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Transform Your Building Services With A Day Porter Program

Posted by Chris Stathakis on Fri, Sep 22, 2017 @ 12:19 PM

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A Day Porter Can Transform Your Building Services

Imagine a clean, well tended facility with shiny, clean windows, a clean reception area, fresh, well stocked restrooms and more, not just in the morning when you walk in but throughout the day. That is the magic of a dayporter. A dayporter works to keep your facility well tended around the clock so that those morning coffee rings on the tables in the lobby are gone in a flash and your restrooms never fall into a state of disarray with piled up trash and empty hand towels. For busy facilities and busy Facility Managers, a day porter program can completely transform your building maintenance.


What’s A Day Porter And What Can They Do For YOUR Facility?

So what is a day porter and what does a day porter do? It really depends upon you, your facility and your needs. A Day Porter Program can be built around the unique needs of your facility but there are some basics that most day porter programs cover. Day porters can function much the same as your Janitorial services but during the day as your building hums along. Different than day cleaning, a day porter adds value by their ability to be proactive in getting things done as well as taking direction well so that you can have them help you where it matters most. A day porter is essentially responsible for making sure your building looks clean and inviting around the clock so that your building looks presentable throughout the day not just first thing in the morning after the evening cleaning crew has done their job. Day porter services also differ as the day porter duties are done discreetly and unobtrusively so that business as usual is possible without interruptions.

Some of the day porter duties could include:

  • Keeping lobbies clean
  • Attending to common areas
  • Assuring restrooms are clean
  • Cleaning and disinfecting to prevent spread of bacteria on oft touched surfaces
  • Restocking supplies in washrooms as needed
  • Maintenance of walkways and lobbies
  • Attending to minor maintenance issues or communicating issues to your Building Services Contractor
  • Clean kitchens, cafeterias and break rooms
  • Clean and prepare conference rooms before and after meetings
  • Detail clean and keep up when important visitors are in the building
  • Continuous touch ups where needed
  • Fast response to spills, hazards and any cleaning emergencies
  • Litter removal in and around your facility

What other duties or tasks would make someone indispensable around your facility?


A Successful Day Porter Requires The Right Person

The Day Porter is a highly specialized position that really requires a special kind of person in order to deliver the best building cleaning for you and your facility. Any one interested in the position and day porter duties should enjoy variety, be able to take instruction, have the ability to prioritize their work and have a positive attitude. In order to get premier building maintenance from your day porter, the individual filling the position should be competent, self directed and eager to help. Find the right individual through a professional and effective janitorial company and you can get a level of service you might not have thought possible. Of course, in order to get the best janitorial services, the company you contract with must hit a number of benchmarks that assure effective service. Very good people are just one very important component of this.


Day Porter Duties Can Pile Up So Prioritizing Is Critical

Coffee rings collecting in your reception area, greasy finger prints on your entry door, an overfilled trash can in the reception area, and a stinky fridge in the break room. These are just some of the tasks a Day Porter can attend to in order to deliver premier building maintenance in your facility. But because your day porter is so useful, you will have to make certain they are not overwhelmed by too many requests from too many people. In order to get the best janitorial services from your day porter, you may have to help them manage their workload by prioritizing requests or even having special requests come through you or another point person first. Additionally, it is important to make clear to your day porter what their daytime cleaning responsibilities are or you may find yourself in a situation where your day porter is offloading a number of responsibilities to the nighttime cleaning staff as they are overwhelmed with requests for special or additional things.


The Best Janitorial Services Companies Offer Day Porter Services

The best janitorial companies offer this customized service to help you get exactly the services you really need. With a day porter program, you can assure your facility looks clean and presentable between regularly scheduled janitorial services. A day porter can assure you make a positive first impression with every single person who enters your building. Similarly, a day porter can boost employee morale and even employee productivity by reducing clutter and keeping your building in ready to work condition. Likewise, in addressing touch points and hotspots, areas where germs multiple and transmit, your day porter can do their part in reducing the spread of colds and flus that can chip away at productivity and significantly increase absenteeism.

At Stathakis, we will work hard to find just the right day porter capable of working with your unique needs in mind. We are proud to offer one of the most comprehensive and successful Day Porter programs with our great day porters working in facilities across southeastern Michigan. Whether you are in search of Day Porter Services, premier building maintenance, painting, floor cleaning and more, let us help you get your building cleaning better than ever and relieve some of your pain points so you can focus on your core business.


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