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5 Reasons Why Outsourcing Facilities Services Is Exactly What You Need

Posted by Dale Saylor on Wed, Feb 25, 2015 @ 03:12 PM

bigstock-Businessman-Looking-at-the-Sig-52575811As Facility Managers continue to look for ways get critical services covered while keeping costs down, many of them are opting to outsource their facility services. Why is outsourcing looking more and more attractive? There are a combination of factors that can make outsourcing building maintenance and janitorial services a win for Facility Managers. Whether you need an immediate reduction and stabilization of costs or you just need the job done well, discover how you can make outsourcing your facility maintenance work for you. While outsourcing cleaning, janitorial and business maintenance isn’t a panacea for all that ails today’s Facility Manager, it can solve a lot of your problems and dramatically reduce and manage your workload. What makes outsourcing facilities servicesso appealing?


1.Outsourcing Your Facility Maintenance is Cost-effective

Outsourcing cleaning services is a definite boon for your bottom line. Why is this? First, consider economies of scale. Professional janitorial companies get the best pricing on equipment, supplies and oft used goods like toilet paper, towels and hand soap. You benefit from their cost saving. Second, many facilities benefit from an immediate cost savings because an experienced cleaning staff will get more done in less time. Third, when you outsource your janitorial services, you eliminate the sizable costs of recruiting, screening, hiring, training and the day-to-day management of employees. Things like benefits administration, health care, employee status verification and other time intensive tasks become the duties of your building maintenance contractor. Last, you can skip the purchase, maintenance, repair and replacement costs involved with janitorial and maintenance equipment. Again, this responsibility is shouldered by your commercial cleaning company.


2.With the Right Contractor You Can Get Incredibly Responsive Service

Find a respected, professional building services contractor and you can build a lasting partnership that can transform your facility. The building maintenance industry is an incredibly competitive business environment. Building and cleaning service contractors know that you have countless choices when considering outsourcing your building services. The right Michigan cleaning company will work hard to earn and keep your business. If they have the systems in place and operate with industry best practices, your commercial cleaning company can easily adjust their service to give you and your facility precisely what is required. The best building maintenance contractors work hard to make their teams indispensable. 


3.Experienced & Skilled Professionals Will Save You Money Long Term

Outsourcing building maintenance and janitorial services to a commercial cleaning company means more accomplished in less time. Whether you need industry specific cleaning like the school cleaning, medical or industrial cleaning or you want a program of green cleaning, the right maintenance contractor will assist you in navigating your options. The most professional janitorial services will utilize the most advanced methods to do the job right. And the best building maintenance companies employ teams with a variety of skills so that they can address most of your building maintenance needs themselves. Likewise, when your building is maintained by seasoned professionals, there is less wear and tear and they can help you maintain the value of your assets


4.Your Service Contractor Gets the Management Intensive Duties & You Get a Smaller To Do List

Do you want to run a janitorial company? If the answer is no, outsourcing your facility maintenance will relieve you of the responsibility of managing cleaning operations. Issues like staffing, cleaning standards, ordering supplies, servicing equipment and other time intensive operations become the responsibility of your commercial cleaning company. This allows you to focus on your core competencies and the parts of your workload no one but you can do.


5. Liability & Insurance Costs Are Your Cleaning Service Contractor’s Problem

Of course you must work with a reputable, professional company and it is always good to confirm your commercial cleaning company has adequate insurance coverage. But with all the things you must manage and oversee, it’s nice to shift the liabilities associated with a cleaning staff to your janitorial contractor. Outsourcing cleaning services to a professional janitorial company can reduce your costs and your hassles in a number of significant ways.

While outsourcing your janitorial, cleaning or building maintenance services isn't a one size fits all solution, it continues to be a great way for many types of facilities to cut costs, free up their time and get consistent, responsive cleaning and maintenance.


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