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Myths & Facts On Restroom Cleaning

Posted by Mitch Hesson on Mon, Feb 29, 2016 @ 05:14 PM

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We might get grossed out about the cleanliness of a public restroom but are these fears largely unfounded or is there real reason for concern in less than adequately cleaned facility restrooms? What are the facts versus the myths when it comes torestroom cleaning? And how can we use this information to get the most form our commercial cleaning services or janitorial services company?


Fact Versus Myth In Restroom Cleaning

Myth: If a public restroom looks clean and smells clean, than it is clean.

Fact: Looking clean is a start but it is those things we cannot see that matter most. And a good smell is nice but improper cleaning can be masked with scented products. Improper cleaning form your restroom cleaning services that leave hot spots and touch points germy puts people at risk by creating an easy person to person transportation method for disease causing bacteria and germs. Cleaning for healthis what really gets restrooms clean.


Myth: Toilet seats are the worst when it comes to spreading or catching something.

Fact: While we wouldn’t recommend you eat your lunch off of the office toilet, most common viruses and bacteria hanging out on toilets don’t present a significant risk unless you have an open wound or sore in contact with the toilet or you fail to properly wash your hands after contact with the toilet. And cleaning restrooms right can reduce toilet seat germ load even more.


Myth: The biggest cause of inadequate hand washing is due to people just not believing hand washing after using the toilet is necessary.

Fact: While that is true with some people, the biggest reason people fail to wash their hands is a lack of properly stocked hand washing supplies like soap, working soap dispensers and hand towels.


Myth: Men’s restrooms are the germiest.

Fact: Studies indicate that it is actually the women’s restroom that harbors the most bacteria. This is likely because women spend more time in the restroom and also are more likely to have young children, who are notoriously germy, with them.


Myth: As long as some cleaners are used, germs are killed.

Fact: To tackle disease causing germs effectively, the right products must be used for the right job and manufacture directions of use must be followed. For instance, many cleaning products require specific dwell times, this is the amount of time the product must cling wet to a surface to effectively kill most germs. If you janitorial service company isn’t training their teams of correct product use, you and your building’s occupants are at risk.


Myth: Poor restroom cleaning might be gross, but it doesn’t impact my businesses bottom line.

Fact: It does! In fact, inadequate restroom cleaning can have an impact on employee retention, productivity, performance, engagement, absenteeism, quality control and more.


Myth: All commercial cleaning companies are the same so basically you are going to get what you get with little hope of better cleaning.

Fact: There are a number of janitorial services companies ready and able to deliver consistent, responsive, effective service, all at a solid value--you just have to know how to find them.


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If your restroom maintenance is lacking, it’s time to go back to the drawing board with you janitorial services. Perhaps you have put off making a change because you think Michigan commercial cleaning companies are all the same but that is not the case. There are many reputable, professional cleaning companies who would welcome the opportunity to earn your business and deliver the consistent, responsive professional service you and your facility deserve. There are also tools to help you find these companies including CIMS, the Certified Industry Management Standard, a professional certification that identifies those building services companies set up to succeed. Find the right Michigan janitorial company and you can forge a partnership that assures your restrooms are clean and your overall facility maintenance shines!



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