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What You DON’T Know About Janitorial Pricing Could Hurt You

Posted by Chris Stathakis on Mon, Jan 15, 2018 @ 08:44 PM

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What We Hear From Facility Managers Just Like You

We talk to Facility Managers day in and day out, it is after all, part of our job. The thing we hear over and over again is how Facility Managers are working with tighter janitorial budgets and overall belt tightening and as such, need to hold costs steady or even reduce them. This, of course, is not the ideal but we understand that it is sometimes simply an unavoidable part of doing business. So Facility Managers have to be careful how and where the allot their dollars and yet, no Facility Manager wants to meet budgets at the expense of having a well maintained building. Angry phone calls and an email box filled with complaints is not a scenario any Facility Manager wants to entertain. SO what are you to do if you are in the position of trying to manage both getting your facility properly cleaned AND keeping costs down? If you are working with a reduced or suboptimal janitorial budget WHO cleans your facility is even more important. The best janitorial companies have responded to the economic uncertainty of budget cuts, increased minimum wage and increased employee healthcare requirements with creative solutions and high tech cost cutting measures from machines that do the work faster, better and cheaper to methods like team cleaning which offer more efficient and effective service. The best cleaning services do not always have to cost more. In fact, the best janitorial services can help you maximize your budget, deliver a level of services that lightens your load and keeps your facility clean and well maintained avoiding complaints from employees and tenants.

Finding a Janitorial Services Company That is Ready, Willing & Able

Reduced budgets require an A team, not the B, C or D team. While there are a great many janitorial and cleaning companies, there are only a few that are really poised to do more with less and clean and care for your facility well. The janitorial marketplace is a crowded one and while competition is good for you the customer, often there are so many companies that finding the right one for YOUR facility can be a challenge. And so often, we talk to Facility Managers that think just because they are working with less than ideal budgets, they have to settle for crummy service. Sure with reduced budgets you might not get everything you want but the right janitorial company will make sure you get everything you need. When looking for your next janitorial services company, we suggest you get an idea of the size and types of businesses and industries they already serve in order to avoid those janitorial companies that are simply not going to deliver services up to the standard of work you require.


Transparent Pricing Is Key

The only thing worse than getting less than what you need from your janitorial services is paying too much for it. One way to insulate yourself from unnecessary costs and still get the service you need is to get clear,transparent pricing up front. Not only will this help you find the best value, it creates a map for you and your cleaning company to measure whether they are meeting expectations or not. Cloudy pricing and fuzzy math is a bad sign that a janitorial company either doesn’t know how to price their services or is purposefully keeping pricing vague so they can charge you more down the road. A prospective janitorial cleaning service must take the time to acquaint themselves your facility and requirements up front, from the cleaning spec, site visit, they must understand and have a solid sense of your requirements and be prepared to meet them. If they cannot exhibit good planning and process BEFORE they get your business, what is the chance service and quality will get better AFTER they already have a contract? Whatever the reason for the ‘fuzzy math,’ it will end up making a mess of your carefully planned budget.


Cheap Cleaning Bids Are a Giant Red Flag

While they can certainly be enticing, very, very low cleaning bids are a giant red flag. Listen, there are unavoidable hard costs when it comes to maintaining large commercial buildings. Think about it, how exactly can a janitorial company do the same work for so much less. Anyone who says they can do it for far less than other bids coming in is either going to do much less than you need or charge you more through hidden pricing and pricing games. Too good to be true pricing can be a sign that your prospective janitorial services company is using illegal hiring. Extremely low janitorial prices can signal an inexperienced company that wants to use your facility as a training ground. A very low janitorial bid can be tempting because when you are trying to puzzle together the pieces of your budget it seems to solve the problem. But overly low pricing will create far more problems than it will solve and it’s almost guaranteed to cost you significantly more long term.


Too Good To Be True Pricing Points to Illegal Hiring Practices

Janitorial pricing that is well below the majority of the other bids is a possible indication that the building services company is participating in illegal hiring practices. They might be using illegal hiring to trim costs. Two illegal hiring issues are problematic in the janitorial industry, both of which are bad news for you. First, some cleaning companies hire undocumented workers. An undocumented worker is a person working off the payroll or someone that has not supplied the necessary identification to verify their legal status or authorization to work. Second, some janitorial companies illegally classified workers as independent contractors rather than employees. Dishonest janitorial companies illegally classify workers to avoid the legal requirements a company has when having employees like payroll, taxes, benefits and all of the other things businesses must provide for legal employees. These companies willing to put themselves at risk are certainly willing to put you and your business at risk, it’s just not worth the liability.


Sure Price Is Important But Value Is KEY

As a Facility Manager, it is likely your job to find the best prospective janitorial services and stay on budget. Low prices can be enticing but remember, as important as prices are, value is KEY. Price is what you pay, value is what you get. A janitorial services company that does a shoddy job with cleaning and maintenance isn’t a good value at any price right? And making things even more complicated is the fact that a higher price point doesn’t necessarily translate into better value. Basically, what you need is an acceptable level of facility maintenance at a price that comes closest to your targets. You have service and you have price and where they intersect is where you find the greatest value. So how do you recognize those commercial cleaning companies that really understand value? There are some signs that point to a janitorial service company that truly understands service and value.


The Best Janitorial Companies Know How To Make the Most of the Budget You Have

It takes a certain kind of janitorial company to do more with less. Although it might seem counterintuitive, if you are dealing with reduced janitorial budgets you need a better, more experienced and resourced company to clean your facility. Some Facility Managers are under the impression that the better companies MUST cost more but in fact, the very fact that they are experienced and resourced can dramatically cut overall costs. For instance, the best janitorial professionals have a clear understanding of where you CAN and where you CAN’T reduce services that can only come with experience. If a janitorial services company is experienced, you aren’t going to be their first customer who was working with a less than optimal budget. And experienced, knowledgeable commercial cleaning companies understand Smart Cleaning, Team Cleaning and have invested resources into using equipment, supplies and processes that all save money and time. Smart Cleaning means a janitorial company will strategically focus on the areas of your facility that see the most traffic and require more attention while maintaining less used spaces less often or as needed. Team cleaning is when duties throughout a building are assigned to specialists thereby reducing the need for extra equipment as well as creating specialties and efficiencies that save labor hours, the single biggest component of janitorial cost. They make themselves more efficient so that they can be cost competitive while still providing a quality baseline of services. Those janitorial companies that are better equipped and employ the most efficient cleaning processes are much more likely to be capable of delivering effective janitorial services at a lower cost while still making a profit themselves, a necessity in any business.

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What Is Team Cleaning & Why Does It Work?

Posted by Brian Mamo on Mon, Jan 08, 2018 @ 03:55 PM

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When It Comes to Janitorial Service, Multitasking Isn’t Necessarily Good

While often as a society we extol the virtues of multitasking and ‘wearing many hats,’ there is a great deal of data that doesn’t confirm that. In fact, studies show us that specialization is often more effective and productivity increases with task focus. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that the old way of cleaning a large building, with one person working within a specific area or zone and performing all functions of cleaning is falling out of favor.

It is easy to imagine that with varied responsibilities, it’s simply more likely that a cleaner will miss duties and tasks. With zone cleaning, each cleaner needs their own equipment, which causes costly duplication, storage and maintenance/replacement issues. Zone cleaning simply takes more time and is significantly less efficient because cleaners are task switching and even multitasking, which is slower and requires more labor hours. A single individual handling all cleaning duties in a specific zone often results in a higher margin of error, specialized equipment requirements for every zone, and training that is more involved, costly and challenging to manage. So what is the alternative?


Team Cleaning Outperforms Zone Cleaning Hands Down

Having a single cleaner or custodian in a facility is often the answer but in some facilities, especially larger buildings, team cleaning can have significant and substantial advantages over the oft used zone cleaning. What kind of perks can you get from Team Cleaning?

  • Faster, simplified training results in a cleaning employee fully equipped to do THEIR job well.
  • A team of both specialists and generalists giving you both precision and flexibility.
  • Getting consistently high results much easier and more likely.
  • A higher quality of cleaning performed in less time saving you labor hours and cost.
  • Streamlined training, ease of supervision, and absentee/team member replacement equals consistency for you.
  • Lower onboarding cost of cleaners passed on to you the customer.
  • Can be customized to the needs of YOUR  facility.
  • More cooperative attitude among workers as everyone fully understands their duties.
  • Fewer equipment costs/servicing resulting in lower costs for you the customer.
  • Efficient use of required labor hour means reduced overall costs.
  • Better bottom line for both janitorial companies and their customers.
  • Directives and outcomes like Cleaning for Health & Smart Cleaning are more likely.
  • The more simple the system, the greater chance of sticking with it.


