Commercial Cleaning Service from Stathakis

Does Your Commercial Cleaning Service Provide the Services You Require?


Maybe you know exactly what you need from a commercial cleaning service or perhaps you don’t even know what you need precisely but you know you don’t want to deal with multiple contractors to get your building clean and in good working order. Choosing the best commercial cleaning service for your facilities comes down to many important factors like customer serviceresponsiveness and pricing for example but chief among them is can your commercial cleaning company or perspective commercial cleaning services provide the services you require in your facilities?


Is There a Commercial Cleaning Choice Between the Big Guy & the Little Guys?

All too often facilities managers face what feels like two polar choices; they need to pick a little guy or mom & pop cleaning company to get the responsiveness they are looking for or they feel as if they must pick a big national janitorial company to get an adequate menu of services and some staffing flexibility. What they don’t always know is there is a middle ground, a choice that meets the greatest amount of objectives facilities managers report as being important to their business and day-to-day operations. What if you could hire a mid-sized local Michigan commercial cleaning service that offers all of the responsiveness of a smaller commercial cleaning service with all of the service offerings and buying power of the big guys?

Stathakis is a World-Class, Local Michigan Commercial Cleaning Services Company

At Stathakis, we have fine-tuned our formula for world class commercial cleaning for over thirty years right here in Michigan, our very own back yard.  We offer our commercial cleaning customers an extensive menu of services making it easier to get more of your facility maintenance needs met under one expert, friendly, local umbrella.  We are big enough to handle big jobs but small enough to care about every single customer we work with. We don’t just slap a bunch of task on a page and say we do them, that just isn’t the Stathakis style. We have spent the last thirty years figuring out what our customers and potential customers need most to help them run their facilities effectively. At Stathakis, we research the best way to do something and then we find the best people to do the job whether it is expert office cleaning, lighting maintenance or even construction clean ups.

If you need just a basic office cleaning, you probably have a number of solid commercial cleaning services from which to choose from. If you require, even occasionally, more from your commercial cleaning service, you may want to consider a commercial maintenance company that offers a menu of services that makes keeping your building in great working order straight forward and stress free.

What Can Stathakis Offer You In a Commercial Cleaning Service?

We don’t do everything but we do a lot and what we do, we do very well. We have partnered with Facilities Managers for over thirty years and in that time, we have worked hard to become a leader in the commercial cleaning industry.  We offer an extensive menu of services and the systems and procedures to do the job right. Additionally, at Stathakis, we have achieved the highest designations and certifications from our industry associations demonstrating our commitment to the best commercial cleaning possible. Stathakis proudly leads the pack in developing and implementing the very best commercial cleaning standards and practices. What can we do for you?


 Facilities Maintenance

 Vent Cleaning

 Building Services

 Sign Cleaning 

 Janitorial Services

 Power Washing

 Painting Services

 Office Cleaning

 Facility Maintenance

 School Cleaning

 Lighting Maintenance

 Window Cleaning

 Carpet Cleaning & Rug Maintenance

 Restroom Cleaning & Disinfecting

 Floor Refinishing & Hard Floor Care

 Specialty Paint & Coating Services

 Blind Cleaning

 Construction Cleaning 

 Caulking & Glazing

 Industrial Cleaning

 Tile Cleaning

 Wall Washing 

 Emergency Repairs


 Light Fixture Cleaning

 Green Cleaning

 Fabric Wall Coverings And Panels

 Medical Cleaning

 Upholstered Seating 

 Relocation Clean-Up

 Vertical And Horizontal Blinds 

 Day Porter Services

 Water Damage & Emergencies

 Management Services

 Construction Clean-Up


Finding a quality commercial cleaning service doesn’t have to be a blind shot in the dark, there are concrete ways to increase the chances that you will find a reputable, local Michigan commercial cleaning company to service your facilities and with which to build a lasting partnership. At Stathakis, we have worked hard to be a cleaning service in Michigan that delivers the highest quality array of services in our industry. We listen to our customers and fine-tune the way we do business to best meet their needs. From our C3 Complete Customer Care, to our Open Book pricing, we offer a complete menu of the services you need and real, workable solutions to the problems our Facility Managers face. There is a reason that so many revolving doors of cleaning services in Michigan end with Stathakis. Facility managers choose Stathakis and get the kind of consistent Michigan commercial cleaning services that make it easy stay put. For more information or to set up an appointment to discuss your facilities and what we can do to help, please contact us. How can we help? Whether you have a simple question or would like a no-obligation quote, give us a call at 1-800-278-1844 or email