, E.Coli is invisible, all the other illness causing bacteria and viruses that move between people are unseen by the naked eye. That’s why we rely on science based cleaning methods and industry best practices to eradicate the disease causing germs we cannot see. What cleaning best practices are covered under the directive of ‘cleaning for health?’ For one, HEPA filter vacuum cleaners are a good start as they improve indoor air quality, which can help reduce the spread of germs and reduce triggers for those who suffer from allergies and or other related ailments. Next, special attention to hot spots and touch points is critical for reducing the spread of germs. Likewise, implementing a system of color coded cloths is a best practice that safeguards health by reducing the spread of disease causing germs from one surface to the next. After all, no one wants their desk wiped down with a towel used to clean the urinals. Cleaning best practices also include using cleaning chemicals according to the manufacturer’s recommendations including using the right cleaner for the right purpose and observing dwell times that make bactericides and viricides more effective. If your janitorial company isn’t following these best practices and others, they just cannot be your all star team in helping protect your building’s occupants and your business from the negative impact of the unnecessary spread of the flu.


Hit a Home Run With Touch Points & Hot Spots

Why are touch points and hot spots so critical to stemming the spread of disease causing germs? Hot spots and touch points are the fixtures and surfaces that see many, many hands throughout the day. Think the light switches in rooms, shared computer equipment, phones, touch pads, door handles and more. Because so many different people touch these surfaces, the likelihood that someone carrying the flu or other disease causing germs touched them and left behind germs that could get another person or people sick is high. Therefore, cleaning these areas the right way with the right product is critical for reducing exposure and transmission of the flu and other common transmissible ailments. An all star janitorial service understands the science of cleaning, how germs work and spread and how to use their tools and know how to reduce the germ load and keep your facility and its occupants healthier.


Putting It All Together

The right janitorial partner is a critical piece in creating a healthy work environment. Not only is it just good sense to want a healthy facility, it can have a measurable impact on your bottom line. Sick employees are less productive, get other employees sick and take more time off. Working with a janitorial services company that recognizes the importance of cleaning for health and adheres to cleaning best practices is crucial to safeguarding your employees' health and your facility’s reputation. Want to know if your cleaning company is set up to help you survive the home stretch of this year’s flu season? Ask them. If you are looking to draft a new team, use the cleaning for health information to ask a prospective janitorial company about their practices and habits. The right commercial cleaning company can be a true partner in the smooth maintenance and overall health of your facility.


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Can Commercial Office Cleaning Services Transform Your Facility?

Posted by Brian Mamo on Mon, Mar 13, 2017 @ 02:29 PM

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Businesses have enough challenges to face each day without a dirty workplace getting in the way. Not only is a clean, well-maintained facility pleasant, facility cleanliness has a sizable impact on a host of measurable business outcomes that directly impact your bottom line. The right professional office cleaning service can keep an eye on the cleanliness of your facility so you can keep your eyes focused on your business. What can optimal maintenance do for you, your facility, your employees and your bottom line?


Make A Good First Impression With Prospective Customers

First impressions are made in an instant and once made, they are hard to change. One of the first things people notice upon entering an office or facility in general is its level of cleanliness. A clean office represents and reflects the culture of the company as a whole and the overall quality of its products and services. Unfortunately, when you move about your building every day, it can become all too easy to miss areas of your facility that need attention. You just get used to the dirt or maintenance issues piling up a little at a time that over time, your facility might be in rough shape and you just aren’t seeing in. So it is important to really think about complaints you are getting. Are they accurate? Are there areas of your building that really do need some attention? Likewise, try to tune out your other worries and make time to walk through your facility with a fresh set of eyes. Then really look at your building. Look at it the way a customer or prospective customer might see it. What do you see? Carpet that sorely needs a cleaning? Floors that need stripping or cleaning? Dusty light fixtures? Walls that are scuffed and dirty? Office restrooms that haven’t been deep cleaned in ages? If your building is in need of better commercial office cleaning, either work with your current office cleaners to ramp up the level of clean, or enlist the help of a professional, reputable, consistent office cleaning service to protect your reputation and make a quality first impression with customers.