Team Cleaning Can Be the Simple Answer to the Problem of Cost

If you are a Facility Manager facing belt tightening and budget cuts, Team Cleaning can help you reduce janitorial costs without sending your facility maintenance into a tail spin. With Team Cleaning, individual cleaners learn and perfect tasks, performing them throughout your facility. For instance, a light duties specialist might dust and clean all surfaces, clean windows and doors, empty trash and stack trash for pickup by another team member to collect. A team could also include a vacuum specialist, utilities specialist, restroom specialist and more. With task specialists, not only do you limit the risk of cross contamination, the team members are specialized to clean the right way, every time. And quality control is simplified because the guidelines of who does what and who is responsible for what are completely clear. Think about it, one or two people vacuuming your facility can get that task done far more efficiently than eight people juggling a laundry list of duties. Even better, Team Cleaning can be completely customized to the individual needs of your facility.


Labor Hours & Rising Janitorial Costs

The single highest cost in a janitorial services company is labor. While that has always been the case, major upticks in minimum wage, including here in the state of Michigan, as well as changes to health care requirements, have sent commercial cleaning costs soaring. After labor hours, the second highest cost to a cleaning company is that of their equipment. When commercial cleaning companies can drive these costs down, they can then pass along some cost savings to you, their customer. Team cleaning goes a long way in managing labor and equipment costs without compromising the overall quality and effectiveness of your cleaning and maintenance plan.


Is It Time For A Change?

Are you satisfied with the quality of service and value your current janitorial services company is providing you? Is it perhaps time to find a new cleaning service that focuses on best practices, efficiencies and cost saving measures without sacrificing service? Do you need to cut costs but don’t want that to result in a bevy of complaints about the state of your building’s maintenance? Here at Stathakis, we deliver consistent, responsive, effective service and real value for businesses all over southeastern Michigan. With over thirty years in business, we have developed a standard of service delivery that works, just ask our customers. We work hard to create lasting partnerships and offer the businesses of southeastern Michigan the quality, cost-effective janitorial services they deserve. If you are a Facility Manager in Ann Arbor, Detroit, Royal Oak, Farmington Hills, Farmington, Dearborn, Livonia, Troy, Auburn Hills, Novi, Plymouth, Downriver or surrounding areas and you are looking for commercial cleaning services, office cleaning, school cleaning, industrial cleaning, medical cleaning or a janitorial company, please contact us to learn more about how we can help make your job at least a little easier and make your facility shine.

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Carpet Lasts Longer, Look Better With Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Posted by Dennis Stathakis on Wed, Dec 13, 2017 @ 01:11 PM


Comparing Price & Value With Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Where commercial carpet cleaning is concerned, price and value are two very different things. Of course, most of the Facility Managers we know are always looking for ways to cut costs without throwing their overall building maintenance into a tailspin. And certainly, carpet cleaning can be a not so insignificant expense. But the cost of cleaning your existing carpet is just pennies compared to the cost of replacing carpets early. So when you have made the decision to extend the life of this costly asset by having it cleaned, you need to determine which commercial office carpet cleaning company will deliver the best value. Price is what you pay, value is what you get. A poor cleaning that leaves your carpets dirty, or worse damages them, isn’t a good deal at any price. In order to secure real value, you must get effective, professional carpet cleaning at the best possible price.


Just Because Carpet Doesn’t Look Dirty Doesn’t Mean It’s Clean

Your carpet might look visibly dirty with stains or wear patterns but if it doesn’t look dirty, that doesn’t mean it is clean. Dirt, grit and worse make their way into your carpet carried in on the feet of the people coming in and out of your facility. Over time, this dirt, grit and grime work their way into carpets where they can be abrasive, cutting and tearing at carpet fibers. Left to accumulate on carpets, this grit and dirt can do significant damage to the overall appearance and life span of your commercial carpets. Similarly, this dust and particulate material can exacerbate indoor allergies and reduce overall indoor air quality. When you put off necessary Detroit carpet cleaning, you run the risk that you are damaging carpets requiring expensive replacement years earlier than would otherwise be necessary.


With Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services, Not All Equipment Is Equal

When it comes to commercial carpet cleaning, not all cleaning methods and carpet cleaning equipment are created equal. For instance, bonnet cleaning has fallen out of favor among professional carpet cleaning companies. Why you might ask? Because bonnet carpet cleaning utilizes a rotary machine that was created for hard flooring and adapted to carpet cleaning, over time, carpet cleaners became aware that bonnet cleaning while easy and cheap, was unnecessarily hard on carpets. In fact, Bonnet carpet cleaning can potentially void your carpet’s warranty as manufacturers know it is simply too hard on carpets. Commercial carpet cleaning has undergone tremendous modernization in the last decade becoming better, greener and more efficient. Abrasive, often damaging carpet cleaning methods like bonnet cleaning are out and safe and effective deep cleaning methods like truck mounted hot water extraction are in. Even for interim maintenance, low moisture (dry) carpet cleaning, like the Whittaker carpet cleaning method have proven to be effective and safe.


Get Cleaner Carpets That Smell & Look Better & Last Longer

Dirty carpet doesn’t just wear faster and look bad, it smells bad too. That dirty, dusty, musty smell can lead to an overall impression of poor cleaning and facility maintenance. It can also negatively impact your facility’s air quality. Regularly cleaned carpet looks better and smells better thereby giving visitors and occupants alike a better impression of your facility. Periodic carpet cleaning cleans and brightens carpet and significantly improves carpet appearance. Carpet lends an overall high end look and feel to your facility however, if it isn’t well cared for, it looks even worse than dirty hard floors. Most commercial carpets are made for the wear, tear and soils that come with busy, high traffic building, Facility Mangers always seem so surprised by how one cleaning can bring them right back to looking clean and like new.


Assure a Healthy Workplace & a Healthy Bottom Line With Green Carpet Cleaning

Not only is green carpet cleaning easier on the environment, it can be easier on your bottom line too. Green carpet cleaning technologies can help you earn LEEDs points. And not only are many of these technologies better for the planet, they are more effective and less wearing on carpets helping you get extra years from this costly asset. Currently, Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning is the single recognized and accepted LEEDS method of carpet cleaning. In order to meet the Carpet and Rug Institutes Seal of Approval, vacuums must operate below 70 decibels. Carpet cleaning equipment must meet the Carpet and Rug Institutes Seal of Approval certification and fulfill low moisture and green product requirements. Even if LEED points aren’t a part of your plan, green carpet cleaning still carries a host of benefits from cost to air quality and more.


Partner With Experienced, Effective Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Partner with the right Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services and you can secure both effective service and reduced overall costs. Periodic carpet cleaning and maintenance nets you a better looking/smelling building as well as more years from this expensive building asset. At Stathakis, we offer South Eastern Michigan businesses individualized commercial carpet cleaning services. We use advanced carpet cleaning methods to save you time and money while getting your carpets cleaner than they have ever been. Here at Stathakis, we offer truck mounted hot water extraction carpet cleaning, portable machine carpet cleaning, low moisture carpet cleaning, Detroit carpet cleaning, and dry carpet cleaning all designed to get you a deep clean, improve your carpet’s appearance, extend the life span of your carpet and improve the indoor air quality in your facility. Whether you are interested in on-demand carpet cleaning or even a subscription based carpet cleaning program, we are ready to help. For more information on how you can keep your floors cleaner than they have ever been, please contact us at #800-278-1884.


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The Secret to Finding the Best Janitorial Services

Posted by Brian Mamo on Thu, Dec 07, 2017 @ 03:12 PM

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While finding the best janitorial services isn’t easy, it is possible. We have a twenty-point plan for finding janitorial services in Michigan and really, anywhere. Do twenty points sound like too many? Certainly there are many factors to consider when choosing a professional janitorial service for your facility. But do the work of asking questions and verifying information upfront and you will be far more likely to find commercial janitorial services that deliver the effective services you and your facility require. Janitorial companies come in all shapes and sizes and only a select few are really equipped to handle larger facilities with the degree of professionalism and responsiveness required. Whether you are looking for the best janitorial services Detroit or trying to determine which office janitorial services are right for your facility, these twenty points are the make or break elements of the best janitorial companies. So what is the secret to finding the best janitorial services? Below we examine the twenty points that can help you as a Facility Manager wade through the crowded janitorial marketplace to find the janitorial company that will be a true partner in maintaining your facility to the highest of standards.


1- Transparent Janitorial Pricing & Clear, Easy To Understand Cleaning Bids

There is no good reason for janitorial prices to be fuzzy or unclear. Sometimes confusing pricing is a failure of a cleaning company to understand how to accurately price their services and other times, it is a blatant attempt to play pricing games intended to charge you more down the line. Either way, commercial cleaning companies that can’t provide clear pricing and janitorial bids should be out of the running for your facility’s maintenance.


2 - Good People & Legal Hiring

People are paramount to this service business and if a prospective janitorial company isn’t serious about their people, it will show in their service delivery, security and more. Does your prospective janitorial company avoid any illegal subcontracting and undocumented workers? Do they go above and beyond to attract, hire and retain people who are a good fit for the work?


