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Constant Complaints About Office Cleaning Driving You Crazy?

Posted by Mitch Hesson on Mon, Dec 07, 2015 @ 02:20 PM

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Has your inbox become a steady stream of complaints about missed work or dirty restrooms? Are complaints about office cleaning driving you crazy? Are you tired of hearing about it? As a Building Manager or Facility Manager, you likely outsourced your office cleaning services so that your building maintenance would be more effective, not less. So if you are starting to feel like your office has become a dumping ground for disgruntled employees or tenants and you find yourself fielding frequent emails and phone calls about office cleaning issues in your facility, it’s time to turn things around.


Is Your Commercial Office Cleaning Company A Train Wreck?

Are dirty office restrooms, forgotten tasks and missed areas getting you down? Maybe your office cleaning company’s janitorial turnover means too many new employees and out of our facility. A constant revolving door of office cleaners diminishes the value of what you are getting and eats up more of your time training your commercial office cleaning company’s people. Is your office cleaning company reactive rather than proactive? How do you know if you have a proactive office cleaning company or a reactive commercial cleaning company? A proactive office cleaning service checks up with you every so often whether you contact them or not. And when you do reach out to your office cleaners about a problem, a professional office cleaning company gets back to you promptly. Companies that neglect good, solid communication are the worst! Why would a Michigan area commercial office company that wants to keep your business FAIL to quickly get back to you when there is an issue? Ignoring a problem or putting off a response just creates more problems.


Why Commercial Office Cleaning Fails

While some Detroit office cleaning companies just don’t care, the problems of office cleaning usually boil down to a lack of systems rather than intentions. But even good intentions without a plan are just dreams. Quality effective office cleaning requires no less professionalism than any other business so it is not a job that should be left to amateurs. And because the startup costs in office cleaning can be comparatively low, new start-ups continually flood the market. Eager to get business, these operations over-promise because they simply do not have the experience to accurately estimate the time they need to clean your offices. Once these newbie office cleaning companies get to work, they quickly realize they have not asked for enough money to cover their costs much less make a reasonable profit. So what do they do? These Michigan office cleaning services either return asking for more money or they simply start doing less.


Aren’t All Commercial Office Cleaning Services The Same?

If you have experienced one failing commercial office cleaning company after another, it can feel like all office cleaning companies are the same. But they aren’t. The reality is that there are some very good commercial Office cleaning companies just waiting to offer the level of service you and your facility deserve. So how do you find a commercial office cleaning company that doesn’t rack up complaint after complaint? Search for good deals over great deals. Sure, you don’t want to over pay for office cleaning services, but the goal should be value over cost. So what should you look for when considering a commercial cleaning company for your large office facility? The most effective and most professional Michigan office cleaning services should have procedures, processes and systems in place to assure effective, consistent, responsive office cleaning service, including: 

  • An understanding of your security needs and documented employee screening & training
  • CIMS Certification or other relevant industry certification to assure best practices
  • A solid track record of adherence with industry best practices
  • The systems in place to guarantee responsive service
  • The ability to staff up and staff down as needed to meet changes in your needs
  • Comprehensive green office cleaning services
  • Regular janitorial inspections
  • Documented systems, procedure and tools to keep service delivery on track.


Your Commercial Office Cleaning Service, Should You Stay Or Should You Go?

When your office cleaning just isn’t up to your standards and you are fielding complain after complaint, you have an important decision to make. On one hand, you could revisit your current office cleaning contract and try and work with your Commercial office cleaning service to get things back on track. On the other hand, you may need to show your office cleaners the door and start fresh. Only you can make that decision. If your office cleaning company started strong but has slowly gone downhill, it might just be a matter of reminding them of their promises and alerting the right people that you are unsatisfied with your current level of service. If your Detroit office cleaning company never really performed all that well to begin with, you might be better off going back to the drawing board to look for a commercial cleaning company with the stability, structure and systems to get the job done right.


Getting A Detroit Office Cleaning Company That Won't Let You Down

So you have decided to go back to the drawing board and do the work to find a company that will whittle your office cleaning complaints down to none or at the very least, a manageable din. Many Facility Managers wonder, if not all office cleaning companies are the same, how exactly do I find a good one? There are so many different types and sizes of janitorial services and office cleaning companies that finding a solid one capable of effective service can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Sure, you can ask around, check references and do the due diligence it takes to weed out the fakers but that all takes time, the one thing you don’t have enough of. If you are anticipating a changing of the guard with your office cleaners, you need to know about the ISSA’s CIMS or Certified Industry Management Standard. The Certified Industry Management Standard, or CIMS for short, is a respected industry certification process that essentially does all the due diligence work for you. With a little work you can get an effective office cleaning company that will reduce complaints and partner with you to service your facility at a level you and your employees and tenants will appreciate!



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