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Why Day Cleaning Might Be the Solution to Your Facility's Problems

Posted by Chris Stathakis on Fri, Dec 19, 2014 @ 01:03 PM

bigstock-one-woman-maid-cleaning-in-si-77389778What Exactly Is Day Cleaning

Before you can answer the question as to whether day cleaning could benefit your facility, you need to understand what it is and what it isn’t. Day cleaning can be an alternative to conventional after hours custodial and cleaning services in which a janitor or team of cleaners come into your facility after business hours and perform maintenance and cleaning readying your building for the next day’s work. It can also be an add on to your after hours commercial cleaning. With day cleaning, your janitorial staff works along side your employees and tenants keeping your building in good working condition throughout the day.


Day Cleaning- An alternative or addition to after hours cleaning in which you have on-going maintenance during business hours keeping your building in clean condition and restocking bathroom supplies and such throughout the day.


What Kind of Benefits Might You See From Your Day Cleaning Company?

Yes, there are many, many benefits to a day cleaning program. For many facilities, the major impact is energy savings. The decrease in energy costs comes from the reduced amount of time a building is in operation and the lights are on. Likewise, having your facility locked up on of hours offers some security advantages all around. For instance, you don’t have to be as concerned about the staff entering your building, as the level of daytime supervision is significantly different. On the other hand, you also don’t have to worry about the safety of your janitor or janitorial team, as your building might be an easier target at night with just a few people inside. You also don’t have the same concerns that your team of after hours cleaners may not properly secure your facility. From a security stand point, there are simply fewer variables and areas where things can go wrong with a daytime cleaning service. 

While cutting energy and other costs is a real gain for any business, there is also the benefit of having your facility cleaned throughout the day. This can mean that vital bathroom supplies are restocked throughout the day, trashes are emptied and the overall condition of your building never veers to far from ideal. Likewise, for many companies, daytime cleaning can provide the most custom cleaning and personalized service as there is more direct and quicker communication with on-site daytime cleaners and janitors.


Benefits of a Day Cleaning Program:

  • Significant energy savings.
  • Ongoing maintenance makes employees happy and creates confidence with customers.
  • Responsive, personalized services with a general ease of communication.
  • Contracted cleaners and janitors become an extension of your staff.
  • Tighter facility security and fewer security risks that come with a building being semi-occupied at night.


Potential Downsides of Daytime Cleaning:

  • Cleaners and janitors must be a good fit.
  • Day cleaning that doesn’t include green cleaning practices to avoid creating indoor air quality problems can create issues with employees or customers.
  • Commercial cleaning company must use low volatile chemicals and low noise vacuums.
  • May disrupt work flow or normal activities if not scheduled and metered out in a personalized, responsive way.


Are Day Cleaning Services Right For Your Facility?

It’s not too difficult to determine whether day cleaning is right for you. Yes, the implementation of day cleaning can offer as many challenges and it promises solutions—it is not appropriate in every facility. Most companies love the idea of ongoing daytime maintenance but may worry about factors like noise, cleaning personnel fitting in with daytime staff and other potential challenges. The right commercial cleaning service will work hard to put the right employee or employees on-site to fit right in with your staff and work environment. Often with day cleaning, your janitorial team becomes a natural extension of your people even thought the cleaners are contracted through a professional janitorial company. On that same note, the right professional cleaning company will use the right products for a successful daytime cleaning program. That means low smell and eco friendly chemicals and reduced noise vacuum cleaners. With tools like these, your daytime cleaning program won’t disrupt normal facility activity.


Getting Started With a Daytime Cleaning Service

If you think that a day cleaning service might be what you need to keep your facilities running smoothly, you must now find the right company to do the job. Daycleaning requires some specific measures to be successful like the right people, state of the art equipment and eco-friendly, employee conscious cleaning products. In order to meet these benchmarks, you must look for a janitorial company that has the reputation, experience and systems to back up their claims. How do they find their people? What kind of process do they use to make sure the people in your building are safe and trustworthy? Are they doing comprehensive background checks and drug testing? Do they conduct added helpful measures like employment and reference verification and even personality testing?

On that same note, have any prospective day cleaning company tell you and show you their training, their products, their equipment and their systems to keep all of it running smoothly. If they don’t have this information easily available to you then run the other direction. Like any other professional business, the right commercial cleaning company or janitorial service will have documented training, a system for customer responsiveness, state of the art equipment and a management strategy to deliver the best to you their customers. If you are unsure how to vet a cleaning company to determine whether they have what it takes to get the job done, consider utilizing professional certification to put together your short list. Professional certification like the ISSA CIMS demonstrates a cleaning companies professionalism by requiring that they demonstrate proficiencies in the areas that matter most when it comes to facility maintenance. Cleaning industry certification can be a valuable tool to separate the ‘say they cans’ from the ‘show they cans.’ Find the right facility maintenance company to manage your day cleaning and you can be on the road to smooth facility maintenance.

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