3 - Solid security & record of compliance

The best janitorial companies will take no shortcuts with security and compliance. The people that come in and out of your building day and night must be worthy of your trust. Trust can’t be just a feeling, it must be grounded in real data and information. Much like you would not trust the care of your children to just anyone, you shouldn’t trust your facility to an individual or janitorial company without a proven, demonstrable record of careful employee screening, including thorough background checks and drug testing.


4 - Training Must Be Thorough, Consistent And Individualized

Finding the best janitorial company requires you search for those companies that offer quality, comprehensive staff training. Of course you need to hit other critical points that assure effective facility maintenance but no janitorial company without sufficient staff training will consistently deliver. Does your prospective janitorial company offer solid training, safety training, general training and training specific to your industry and facility? Are the people they send into your facility trained and equipped to do their very best?


5 - A Firm Commitment To Health And Safety

Health and safety are vital components of quality building maintenance. When it comes to your employees or tenants, visitors at your facility and their own employees, a commercial cleaning company must consider health and safety at every part of the process. From requiring drug screening and criminal background checks of their own employees to using cleaning chemicals that meet the highest safety standards, to minding air quality and the spread of communicable illnesses, health and safety must consistently be top of mind.


6 - Solid Understanding Of The Science Of Clean And Cleaning For Health

Your facility is a busy place, and with people in and out, the risk of transmitting common illnesses like flus and colds goes way up. Understanding how disease causing germs spread so quick in high traffic buildings and how to reduce their transmission is an important responsibility of a professional janitorial company. Any prospective janitorial service must have a firm grasp of the Science of Clean and Cleaning For Health. Experienced, knowledgeable janitorial services understand how to use their knowledge of the spread of bacteria and other germs, hot spots, cross contamination and more to keep your building truly clean and its occupants safe and healthy. 


7 - Innovative Solutions For Reduced Budgets Like Smart Cleaning & Team Cleaning

Any prospective janitorial company must understand and apply innovative solutions to reduce costs and help you stay on budget. Smart Cleaning, for instance, is about identifying the essential services in your building, demarcating those that are important but perhaps not essential and determining which services you can intermittently go without, where you can cut, where you cannot and how to find efficiencies without it being obvious that services are being reduced. The reality is that it takes a highly professional, agile company to help reduce costs without throwing your building maintenance into a tailspin. Similarly, Team Cleaning can help reduce costs without crushing quality. With team cleaning, each cleaner is responsible for a very specific set of duties so both task mastery and accountability are increased skyrocketing efficiency. This efficiency results in reductions in the need for added labor and equipment.


8 - Insurance & Management Of Liabilities/Risk

The best janitorial companies not only protect themselves, they assure you are protected. Your prospective janitorial services company should have four different types of coverage to mitigate risk and manage liabilities. The four categories of coverage include general liability, workers’ compensation, automobile liability and an umbrella policy. You should verify coverage in order to give you peace of mind that you and your janitorial company is adequately protected.


9 - Lower Than Average Janitorial Turnover

In the janitorial industry employee turnover averages around 200%. This level of turnover is typical but it certainly doesn’t have to be. Yes turnover is commonly higher in the service industries and especially higher in lower waged, less skilled labor. Still, janitorial turnover can skew high in large part because of a lack of best practices from janitorial companies themselves. Quite often it comes down to a lack of things like: competitive wages, benefits, quality training that raises performance and engagement, and a lack of responsive management that helps good people do their best. High janitorial turnover might seem like your janitorial company’s problem but it is your problem too. That’s because high janitorial turnover means a revolving door of new people in your facility which in turn leads to security issues as well as a reduction in the overall value of the services you are getting.


10 - Individualized Services

With janitorial services, there can be no one-size-fits-all solutions. Every facility is different from the layout, to the traffic and use patterns and expectations. Every Facility Manager wants to save money and the best way to get the most for your budget is by not paying for services you don’t actually need. The best janitorial companies will customize a plan or maintenance schedule with the individual needs of your facility in mind. Beware the companies that offer you cleaning quotes based upon square footage alone. The most professional companies need much more specific information and want to understand how you use your space, what is most important and such in order to provide both an accurate cleaning quote and the services you really need.


11- Responsiveness

Even if you have the best janitorial services, mistakes and miscommunications are bound to happen. What separates the best from the worst is how these issues are handled. When there is an issue, what does your janitorial service do? Ask them, they should have a formal plan to handle complaints, forgotten items and more. If they don’t, it is a clear indication that they are unprepared for the normal service issues and hiccups and are unlikely to offer you and your facility the responsive, individualized service you deserve.


12 - Communication

Do you have a point person? Do you know exactly who to contact when there is an issue or you need something more? Does your janitorial company get back to you in timely manner? Do you regularly hear from them to keep you posted on janitorial inspections or to check in on how satisfied you are with their services? Good communication is a critical part of the plan for high-level service delivery. Does your current commercial cleaning company communicate regularly with you?


13 - Systems & Processes To Assure Reliability Through Accountability

The best janitorial companies deliver effective services because they have a solid plan and processes in place to assure reliability through accountability. The best janitorial services have systems and processes for every important part of their operations from hiring and screening to janitorial inspections to janitorial pricing and more because they know it offers the best chance of meeting and exceeding customer expectations.


14 - Professionalism

Professionalism is of the utmost importance, in fact without it, everything else is called into question. Sure professionalism can include front line employees wearing uniforms to help create an image and make them a visible part of facility maintenance, but professionalism should extend to every aspect of a business. But how do you as a Facility Manager determine whether or not a janitorial company is operating with the professional standards needed to deliver real results? Again, look at everything they do. Do they offer transparent pricing? Are their teams well trained and properly equipped?


15 - Use Of Technology To Increase Effectiveness, Reduce Costs & Modernize Services

Technology is rapidly advancing in most industries and the janitorial industry is no exception. From people processes to floor cleaning equipment to janitorial inspections and more, it seems more and more of our business is becoming automated or at the very least, directed by the technologies we have come to depend upon. While not every innovation is ultimately useful or cost effective, emerging technologies are helping enhance the professionalism of our industry as well as manage costs and quality for our customers. Technology is driving efficiency, cost savings, even safety and enhanced compliance.


16 - A Menu of Valuable Services

Many of the best janitorial companies offer a large menu of Building services under one umbrella. These can include cleaning related tasks like window washing and professional carpet cleaning or even more maintenance related tasks like HVAC, plumbing, painting and electrical. If a janitorial company can provide you with an added menu of services rather than you have to call, negotiate and contract for them separately, this can save you significant time and money.


17 - A Proven Track Record Of Adherence To Industry Best Practices

Best practices are those methods and techniques that have been proven superior to others. They are better than what was done before and thus, set a benchmark. Best practices are a feature of accredited management standards such as ISO 9000, ISO 14001, and CIMS because these certifications understand that these best practices lead to best results. Janitorial services best practices encompass a number of practices that run the gamut from things done in your facility to management practices that help the best janitorial companies operate more consistently and deliver more effective, reliable service to their customers.


18 - Green Cleaning Programs & A Commitment To Sustainability

The best janitorial companies offer green cleaning solutions in order to insure your facility can minimize employee and tenant exposure to harsh chemicals and reduce their environmental footprint while still getting the deep clean your facilities require. And while green cleaning can encompass chemicals and products, it should go much further. From safeguarding air quality to operating with practices that reduce waste like dumping paper trash without replacing plastic liners every time, a commitment to sustainability is an integral part of how the best janitorial companies do business.


19 - Value

When it comes to the best janitorial service, there is a huge difference between cost and value. Cost is what you pay while value is what you get. While everyone has a number they need to be at, the wrong services for your facility aren’t really a bargain at any price. Value is where you get the services you need for your facility at the best possible price. The best janitorial companies deliver real value.


20 - CIMS Certification

The above nineteen factors in great janitorial service can be overwhelming. This last one is where things get easier. CIMS certification can help you consider all of these other factors without having to spend hours asking questions and verifying information with a sea of applicants, only a few of which are capable of really maintaining your facility. Professional certifications like the ISSA’s CIMS certification can be a valuable tool and shortcut to make the process of finding the best janitorial company infinitely easier. Industry certifications like the CIMS-GB Certification, or Cleaning Industry Management Standard give janitorial companies the opportunity to demonstrate that they are among the best in their industry. It can be prudent to begin your search for the best janitorial company start by looking at companies that are CIMS certified and then qualify from there to find your best value and best fit for your facility.

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Tame That To Do List With Commercial Handyman Services

Posted by Dale Saylor on Fri, Dec 01, 2017 @ 01:55 PM

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Do You Need To Tame Your Commercial Building Maintenance To Do List?