Create Positive First Impressions With Potential Employees

While positive first impressions with customers are critical, they are also very important with employees and prospective employees. The level of clean in your workplace speaks to the culture within your organization. An office that is poorly maintained sends the message that standards, performance and quality of work don’t really matter. Sure, you don’t believe that, but your employees will get the message whether you like it or not. Commercial office cleaning services are critical because an office that suffers from an inconsistent level of clean will in turn broadcast a message that inconsistency is acceptable. These messages are worrisome for a few important reasons. First, the best, most engaged employees do not want to work for organizations that don’t operate consistently at a high level. They will either steer clear of your company or given the chance, they will quickly move on to an organization that supports their level of excellence. Second, there will always be tiers of employee performance. High performers can inspire mid level performers and in turn, even raise the standards to an acceptable level for lower level workers raising your overall employee performance. If on the other hand, you are losing the best fit, most productive employees, productivity, engagement and quality suffer throughout your organization with a domino effect of mediocre performance. Having a clean, well-maintained workplace not only sends customers the right message, it sets a positive and productive tone with employees. Attract, retain and get the best from your best employees with a clean and healthy work environement.


Establish & Maintain A Healthy, Safe Work Environment

It is misguided to view commercial cleaning as simply a cost. Commercial cleaning is an investment in your business and your people. In time, maintaining a clean environment can pay for itself many times over, often in unexpected ways. Less than optimal office cleaning can impact health, illness transmission, indoor air quality and worse. A poorly cleaned building is less safe for its occupants. There is an established correlation between a clean work environment and improved employee health. Likewise, employee health correlates directly to sick days and even employee turnover. A well-maintained, healthy building builds and sustains a welcoming atmosphere for occupants, setting the right tone for hard work and increased effort.


Help Reduce The Spread Of Illness In Your Facility

There is clean you can see, and clean you cannot see. We all appreciate walking into a room that smells fresh and looks clean. Still, clean isn’t just about what we can see with our eyes. Without effective cleaning, germs and bacteria can lurk unseen on the surface of everything—door handles, computers, phones, light switches and more. Does your office cleaning company clean to reduce the spread of illness in your facility? Do they utilize office cleaning best practices to keep your facility looking good and help create a healthy work environment? Do they use up to date equipment that is well maintained? Do they train their office cleaners to use the cleaning chemicals and are the cleaning chemicals environmentally sound?


Fewer Days Off & Healthier, More Comfortable Employees Leads To Greater Productivity

A clean, healthy office will equate to healthier employees, taking fewer sick days, being more comfortable and thus more productive. Sick days cost the public sector billions of dollars each year in lost productivity and revenue. Solid office cleaning companies can reduce germs where they lie in wait and create a clean, healthy, welcome environment conducive to good work. A clean office means fewer people going home sick. Likewise, an office that is cluttered, dusty, grimy, with overflowing, smelly trash receptacles is not only a health hazard, it’s demoralizing. And cluttered, dirty workspaces are a significant source of workplace stress. Working around an unkempt office and navigating a dirty workplace result in lost time each day. Multiply those minutes by the number of employees in your facility and you can begin to appreciate how much time is lost each day trying to deal with the effects of a poorly maintained office. A clean, well-maintained office is inviting and can result in employees that arrive at work eager and ready to do their best.


Help Increase Employee Morale & Employee Engagement

Another important issue with effective office cleaning practices is their effect on employee morale and engagement. Let’s face it, coming to work in a dirty, cluttered, poorly maintained workplace is demoralizing. Employees will take personal pleasure and satisfaction in the work they do and the environment they work in, IF that environment is clean, comfortable and makes them feel pride in the place they work. Cleaning has a direct link to employee morale and engagement and yet all too often companies take short cuts or ignore cleaning worrying about cost. The reality is that an unclean office will impact your bottom line, not through the savings you net on putting cleaning on the back burner but rather in the loss of morale, engagement, productivity and even employee retention.


