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Do I Need a National Janitorial Company?

Posted by Chris Stathakis on Fri, Dec 12, 2014 @ 11:26 AM

bigstock-Big-bossy-businessman-looking--65485048There are the little guys and the really little guys, there are the big maintenance companies, the monolithic national janitorial companies and of course, everything in between. So, how do you know which kind of janitorial and maintenance company will be the right fit for your facility or facilities? Is a national janitorial company what you really need and how are they different from large, local maintenance companies? And does it really matter which size cleaning company you choose?


When Shopping Janitorial Companies, Size Matters

Size is important when considering a cleaning company or janitorial service. And it isn’t that bigger is better or small is bad, only that a certain size and type of janitorial provider will service your facility most efficiently and responsively. When you match up the right cleaning company with your facility, you are most likely to forge the kind of smooth running partnership that will serve you both well. Get a big guy when you need a little guy and prepare to get lost in the crowd. Hire a small Mom & Pop when a large maintenance provider is what you really require and critical service holes are likely to appear.


Start Ups, Mom & Pops, One Man & a Van & Other Small Cleaning Operations

Because of the perceived low cost of entry into the cleaning business, many new startups appear each year. Of course, no business is a slam-dunk so many of these same businesses disappears just as quickly. Likewise, some businesses prefer to stay small with a manageable staff and client list. While most businesses are reluctant to turn away a potential client, your facility might simply be too large or require more varied services or staffing than a small janitorial company is able to provide. If you have a small office building or a single small to medium sized location, a smaller maintenance company might be capable of adequately serving your building.


The Bigger Local Guys in the Janitorial Business

If on the other hand, you have a large location, multiple locations or diffuse maintenance needs, a larger janitorial company will probably best meet your needs. While every size janitorial company has its place, the bigger. Locally owned and operated janitorial and cleaning companies serve bigger businesses very well. Why are these local big guys so effective?  Many of the larger local Southeastern Michigan janitorial companies combine the best of both large national janitorial companies and small local providers.

What are the big, local cleaning companies doing to get it right? Well, like many of the larger companies, they have the staff and systems to handle large accounts smoothly and efficiently. Like many national janitorial companies, they have learned to systemize work, streamline training and put measures in place to offer incredibly consistent service. And yet, because they are usually limited to a smaller geographical trade area, your account is very, very important to them. Unlike large national companies, they cannot burn bridges in one area just to open up new accounts a state away. Local companies need your business and they act like it. Even in the largest local janitorial companies, getting to talk to someone in charge is not only possible, it’s pretty straightforward. And large local commercial maintenance companies still get the big buying power that can equal dollars saved and lower customer price points.


But Do I Need a National Janitorial Service For My Facilities?

There are a few scenarios in which a national janitorial service is going to be your best option. For instance, if you have multiple locations spread out throughout different regions or states but would like one central provider; a national cleaning company will likely serve you best. The big national maintenance companies operate much like the large local companies from the standpoint of price breaks on supplies ordered in bulk and the infrastructure and employees to offer flexible staffing. The main difference is a national commercial cleaning service will have many, many more accounts spread across the country. The down side of this to you the consumer of these services is that your account, however large, can easily be replaced. Which bring us to some of the downsides of hiring a national janitorial company.

No matter how significant your account is, getting personalized, responsive service and accountability from a large national company is going to be challenging. Not only are you a little fish in a big pond, the bigger the company is the harder it is to reach the ‘people in charge’. And while these big, big guys can generally staff up or down based upon your needs, their knowledge of the local hiring climate is not ideal.


What Buying Local Really Means With a Janitorial Service

We like to think that buying local is always preferred everything else being equal. Think about it, with your large local janitorial company, more jobs and dollars stay right here in our Michigan communities. Likewise, Made in Michigan really means something when we work with fellow businesses to grow Michigan’s economy and create more jobs for locals. Likewise, with company leadership and managers drawn from local Michigan, the ideals and goals of our state are exalted. If you are a large facility in need of commercial maintenance services or janitorial services, consider a large local Michigan janitorial company. The pros are many, the cons are few and you can create a business partnership that benefits everyone involved.

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