Caring for your facility is no easy task. You might feel like a lion tamer sometimes trying to tame the growing to do list that can overwhelm even the most competent, professional Facility Manager. Are building maintenance issues piling up faster than you can tame them? Have you reached a point where you realize what you are currently doing just isn’t working or is taking up far more time than you have? Maybe a small spark of an issue has been left unattended to become a fire to put out. Perhaps what is keeping you from addressing maintenance issues and even preventative maintenance is the likely cost of getting everything on track. So often, maintenance issues like electrical, HVAC, plumbing, patching, touch ups and painting and more can grow to the point where you are not even sure where to begin. When you put off needed maintenance, you know the problem is likely to grow into a more complicated, expensive and pressing issue but really, there are only so many hours in the day and dollars in the budget right? When your to do list of building maintenance threatens to go feral on you, enlisting the help of a commercial handyman service can help you save time, save money and tame that to do list that threatens to overwhelm you and compromise your building’s maintenance and overall appearance and functioning.


Commercial Handyman Services Can Help Tame A To Do List & Save Money

Not only can commercial handyman services save your time AND your sanity, outsourcing building maintenance can save you money. Likewise, the right commercial handyman services can offer a level of maintenance that goes above and beyond anything you will get from individual contractors working on piecemeal projects. That’s because with the right commercial handyman services, you develop a relationship that benefits both of you. What can you expect when you contract with a professional handyman service for your building maintenance?

  • Reduced, consistent facility maintenance costs
  • Increased value and lifespan of your building’s assets
  • Less hassle of finding, scheduling and managing critical building services
  • Easier coordination of services
  • Adequate preventative maintenance
  • Increased facility efficiency
  • Fewer headaches, fires to put out and wasted time for you the Facility Manager
  • You can shift your focus to other essential elements of your job
  • Increase tenant, employee and customer satisfaction and retention

Why struggle to put out fires and tame a wild to do list when you could have commercial handyman services that make your life easier AND save you money in the long run? 


Who Needs Commercial Handyman Services?

In our opinion, nearly all Facility Managers and facilities could benefit from a more directed maintenance plan. Similarly, they could benefit from a commercial handyman company experienced in delivering the best, most cost effective maintenance services. Some Facility Managers consider their own in house facility maintenance but really, unless you have huge operations that requires constant services, the likelihood is you will be paying for a team of employees that will have significant downtime and you will STILL have to call a separate contractor for more specialized services. And if you call a contractor as maintenance issues arise, you are not likely to receive the kind of service and responsiveness you would get from a dedicated commercial handyman services company. Outsourcing maintenance to a commercial handyman service can both offer you the quick response and specialized services you need minimizing waste and unnecessary added costs. In fact, your commercial cleaning company or janitorial services company may offer added maintenance services and commercial handyman services making it eaven easier to get the building maintenance you need.


What Can Commercial Handyman Services Offer You?

Who wouldn’t want their own team of pros at the ready? Whether you are looking to schedule preventative maintenance, tame your to do list of unresolved tasks or deal with an emergency, having the right commercial handyman service at the ready is immeasurably helpful. No need to phone a new contractor every time you have an issue or wait for return phone calls or work around someone else’s schedule in order to arrange maintenance. If you establish a direct relationship with a commercial handyman service, not only will you save time and money on maintenance, you can also work with them to schedule it around the needs of your facility. How can the right professional commercial handyman service help you tame your facility’s maintenance to do list? What areas of service do many commercial handyman services offer?

  • Electrical repair
  • Office Furniture Moving & Assembly
  • Wall Mounting
  • Ceiling Tile Repair/Replacement
  • HVAC preventative maintenance & repairs
  • Plumbing Repairs
  • Carpentry Repairs
  • Wall repair
  • Light bulb changes/Light fixture installations
  • Comprehensive building inspection
  • Caulking & Glazing
  • Life/Safety Audits 
  • Furniture assembly
  • Lock and Door Repairs
  • Flooring restoration
  • Painting & touch-ups
  • Exterior power washing
  • Carpet/Tile Repairs, Restoration & Replacement
  • 24/7 Emergency Repairs
  • Water Clean Up
  • Ballast Replacement
  • Door/Hinge/Hardware Repair
  • Remodels/Alterations
  • Construction Clean up
  • Group Relamping
  • Roof Inspections
  • Painting/Wallpapering
  • Trip Hazard Repair


Don’t Put It Off, Get the Commercial Handyman Services You Need

Don’t put off needed maintenance or wait for an emergency when you can get effective, affordable service and peace of mind now. Eliminate the hassle of hiring, scheduling and managing individual contractors with commercial handyman services. There are several different variations of commercial handyman services to suit the needs of your facility.

On Site Commercial Handyman Services

Quite often, for larger buildings where there is a need to have immediate oversight of mechanical systems, electrical service and plumbing, having a full-time Building Maintenance Technician or team of technicians dedicated to your facility is the right path. A dedicated staff that is aware of the specific needs of your facility and can keep your facility on track. With on site Commercial handyman services, scheduled and routine preventative maintenance are easily folded in to day-to-day duties.

Multi Facility Commercial Handyman Services

Sometimes, Multi Facility Commercial Handyman Services are the best choice. If you require facilities maintenance services across multiple buildings, this can be the right solution. The right company can provide a consistent, managed service to more than one location. With Multi Facility Commercial Handyman Services, services are customized to your facility’s specific needs and requirements.

On Demand Commercial Handyman Services

Do you want your own team of Building Maintenance Technicians but perhaps don’t require them 24/7? On demand facility maintenance can be a great way to get the help you need, when you need it. On-Demand services can be planned in advance or on a recurring basis so you get all of the benefits of your own Building Maintenance Team but on an as-needed basis.

At Stathakis, we have served the businesses of Southeastern Michigan for over thirty years. We are proud members of the BSCAI (Building Services Contractor Association International) and are CIMS certified. The Cleaning Industry Management Standard assures our customers that whether its our Commercial cleaning, janitorial services, day porter service, commercial facility maintenance or handyman services, we will deliver effective, affordable solutions. If you are looking for a Commercial cleaning company in Michigan that can deliver a multitude of solutions for your facility or facilities, from Commercial handyman services company to Day Porter services to industrial cleaning, medical cleaning and Janitorial, please get in touch. We provide commercial cleaning and commercial handyman services to Genesee County, Livingston County, Washtenaw County, Monroe County, Wayne County, Macomb County, St. Clair County. We offer effective, professional facility services to the cities of Detroit, Ann Arbor, Farmington Hills, Dearborn, Farmington, Livonia, Plymouth, Downriver, Royal Oak, Southfield, Troy, Auburn Hills, Novi and more. For more information on our services and how we can help you, please contact us at 1-800-278-1884.


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Are Your Industrial Janitorial Services Rotten?

Posted by Brian Mamo on Mon, Nov 20, 2017 @ 02:18 PM

rotten apple.jpg 

When you manage an industrial facility, whether it is a manufacturing plant, distribution center, warehouse or other similar facility, you know keeping it clean and well maintained is critical to its smooth, efficient operation. What separates industrial cleaning from general commercial cleaning or office cleaning is the heightened safety and compliance issues. Industrial facilities are governed by significantly more complex safety and compliance requirements and any commercial cleaning company operating in your facility must be aware of, and compliant with these important extras. Does your janitorial company understand the unique requirements of your industrial facility? Is your industrial cleaning sweet and to your liking or has your cleaning and maintenance become rotten?


Are Your Industrial Cleaning Services Stuck In A Rut?

Okay so maybe your commercial industrial cleaning isn’t rotten to the core, maybe they are just stuck in a rut. Maybe they started strong and then apathy set in until service had slipped below an acceptable level of care. Maybe your Detroit industrial cleaning was solid at first but your business changed and expanded in ways that your industrial cleaning company couldn't seem to keep up with. Or perhaps your industrial cleaning services were never really good but by the time you realized you had contracted with a subpar commercial cleaning company, there just want enough time and energy to shift gears. Substandard industrial cleaning, underserved facilities, antiquated services and indifferent service are permitted to continue in part because it can be challenging to predict if the next industrial janitorial service you contract with is going to be any better. There is probably a host of reasons your industrial janitorial services are not where you need them to be but there is a remedy. There are janitorial services companies that understand the unique requirements of industrial cleaning and have the will and the know how to provide you and your industrial facility with professional, effective janitorial services that deliver real value.  


Have You Outgrown Your Industrial Janitorial Services?

Managing an industrial facilities company can be challenging, not only are their complex compliance and safety requirements, often industrial facilities operate in multiple shifts leaving little downtime for cleaning while the building is mostly empty. Still, keeping your facility clean and running efficiently is important. Maybe you had or have an industrial cleaning service that met your needs in the past but just hasn’t caught up to where you are now. Some commercial cleaning companies simply do not have both the structure and flexibility to meet the needs of large, busy industrial facilities. We hear often from Facility Managers overseeing large industrial operations that finding a janitorial service that can adeptly handle the level and amount of work in an industrial facility is a real challenge. In an effort to grow and maximize costly space, industrial facilities have become denser and busier. More people, more processes and more shifts can dramatically change what you need from your commercial industrial cleaning. If you industrial janitorial company is operating off of dated occupancy numbers or even past square footage that has since changed, you are probably not getting the labor hours your facility requires for optimal maintenance. An experienced, professional industrial cleaning company can work with you to develop a cleaning spec that makes sense through a thoughtful analysis and walk thru of your facility. Of course, there is so often concern among Facility Managers that while they NEED more than they are getting, they aren’t sure they can AFFORD what it might cost them. Understand this, highly professional industrial cleaning companies know how to implement cost saving measures and use scale and efficiency to their advantage. Quite often better industrial janitorial services will cost you little more than you are paying now for services that are essentially rotten.