A Clean Building Puts Your Best Foot Forward

A clean and welcoming workplace can be an excellent marketing tool, whether you’re trying to sway prospective clients, would be employees or even lease space in your facility. Your building’s appearance is one of the major elements that conveys your image, sets your value and separates one company from another. Whether you are hiring a new employee, renting a space, vying for new business or meeting revenue goals, with a clean and cared for building, nearly everything you do becomes easier.


Optimal Office Cleaning Protects Your Building’s Assets

A regular, effective office cleaning program preserves and protects your building’s assets. Assets like carpets, floors, tile surfaces and equipment can take unnecessary wear and tear without adequate maintenance. Solid office cleaning prevents excessive wear and extends the usable lifespan of your building’s assets.


Get A Boost to Your Bottom Line With Effective Office Cleaning Company

Office cleaning is vital to the success of your facility. Yes, it costs money but a clean work space leads to satisfied and productive employees, lowered absenteeism and turnover and a positive experience for both customers and employees, so it is truly an investment in your success. Sure, you would like to partner with an effective, efficient office cleaning company that delivers value--but perhaps you have suffered with less than optimal office cleaning services for so long or from multiple contractors that you can’t imagine there might be better out there. Don’t get stuck thinking all office cleaning companies are the same. There are many professional, reputable, experienced office cleaning companies that are just waiting to show you that high levels of service can come with a price you can live with. Protect your employees, your image and your bottom line with effective office cleaning.


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Is Your Commercial Cleaning Company Making A List & Checking It Twice?

Posted by Bob Abraham on Mon, Mar 06, 2017 @ 12:20 PM

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Why Your Cleaning Company Must Perform Regular Janitorial Inspections

The purpose behind janitorial inspections is NOT to fault find with your commercial cleaning services or beat the cleaning staff with a stick. Pointing fingers isn’t the purpose of janitorial inspections, rather it is to shine a light where work is needed and be proactive in finding little problems before they become big issues. Regular janitorial inspections are key in creating consistency. They can help assure reliability through accountability and they are an integral part of janitorial services best practices. Your commercial cleaning company should have a number of systems and practices in play to help keep everyone on their toes, but few are as critical as regular janitorial inspections. If your janitorial service is NOT conducting regular janitorial inspections, the chances that they will deliver the professional, proficient, efficient, cost effective, consistent service you and your facility deserve is low.


Creating Reliability Through Accountability

Finding a commercial cleaning company isn’t easy. You partner with what appears to be a competent and capable company, you check off YOUR checklist. Safe, well screened employees, check. References, insurance, legal hiring, check. Green greening, check. You create a plan with your janitorial service and everything seems to be going according to plan, until it isn’t. It isn’t long before you realize that you haven’t been happy for awhile. You walk through your facility and realize the things that AREN’T being done are starting to pile up. You’re janitorial service isn’t performing to their agreements and you aren’t sure why. You communicate the missteps and unfinished work, first to the cleaners themselves, then to a supervisor. Maybe it gets better, maybe it doesn’t, but before long, a new set of issues pop up, then add up and you get to a point where perhaps you don’t even bother complaining anymore. Maybe you consider hiring a new commercial cleaning company but how can you guarantee they’ll be any better? The reality is that with janitorial services, there aren’t really guarantees. The work is done by people and people will miss things. While there are no hard and fast guarantees, there are ways to create reliability through accountability and that is where janitorial inspections come in to play. By conducting regular inspections, your commercial cleaning company keeps their teams accountable. Let’s face it, we all do better work when we know someone notices. Not only do janitorial inspections keep cleaners on their toes, they reinforce that their work MATTERS which in turn offer positive reinforcement and employee engagement.


What Factors Matter Most With Janitorial Inspections?

