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Do Your Restroom Sanitation Services Stink?

Posted by Chris Stathakis on Wed, Jan 07, 2015 @ 06:41 PM

stinky_bathroomsAre your facilities restrooms your dirty little secret? If the complaints are piling up as fast as the trash, it might e time to rethink your restroom sanitation services. Whether you are having a current employee manage cleaning the bathrooms or you have a cleaning service but their attention here has waned over time, know that clean restrooms matter. Whether you are talking about office restroom cleaning, hospital or medical building restroom cleaning, school restroom cleaning or event the bathroom cleaning at your retail establishments, know that the state of your restrooms tells customers, clients and employees more than you might think.


What Poor Restroom Cleaning Says About Your Facility

Poorly cleaned company restrooms speak volumes about your facility. They tell your customers you cut corners. Dirty office restrooms send the message to your employees that shortcuts or substandard work is good enough. Poor restroom sanitation says to your tenants that you aren’t getting the job done and this impression can overflow into overall satisfaction. Dirty work bathrooms, whether you intend it or not, tell people that you either don’t care or you have given up.


Quotation-marks.jpg“Unmaintained bathrooms, whether you intend it or not, send employees and customers the message that you either don’t care or you have given up.”


Is Your Commercial Cleaning Company Properly Cleaning Your Restrooms?

Maybe you just need to stop trying to go it alone and contract with a great Michigan commercial cleaning company or maybe you need to sit down and strategize a new plan with you current restroom sanitation service. How can you tell that your current restroom sanitation stinks?


▪   Vital hand washing supplies like soap dispensers or hand towels are often unfilled.

▪   Trash receptacles are nearly full, overfull or trash has collected around them.

▪   The restroom has an unpleasant, noticeable smell.

▪   The door handles on bathroom stalls are soiled or grimy.

▪   Sinks are evidently dirty with an accumulation of soil, mineral deposits, and soap residues.

▪   Sink fixtures are soiled and restroom counters are noticeably dirty or wet.

▪   The restroom mirrors are replete with water, smudges, streaks or worse.

▪   Toilets/urinals are conspicuously dirty-- a lack of maintenance shows with deposits and mucky buildup around hardware.

▪   Bathroom stall partitions and stalls are allowed to remain dirty with grime, fingerprints and graffiti.

▪   Restroom sanitary disposal containers hold old trash in them and/or are broken or in disrepair.

▪   Restroom floors are wet, dirty or given only a once over with an already filthy mop.

▪   Floor drains have visibly soiled, dust and debris buildup and dirty grout.



What the Best Restroom Sanitation Services Do Different

Of course it all comes down to details. You can clean up an office restroom, do the basics but over time, dirt and funk accumulate and a once decent restroom quickly becomes a thorn in everyone’s side. Giving a restroom a once over with a grimy rag and dirty mop just isn’t going to get the job done. Office restrooms see far more traffic than a home bathroom and as such, need far more frequent cleaning. What should your commercial janitorial service be doing to keep your facility restrooms well maintained?


▪   Periodically testing fixtures and dryers or paper dispensers to make sure they are in working condition.

▪   Regularly restocking needed supplies like toilet paper, hand soap and paper towels.

▪   Cleaning first and then disinfecting surfaces using the proper dwell times.

▪   Paying special attention to "hot spots" and “touch points” to reduce germs.

▪   Regularly emptying trash & sanitary disposal containers even if they are not full.

▪   Cleaning floors and counters to eliminate splashes, water and keep surfaces looking good. 

▪   Using industry best practices-- chemicals, agitation and extraction to insure walls, floors, toilets, urinals, sinks, mirrors and fixtures are scrubbed and deep cleaned.

▪   Thoroughly cleaning around and behind toilets and other hard-to-reach but critical areas to help eliminate     odors.

▪   Maintaining stalls to be free of the three G’s—grime, gum and graffiti.

▪   Dust or vacuum vents, clean corners, ceilings and base boards.

▪   Maintain or repair cleaning equipment as needed.


Don’t Let Your Stinky Restrooms Permeate Your Facility’s Reputation

Finding the right Michigan restroom sanitation service isn’t a slam-dunk but the benefits of a great commercial cleaning company are hard to ignore. Spend a little time revisiting your cleaning spec with your current janitorial company or arm yourself with the information to fully vet any prospective commercial cleaning company. Your facility restrooms should be sending the right message to your customers and employees- the message that you’ve got things under control and know how to keep even a large building and busy restrooms well maintained.

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