Is Your Industrial Cleaning Company Future Minded?

Janitorial services, like most businesses, have changed rapidly with the fast pace of today’s technology. Innovation has touched everything we do from apps that track janitorial inspections, to Boost floor cleaners that clean better AND reduce costly janitorial labor hours, to vacuum backpacks that are light and ergonomic for the wearer as well as quieter and better for air quality benefiting everyone. Technology has reduced the risk of cross contamination through practices like color coded cleaning cloths and innovation has helped us create new ways of doing things that creates cost saving efficiencies AND more effective services like Team Cleaning. The list of innovations goes on and on and if your Detroit industrial janitorial company isn’t putting technology to use in their business, you and your facility are missing out. Perhaps you worry that you simply cannot afford a high tech Dearborn industrial cleaning company. The reality is that modernization and high tech innovations SAVE time and money. Sure there is a cost to implement and onboard them but ultimately they make serving cost conscious customers easier and more efficient. You CAN afford a Livonia industrial cleaning company that offers cutting edge services. Not simply a cost, a great number of the high tech advances in the janitorial industry and even the administration of the business are saving Novi industrial cleaning companiesmoney and allowing them to deliver enhanced value to you the customer.


Don’t Accept Confusing Industrial Cleaning Pricing

If your industrial janitorial services is offering you confusing, cloudy pricing, they might just be rotten. With janitorial pricing, a lack of clarity and precision can point to either inexperience or a willful attempt to leave the door open for upcharges and add ons down the line. No industrial cleaning company should play pricing games. It is difficult to come up with accurate pricing. It takes really getting to know your facility, how it works and what it needs. But that is the responsibility of your janitorial contractor. It is imperative they give you clear, transparent pricing. First, because you must be allowed the opportunity to compare industrial cleaning quotes in an ‘apples to apples’ way. Second, a clear industrial cleaning quote can help you hold your Detroit industrial cleaning company accountable to the work they promised. A good quote can serve as a map to track progress and success helping you and your industrial cleaning company create successful, mutually beneficial partnership.


Is Your Commercial Industrial Cleaning Customized To YOUR Facility?

When it comes to industrial cleaning, there are huge companies, one man operations and everything in between. There are highly professionalized companies serious about results and janitorial companies where it would seem everyone is kind of winging it most days. A big component of finding quality, professional industrial cleaning services is choosing a company that is the right size and fit for your facility. The likelihood is that if you are running an industrial facility, you need a larger, more formally structured, professional commercial cleaning company. Not only do you need a company that can understand your compliance and safety requirements, you want a company that can grow with you and even meet other maintenance needs that may arise in your building.


Don’t Settle For Rotten Industrial Janitorial Services

Maybe the apple is rotten so to speak, maybe it just isn’t a good fit, no matter what your reasons are, you and your facility deserve quality industrial cleaning services. Of course, finding the right Detroit industrial janitorial company isn’t necessarily as easy as it might sound. It can take a great deal of time and resources to sort through the crowded janitorial marketplace in order to find the right industrial janitorial company for your facility. But know that that time spent is worth it. Effective industrial janitorial services can simplify and improve the operation of your industrial facility in ways you cannot even imagine. If you need some help sorting through the janitorial contractors out there, we’d like to suggest you use the ISSA’s CIMS certification as an easy, free tool to make choosing an industrial janitorial company easier. CIMS is a professional certification process offered through the ISSA or International Sanitary Supply Association, the professional organization for building services companies. The CIMS certification is challenging, rigorous and centers on all the points and more that define a professional industrial cleaning comapny most likely to succeed in your facility. CIMS can be used to create your short list of industrial janitorial companies. This way, you’ll be starting with those companies that are already known to adhere to the industry best practices, that already understand compliance and safety are paramount. This shortlisting will also help you avoid the time suck that happens when your time is wasted reviewing proposals and conducting walk throughs with those companies just not set up to provide the quality, safety and value you deserve.

Here at Stathakis, industrial, factory and manufacturing continue to be at the heart of the Michigan economy. These businesses and industries are critical to our communities because they continue to impact the prosperity of all of us. Stathakis is a Michigan-based local business that has grown to be able to handle even the largest accounts, and yet, we have never lost what makes us fundamentally just another local business, the guys just down the street. We would welcome the opportunity to show you how we can help you get the most from your cleaning and maintenance budgets and keep your facility operating efficiently and effectively. We understand the needs of our industrial cleaning clients from operational issues to compliance and safety, and more. We also offer industrial floor cleaningDetroit industrial cleaning and industrial carpet cleaning.We will work alongside you to develop a cleaning program that focuses on health and safety while keeping an eye on your bottom line.


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Made In Michigan: Plymouth Janitorial Services

Posted by Mitch Hesson on Mon, Nov 13, 2017 @ 04:15 PM

plymouth janitorial services, plymouth commercial cleaning company, plymouth michigan commercial janitorial services

The Value of Local

There are a number of reasons choosing a Plymouth janitorial company makes sense. Everything else being equal, using local commercial cleaning services in Plymouth is going to be better. It’s better for the local community. It keeps tax revenue right here in the state of Michigan. It helps local businesses and our local economy thrive. Similarly, it creates stability in our communities by investing in the businesses and talent that are right here in our own backyards. Consider that commercial cleaners Plymouth aren’t likely to pull up their tents and move to Poughkeepsie to take advantage of cheaper labor or more favorable tax structures right? Using Plymouth janitorial services over a nameless, faceless national cleaning company is always going to better AS LONG AS the janitorial services they provide are professional, effective, efficient and offer similar cost saving measures. Sound impossible in a local company? It’s not. There are plenty of exceptional commercial janitorial services right here in Michigan that are ready, willing and able to offer you commercial cleaning services of the highest caliber, you just have to know how to identify them and protect yourself from those companies that will disappoint you at every turn.


Buying Local Cleaning Services In Plymouth Doesn’t Mean You Should Suffer Fools Gladly

Buying local IS better, but only if the level of services is professional, effective and attuned to what YOUR facility needs. So how do you both keep your dollars local when choosing a janitorial company AND get precisely the commercial cleaning services you need? One way is to make sure you are weeding out those cleaning services Plymouth Michigan that just aren’t likely to offer you what you need. But how do you identify those companies that are going to be a problem down the road? It is important to note that there are really ten key issues causing well over haf of the problems we experience with cleaning and maintenance companies. When we can identify these warning signs in prospective Plymouth janitorial services, it can help us weed out those companies not likely to succeed in our facility. Use these ten ‘red flags’ to screen prospective janitorial service companies so you can find a local Plymouth janitorial company that follows janitorial industry best practices and delivers on their promises of quality service.


The 10 Red Flags to Avoid When Choosing A Janitorial Services Company

1. Confusing or Cloudy Janitorial Pricing

Confusing or cloudy pricing from any Plymouth commercial cleaning company whether it’s local or a national janitorial company, is a major red flag. Cloudy commercial cleaning pricing is usually either a function of inexperience or a purposeful attempt to justify added charges later. Imprecise pricing makes it nearly impossible to compare cleaning quotes and thus puts you at a disadvantage when it comes to having good, solid information to make a buying decision. Similarly, having clear, transparent pricing and understanding exactly what it is you are paying for makes it easier for you as a Facility Manager to hold your commercial cleaners Plymouth accountable for the work they agreed to.


2. People Problems

Know this, if your commercial cleaners Plymouth have people problems, they will become YOUR problems in short order. Janitorial services rely on front line cleaners to deliver services and as such, people are the foundation of any janitorial company whether it is local cleaning services Plymouth Michigan or national janitorial services. If your commercial cleaning company is taking shortcuts with any of their people processes, it is a major red flag. Whether they dabble in illegal subcontracting, illegal hiring or take shortcuts on anything related to their people, it is a clear indicator that they do not prioritize this most important component of effective janitorial services. And commercial cleaning companies that are foolish enough to take shortcuts with people are no doubt taking shortcuts everywhere.


3. Don’t Allow Shortcuts With Security

Nothing is more important than the safety of your building’s occupants and the security of your building. If your Plymouth janitorial company is lackadaisical about security, run. What security matters should you be aware of when it comes to both national cleaning companies and Plymouth janitorial companies? Chiefly among them, no janitorial company should put you at risk with illegal hiring. Subsequently, any janitorial company that takes shortcuts with employee screening should be avoided at all costs. Who wants office cleaners with a criminal record or drug use moving about their facility? Finally, avoid both local and national janitorial companies that skimp on the training, fail to offer competitive wages and suffer from the lax management that all too often leads to high janitorial turnover.