What should your commercial cleaning company be focusing on with regular janitorial inspections? First, there should be a focus on inspections that are both in person, visual and formal. Informal inspections can be useful but really, the communication between cleaning staff, cleaning company and customer is most critical. Only formalized inspections can deliver this information in a way that is most effective. Second, inspections should be simple but on point. If you have a large facility with multiple restrooms, it likely doesn’t make sense to assign a grade to every single toilet. Still, inspections of individual restrooms along with specific points for cleaning staff to improve upon are helpful. Third, use an inspection checklist or better yet, technology tools that not only help supervisors conduct regular janitorial inspections but communicate that information to everyone involved. Fourth, your cleaning company should take note of your requests, hot buttons and pain points. If they can’t get to critical issues before you notice them, small issues quickly morph into big problems. Your cleaning company should take note of and put special emphasis on the cleaning tasks and duties that matter to you most. Finally, your commercial janitorial company should communicate the results of inspections with you. It may seem counter intuitive to communicate your mistakes with a customer but as a Facility Manager, aren’t you going to feel better that THEY caught issues and remedied them? Won’t you be reassured that they are setting a high standard and working toward it?


Going From GOOD to GREAT With Janitorial Inspections

Regular janitorial inspections create a feedback loop that can take your building maintenance from good to great. How does this happen? First, your cleaners are made aware that there is a high standard and plan for assuring accountability in place. Great individual and great teams get motivated when they know their work gets noticed. This means your janitorial service can keep their best team members engaged and doing their best. It also means the team as a whole is held accountable to the highest standards. So cleaners who might be tempted to phone it in are made aware that mistakes stand out, unfinished work WILL NOT go unnoticed or unaddressed. Either way, you and your facility get better work more consistently. Similarly, you have an easy way to communicate issues and work together with your cleaning company and their teams to achieve very good service. Great service never happens without a plan. No cleaning company will be perfect every single time, but those companies that have tools and systems in place to assure reliability through accountability are poised to deliver better on their promises to you and create the kind of lasting business partnership that benefits you both.
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What You Don’t Know About Janitorial Pricing Could Cost You

Posted by Mitch Hesson on Tue, Feb 28, 2017 @ 08:57 PM

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Why What You Don’t Know About Janitorial Pricing Can Cost You

Janitorial services have a cost and that cost can vary tremendously, even for what may seem like a similar set of requirements and services. With so many different types and sizes of janitorial companies in a crowded marketplace, getting clear, consistent pricing from contractors can seem nearly impossible. As a Facility Manager, you can look at a desk full of janitorial quotes for the same building and not see any two remotely alike. This only adds to the confusion of determining what your building needs in maintenance and what you should be paying for it. The reality is, what you don’t know about janitorial pricing can cost you. Maybe you go with the cheapest price not understanding that the low low price a janitorial company agreed to was never going to cover the services you actually need. Or you pay too much hoping the premium means you will get a higher level of service and consistency only to find price and value aren’t always aligned when it comes to cleaning services. Understanding how janitorial price often works and how it should work will help you determine what your facility needs and at least approximate how much it should cost.


Why Are Janitorial Prices So Hard to Pin Down?

Janitorial pricing is based on a number of factors. First, for your janitorial services company there are labor costs, insurance and taxes, benefits for their employees, a multitude of direct costs like cleaning supplies, toilet paper and more, a management fee and a profit. For your part, your budget must be considered first. Then, you must take into account the type of building and business you operate, your building’s traffic and use patterns and such. Where are your facilities located and what are the labor costs in your area? What scope of cleaning do you need and do you have any special requirements? Do you need outdoor maintenance or a daytime cleaning service? Do you have special projects or interim needs you must also budget for? What frequency are you most comfortable with? Now add to the normal complexity in janitorial pricing the fact that some companies like to play shell games and deceptively price janitorial bids whether in an effort to appear competitively priced or just inexperience in accurately pricing their own services. Clear pricing from prospective janitorial companies is critical to helping you determine what you need and what it should cost. 


