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A 10 Point Check List For Choosing Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Posted by Dennis Stathakis on Dec 20, 2016 9:04:00 AM


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Too Many Options, Only a Few Of Them Good

Maybe it’s time to get your commercial carpets cleaned but you don’t know how to narrow the large field of contractors down to those best equipped to deliver value. Or maybe you know your office or facility carpets are long overdue for cleaning but you just haven’t locked and loaded on a carpet cleaning company you think is up to the job. Perhaps you have had one too many bad experiences with a building services contractor who didn’t deliver on their promises of solid service. If you look up area commercial carpet cleaners, you will find no shortage of companies, but identifying those commercial carpet cleaning services that will do the job correctly at a price that offers value isn’t so easy. So if you are shopping commercial carpet cleaning prices or looking for office carpet cleaning that delivers, consider the following.


1 - Experience

Look for a solid, reputable and experienced commercial carpet cleaning company. Of course, this sounds like a no brainer but there are so many new businesses that flood the market every year and most disappear just as quickly. There’s nothing wrong with individuals venturing out to try their hand at the carpet cleaning business but let them cut their teeth on smaller jobs or in someone else’s facility. If you want standout carpet cleaning services, an experienced carpet cleaner is simply going to reliably deliver a better result.


2 – Relationship Potential

When choosing any building services contractors, it’s wise to look for a company that takes a long range view of their relationship with their customers. So much of what we do day in and day out is transactional in nature. But your facility’s needs aren’t a one time thing so why look for new contractors every time you need something. The best services come from the best relationships and carpet cleaning companies or janitorial services companies that take the long view on earning your business will not only deliver a more consistent level of service, they will be a great resource for you when a need arises in your facility.


3 – Local Is Better

Looking for Detroit carpet cleaning but considering a national carpet cleaning company? All things being equal, local is better. Local businesses provide tax revenue, jobs and wages to our local communities. They are anchors enriching the area with a variety of jobs and resources that won’t just pick up and leave for a better deal. Michigan companies are run by Michiganites who understand that keeping businesses local strengthens the local economy and even ballasts it against national changes.


4 – People, People, People

Whichever company you choose, they must have processes in place to choose good people. Carpet care is a service business and thus relies on people to get the job done. People processes must include recruiting, screening and hiring people who are a great fit for the work. That means no shortcuts on criminal background checks or drug screening. You deserve to feel comfortable with any individual working in your facility.


5 - No Shortcuts, No Illegal Hiring

The janitorial company or building services company you use for carpet cleaning must never use illegal subcontracting or illegal workers. While it can be tempting to use shortcuts to cut costs, they put your service and your reputation at risk. And when companies are taking shortcuts in one critical area of their business, you have to ask where else they might be cutting corners.


6 – Trained, Experienced Technicians

The best carpet cleaning results come from trained, experienced technicians. So your industrial carpet cleaning service must train good people to become true technicians with knowledge and pride in their ability to get you the best result possible. Carpet cleaning technicians understand how to identify stains and determine the correct product to use to best remove the stain. Likewise, they are trained to identify wear and suggest or restrict the use of modalities which might do more harm than good. Finally, carpet cleaning equipment has gone high tech and a well trained technician will use it to its full potential to get your carpets cleaner every time.


7 – Carpet Cleaning Solutions

You should definitely inquire into what carpet cleaning solutions and chemicals your prospective carpet cleaning company uses. Are they green? Are they sustainable? Are they in line with your healthy workplace objectives? Experienced, professional carpet cleaners also know how to use as little chemical cleaning solutions as possible to get a great result and eliminate carpet residues that can cause carpets to attract more dirt and look prematurely dirty.


8 – Don’t Settle For Dated, Poorly Maintained Carpet Cleaning Equipment

As noted above, carpet cleaning equipment has made a number of advances. If your carpet cleaning service is using dated or ill maintained carpet cleaning equipment, they are not delivering the best result and potentially excessively wearing carpet and even voiding your carpet’s warranty. Choose a carpet cleaning contractor who uses state of the art carpet cleaning equipment and appropriate modalities for every scenario to get your carpet cleaner and protect this pricey building asset.


9 – Insurance & Liability Safeguards Firmly In Place

Assure any building services contractors are fully insured to shield you from unnecessary liability. The smaller companies may be operating on thin budgets and thus, more likely to take shortcuts with important safeguards like insurance. Don’t put your self and your facility at risk with uninsured or underinsured contractors.


10 – Strong Management Team To Guide People To Success

Look for carpet cleaning companies with a strong management team to guide people to success, reward strong performers and catch issues before they become problems. Again, these are companies with a long range view of their teams, their customers and their businesses. Ideally, they have lower than average turnover because they reward good work and help grow team members to their full potential. This means satisfied and engaged employees, which in turn translates into better technicians and service for you the customer.


Commercial Carpet Cleaning Companies Are Not Successful Without A Plan

Professional building services contractors use systems and processes for quality assurance. They look to assure reliability through accountability. This means there are processes from beginning to end designed to get reliable outcomes and identify issues before they become problems. Success rarely happens by accident so the best carpet cleaners set themselves and their customers up for success with a well designed plan. Seek out building services contractors with a commitment to continual improvement in everything they do from their consultive processes to their people processes to their commitment to green cleaning and innovation. You want to partner with a company that never rests on their laurels but rather works to continually offer you the customer more expertise and value. While it can be laborious to ask the questions and identify the potential issues, if you play the long range game and find quality partners in your building’s maintenance, it will pay service and value dividends for years to come.


Can We Help?

Here at Stathakis, we offer state-of-the-art carpet cleaning and carpet care solutions designed to deliver the results you need. We are also CIMS certified in order to offer our customers the industry best practices that lead to the most effective services. With documented carpet cleaning systems including truck mounted carpet cleaning, portable machine carpet cleaning, low moisture carpet cleaning, dry carpet cleaning all produced to deliver a deep, lasting clean, improve your carpet’s appearance, extend the life span of carpets and even improve indoor air quality. Get on-demand carpet cleaning or consider one of our ongoing carpet cleaning programs to help you plan ahead and save money. For more information on how you can get carpets cleaner than they have ever been, please contact Matt Brown, Stathakis Special Projects Manager at #800-278-1884.


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