4.High Janitorial Turnover

If current or prospective Plymouth cleaning companies have higher than average turnover, the service in YOUR facility is likely to suffer. Why? Because a revolving door of new hires is bad for business. Not only is your janitorial company having to spend more money and time onboarding and training new people, which is a cost that is passed on to you, your services will always be in a state of flux rather than the consistent, responsive janitorial services you get from competent, long term employees. Sure employee turnover does tend to be much higher in lower-skilled, lower wage jobs however, there are concrete measures a janitorial company can take to mitigate turnover and keep it in check. The best janitorial companies know how to attract, hire and retain very good people who are a good fit for the work. How does a cleaning company’s turnover impact the quality of services you and your facility receive?

  • High janitorial turnover reduces the value of the services you receive.
  • Higher than average turnover increases the likelihood of poor quality work.
  • A bevy of new office cleaners often result in recurrent, uncompleted work.
  • Too many new people weaken the relationship built between on site cleaners and you the customer.
  • High janitorial turnover increases likelihood of damaged equipment and material waste—a cost that is passed on to you the customer.
  • A revolving door of new cleaners results in both real and perceived security concerns.
  • Increased costs associated with onboarding are offset by higher prices that YOU are paying.


5. Insufficient Training

The number one way a janitorial company can be proactive in delivering a high level of service to their customers is through solid, targeted employee training. Think about it, while we may think of janitorial services as lower skilled work, it has become increasingly complex and technology driven. Employees that receive very good training not only perform better, they feel better about their work and are thus more engaged. Does your prospective Plymouth janitorial services understand the critical importance of properly training their teams? Do they offer the formalized training that is most likely to provide you and your facility with consistent, effective, individualized service? Do they train their teams on a systematized cleaning process? Not only should cleaners receive basic training, this should be augmented with other training specific to the industry or company they will serve, like:


6. A Lack Of Responsiveness

No matter how professional and capable a janitorial company is, mistakes will happen, something will get missed. When problems arise, how quickly does your cleaning services in Plymouth respond? So often we hear from Facility Managers who tell us they either don’t hear back from someone after reporting an issue or they are told it’s taken care of only to realize it keeps happening. A lack of responsiveness either forces you to live with less than optimal service or forces you to constantly light a fire under your janitorial services company trying to get them to deliver the services they promised. You should have to do neither.


7. Poor & Ineffective Communication

Communication is a critical component of effective janitorial services. As we stated above, no matter how adept a cleaning company is, mistakes will happen. If there is solid communication between you and your cleaning services in Plymouth, small issues won’t turn in to big problems. In order to deliver a high level of service, your cleaning company must effectively communicate with both you the customer and their own people. The best commercial cleaning companies will never shy away from getting your regular feedback, both positive and negative. They are aware issues will arise and are adamant amount being both proactive and responsive.


8. A Lack of the Systems to Assure Reliability Through Accountability

Good service doesn’t happen by accident, it happens by design. Is your prospective Plymouth janitorial service doing all they can to assure reliability through accountability? Do they have the systems in place to all but assure success? Do they conduct regular janitorial inspections to help give feedback to employees positioning them for success? Do they have each important component of their business structured with systems and processes to create consistency and results? Sure most cleaning companies WANT to make the customer happy but who among them is backing up good intentions with a plan?


9. Not Using Technology to Enhance Effectiveness, Increase Efficiency & Cut Costs 

Technology and innovation play a part in any industry and the janitorial and building maintenance industry is no exception. From better equipment that cuts labor hours, costs and improves efficiency—to apps, software and reporting that communicate information gathered from janitorial inspections to tech savvy training and more, the best janitorial companies will embrace and even advance technology that makes delivering high levels of service more likely.


10. When a Lack of Professionalism Is A Problem

Professionalism is a key component of success in every industry. Just because a janitorial service is responsible for cleaning toilets and emptying trash cans doesn’t mean professionalism is any less important. When considering prospective janitorial companies, what will professionalism look like? Professionalism is well trained and well equipped teams. It is a skilled approach to cleaning your facility. It is direct and responsive communication when things go off track. It is employee screening, employee badges and employee uniforms. It is operating with industry best practices at the forefront and always striving for better, continual improvement.

Are you looking for cleaning services in Plymouth Michigan? Are you tired of under performing cleaning companies and ready for a higher level of service? Here at Stathakis, we have spent over thirty years developing a standard of service and working hard to create lasting relationships with our customers and offer the businesses of Plymouth and southeastern Michigan the solutions and services they deserve by adhering to and even developing janitorial best practices. If you are a Facility Manager in Plymouth or surrounding areas and you are looking for commercial cleaning services, office cleaning, school cleaning, industrial cleaning, medical cleaning or other building services, please contact us to learn more about how we can assure you get the service you and your facility require.

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Is CIMS the Cure for Your Medical Office Cleaning?

Posted by Brian Mamo on Wed, Nov 08, 2017 @ 03:09 PM

detroit medical cleaning, dearborn healthcare cleaning, livonia medical office cleaning, troy medical office cleaning

Is Your Facility Up To The Scrutiny Of Patients & Their Families?

Medical office cleaning requires a great deal more from a commercial cleaning company than general business office cleaning. When a consumer goes into a retail establishment, they want to buy something. When a consumer visits a restaurant, they want to eat something. When a consumer visits an office building, they typically want to do something. But when a consumer visits a medical office or other healthcare setting, they are putting their health and safety in your hands. The expectation of cleanliness and care is entirely different. And the trust inherent in the relationship between a patient and your staff and facility is easily broken if your medical office isn’t clean and welcoming. When patients and their families walk through the doors of your medical facility, they want to see and be reassured by a clean, professional setting. Without even being aware that they are doing it, they will judge the quality and safety of the services they receive, in part, by the appearance of your facility. They will look over your offices, waiting areas and examination rooms. They will notice mystery stains, wear, trash and worse as they wait to be seen. Is your medical facility up to the scrutiny? Is your medical cleaning company doing all they need to be in order to protect patient health, attract and retain quality medical staff and safeguard the reputation of your facility? Quality medical office cleaning services in Detroit should clean and maintain your medical facility at a level that will assure patient comfort and reduce the spread of disease-causing germs. If you are looking to outsource medical cleaning or replace an existing medical cleaning service that has flat lined, what do you need to know to make the most sound decision for your facility?


What You Need From Medical Cleaning Services

As you go through the process of identifying and vetting healthcare cleaning services, it can be helpful to consider the endpoint of what you want from them. While individual medical janitorial services may take slightly different approaches in your facility, there are some service basics you should always be getting without fail. What do patients and their families scrutinize when they visit your facility? What specific areas do you and your healthcare cleaning team need to be acutely aware of?


First - Your healthcare facility must have a clean, welcoming entrance. This space creates a first impression and nothing can destroy that faster than greasy germ laden fingerprints on glass doors, dark, unknown stains on carpeting, dog eared, ripped magazines and worse. Your medical cleaning services should help you send the right message and make a positive first impression with a clean and inviting entrance that sets the tone for professional, trusted medical care.


Second - Grubby, grimy carpets and dusty, dirty hard flooring are easy to notice. Dirty carpets look and smell bad and hard flooring that isn’t regularly maintained can lend to an overall sense of insufficient maintenance in your medical facility. Floors in your healthcare facility should always be clean and safe even if that means more regular cleaning than you might have to do in for general office cleaning. Regular dry carpet cleaning and hot water extraction carpet cleaning can not only keep carpeting looking its best, it can even extend the lifespan of this expensive building asset. Likewise, regular, professional hard floor cleaning keeps flooring looking good and keeps slipping hazards to a minimum. In addition to carpet cleaning and hard floor cleaning, your medical office cleaning services should also help you with a matting program. More and more companies are enhancing their medical janitorial programs with floor and entrance mats. A recent study from the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA), demonstrated that up to 90% of the dirt that enters a facility comes in on people’s shoes. A quality matting program, regular hard flooring maintenance and periodic carpet cleaning can keep the floor in your medical facility looking good and sending the right message to patients, staff and visitors. 


Third – Clean, sanitized restrooms are a critical part of the overall impression of cleanliness in your facility. While medical visit and procedures do not happen in the restroom, the state of your restrooms can make or break the perception of overall care and professionalism of the actual health services offered. Think about how you feel when you visit a restaurant and see the restrooms dirty and in disarray. You immediately become suspicious about the state of the kitchen. The same is true in healthcare facilities. A dirty restroom lends an unfavorable impression that everything might be dirty. Furthermore, restrooms are a chief source of disease causing environmental pathogens that pose health risk to patients, staff and visitors. Prospective medical cleaning companies must understand the science of cleaning in order to deliver the level of you deserve.