Help Your Janitorial Company Help You

Sure you need a janitorial service committed to clear pricing but they still need solid information from you. So that they may provide you with the most accurate janitorial bids possible or reply to your Request For Proposal (RFP) with the best information, your prospective janitorial company must begin with accurate information from you. For example, what is your building’s square footage and how does that break out by flooring type? Using gross square footage alone fails to give enough detail to offer an accurate quote truly reflective of your building’s specific needs. How many people typically use your building and how many total restrooms are there? Not only does this information offer clear picture of your facility’s traffic and thus cleaning requirements, it helps estimate consumable goods like trash can liners, toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap and more. Into that you must balance your overall maintenance requirements, your must haves and ‘can live withouts’. What have your previous commercial cleaning services missed or failed to do?


Understanding the Components of Janitorial Pricing

A clear janitorial quote should be broken down into segments that include:

  1. Labor
  2. Insurance and taxes
  3. Employee benefits
  4. Direct costs (cleaning supplies, toilet paper, etc.)
  5. Management fee
  6. Profit

For most janitorial companies, labor is the single biggest expense. On top of labor, you have the costs associated with labor like insurance, taxes, benefits and management. Then there is profit. In order for your commercial cleaning company to continue to operate and effectively meet your needs, they must also build in a healthy profit margin for themselves, it’s just good business. The trick can be to find those companies that balance their need to clear a profit and your need to man your own bottom line. When you have these pricing segments in front of you, don’t be afraid to discuss and clarify costs and even profit with your would be janitorial company. A reputable, professional effective janitorial contractor wants you to understand and feel comfortable with what you are purchasing.


Why You Shouldn’t Shop Janitorial Services On Price Alone

Oh if only we could pay less and get more or pay more but get more, instead often we pay more for less or pay less for far less than we need to get by. Unfortunately, the connection between price and value in cleaning services is not always strong. Paying more doesn’t assure you better service yet getting wooed into not questioning very low bids causes issues down the line as well. Regrettably, janitorial prices do not always reflect reality, value or what you will really end up paying. Some contractors low ball, counting on hidden charges, add-ons and upsells to at some point get them to the number THEY need. Other companies just aren’t experienced enough to precisely price their services. Other contractors will bid low in order to secure your business but then deliver services that are far below what is really needed in your facility. The reality is that price matters. You likely have hard budget numbers you must meet but much more significant is the idea of value. Price is what you pay, value is what you get. Your objective as a Facility Manager is to get the best value at the most reasonable cost and in order to do that, you need clear janitorial quotes allowing you to compare your choices in a meaningful way.


Can You Get the Price AND the Service You Need?

Even tight janitorial budgets don’t excuse poor service. Those cleaning companies that are both effective and experienced appreciate that there are areas where you can reduce services and others where you cannot. They know that low janitorial quotes can’t come with increased problems and complaints. They come prepared to help you determine out how to get the essentials covered and put together a cleaning specification that is reasonable and meets both budget and maintenance goals. They understand that blending quality service with clear pricing is what leads to value. Experienced professionals can do more with even reduced budgets by the application of smart cleaning, zone cleaning and other efficiencies designed to reduce costs without sacrificing overall building maintenance.


Putting It All Together

You want to secure solid value for your facility. You must meet budget requirements and even make cuts where needed. You don’t want to overpay, but you also don’t want to find out what looked like a good deal wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. When you put out RFP, you are likely to get quite the variety of janitorial bids but here’s what you should be looking for. Labor typically accounts for 50-70 percent of costs. The best janitorial companies will spend more time asking you questions about YOUR facility than telling you about what they do. They will ask for specifics and even do a walk through so that when they give you their pricing or a janitorial quote, it reflects what you and your facility REALLY need. Those janitorial contractors unwilling or unable to do the work of familiarizing themselves with your needs and then clearly pricing their services to reflect that just aren’t worth your time or your business.

 janitorial pricing

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Industrial Cleaning Isn’t A Beginner’s Game

