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Can a Facility Maintenance Service Provider Save You Money?

Posted by Bob Abraham on Mon, Mar 09, 2015 @ 10:50 AM

commercialcleaningservicesoutheasternmichiganMust You Compromise Quality to Save Money?

The answer is no, you don’t need to compromise quality to stay within your budget and keep costs down. While cost-savings is critical to most Facility Managers, the idea of saving money at the expense of keeping the facility in good condition is not a win-win. In fact, over time, cuts in critical services can cost you money in the form of unhappy tenants, higher turnover and the overall unfavorale impression of your building or services.

Still, the competitive fiscal environment puts tremendous pressure on Facility Managers to look for savings wherever possible. Cost-effective maintenance is no doubt the goal of most Facility Managers but this objective must be balanced with the equally important goal of consistent, responsive cleaning and maintenance services. Low-cost facility maintenance is really only low cost if your building services contractor can find the balance and give you the necessary services to keep things on track.


Understanding Wants Versus Needs Can Help You Get Cost-Effective Facility Maintenance

Some of the most experienced cleaning companies can help you save money on your facility maintenance. Why? Because they have been doing this long enough they understand where you can and cannot cut back. And having priced their own services for so long, they are unlikely to promise work they either cannot do or don’t intend to do. With shrinking budgets, can you as a facilities manager work with your maintenance service contractor to keep your building clean? Ideally, you would have a budget that matches up to what you need to keep your facilities in great condition. But the realities of ever shrinking building services budgets mean you just may not have the dollars allotted to get everything you want every time. And yet, with an experienced, reputable commercial cleaning company and solid communication and planning, you can get what you need.


Are Your Maintenance Cleaning Services Equipped For Success?

The experience of your commercial janitorial services isn’t the only thing that impacts pricing. The kind of equipment, tools and products your cleaning service uses can make them significantly more efficient. This helps save you money because with greater efficiencies, you can do more with less. Efficiency is all about doing more with less and as such doesn’t mean quality goes out the window.

When you partner with an experienced building services contractor who uses state of the art equipment, products and methods, you have a greater chance of getting your building and budgetary needs met. Does your commercial cleaning company self-propelled and backpack style vacuums? Do they utilize high efficiency dust cloths? Do they have systems to keep work progressing as detailed? These things and more can have a sizable impact on the care and keeping of your building and your bottom line.


Great People at Your Commercial Cleaning Company Can Help Lower Costs

While products and equipment can make a big difference in your building maintenance, the single biggest factor is people. Cleaning and facility maintenance are after all service businesses and as such, depend upon people to make the magic happen. When it comes to your professional janitorial company, screening and training are the first line of defense for getting really great people in your facility.

Does your facility maintenance provider conduct thorough employee screening and require detailed training, or does it seem like they kind of wing it? The best commercial cleaning companies will make sure employees are thoroughly screened before they ever step foot in your facility. Likewise, they will train employees to deliver facility specific service that keeps your building or buildings looking great.


Industry Certification Like The ISSA CIMS Can Guarantee Cost-Effective Facility Maintenance

An established best practices certification, like the ISSA CIMS helps you assure that your janitorial company has a recognized quality control plan that is evaluated by an external industry organization. The ISSA is the International Service and Supply Association also known as the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association. And the CIMS is the Certified Industry Management Standard; a very challenging certification process that insures a building services company meets the highest industry standards. Meeting these industry agreed upon standards includes a variety of benchmarks that can help keep you on budget while delivering top-notch service. When searching for the right company to care for your building, this kind of certification can offer a time saving starting point for your search. Any company that has invested the expense and the time to pursue and secure this kind of rigorous certification is best poised to offer you really solid service.


Facility Maintenance Providers With a Variety of Services & Flexibility Save You Money

Flexibility and a range of service options are optimal in your facility maintenance company. Why? Well first, it’s easier for you to work through one services contractor for multiple needs. You may not need commercial painting or window washing on a regular basis, but if all you have to do is work with your existing building services company, getting the work done is going to be much, much easier. Second, flexibility from your commercial cleaning company means they can respond to your changing needs better. Need more people for a busy quarter? The most flexible and responsive janitorial companies can staff up and down to meet your changing needs.

When it comes to saving you money, the right facility maintenance provider can help you trim costs without sacrificing service. Experienced commercial cleaning companies will work with you to determine how to put together a plan to keep your facility clean and running smoothly. If your current janitorial company isn’t making the grade, consider how the right commercial cleaning company might better care for your building and make your life a whole lot easier.

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