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Posted by Dale Saylor on Thu, Jul 20, 2017 @ 12:25 PM

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Is Your Commercial Building Maintenance Threatening to Overwhelm You?

Commercial building maintenance is not for the feint of heart. Between ongoing preventive maintenance and putting out the occasional and not so occasional fires, if you go it alone, your facility maintenance can quickly overwhelm even the best Facility Manager. When your ‘to do’ list becomes ‘to do’ lists, and tasks are accumulating faster than you can tackle them, it’s time to consider the help of a commercial handyman service. Regular maintenance and preventative maintenance assure your building is optimally maintained. Likewise, day-to-day facility maintenance issues can overwhelm your schedule with calls, site visits, estimates and more, leaving little room for your other important responsibilities. Contracting your commercial building maintenance to a professional handyman service can not only free up your time to focus on other things, it can save you money while keeping your building in great shape.


The Right Commercial Handyman Service Is Like Having Your Own All Star Team

One of the many challenges as a Facility Manager is finding the right people to do the work when something goes wrong or needs attention in your facility. Contracting with individual plumbing companies, electricians, HVAC techs and so on means finding, qualifying, managing and paying multiple separate businesses. With the right commercial handyman services, you get your own team of highly qualified maintenance technicians. These technicians come highly qualified with experience in plumbing, HVAC, electrical, general building maintenance and more. With the right technicians, your handyman service can offer premier building maintenance, managing most issues as they come up and even attending to preventive maintenance so you can catch small issues before they become major, costly problems.


Commercial Handyman Services Give You The Help You Need

The right commercial handyman service works closely with you and your facility. Your needed work is their priority. No more long service waits, missed appointments, reschedules and unnecessary delays. When you contract with a premier building maintenance company, you form a relationship with your commercial handyman or team of maintenance technicians operating like your very own A-Team, doing the work need done with just a little guidance from you. Are you wondering if a commercial handyman service might be the right fit for your facility? Maybe you worry that you don’t have enough work for a whole service or maybe you worry you have too much. Among the benefits of a commercial handyman service is that you can adjust your services to fit your individual facility needs. Some companies require continual maintenance at multiple facilities while other companies may require a once a week visit to tackle ongoing issues as they come up or even as needed help. The right commercial facility maintenance company has the staffing and flexibility to give you exactly the services you need without paying for services you don’t.


Get Premier Building Maintenance & Get Back On Track

Ongoing maintenance and preventative maintenance can overwhelm the best of us, and yet, a commercial handyman service can help you get to all of the little and not so little fixes that can add up, stress you out and even diminish a building’s value. With the right commercial handyman service, you can create a maintenance schedule and preventive maintenance plan that works best for your facility. Likewise, having a solid plan for repairs, fixes and installations will help you budget and forecast more easily and stay on track with those budgets while keeping your facility well maintained.


Finding A Professional Handyman Capable of Servicing YOUR Facility

While there is no shortage of maintenance companies, finding the right company can be challenging. Building services companies that are really up for the job of partnering with you in the maintenance of your facility will have a few important qualities you should look for. First, your maintenance company must have really good people. With a service business, you are really only as good as your team. What does your prospective commercial handyman services company do to attract, screen, hire, train, retain and manage the best technicians? Do they conduct consistent, reliable drug and criminal background check screening? Do they provide the training, management and incentives to drive reliability through accountability? Likewise, even with great technicians, if your commercial maintenance company doesn’t operate with great communication in place, service is bound to suffer. So how does your prospective building maintenance company handle problems when they arise? Do they have procedures in place to manage issues? Do they have a formal process for communicating with you the customer when you need help? Do they offer transparent pricing so you can compare their services to other companies and be clear about what you are getting and what you're paying for it? Asking a few probing questions upfront can save you the hassle of partnering with a building services contractor who is simply not up to the job.


The Right Handyman Services Can Make a World of Difference

Make your job as a facilities manager significantly more manageable, enlist the help of a commercial handyman service. Tackle big jobs and small jobs with ease knowing you have a true partner and your own A-Team of trained, experienced technicians. Shorten your to do list and keep your building and its assets properly maintained. Whether you need electrical, plumbing or HVAC or you need furniture assembled, shelves or televisions installed and mounted, patch and painting and so much more, a commercial handyman service can keep your building in good shape and be a sanity and time saver for you.

Here at Stathakis, we provide commercial cleaning and commercial handyman services to the following Southeastern Michigan Counties: Genesee County, Livingston County, Washtenaw County, Monroe County, Wayne County, Macomb County, St. Clair County. We offer effective, professional facility services to the cities of Detroit, Ann Arbor, Farmington Hills, Dearborn, Farmington, Livonia, Plymouth, Downriver, Royal Oak, Southfield, Troy, Auburn Hills, Novi and more. For more information on our services and how we can help you, please contact us at 1-800-278-1884.

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