Posted by Brian Mamo on Thu, Feb 23, 2017 @ 12:27 PM

 detroit commercial cleaning company, industrial cleaning, industrial janitorial services michigan

Don’t Let A Beginner Do a Job Meant For A Pro

In an industrial setting, there just is not the room for mistakes you might have with general commercial cleaning. Of course, everyone would like the job done right the first time, but in an industrial setting, there is simply so much more to lose when safety, effectiveness and compliance are not followed. The most professional and effective industrial janitorial services offer technology-based industrial cleaning services that balance the many different concerns an industrial facility might have. Whether you operate a manufacturing center, auto plant, distribution center, transportation terminal or other industrial facility, you need commercial industrial cleaning that supports the your industry by implementing innovative cleaning systems, managing potential risks, meeting cost efficiencies, minimizing downtime and maximizing performance with effective industrial cleaning and responsive service. Industrial cleaning is definitely NOT a beginner’s game. Rather, it requires professionalism, adherence to industry best practices and a thoughtfulness in every process and person from the top down. How do you as a Facility Manager of an industrial facility find the Michigan industrial cleaning you need to maintain your facility and operations at their optimal levels?


Complexity & Compliance Heighten the Need For Professional Industrial Cleaning Services

What makes industrial cleaning different from say, office cleaning? To begin with, compliance issues are significantly more multifaceted. Not only do you have to meet standard complains like OSHA, you may have a host of requirements specific to your industry. Next, a great many industrial operations run around the clock, meaning any cleaning and maintenance can interfere with operations and productivity if not planned and scheduled carefully. Similarly, your needs with regard to cleaning and maintenance are likely more complex. You are likely to need services beyond vacuuming and restroom maintenance. And these services may be different depending upon your industry. The right commercial cleaning company needs both breadth and depth of experience servicing industrial customers. An industrial cleaning service that wants YOUR business must have the experience, know how and professionalism to deliver on their promises of exceptional service. They need to be prepared with the knowledge of what makes industrial and manufacturing businesses different from general office buildings and be ready and willing to learn your specific requirements and compliance issues in order to offer you truly responsive effective cleaning and maintenance.


What Matters Most With Industrial Cleaning

While different industrial facilities have different needs, there are a set of minimums and requirements that apply to ALL industrial facilities. What do you need from any commercial cleaning company servicing YOUR facility? They must understand the unique demands and requirements of maintaining an industrial facility. Any commercial cleaning company that wants YOUR business needs to have solid experience cleaning and maintaining other industrial facilities. There must be a willingness to add to their core knowledge with details about YOUR individual facility. They must, without fail, comply with all related safety requirements and regulations. A prospective industrial janitorial company needs to understand the value of people and processes in their cleaning. They must be able to hire and retain good fit employees who are thoroughly screened. They then must train those people effectively and continually. They have to be responsive to your individual needs. All prospective industrial maintenance services must price services clearly to help you establish what you are getting and at what price Additionally, they must have the structures and systems in place within their organization to effectively deliver. Finally, they have to offer effective service and real value.


Finding the Right Industrial Janitorial Services Company

Solid service starts with solid systems and processes. Let’s face it; high level service doesn’t happen by accident, it happens by design. With the inherent complexity and compliance requirements,industrial cleaning isn’t a beginner’s game. Rather, it requires an experienced professional company poised to deliver a standard of service that keeps your facility running smoothly and fully compliant. What are the solid systems and processes that translate into effective service for you and your facility?

  • A documented standard for employee safety training
  • Complete compliance with required AND recommended specific training
  • CIMS Certified procedure manuals or other relevant industry certification
  • An grasp of your individual security needs and carefully vetted employees
  • A proven track record of adherence with industry best practices
  • The processes and systems in place to guarantee responsive service
  • The capability to customize maintenance scheduling to fit your requirements and keep operations moving
  • The capacity to offer both contract and on-demand cleaning services and a host of other maintenance services
  • The ability to add or remove staff as your peak times and needs change
  • A meaningful, affordable green cleaning program
  • A wealth of systems, procedure and tools to keep service delivery on track. These might be things like regular client communications through apps and reporting, financial documentation, service request tracking and a 10-minute response guarantee to get you the information you need quickly.

