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Hitting The Jackpot With Your Janitorial Services Contractor

Posted by Mitch Hesson on Mon, Dec 28, 2015 @ 02:34 PM

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Every once in awhile, you work with a vendor or contractor who just blows you away. The do such good work, so consistently that you almost can’t believe how lucky you are. In these cases, you gambled and you won. Not only did you win, you hit the jackpot. But the other times you end up with a real stinker and you walk away, your pockets empty and you swear, the game is rigged. 

When it comes to finding a great janitorial company, you can beat the house. You can hit the jackpot with your Janitorial Services Contractor and win big, but you have to know how to do it. In Vegas the card shark counts cards and uses a mixture of skill and deception to win big. When you are mired in the search for a janitorial services contractor, ‘cheating’ is not only allowed, it is recommended. There is one trick you as a Facility Manager or Building Manager can use to ‘beat’ the house every time and land a big win with a skilled, effective and responsive commercial cleaning service.


Beat the House Every Time & Find the Best Janitorial Companies For Your Facility

Think it’s impossible to land awesome Janitorial services in Michigan without going through a bunch of stinkers first? Think again. There is one shortcut so effective, so valuable that you are guaranteed to find a Janitorial services company that will deliver effective cleaning and maintenance for your facility. This FREE ‘cheat’ can save you hours of time and money by eliminating those janitorial companies that will take shortcuts with you, your employees, your facility and your reputation.


ISSA CIMS GB Is Quite the Mouthful But What Does It All Mean?

ISSA-CIMS-GB is quite the mouthful but it is the single easiest way to find an effective Commercial cleaning company for your facility. What does it all mean? ISSA is acronym for the International Sanitary Supply Association, a global professional organization for building services companies that provide cleaning, janitorial, building maintenance and other associated services. CIMS is the Certified Industry Management Standard, meaning industry leaders created a standard by which Janitorial Services Contractors can be judged. These standards were designed to evaluate a Janitorial contractor on metrics that had a significant impact on the customer’s experience with a building services contractor.

The ISSA CIMS certification offers cleaning and maintenance companies the opportunity to earn expert certification through a rigorous vetting process that measures how well they meet the standard and thus, how prepared they are to deliver effective, consistent and responsive service to their customers. The CIMS is among the most demanding and difficult levels of certification offered. The CIMS standard measures proficiency in the following areas:

  • Quality Systems
  • Service Delivery
  • Human Resources
  • Health, Safety, & Environmental Stewardship
  • Management Commitment

This means that in order to meet certification requirements, a Janitorial Services Contractor must demonstrate that they have a framework in place to assure effective operations and ongoing improvement. Likewise, they must have in place both processes and systems to deliver consistent, quality service. Additionally, the Janitorial service in Michigan must consistently utilize best practices for managing any service industry’s greatest asset—their people. Also important, the industrial janitorial services companies must regard regulatory compliance, workplace safety and health/environmental management as a critical and vital part of doing business.

The GB in ISSA CIMS GB is an acronym for Green Building. The Green Building part of the certification verifies that a janitorial or cleaning company has the ability to partner their customers to accomplish a greener clean, even earning LEED-EBOM points. Green Building certification can be a powerful tool for helping you identify those medical cleaning companies that are truly committed to green cleaning as a foundation of their business.


Will I Win Big In Commercial Cleaning Service With ISSA CIMS GB?

The answer is yes! The Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) certification program is designed to offer you as a Facility or Building Manager an easy way to shortlist janitorial companies in your search for a building services contractor. CIMS is a difficult and demanding process that sets a high standard of excellence for building service contractors. Putting the standard's signature framework into practice requires both the desire to be great and the experience, professionalism, processes and systems to actually do it.

The CIMS standard is built around five universally accepted quality principles that when achieve predict with a high level of certainty that a Janitorial services company is a high-performing, customer-focused medical office cleaning services setup to deliver effective service. Companies that seek to achieve CIMS certification are actively engaged in doing what they do better. These are janitorial companies that strive for improvement by aligning with their industry’s best practices.


Do Better Commercial Cleaning Services Cost More?

Consumers have been primed to believe that good quality always costs more, but in the service industry in general and commercial cleaning in particular, this is not always the case. In many business sectors, the better you are the more you charge and customers are willing to pay a premium for proficiency and ease. Nevertheless, in the cleaning and maintenance industry, often the more experienced, systemized and professional a company is, the more money they can actually save you. Instead of paying a premium to partner with the best companies, you can actually SAVE money and pay less. Before you start thinking that looks like some fuzzy math, understand this: the more cleaning companies in Michigan know, the better they are set up to deliver service efficiently. It boils down to resource allocation, efficiency, scale and livable cost-savings measures. 

First, the best cleaning companies and even school cleaning companies know how to use their resources economically to effectively do more with less. Likewise, these companies are efficient and have adopted processes that reduce waste on all levels so that they may offer you premium service at a continued value. Like you, most of these companies face the same pressure to continually ferret out redundancies and create value for their customers. Rather than work against your goals, the right Michigan office cleaning company can work with you to meet the demand of your position and your facility. Additionally, an established, professional, ISSA CIMS GB company that understands their business and how to deliver effective services to you will ask the right questions to assemble a detailed cleaning specifications that echoes what you really need. On that same note, the larger, professional office cleaning company can save you money as a function of their size. From purchasing equipment to paper goods and more, larger companies can pass along their buying power to you the customer. And finally, the most professional medical office cleaning service, those who have achieves the CIMS certification are experts at finding livable cost-savings measures. As experts in their business paired with experience with a vast array of customers, they can help you cut costs without throwing your facility maintenance into a tailspin.


Build In Quality From Day One; Beat the House & Win Big With CIMS Certification

Better doesn’t mean more expensive and CIMS offers a solid measure of better so why wouldn’t you use this FREE tool to establish your short list of prospective janitorial companies? Want to hit the jackpot with a Commercial janitorial company? Use CIMS to put together a list of prospective Commercial cleaning company. Then, use your instincts, price point and testimonials to pick a Janitorial service company that is more than just good luck, they are good business.



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