Fourth – The condition of your furnishings is a noticeable element when patients and their families are sizing up your facility. The reality is that the heavy traffic in a busy healthcare facility can quickly take a toll on furniture like waiting rooms chairs, sofas, table and treatment room chairs. Periodic cleaning on the part of your medical cleaning service is key as well as replacement of office furniture that has reached the end of its lifespan.


Fifth – Treatment rooms must be clean and inviting. Think about it, most patients are checked in and spend several minutes waiting in a treatment room. With little more to do than look around waiting for their physician or health care provider, patients are quick to notice dirt, grime and worse, especially in a medical setting where stains and gunk take on an entirely different level of threat. No one wants to see a dark smear across a cabinet door or splattered vinyl baseboards. Prospective medical janitorial services must be prepared to detail clean these patient rooms in order to provide a clean, healthy, inviting space.


Sixth – No one likes to see filled or overflowing trash in any building but it is infinitely more suspect in a medical office or healthcare facility. This is because the waste generated in a healthcare setting is in many people’s opinions, just grosser. Any medical office cleaning worth their salt will keep trashes empties, clean and even be diligent about refilling important hand washing supplies like soap and hand towels to assure your facility is clean and welcoming.


SeventhCleaning for health is a critical component of all commercial cleaning but nowhere is it more important than in a healthcare facility. Disease causing germ spread like rapid fire in a healthcare facility that sees more sick people than other general offices. Nowhere are germs more likely to congregate and spread than touch points and hot spots. Touch points and hot spots are those areas frequently touched by many hands, think door knobs, switches, faucet handles and even shared computer and office equipment like phones and computer mouses. If your medical cleaning isn’t up to speed on the principles behind cleaning for health, they are not capable of delivering the healthy, safe clean you need to create a welcoming patient environment and a healthy workplace. 


How to Find Medical Cleaning Companies That Have the Right Prescription

Whether you manage an urgent care center, medical clinic or specialist offices, keeping your facility clean and welcoming is a big task. If this list of must haves and must dos sounds tough to find in a commercial cleaning company, it is. There is a great deal that goes into offering professional, effective medical office cleaning. While many janitorial companies would love to have your business, only a small few are really up to the level required for healthcare cleaning. SO how do you discern the pros from the quacks? First, partner with a Detroit commercial cleaning company that specializes in cleaning medical facilities. This should include verifiable experience working with other medical facilities. Similarly, a prospective medical cleaning company should be able to provide you with documented training in areas specific to medical facilities. Furthermore, the most professional and experienced medical cleaning companies should be able to provide you with references from other area medical facility managers. Finally, the best commercial cleaning companies will also offer other building maintenance services that can help you with one time projects or special needs that may arise in your facility.


Certified Industry Management Standard or CIMS, is the Medicine You Need

Finding the right medical cleaning company to cure what ails your facility can be overwhelming. The amount of information you must verify and checklists to check off can simply take more time than you have. Professional certifications like the ISSA’s CIMS, Cleaning Industry Management Standard, offer you as a Facility Manager a free and useful tool in finding your next medical office cleaning services. Like board certification can distinguish added training and specialization with physicians, CIMS offers additional training and benchmarks for commercial cleaning professionals committed to best practices and excellence within their industry. The process is demanding and the requirements are steep. And unlike a sales pitch in which a janitorial company can SAY anything they want about the professionalism of their services, with CIMS certification, all of the information is independently verified. This means CIMS isn’t just a participation trophy handed out to whomever paid for it. It is a hard won, rigorous management standard that measures business areas that directly impact you as the Facility Manager of a healthcare facility. CIMS offers a great way to put together a preliminary list of medical cleaning companies from which you can then use walk throughs, meetings and request for proposals (RFP) to make your final decision picking a medical cleaning partner that will help you and your facility operate at the highest level.

Medical Cleaning Outsourcing Guide 

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Have Your Office Restrooms Become a Scary Place?

Posted by Brian Mamo on Mon, Oct 30, 2017 @ 04:58 PM

office restrooms, commercial cleaning company, detroit janitorial company

Tomorrow is Halloween and many of us happily await the frights and fun of All Hallows' Eve. Who doesn’t love the decorations, the candy, the movies, the costumed kids and the spooky season? But shocks and scares aren’t just for Halloween, for many Facility Managers, the real terror is lurking in their office restrooms. Have your office restrooms become frightening places? Have you tried communicating with your janitorial company only to find they ghost you whenever there is a problem. Forget Dracula, Pennywise and Frankenstein, the real monster waiting to wreak havoc on your business and bottom line is poorly cleaned office restrooms. Where your office cleaning is concerned, restroom cleaning is critical. If your janitorial services company is failing to keep your restrooms clean, fresh and welcoming, it is impacting the overall impression and reputation of your business with customers, employees, prospective employees, tenants and the public. Don’t scare off people with stinky, frightening office restrooms and don’t settle for restroom cleaning that leaves your facilities looking more like a haunted house then a clean, healthy place of business. Here are 10 scary signs that your commercial restroom cleaning services are operating like a bunch of zombies and failing to keep your office restrooms clean, protect the health of your building’s occupants and safeguard your reputation.


1. Dreadfully Dirty

If your restroom cleaning service is leaving your office restrooms dreadfully dirty, it could be chilling on your bottom line. Visible dirt on sinks, counter fixtures and stalls is just shocking. Streaky, smudged mirrors dreadful and partitions with graffiti, gunk and worse are downright repulsive. Your office restrooms should never look like a set from a horror movie. If restrooms are looking visibly dirty, your commercial restroom cleaning is involved in some serious hocus pocus.


2. Ghoulish Grime & Hair Raising Horrors

Beyond the visible dirt that indicates a lack of good, daily cleaning, there are the signs that your restroom cleaners are not attending to the occasional deep cleaning office restrooms require. Things like broken fixtures (door handles, sanitary disposal containers, dryers, dispensers and more), dirty vents, grimy grout and more are scary signs that your commercial cleaning company is more trick than treat. Don’t settle for restroom cleaning services that are indifferent to your reputation, your employee’s health and your bottom line.


3. Weird Wetness

Not only are wet, waterlogged dirty floors dreadful, they are dangerous. Floors that are wet, dirty or given little more than a once over send a message about your business and it’s not a good one. Sure there are Stranger Things than some water left behind but a solid restroom cleaning company won’t put you and your people at risk in this way.


4. The Terror of Trash

Trashcans that are overflowing are a sure sign that your restrooms aren’t being cleaned enough or are not being cleaned adequately. Yes, trashcans are for trash but overflowing trashcans point to a problem that you cannot afford to ignore. Accumulating trash sends the wrong message about your facility and is a terrifying turnoff for employees, customers and guests. If your trashcans are frequently full or overfilled, your janitorial services company is either not properly cleaning your restrooms or you might require day cleaning or a day porter to keep up with the demands of your busy facility.


5. Supernatural Smells

If your restrooms smell seriously scary, you have a shocking situation on your hands. If there are noticeable and wicked odors left behind after restroom cleaning, you are likely getting little more than a superficial, surface cleaning. Typically, these funky smells and otherworldly odors are the result of toilets and urinals that are left with muck and gunk around them that attracts bacteria that feed off of it and leave behind the stinky smells we associate with bathroom odors. Eliminating the stench requires a level of deep cleaning and keeping up with restrooms that your current cleaning company may not be capable of. A professional, effective Detroit janitorial company will regularly deep clean restrooms, keep up with odor causing grime and leave office restrooms clean and fresh.


6. Spine-Chilling Supplies Shock

If restroom supplies like toilet paper, hand towels and soap are frequently empty or near empty, your commercial cleaning company isn’t heeding the signs and is leaving your building occupants in the lurch. You can’t be put in the position of having to check supplies in your office restrooms, your office cleaners need to be on top of it, it’s their job. Restocking supplies is not only a basic part of restroom cleaning, if your employees do not have adequate hand washing supplies, disease causing germs could spread through your facility skyrocketing illness, absenteeism and tanking productivity.


7. Too Many People is Petrifying

If there is a steady stream of new bodies coming in and out of your facility, your commercial cleaning company might be suffering from high turnover. This in turn not only affects the quality and effectiveness of your restroom cleaning, it can actually impact safety and security. In a service business, the people performing the front line duties matter a great deal. They must be screened, trained and managed in order to deliver the restroom cleaning you and your facility deserve. High turnover creates service gaps and security issues. Professional, effective janitorial services companies understand the importance of attracting, qualifying, training and managing the very best people for the work.


8. Afraid of Accountability

Even with the best commercial cleaning companies, things can get off track. When issues arise, do you know who you are going to call? Hint, it’s not Ghostbusters. Is your janitorial company clear about responsibility and accountability and who to contact? Or do they disappear when there is a problem? You should always know who to call or email when there is an issue because small issues are much easier to solve before they become big issues. Even if you aren’t regularly contacting your janitorial company, they should periodically check in with you to see how service is going and if there is anything, big or small, that requires their attention.


