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Can a Commercial Cleaning Company Help You Manage Costs?

Posted by Bob Abraham on Wed, May 06, 2015 @ 12:24 PM

michigan janitorial companies, michigan commercial cleaning companies, managing cleaning costsAs a business owner or Facility Manager, the maintenance of your building is a significant expense. Managing the costs of everything involved in keeping your facility clean, healthy and operating optimally can sometimes feel like juggling with one hand. You must carefully balance costs and budget concerns with the very real need to provide continual cleaning, maintenance and repairs. You have to plan for the daily needs of your building while predicting future needs and even preparing for the unexpected. Yes, you have some options. You can try to do everything yourself with your own staff or you can enlist the services of a professional janitorial and maintenance company.


Going It Alone Can Triple Your Workload & Chip Away At Your Bottom Line

While it can be tempting to keep cleaning and maintenance in-house in order to control costs, it often has the opposite of the intended results. If you hire a cleaner or group of cleaners you are essentially opting to run a second business within your existing business. If you have always dreamed of running your own building services company then go ahead. But if the idea of adding more to your workload and learning a whole new set of competencies sounds overwhelming, think about enlisting the help of a professional.

When you handle your cleaning and maintenance in-house rather than outsourcing your building services, you must pay the costs of additional employees, research, purchase, maintain and replace equipment and more. These costs all add up quickly. Considering that a professional, experience commercial cleaning company can actually save you money, why not partner with a company that is excited to provide you with the services needed to care for your facility?


Experienced Maintenance Companies Offer a Myriad of Services

The right Michigan commercial maintenance companies can save you time and money. The best professional cleaning and building maintenance companies most often have a number of services they offer customers. Maybe you need general cleaning but twice a year you need window cleaning, floor maintenance or more? What if an HVAC or plumbing issue comes up and you don’t have to find a good provider, meet them, negotiate cost and such? What if you just call your point person at your current cleaning company because they already provide those services and can coordinate everything for you? If you are already a customer the likelihood is that you will get better work for a better price. No appointment no-shows, no price gouging, no waiting in line.


Manage Costs by Working with an Experienced Professional

Unfortunately for most Facility Managers, there are so many cleaning companies out there that wading through the frogs looking for your prince can be taxing. But it is worth doing the due diligence required to find the right Michigan commercial cleaning company. A great deal has changed over the years in the way that commercial cleaning services are delivered. The industry has made strides in green cleaning, cleaning methods, equipment and more. Think cleaning boils down to little more than emptying trashes and wiping down the front door entrance? Think again. The work of cleaning your facility can be much faster than in years past. With cutting edge equipment, science-backed cleaning techniques and ongoing employee training, commercial janitorial companies can deliver real value.


Avoid Collateral Damage With A Workplace

The promise of a clean and healthy environment is important to your bottom line. Sure a dirty facility can hurt your reputation but there can be real collateral damage if your building is not well maintained.

  • Loss of the value of your building assets
  • Increased tenant and/or employee turnover
  • Decreased tenant and/or employee satisfaction
  • Lowered health & safety leading to an increase in absenteeism
  • Increased illness & accidents
  • Increased complaints & liability issues
  • Reduced air quality impacting health & safety

Whether you manage offices, medical facilities, schools or daycare, manufacturing centers and more, a clean and well cared for facility can significantly improve many other measurable business outcomes.


Rein In Cleaning Costs With An Individualized Cleaning Plan

The most professional commercial cleaning companies want to earn and keep your business. They don’t want to give you an unrealistically low price but they don’t want to scare you away with inflated costs. Experienced professionals will customize a cleaning plan with your space and needs in mind. They will talk to you about what is most important to you so that they can reliably meet your expectations. They will work with the budget you have showing you in a clear manner precisely what you can get and how to get good work done with even razor thin budgets.


Finding A Janitorial Company That Will Manage Costs While Delivering Superior Service

There are so many commercial cleaning companies and even small providers that finding the right Southeast Michigan commercial cleaning company for your facility can feel overwhelming. You can certainly ask for referrals from other Facility Managers or vendors you trust. In the absence of a direct referral, you can make industry certification work for you. For example, the ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association) operates as an industry association and offers a rigorous certification process for cleaning companies fully committed to aligning with industry best practices and leaders in their field. This certification, the CIMS or Certified Industry Management Standard, can be a useful shortcut to developing your short list of potential commercial building maintenance companies who are most likely to deliver superior work.

As a business owner or Facility Manager, the maintenance of your building can be a significant expense and yet, if you partner with a true professional, you are likely to both save money and better manage your workload and responsibilities while getting the best service for your facility.

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