The most effective industrial cleaning services are built on doing a myriad of things right, from the little stuff to the big stuff. Companies that do not back up their claims of service with solid, verifiable systems just cannot take on the complexity of industrial cleaning jobs with any level of reliability. The most effective industrial janitorial services assure reliability THROUGH accountability—the systems they have to guide their processes and performance from the top down.


Find a Real Pro? Kill Two, Three, Or More Birds With One Stone

The search for the right fit in your industrial janitorial partner can be tough. Once you get through the vetting process and confirm that there are real systems and processes and not just sales talk, you should consider what a prospective commercial cleaning company could offer you beyond your industrial cleaning. Why? Because if every time your building has a maintenance need, you must start the search over, a great deal of your valuable time is eaten up review the businesses of others instead of focusing on your own. If you already have an industrial cleaning company you trust, how much better to be able to go directly to them for other periodic building maintenance needs? 

Does your prospective industrial cleaning company service automotive plants, manufacturing plants, distribution centers, transportation terminals, pharmaceutical operations and more? Do they offer special project managers and help for requirements you may have beyond cleaning? Do they offer preventative maintenance services like HVAC? When a building services contractor provides both industrial cleaning and a myriad of associated building maintenance services it can make finding the right contractor during emergencies and shifting needs as easy as humanly possible. And with an established relationship with your building services contractor, you are likely to immediately move to the head of the line. What menu of services do some building services contractor offer that are immeasurably helpful to Facility Managers?

▪   Carpet care

▪   Hard Surface Floor Care

▪   Window Cleaning

▪   Construction Clean-up

▪   Day Porter Services

▪   Computer Room Cleaning                    

▪   Lighting Maintenance

▪   Emergency Services

▪   General Maintenance

▪   Green Cleaning

▪   Pressure Washing

▪   Recycling Services                                 

▪   Restroom Sanitation

▪   Painting Services










With Industrial Cleaning Services, Better Doesn’t Mean More Expensive

We see it all the time, Facility Managers managing ever shrinking budgets think they have to settle for ‘just okay’ Detroit industrial cleaning because they are working with less than optimal budgets. The reality is that yes, a budget in line with your requirements makes everyone’s job easier, and yet, if you are forced to operate at a razor thin budget, it is a more experienced, efficient, professional janitorial company that can help you make the most of it. These industry leaders have had to learn and adapt to the tightest budgets to keep costs down while keeping their customer’s facility’s operating smoothly. How can you possibly get more for less from an industry leader? Professionally speaking, it is the most experienced, systemized and trained companies that are poised to save you money while delivering more. Your cost goals can be met through resource allocation and effective, livable cost-savings measures. If you are working with less than ideal budgets, you are not likely to get every thing on your wish list but your Michigan industrial cleaning company can help you develop a workable, livable, affordable plan that reflects the needs of your facility.


Go Pro Or Go Home With Industrial Maintenance Services

At Stathakis, we are proud to serve the industrial cleaning needs of Southeastern Michigan. Not only are we committed to following industry best practices with regard to our industrial cleaning services, we have been at the forefront of developing and setting the standard for professional, effective, affordable and customer focused building services. From state of the art equipment to green cleaning products to professional systems and process that assure reliability through accountability, we are committed to helping you maintain your facility at the highest levels, protecting your reputation and your bottom line. 

At Stathakis, we are an  ISSA CIMS-GB certified building services company and have been providing business services for over 35 years. CIMS assures our customers that our processes are among the industry's best. Not only do we follow industry best practices, we set them. If you are looking to outsource your industrial cleaning or need to upgrade your current industrial cleaning, please contact us to speak with a member of our team to get your questions answered and see if we might be able to help you and your facility shine.


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