9. Is Responsiveness RIP?

Like we noted, even the best restroom cleaning company will occasionally miss the mark. But if your janitorial company addresses complaints and issues quickly, communicating these issues with the supervisors and cleaners likely to remedy issues, you can nip a problem in the bud and get the level of clean you require. If your restroom cleaning company is failing to respond timely to your concerns or issues, they come up often or are ignored altogether, it is a symptom of a much larger issue. Don’t let your commercial cleaning company’s lack of professionalism bleed into the overall cleanliness and health of your facility.


10. Macabre Managing

Do you feel like you have to frequently manage and deal with your cleaning contractor’s people? One of the benefits of outsourcing your cleaning to a Building Services contractor is that they manage their people and process leaving you to focus on the core elements of your business. If your commercial cleaning company is failing in this area, you are missing some of the most significant benefits of outsourcing janitorial. It isn’t your job to manage your cleaning company’s people. Outsourcing cleaning should reduce costs and reduce your workload. Don’t settle for scary service when there are a number of professional, qualified janitorial companies that won’t have you leave you shaky and scared over your restroom cleaning.


Finding the right commercial cleaning company can make all of the difference with your restroom cleaning and the overall condition and cleanliness of the entire facility. Don’t risk your reputation or your bottom line with scary restroom cleaning. Don’t stay with a janitorial services company that is either unable or unwilling to deliver professional, quality, effective service without leaving your restrooms in a state of horror. Here at Stathakis, we have over thirty years of experience, we won’t scare you with ineffective service or dirty restrooms. We deliver the best in facility maintenance and restroom cleaning for the businesses of southeastern Michigan. If you are a Facility Manager in Ann Arbor, Detroit, Royal Oak, Farmington Hills, Farmington, Dearborn, Livonia, Troy, Auburn Hills, Novi, Plymouth, Downriver or surrounding areas, please contact us to learn more about how we can help you maintain clean restrooms and get more treats than tricks when it comes to your office cleaning services.


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Comparing In-House Vs. Outsourced Janitorial Services

Posted by Mitch Hesson on Wed, Oct 25, 2017 @ 11:18 AM

outsourcing janitorial services, outdourcing commercial cleaning services, detroit janitorial company

With an uncertain economy, building owners and management companies continue to look for cost saving measures throughout their operations. Rarely do reduced budgets come with reduced responsibility. The directive of course, is figure out how to do the same or more with less. In an attempt to get essential services covered while reducing costs, many facilities are looking at outsourcing janitorial services as a workable, livable cost cutting solution. There are good reasons to outsource cleaning. Not only can outsourcing janitorial services save you money, outsourcing cleaning can help stabilize costs, enhance overall service, safeguard your building’s assets and reduce your workload. Outsourcing janitorial and cleaning services to a professional Building Services Company can secure value for your organization by reducing operating costs while continuing to keep your facility safe, clean and comfortable.

Janitorial Outsourcing Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Outsourcing facilities services to a professional janitorial company saves you money in a number of ways. First, you benefit from the immediate cost savings as a janitorial company will likely get much more done in much less time. Second, an established medium to large janitorial company gets big discounts via their purchase power on equipment, supplies, paper goods, trash liners and more. Third, there are significant savings involved when you pass the employee recruiting, screening, hiring, training and managing over to your janitorial contractor through outsourced janitorial services. Think about the time and management required with payroll, benefits administration, health care, employee status verification and other labor intensive tasks associated with having your own part time orfull time employees. Cost is what you pay, value is what you get. When you outsource your janitorial services to the right building services contractor, you get much more value for your dollar. With an experienced janitorial company, services are simply going to better and cheaper, it is just a part of their operations and business, it IS their business.


Janitorial Outsourcing Improves The Quality Of Your Building Maintenance

Anything you do over and over again you naturally get better at. Building maintenance and janitorial services are no exception. Sure, you can manage in-house janitorial but do you really want to? Outsource janitorial and everything gets a little easier. Handling your cleaning and maintenance in house is like running a business within a business. Do you want to learn the ins and outs of another business beyond your own in order to get everything you need from it or do you want to pass along the work and responsibility to a professional janitorial company for whom this is their focus? The reality is that the quality will always be better with a commercial maintenance company. It’s simply their core business and as such gets all of their important resources directed at it like training, equipment, technology to create efficiencies and keep everyone on track and more. Can the same be said for your in-house cleaning service?


Managing Your Own In-House Janitorial Service & The Headaches That Go With It

You can have an in-house cleaning service but is that the business you really want to be in? Because if you don’t manage it as a business within your business, it isn’t likely to work. Outsourcing your janitorial services eliminates the problems that can come with using your employees to handle cleaning and maintenance. Think about the significant costs in both time and money that come with managing a team. First, nothing scales because training you acquire, equipment you purchase and more is used in one place, yours. Unlike your professional janitorial company, you don’t get to benefit from the income generated by the use of acquired equipment, products or training in a number of other facilities. So not only are you at a disadvantage here, there are other disadvantages that are likely to create headaches for you as a Facility Manager. Think about it, when you have a cleaning employee versus a cleaning contractor, you have:

  • Direct payroll expenses 
  • Direct supervision expense
  • Employee turnover & retraining
  • Employee Vacations & Absences
  • Cost of equipment, cleaning products & supplies
  • Cost to maintain equipment
  • Payroll taxes
  • Medical insurance, liability insurance & workers comp
  • Workers comp claim affecting premium costs


Getting More Responsive Service From A Professional Janitorial Company

Worried about coverage during times that are particularly busy for you? Not sure how to handle facility maintenance when your in house cleaners are absent or ill? Professional janitorial services companies have both enough customers and a large enough cache of employees to shift labor hours when and where you need them most. They also are more likely to have well trained floaters ready and waiting to step in should your regular cleaner or cleaning team be out. With a commercial cleaning company, especially a really good one, service is far more likely to be seamless and attuned to the needs of your individual facility.  


Liability And Insurance Requirements Are Shifted To Your Commercial Cleaning Company

When you manage your cleaning and janitorial in-house, you also take on all of the associated liabilities. As in most industries, cleaning and janitorial come with specific liabilities associated with the work. When you contract with a reputable, professional building services company, you shift these responsibilities to them. Your janitorial company will insure their own employees and if they are really good, they will even add you or the facility owner to their contractor's policy shielding you from third party litigation. Again, it’s the idea of a business within a business. A company focused on janitorial as their core business is always going to be able to perform better and cheaper. It is the nature of specialization.


Management Duties Are Now The Responsibility Of Your Janitorial Services Company

What already overtaxed Facility Manager really wants more to manage? When you outsource your commercial cleaning to the right contractor, you shift a great deal of the headaches, major and minor, to them. All elements of the management of your maintenance becomes the responsibility of your contractor. So pieces like hiring, training, procurement, equipment maintenance and repair and other time consuming duties shift to your janitorial services company leaving you free to focus your attention where it is needed most.


Integrated Facility Solutions Means Less Work For You 

If you partner with an experienced, professional building services company with integrated facility solutions, it’s a win win for both of you. When your building services contractors has a menu of other services, like HVAC, electrical, plumbing, carpet cleaning and more, you can use as you need them without either having to handle it in house or contract with yet another company to get the work done. Save yourself the time of searching for a proficient, reputable, affordable contractor and get the work budgeted, planned and executed with your existing contractor. If you already trust your commercial cleaning company and have vetted their prices, offloading another maintenance task to them will be much easier than vetting a new, added contractor.


Get Better Cleaners With Superior Training, More Effective Products And Improved Equipment

When you outsource your cleaning and janitorial to a pro, you get better results in less time. A professional janitorial and cleaning company is more likely to use advanced and effective methods to get the work done right. They likely benefit from more exhaustive and specialized training. And they are likely using newer, more effective equipment that is better maintained. Even the options for green cleaning programs become much more viable when contracting with a janitorial services company


Compare Apples To Apples When Looking At The Cost Of Outsourcing Janitorial Services

For most Facility Managers, the truth is it usually comes down to numbers. Does outsourcing your cleaning and maintenance save you money or cost you money. Don’t make the mistake of comparing the Full Service of a commercial cleaning company with little more than your payroll expense. If you want to compare outsourcing janitorial and an in-house cleaning service in an apples to apples way, you have to look deeper. With in-house commercial cleaning you have

  • Payroll expense
  • Direct supervision expense
  • Employee hiring, training & turnover
  • Employee Vacations & Absences
  • Cost of equipment,cleaning chemicals, & cleaning supplies
  • Cost to maintain equipment
  • Payroll taxes
  • Benefits administration
  • Scheduling and vacation
  • Insurance & worker’s Comp

These all add significant costs in both time and money. Add those up and then compare to the all inclusive price you get from a prospective janitorial contractor and it is easy to see where the better value lies.


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