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Warning: Restroom Sanitation Required

Posted by Mitch Hesson on Wed, Oct 17, 2012 @ 07:17 AM

restroom-sanitationMaintaining a clean space and germ free restroom isn’t just about looking neat and tidy. It’s essential for our health that proper cleaning techniques are carried out; that restroom sanitation is taken seriously.

Just as they put “Danger: High Voltage” signs on all potentially dangerous electrical areas, they should put warning signs on all dirty areas-- especially restrooms-- that, while appearing clean, require special attention to restroom sanitation.

Consider these truths that go hand-in-hand with public restrooms:
  • Restrooms are generally tight spaces that are shared by many people.
  • The business of the restroom is a necessary, but notoriously germy, one.
  • Germs can rarely be seen with the naked eye, so it takes more than just polishing up bathroom fixtures with mild soap to achieve immaculate and healthy restroom sanitation.
  • Unless the correct cleaning products are used to sanitize a public restroom, germs and bacteria will thrive
  • A dirty restroom can result in a loss of business and a rise in negative reputation.
  • Without the proper restroom sanitation, people can become very ill and in the worst cases, end up hospitalized or even die.

Taking care of restroom sanitation is a dirty job that the right restroom cleaning service will be happy to take on for you. In seeking a restroom sanitation service to handle your facility or business, look for a company that understands and trains their employees to carry out these tactics:

  • Uses cleaning products that clean AND disinfect
  • It’s nearly impossible to disinfect a dirty surface; therefore a surface must be cleaned first and then disinfected.
  • Focus on a restroom “touch points”. That is, your restroom sanitation service should train their staff to pay extra attention to all those surfaces, no matter how small, that people come in contact with the most. Some example include:
  • Light switches Toilet seats and handles
  • Faucet handles
  • Soap dispensers
  • Towel dispensers/hand dryers
  • Door and stall handles
Remember, even the cleanest restrooms can still be the dirtiest. A good restroom cleaning service will make restroom sanitation a top priority and work with you to address any concerns you may have. For instance, they can help you provide toilet seat covers, sanitizing wipes, or other extras that help keep the restroom clean and sanitized.

If restroom sanitation is not taken seriously, people can and will become very ill. Hiring the right restroom sanitation service that understand the importance of their job and the impact it can have on your business is the best way to ensure that diseases are kept at bay and your facility or workplace is one where happy and healthy minds can thrive!


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